Регистрация в blizzard battle.net близзард

hello with you Stas Sestani and Today we will talk about registration for blizzard that is, the world of warcraft Hearthston Overwatch and all other games we enter as we used to be battle.net battle.net well, she already does not work like this at once flips to blizzard dot com before, but immediately went to battle.net and The application now became known as blizzard and now comes only to the site blizzard.com okay, let’s try it now try to create via facebook well, it turns out that I’m registered my Facebook account is already attached to So we’ll go out and do it. new absolute account so enter email to start check e-mail new maybe not registered well you must register for That is, you should have a new one e-mail they are old on which you are already registered mail so name password password password we will come up with the standard the first letter is big latin then one two three four small latin letters and this is an acceptable password practically at all so shave and question introduce the name well, which I was once invented just like that from the lantern Assan Vassab from being driven by chance birthday new It’s natural to enter your own and press Create an account what? And the secret question is be sure the secret question is so instead of where did you first fly By air, for example, Kaliningrad Kaliningrad so you need some other well here in general elementary can anyone enter your o just register it should exist, but because Perhaps it will have to be confirmed I am of course an existing too, we repeat the same password 1 the Latin capital 123 and there are random abcd or some other Latin letters cheers account It is created and so it will soon be released a new addition to the battle for azeroth and, as it were, the old registration I wrote down a little outdated so you’ll have to Interestingly, here’s the site now here is the battle all the same all the same battle.net but not the blizzard dot com I realized, let’s go to the world of warcraft site so battel for azeroth overgrown so the guys probably thank you for viewing

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  1. у меня только 1 строка для ввода емайла и 1 строка для пароля …………

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