• BATTLEFIELD V TIDES OF WAR | Everything You Need to Know

So Battlefield 5 has thrown away the premium
membership as well as loot boxes, I think this was a big surprise considering that EA
publishes this franchise. Instead DICE is taking a seasonal approach
known as Tides of War, this is basically another word for live service. Each season players will be experiencing different
theatres, theatres that take you on a journey across different locations featured in World
War 2, by doing so, players can evolve their gameplay, tactics and weaponry to adapt to
a particular conflict. One of the biggest changes coming with Tides
of War will be to your company. The company is your collection of weapons
and soldiers customized to suit your play style. As players progress, more options come available
in your company. You can create one company per faction, each
containing a set number of soldiers, vehicles and aircraft. At launch players will be able to play as
the British and Germans but as Tides of War continues, more factions will be available. Tides of War will grant players additional
customization options for both your soldier and weapons, ranging from new vehicles, weapons,
dog tags, emblems, face paint, soldier skins, weapons skins and additional weapons attachments
such as receives, stocks, barrels, muzzles and more. Vehicles get the same treatment but ranging
from paint jobs, sand bags, leaf camos, etc, etc. Players will also have access to timed events
where you can earn exclusive cosmetic rewards only for those who manage to complete a particular
matter. DICE makes it clear that there will not be
any unfair gameplay advantages because players can’t purchase anything that allows other
users the ability to jump ahead of the pack. Along our journey as we tackle different locations,
players will be able to collect custom specific gear, catered for that particular setting. Timed exclusives will work in a very similar
fashion but only for those that participate in certain events. Tides of War will evolve over time, featuring
new narratives every month. These narratives also include additional stories
that will be featured in Battlefield 5’s War Stories. So not only do players get additional multiplayer
content but DICE plans to add new campaign missions in order to further progress their
portrayal of WWII. Now it’s uncertain if these stories will
directly correlate with the different theatres of war but I think it’s safe to say that
each story introduced will somehow correspond with what players can experience in multiplayer
at that time, giving players more knowledge of what’s happening around them. Battlefield 1 was the first time we saw War
Stories introduced and a lot of players requested additional single player content, myself included. From the looks of it, DICE has heard our feedback,
both from the majority and the minority, so now every player moving forward will be catered
to. Honestly I can’t express just how happy
I am to see EA and DICE take this direction with Battlefield 5. I think this is going to go a long way in
progression of the franchise, especially as time goes by. There will always be something new for players
to experience, whether that’s playing a new story mission or jumping into a new multiplayer
map, we are who benefits the most from Tides of war. So let me know in the comments below how you
feel about this seasonal approach to Battlefield 5. As more information comes available, I’ll
definitely let you guys know. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this video, smash
that like button if you did and hopefully I’ll see you in the next one.

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