Как получить Немси Некропшик сидя дома + ньюансы с геолокацией

hello guys this video about how to get nemsy necrofizzle very difficult name(probably for WoW fans it`s OK but for me it`s hard) for first want to say that i took a lot of information from another yt video and i will let link in the description (useless for non russian people information so wait a little bit) first you need to do is download this nox emulator becouse you need a smartphone or tablet to get this so download this i`ll leave all the link in the description after you downloaded this install and run nox you will have screen like this but with no hearthstone and fake gps programms you need to open play market and download fake gps. i was silend becouse took the pop filter in the teeth he without fastening but download this yellow fake gps it is the best after all get heartstone in playmarket too and thet`s all you have allmost all of you need we get prepared then use line in the description this is official blizzard web when you can find all of taverns but this fire lanterns is not tavern, you don`t need this it`s only fireside gathering you need to find badge tavens there is not like this but i will find in a moment but there is one small nuance a lot of people fail this problem that this tavern only works at a specific time form 7am to 10 am for example and you need to cutch this time to get skin like this from 8 to 11 and it`s really a lot, most of taverns works only few hours that`s why you need to check world time and find country with correct time link in the desciption find optimal time place where is 3pm for example new york good choice right now for example so go back and choose in filter country what you need so we opend USA taverns and you can see badge the event takes place on October 19 wait and you can see time from 13 to 12. wait what? okaay 12 am or pm? what the heck for example it`s pm but we don`t care it`s okay you can try to find something another this even takes only 1 hour so it`s even ended already just check all of it and you will find correct one for example 3th oh yeah i found correct one comprare it with usa time only 4pm in usa it`s even didn`t start you can wait 1 hour or find another one and get right time after you found right time you can see an adress below there it is google it and go to google maps you can see the point this building press right click and copy coordinates now go back to nox open fake gps go to press ctrl+c ctrl+v paste it aand you are in USA now! there is 3:55 in USA just in case change the time to 3:55pm go to menu and open heartstone will run long so i will cut it yeah and one more moment if nox does not work go to settings and change it to high i had low that`s why got lagged so set high and save it heartstone opened already AND I ALREADY on event becouse i have golden sign and i automatically get there if you did it right same happen to you go to fireside brawl team fight 3vs3 btw there is friendly duels( i got failed on this one) played a brawl duel but you need to go exactly to FIRESIDE BRAWL press play and you will get it see? people challenge me right now but if you not get challanged probably you will need a friend or second account it`s hard to find opponent in this brawl but sometines you can get luck like me and got challenged at the start so try all the ways if you didn`t get luck try to find a frined and challenge him in same brawl he will get a skin too but sometimes you can come in broken tavern and to throw off old tavern and refresh it you need to press this button and yeah do it if you can`t join to tavern just press this and then fireside gathering and search this help you to refresh location a lot of people didn`t know this and statyed in same broken brawl for hours funny moment guys, when i restarted to my account without nox emulator my location was saved for some reason that`s very strange.. i changed my location blizzard said that they can punish you for getting skin like this but i think they didn`t. it`s just trying to frighten us let`s take a look on new skin it`s awesome i love this voice and art so much hope you guys will got it too it`s not too hard if it video helped you leave a like. good luck! Goodbye!

23 thoughts on “Как получить Немси Некропшик сидя дома + ньюансы с геолокацией

  1. Красава,помогло делал по другому не менял время а просто менял корды. Крч спасибо лучший!

  2. I can't change my server to Europe from America while using Nox. Do you have any idea how could I change it? Server change button doesn't works for me.

  3. все сделал как нужно,но вот когда ты уже в потасовке,я не могу кидать карты и управление мышкой (именно в бою уже) не работает,что делать?

  4. дядя дай таверну а то на батлнете пишет ошибку 404 и вообще никаких таверн

  5. Подскажите пожалуйста скин должны дать сразу после боя или после окончания мероприятия???

  6. Что делать если при заходе в nox выдает ошибку:"в приложении Com.google.process.grapps произошла ошибка"

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