What’s up guys! That’s Warning Schemov channel, my name is Andrey If you are noob in Battlefield, you can get a lot of useful information what can help you faster learn a game. If you playing Battlefield a long time, you can understood what you played wrong or you can check your knowledge. Even if you PRO, you still can discover many useful information, which will help you and your friends on battlefield. ’cause this guide aimed at uniting the entire community in order to team play. To players interacted together, even without voice chat. the more players will know on how to behave during the battle, , the nicer and more fun, we will fight in Battlefield 1. Let’s roll. Where Battlefield 1 is get started? In squad choice menu! You need not be lonely wolf or something! Battlefield 1 is team game! Your teammate needs you, and you need your teammates. Because, for the first time in Battlefield series team play became very demand. Never before classes does not so much complement each other. You can chose any squad, but it’s gonna be better for to chose a bigger squad. The bigger your squad, the more difficult to enemy to get points for kill of your squad. Next, you need to decide your class. Of course, you can to play the class that you you like, but still, look at your squad and determine the most useful class at this moment. To determine that, you need to know who includes the ideal squad, I mean universal squad. This squad includes 1 medic, 1 support, 2 assault and 1 sniper, but you can replace the sniper to assault or medic, if you feel that’s gonna be close combat, or if you need to kill enemy armored vehicles. But you still need have only 1 support. Situation when you need more supports associated with armored vehicles, this is a specialized squad, not a universal. If choose a sniper you must not camping Squad – is your support and family, be useful, spot enemies and kill enemy snipers. But if don’t want to be a team player, and you like sniping on great distances, think a little, are you will be useful for squad? In this case you can be loner and skip squad choosing, because you are not helping. Actually, this applies to all classes, when guy who plays for him just playing on their own, it’s gonna be better if you’ll kick him. And yeah, remember that, if guys in same squad playing by the same classes, better just ignore this squad. After, when you have chosen squad and class, you need to know 3 main rules of team play. This rules superimposed on each other. And for better understand of these rules, I’ll tell about them in descending order. -Rule 3rd- Кnow your role! All classes can stand up for oneself, still, each class made for execution of their individual tasks, it calls specialty! Assault – main power of your squad. They always go into battle in the first row. they can deal with tanks and other shit better than other classes. They live by the principle: sell his life expensively. Support – he is first of all unlimited ammunition unit, so he always must play very carefully and watch for number of ammo of him squad! Also support can repair vehicles – don’t forget about it! Supports must go behind of squad, watch their back, helping into offensive, and the most important thing – all supports must have ammo crate, like this one, but you must not just HAVE it, sometimes you must drop it to your teammates. Medic – is heart of squad, he is most important man in squad! If squad haven’t medic – this squad is hopeless. He keeps your teammates alive, so shootouts aren’t his main task. Yeah yeah yeah, don’t be surprised, first of all smart medic thinking about reviving and healing teammates! Medic must be in the center, to have time to revive died Assault solders and help to support if he has problems. . Medic’s main instruments – med kit and syringe, first one must be always nearby your teammates, second one need for reviving your teammates. In this manner you can get more points, than if you will just kill enemies. Snipers – it’s first of all enemy spotters. If you can see enemy – you can kill him! ! His main instrument is flare, you can spot all enemies in a radius of 75 meters by this thing. . Remember, you MUST use this thing. Sniper can move together with his squad, or on small distance. But remember that, if sniper moved too far from medic and died, he not will be revived, likely. -Rule 2nd- Follow the commander’s orders. if you are commander – be a good commander. I play a lot of Battlefield 1, and very often I confronted with situations, when squad commander, he is marked by star like this, is doesn’t know, that he’s commander. But after autumn patch dishonest commander can be dislodge from a post. You just need request a order, and if within a minute commander don’t will not give it, command of will move to one of those who asked for the order. So, who is this commander? And why this guy imagines himself is mainly? Or not? I’ll explain this with an example of this comment, which sometimes I see on my streams. “What makes you think that someone is obliged to carry out your orders? I play the way I want, you I do not decree!” Guys, remember that, you NEVER will get too many points as guys who perform tasks set by the commander if you will just kill enemies. Only useful for the squad and team fighter gets on top. Because playing only for getting kills isn’t team play. . So, who is commander? Commander isn’t main, commander helps squad does not scatter on the map. He directs squad – noting the point – by this green frame – he indicates landmark in the direction that your squad needs to move. For the successful complete of the tasks you squad gets extra points, and than more team work you’ll make, than more extra points you’ll get, and the higher the chance, that you will become best squad, and someone of you – best player. So, what we understood? We understood – that perform commander orders not shameful! When you perform commander orders, you getting an encouragement, get with it equally, the commander does not get more. And if you are dead, you still getting points! Also to the 2nd rule we can include several rules of conduct of members of squad, which can help you cling together. First rule: try deploying only on the commander or on players nearby. Because commander give orders for defend/capture points nearest points. Second rule: sometimes only one man from squad survives – we’ll call him “last hero” in this case you must deploy only on him, doesn’t matter is he commander or not. Main task of “last hero” – keep himself alive, don’t attack. IT’S IMPORTANT. And last rule: in case your squad was wiped, , wait until your commander will respawn, and only after deploy on him. Not because he is main, because he’ll mark point, that nearby him, it’s simple! – Rule 1st- Spot the enemy! That’s simplest rule, that don’t need any explanation. Just remember! Press Q can and should spot the enemy. team mates will see spotted enemy on the map, and 3D-spot will help eliminate enemy much faster! Particularly important spot becomes, when your team is losing and giant spawning. Giant can kill enemies on great distances, so that’s very important to spot everything that moves. And from the enemy vehicles spot at all should not be lost. There is example with the dreadnought – it can destroy enemy vehicles at any point of map by 1 shot. The same with a commander – all his orders are given by the same button Q. And yeah, don’t forget update mark, because after completion of the task mark will disappear. Now you now all principles of team play without voice chat with other players. For my opinion best team play I’ve not with my friends it was with on regular public game, with peoples, who I don’t know. And I didn’t chat with them. . By the way, right now you can see one of these cases – look at this team work! And all this without any voicechating. . If you are worried that you do not get real team play because you haven’t a microphone or friends with whom you can team up and play with voice, so you can be calm, , because battlefield 1 have all needed instruments for good team work without any chatting with your squad mates. Main – tell about this guide to max. quantity of players And then all will know how to behave on the battlefield, game will transformed, you will enjoy the game. And doesn’t matter, you’ll lose or win. And don’t forget to write in the end of round “GG”, if you won, or congratulate the opponents with win, if you are lose. And remember – no aggression! I hope this video will help BF1 community get learn game better. . I hope that now we will meet on servers’ peoples who want and trying play in team. Good Teammate to you, thanks for watch, share this guide with your friends, who plays Battlefield. Special thanks for my colleagues – Mikhail R7GE and Kirill ZOMBIERUS, they was the redactors of this video. Have fun! Bye!

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