• EVERY MODE COMING TO BATTLEFIELD V | Grand Operations and More

So when it comes to game modes in Battlefield
games, it’s always a mixed bag. Some people want the options to choose and
others would much rather have less game modes in order to get more players involved in the
fundamental core of the game. Today I wanted to talk about the game modes
coming to Battlefield 5, so without further ado, let’s get right into the video. First off we have grand operations. Now this is considered the ultimate multiplayer
experience which was designed to seamlessly showcase the maps and modes of Battlefield
5. It’s pretty much operations from Battlefield
1 but on a whole new level. During operations players will take part in
fictional operation days where each day is represented by a single round. If you play well the first day, players will
deploy with an adequate amount of ammo the following day. Do poorly and then you’ll deploy with fewer
respawns, vehicles and other resources. Furthermore even if a team loses, you’ll
still have the ability to play on all the maps, allowing each player to experience everything
the game has to offer. Each Grand Operation starts with an insertion
point where airborne centers around a group of artillery cannons which the attacking team
is tasked to destroy. Final Stand is reliant on how well a team
plays throughout the operation. If both teams are evenly matched, then players
get thrown into a tie-breaking mode in order to determine the winner. During Final Stand players will not be able
to respawn, so playing smart and restricting deaths are going to be essential in this final
phase. We then have a few stand-alone game modes
like conquest, team deathmatch and domination. Conquest this time round will make use of
the old ticket system a lot of fans have been asking for since the release of Battlefield
1. Frontlines is also returning as Battlefield
5’s tug of war. Both teams fight over a single objective,
once that objective has been taken, players can progress to the next one. Conquering the last flag opens up the enemy
base for players to destroy. Breakthrough is a mode we haven’t seen as
a stand-alone but it’s something Battlefield 1 players will recognize from operations. In breakthrough the map is divided into several
sectors. The attacking team is tasked to capture those
sectors while the defending team prevents this from happening. In order to force a retreat, a single team
needs to capture all the sectors. Finally we have Rush and Battlefield 5’s
take on Battle Royale. Now both of these modes will be coming after
the launch of the game, so don’t expect to see them at launch when Battlefield 5 is
released. Unfortunately not much has been said about
Battlefield 5’s Battle Royale, but we do know that DICE plans to implement a more team
orientated game mode that doesn’t stray too far from what the core franchise is known
for. Hopefully by doing this, the long-time player
can have something different but also somewhat familiar to play. So which game mode are you most looking forward
to experiencing in Battlefield 5? I can’t wait to get my hands on Grand Operations. Paradropping in over an enemy objective sounds
like everything I’ve ever wanted in a WWII game but then again my standards are pretty
low. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this video, smash
that like button if you did and hopefully I’ll see you in the next one.

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