So over the last few uploads I’ve been quite
negative about Battlefield V. Personally I’ve just found it extremely hard to be excited
about a game that seems to be pushing an agenda. Fortunately enough the open beta gave me a
glimmer of hope that allowed me to be slightly more optimistic about the game. Battlefield V is by no means going to be the
best Battlefield game, nor will it be revolutionary like Bad Company 1, 2, Battlefield 3 or even
Battlefield 1. It’s a game that I think is purely there
to enjoy. It’s not authentic but it’s still quite
enjoyable. As a fan of the franchise that was quite skeptical
about this game, here are 5 reasons why I believe Battlefield V might still be worth
buying when it is released. Now for my first point I figured I should
mention gun play. Gun play for Battlefield games have always
been some of the best in the business, fortunately for Battlefield V, it’s no different this
year. Battlefield V might not have the best gun
play within the franchise but it’s still extremely solid when compared to other shooters. You’d be hard pressed to find another first
person shooter like this that manages to incorporate the sheer scale of war. With that said, Battlefield V is going to
have some serious competition when World War 3 is eventually released, but for now I think
it’s safe to say that Battlefield V is a pretty easy choice when it comes to anyone
looking for a game based around World War 2. Sure there are other games out there but those
games are either only on PC or they are just too old to get into a server. Secondly we have the incorporation of Tides
of War, which is the free content release schedule for Battlefield V. What makes this
particular point interesting is the fact that almost every Battlefield game before it released
a premium membership, which is DICE’s take on a season pass. So whenever a new game came out, players had
to purchase this membership in order gain access to every bit of content the developers
may release for the game. Tides of War, seems to scrap the additional
pay wall and allows everyone to gain access to every new map, mode or even a gun, allowing
everyone to have an equal experience. For me, this is the biggest selling point
for Battlefield V and is most likely the main reason why I’d still be picking it up. As much as I dislike what the developers are
doing to the authenticity of the game, I still find the need to support developers that strive
to make a game as close as possible to free. Furthermore we have squad reinforcements. By now I’m sure most people know what these
are but for those of you that don’t, this is basically a support system that allows
certain squads that earn enough points to call down particular assets depending on your
score level. Reach enough points and then you have the
opportunity to bring down hell with either a V-1 or JB-2 Rocket. These assets are a great addition to the franchise
because it scraps the standard pick-up system featured in previous Battlefield games and
makes it something a player must work towards, allowing there to be a slightly higher skill
level to gain access to these additional features. Speaking of additional features, weapon customization
has taken a huge overhaul. Allowing a player to put more emphasis on
what their weapon may look like on the Battlefield. Even though these features may not affect
the weapon in any meaningful manner, they are still a great addition to work towards
when you feel like there’s nothing else to grind for. One of the biggest issues in Battlefield games
was the fact that there wasn’t any real progression available to the players, so adding
additional customization features allows there to be something else to look forward to. In Battlefield V DICE is striving to give
players more things as they progress, these include features like personalization options
as well as additional unlock skills known as specializations. These skills allow you to focus on particular
attributes you think would be better suited for your play style. The further you progress, the more options
come available. This was a direct response to the backlash
of Battlefield 1, which lacked any true progression. The lack of progression made the life cycle
of the game feel fairly short so by introducing all of the above, I think their hope is to
keep more people playing over a longer period of time. So let me know in the comments below if any
of these features have you persuaded to purchase the game, if not, I’d also like to know
why you aren’t purchasing the game. Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video,
smash that like button if you did and hopefully I’ll see you in the next one.

34 thoughts on “• 5 REASONS WHY BATTLEFIELD V IS WORTH BUYING | Is It Worth It for You?

  1. I found the beta very boring after just a couple of hours. I do like the attrition but needs tweaks (which I heard they are doing) i like the building mechanics and the penetration in game.
    Gunplay is okay but not as good as the modern setting titles but my main problem is there representation of WW2. Not once while I was playing the beta did I feel like i was playing a soldier during WW2, the map design for beta sucked, colours were way off, i couldn't hear footsteps, weapon apgrades are awful. I'm really finding it hard to find a reason to buy this game and I'd call myself a battlefield player. Plus none of my friends are getting this title as they just don't like one.

  2. No, not buying it till AT LEAST the 1st content drops. Maybe even later, due to DICE's fuck ups BF4, BF1.

  3. My god. This comment section is filled with morons with more chromosomes than humanly possible. "I will buy it because it's battlefield" is the exact reason why the gaming industry is going to shit.

  4. Battlefield has been my favourite game franchise for 15 years so I am not going to listen to a bunch of idiots on YT saying I shouldn’t buy it during its development! Those bitches are crazy, crying about what they want when they don’t know what they really want. Waaaah, I don’t want female soldier models on a battlefield, I want a modern battlefield with…….er female soldier models on the battlefield!

    I pre-ordered the deluxe version of BFV as soon as I could and it’s looking like my trust in DICE will be repaid as always!

  5. I think the next Battlfield should either be a new Bad Company, take place after BF4 or be something new. Like a Battlfield game that's way more tactical in approach and has a bunch of new interesting mechanics. That's what I want to see. Not a game that is open to the world and easy to play. No…. Go back to just being a good game, that didn't worry about the most sells. I want shooting that feel tight and satisfying and maybe new mechanics like having every structure be destructible somehow. Every structure. Even tall buildings, Elevators and things like that.
    Maybe even giving the Recon different types if drones, and mapping tools to help spot specific enemy's. I feel like spotting should still be a thing and recons will amplify that ability by making it clearer and more specific to players.
    Support should feel more support like, Ammo, and other things. The C4 should be used like it is in real life as well. I think that's to break down doors or something (idk).
    There needs to be more attention to detail. In general, the maps. If I shoot a door handle the door will open, Sand Dirt, Mud, Snow, water, dripping off the character model and gun(something similar is in BF1 and BFV),
    Then each map needs to be full and we'll thought out. Quality iver Quantity.
    I imagine there being a full day and night cycle for every map and weather, so that the sky will change and it may turn different colors and be dynamic. Something like Drive clubs dynamic weather system.
    If it's Futuristic the guns should be made up from modern guns like a combination of weapons. The sound still needs to be good. I think they should somehow include new and old vehicles if it's Futuristic. Like a heavily modified Abrahms tank and vice versa for the other enemy factions.
    The custimization should be a little deeper , just a bit. There should improvised Scopes and then there should be hmthe real deal, top of the line stuff.
    The Tank Combat should remain similar to how it was in 3 and 4. Which are quite satisfying.
    I loved how in Bf4 there were weapon and other pickups. I think that should be apart of the game like being able to drop a large misske or a type of bomb or airstrikes in an area… Each map needs a mechanic. (My idea) for example a city map like metro half of the map is the city and the other half is a park. But this time you can run around the city and up the buildings and not only would there be above but there would be full metro with running trains that can be destroyed and select building that can be destroyed or dropped and this should change the entire map.. Mix weather and day and night and you have something truly epic. Player count should be under 100 or 100. Each map and game mode need to be interesting and make sense.

  6. Sorry for the lack of uploads this week. I have started a new channel where I'll be uploading all of my new videos, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu6_meaqVswouqEAWiEvCXw.

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