So I finally had the pleasure to play Battlefield
V and to be honest, it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t great but it was enough for me
to come to some sort of conclusion on whether or not I’ll be buying the game. For me, this is a game I can see myself playing
for the next year or so. My only hopes is that there will be far more
vehicles, weapons and gadgets in the near future. As an infantry player I can see where this
game excels, unfortunately with the lack of vehicles, it doesn’t really feel like a
Battlefield game besides the fact that the engine is quite similar to Battlefield 1. The time to kill and hit registration feels
a lot better than what I’ve personally experienced in previous games but with such a dodgy connection,
I’m certain that may change sometime soon. I love the ability to be able to customize
almost everything on your weapon but I hate the fact that it can only be done in the main
menu. Why has DICE decided to take a regression
of the franchise by not allowing players to customize their weapon and soldier while the
player is in a match? Battlefield 4 did it, why can’t they do
it now? Squad reinforcements are quite useful but
I can see a lot of people only ever using the V1 rocket as that is easily one of the
most epic things to ever happen in a Battlefield game, at the same time it can get a player
a ton of kills, so I don’t blame people for using it. Fortifications on the other hand felt pretty
useless, I did not find a single situation where I thought it would be beneficial. Instead I felt like it was a lot quicker to
take up cover where cover still existed and then defended my position from there. Maps felt quite small but I found myself running
quite a distance to eventually find my next target. They are by no means great maps but from these
maps alone, I can definitely see DICE taking a more infantry focused approach. At this point I’m not really sold on the
idea but I hope once the full game comes out, there will be a little something for everyone
in this game. Hoping for something better is probably not
how Battlefield V should’ve been delivered. As a first impression for a lot of players,
this open beta just wasn’t good enough, myself included. Graphics seemed to be identical to Battlefield
1, if not worse unless you managed to play on a beast of a PC. Otherwise Battlefield 1 generally felt a lot
smoother. Now I understand this is a beta but as a first
impressions, come on, it can do a lot better. The fire select button was also changed to
triangle or Y for console. This was probably the most pointless change
I’ve seen to date that made the game feel obnoxious to get used to. I also found myself constantly swapping weapons
with the player I revived, now I’m still uncertain whether it’s something I’m doing
on my end but it has encouraged me to avoid reviving just for a little while. In all honesty, the game players perfectly
fine for someone like me, I’ve found that to do well, playing a lot slower can be extremely
beneficial, a lot more so that what Battlefield 1 had to offer. So let me know what you think of Battlefield
V’s open beta. Are you enjoying it or do you think you’ll
give this one a miss? Let me know in the comments below but for
now I hope you enjoyed this video, smash that like button if you did and hopefully I’ll
see you in the next one.

18 thoughts on “• BATTLEFIELD V IS BETTER THAN EXPECTED | Yet Still Not Good Enough

  1. The gameplay sucks , the game is set in ww2 and especially the frame rate drops to 30 frames at times. Dont tell me they are gonna optimise the game , they didnt improve bf1 frame rate.
    This game is trash

  2. It was decent I honestly think this could have been a dlc for bf1
    I won’t be buying it and will be sticking with destiny 2
    Woo woo woo woo

  3. I really enjoyed some of it, and other parts were so frustrating. I had no idea why I was having to put a fair amount of rounds in other players (especially with support guns) while I seemed to drop instantly the moment I took fire. Two things: your screen doesn't visually change color to red like previous BF games, and I didn't know that you can upgrade your weapons in a tree. I recorded several gameplay clips on my PS4, and sure as shit, sometimes I was talking damage before I knew it, and other times I was indeed just instantly dropping dead the moment I took fire. My ping is typically around 25-30 btw. I did really enjoy sniping once I unlocked a higher power scope, and I also had a lot of fun in some of the tanks (not the ones that couldn't turn the turret).

  4. Great video as always, I personally really did enjoy my time playing the beta but there were some glaring issues that if solved could provide an extremely enjoyable game. The first problem I did encounter was the simple visual recognition of soldiers. I found myself reacting to the enemy far too late which with the reduced TTK resulted in numerous frustrating deaths. The revive system is extremely broken and the HUD is still not great. I do like the core mechanics though so I will probably buy this game when it comes out.

    I am putting my political view aside for this game as well, I've come to realise that I dont really care what they put in the game as long as it doesn't stray ridiculously far from historical correctness.

    Sorry for the long comment as well, thanks if you got all the way.

  5. Didn't play the Beta and have no plans on purchasing this until I see the final game. So many things are coming post launch that there is no way in hell I would purchase this when it first comes out. I want a somewhat complete game when I purchase it.

  6. I put my expectations too high and I am disappointed with what I played. Yes it's a beta but there is alot of work to be done, tweaks to attrition need to be made and I thought map design was bad (compared to past maps).
    I did like fortifications but again needs some tweaks. Main problem is it just doesn't feel like battlefield for me anymore, I don't get the adrenaline moments that I used too. I'll have to pass

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