• THE FUTURE OF BATTLEFIELD V | Where Is the Franchise Going?

Today I wanted to talk about the future of
Battlefield V and where I see the game going in the next few years. Now you probably already know that uploads
for this channel have been fairly scarce, in fact I’ve resorted to covering other
games because there’s such a lack of information for Battlefield V. Don’t get me wrong though,
I love covering other games but Battlefield is where this channel originated from, which
unfortunately might change in the future. It all depends on whether I enjoy DICE’s
next step for the franchise. In my previous video titled, “I’m Not
Excited for Battlefield V”. I pretty much discuss the reasons behind my
uncertainties with the game. A lot of this comes down to what we as fans
might enjoy and how they’ve approached marketing with this huge gap of knowledge between content
creators close to DICE and the general public. I’ve seen what you’ve seen so my opinion
stems from what I can understand. If I have to rely on other sources other than
Battlefield’s official website, clearly there’s something wrong with the way they
are promoting the game. Lost in translation is something that has
held quite true over many years and personally I believe that this is exactly what’s happening
for Battlefield V. We can’t trust sources such as content creators
close to other businesses because most of the time they have their own incentives, whether
that’s receiving free games or getting additional information no one can get their hands, they
can’t always be honest because it may impact their relationship with these publishers,
that’s why I’ve tried to remain quite vocal on how I feel about this next game. I have no desire to become a game changer
nor do I care if EA or DICE blacklist me, I live in South Africa, the chances are I’m
already at a huge disadvantage, so I’ve taken that and I’ve just run with it. From the lack information we have received
for Battlefield V, I do believe it will last longer than Battlefield 1 but it won’t capture
those true only in Battlefield moments we have grown so fond of in Battlefield 3 and
Battlefield 4, unfortunately that just comes down to the setting. With that said, I think one of the most controversial
parts of the game will most likely give it more life once player’s first impressions
wear off. DICE’s unique take on customization definitely
gives the game a lighter tone but it will also give players more reasons to come back,
similar to how Battlefield 4 continues to bring new players to the franchise. The wide variety these games portray allow
people to diversify the way they look to the way they play, giving everyone a more personal
touch. Sure a prosthetic limp is in no way shape
or form, accurate to what happened in WWII but it does give players a sense of uniqueness
over everyone else. I honestly didn’t expect another Battlefield
1. In fact I wanted quite the opposite, so seeing
DICE take this outlandish approach was quite refreshing but I do think in order to keep
majority of the player base happy, they might need to scale back the prosthetic arm to something
more functional on the battlefield. Other than that, the gameplay truly scares
me. Now like I said before, I haven’t been able
to play Battlefield V, nor was I given any additional information. From what I’ve seen in the alpha, which
I wasn’t able to experience for myself by the way, the gunplay has a very similar feeling
to Battlefield 1, which kind off frightens me. I did not enjoy Battlefield 1, at least not
as much as I’ve enjoyed previous games within the franchise. The slower pace of other games allowed more
players to think tactically but instead in Battlefield 1 they promoted fast movement
that often caught old players off-guard. For the most part this isn’t a bad thing
but when your game has been so heavily influenced by tactical decisions, it just didn’t feel
like Battlefield anymore. So if Battlefield V promotes these same movements
in the way Battlefield 1 did, I fear that all the old players will be disappointed once
again. Battlefield hasn’t been doing so well over
the last 5 years, Battlefield 4 managed to claim back a lot of those players within the
same time but it ultimately Battlefield 4 that drove a lot of players away due to the
terrible release. We then had Battlefield Hardline which for
a lot of players just didn’t sit well with the Battlefield franchise. Finally we have Battlefield 1 which did well
commercially but unfortunately the lack of content and increased movements speeds were
enough to drive a lot of old players back to an older game. If Battlefield V doesn’t succeed, I believe
it will be the nail in the coffin the franchise will rightfully deserve. As a Battlefield fan that has played every
Battlefield game since the Bad Company series, Battlefield V is the last chance. I can’t keep returning to Battlefield 4
because eventually the player base will die out and I’ll have to resort to playing something
else. I’m sure a lot of you might be in a very
similar situation I’m in currently. Like I said in my previous video, I’m not
going to get the game at launch, if I even get the game at all. I’m more interested to see what true fans
of the Battlefield franchise think before making any informed decisions. At the end of the day the Battlefield franchise
isn’t going anywhere, it is one of EA’s top selling games, so deciding to scrap it
will be suicide for their company. Like it or not, Battlefield is EA’s Call
of Duty. They will do whatever it takes to get more
sales and make more money, even if it’s at the expense of their customers. As sad as that reality is, I’ll continue
to cover Battlefield V and other games up until the game is released. By then I should have a clear direction on
where I’d like this channel to go, so it all comes down to whether Battlefield V is
a game I would enjoy. Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video,
smash that like button if you did and hopefully I’ll see you in the next one.

17 thoughts on “• THE FUTURE OF BATTLEFIELD V | Where Is the Franchise Going?

  1. Yeah I'm in the same situation you're in I feel like Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4 will be the last great titles for the series even though I play Battlefield 1 and enjoyed it for a brief moment. I felt like it took no skill to play unlike the previous titles and because of this Battlefield 5 will be the first Battlefield that I didn't pre-order and may not even bother to buy it only time will tell

  2. I feel like the lack of pre orders is more due to issues with EA than battlefield. Even if battlefield 5 was extremely well received I feel like pre orders would still be low because people are wise to EA now and know that they simply can't be trusted. Plus, other than some cosmetic bonuses there's really no incentive to pre order, so may as well play it safe and wait to see how the game is received at launch before buying.

  3. God damn, your voice is just so cool! I don't care what content you'll do. You'll always make good stuff! Honest too (which is rare nowadays)

  4. I've played every battlefield other than 2142, i wasn't a big fan of BF1 although I did put a few hours into it. I won't be pre ordering BFV because it reminds me too much of BF1, almost a reskin with customization added. I hoped BFV was gonna be a Modern military shooter like BF3 so maybe I'll just have to wait awhile.

  5. I'll also not grab this game after 2 or 3 months of its release to see what people describe of this game or may be grab COD BO4.

  6. I think it won't be to good.
    Gaming is changing and I think the same old things are getting scale There needs to be a new revolutionary game. I felt that Destiny would be that, and it was for a split second but then it's gone. CRYSIS that game, was amazing it did something different. There needs to be some crazy games that do something amazingly fresh and epic. There are games that do that but not in the way I see it. Hopefully one day I can help in the creation of a game. I have some amazing ideas. I would like if they can be created and be a successful game in terms of people loving it so.

    This is what I truly want from Battlfield. I don't want an old setting. Heck thru could do Vietnam or a hypothetical WW3 that takes place after Vietmam. Modern or Futuristic.

    Battlfield is epic but the setting and what they are doing this time isn't exactly what I want.
    I,d prefer a Futuristic setting, but a different type of Futuristic, not something like Halo or Call of Duty, but something like in those Mech Animes, something similar to Gundum and Ace Combat and Armored Core with those cool overcomplicated designs and things and epic armored suits and vehicles but make the game different.
    If not this, than I want a highly tactical Battlfield that feel stealthy, it could be near future like 2050 or 2070 bit it,ll be that clean cut Futuristic , design. With epic rain effects and soldier in the rain, Sniping from across the map at night, watching the enemy coordinate attacks.

  7. Sorry for the lack of uploads this week. I have started a new channel where I'll be uploading all of my new videos, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu6_meaqVswouqEAWiEvCXw.

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