• WHY BATTLEFIELD 4 IS BETTER THAN BATTLEFIELD V | Most Invincible Battlefield Game Yet

So there’s no doubt that Battlefield V has
received its fair share of controversy over the last few months. Ever since DICE revealed the game, it seems
like there has been this never ending argument about what DICE is trying to portray, luckily
if you don’t like the game, players still have Battlefield 4 to fall back on. By the time Battlefield V is released, Battlefield
4 will be five years old. Making it one of the longest running games
within the franchise. Previous games before it have been doing well
but they don’t bring in the sheer numbers Battlefield 4 continues to do years down the
line. For many, Battlefield 4 was considered the
last true Battlefield game to be released, so here’s why Battlefield 4 will be better
than Battlefield V. Now take note I’ve only got to experience
the open beta but I personally believe that what we saw then is what we will most likely
see in the final release of the game. It seems very unlikely that DICE will be doing
an extreme overhaul on what we’ve already experienced. It would be safe to say that what we’ll
most likely get is just a little extra content like a few more maps, extra weapons and attachments. Other than that, I personally don’t have
much hope for Battlefield V besides the fact that the gunplay feels pretty good but even
then Battlefield 4 has a much more refined experience which leads me onto my first point,
gunplay in Battlefield 4 is better. Now I understand Battlefield 4 has 5 years
over Battlefield V but here we have mechanics that feel true to the overall experience of
what many fans have grown to love in the previous game. Take Battlefield 3 for instance. Battlefield 3 was known to be mechanically
solid. Sure it wasn’t perfect but it was a huge
step up from what we had in the Bad Company series. Moving forward DICE tried to replicate that
in Battlefield 4 which made it feel quite similar to its predecessor, which in response
allowed the game to succeed like it did, even though it didn’t release like it should
have. Battlefield V might be undergoing the same
day 1 issues but once everything is refined, I still believe shooting in Battlefield 4
will be far superior to Battlefield V. Battlefield 4 also had attachments than impacted
the way a person played and how the gun feels in a player’s hand. Don’t get me wrong, Battlefield V has some
amazing customization options but after you’ve kitted out the gun in a way that it makes
it look bad ass, it doesn’t feel any different from the base model. Adding a sight and an extended magazine can
be beneficial in the long run but personally I would’ve preferred to have each attachment
not only make your gun look different but also allow it to feel different over the original. Furthermore the user interface in Battlefield
V feels like a big downgrade to what we have in Battlefield 4. Now I am a huge minimalist so even though
the UI looks great, it has zero benefits over what we got in previous games. In fact it has some adverse effects that downgrade
the entire experience. When I was in college studying graphic design,
one of the most important factors introduced was function over form. Even though something may not look great,
if it worked well to benefit the user, then you have a decent product. Of course it was always best to strive for
both function and form but generally the idea was to create something that worked well first
before making it look nice. Battlefield V is a pure example of trying
to make something look pretty, without acknowledging a player’s experience. In fact to dumb down things even further,
they removed the weapons customization option within the match in order to streamline the
entire process. So not only is the user interface harder to
use, it’s a straight downgrade over what we got in Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4. If you didn’t like a certain attachment
on your weapon, at least you had the option to swap it out before the match was over,
in Battlefield V you are stuck with it until you decide to go back to the main menu. We then have map design. Now I get that Battlefield V has only showcased
2 maps but for a beta, these two maps should’ve been some of the best the game has to offer. After all this is the time most players will
be making their decision on whether or not they will be buying the game. Disagree if you want but first opinions are
everything so if DICE failed to attract your attention, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll
come back and give the game another chance. Use Siege of Shanghai for instance. This was one of Battlefield 4’s beta maps
and if you decided to log onto the game today, you’ll see almost everyone plays that particular
map. It’s a fan favorite because it plays extremely
well, so they used it in the beta to market their game in a positive manner, unfortunately
I just can’t say the same thing for Battlefield V. So those are my reasons why I believe Battlefield
4 is better than Battlefield V. Take note most of what I’ve said is subject to change
due to the particular time you view this video but I personally believe Battlefield 4 will
always have a special place in most peoples’ hearts. Anyway let me know how you feel about this
topic in the comments below but for now, I hope you enjoyed this video, smash that like
button if you did and hopefully I’ll see you in the next one.

27 thoughts on “• WHY BATTLEFIELD 4 IS BETTER THAN BATTLEFIELD V | Most Invincible Battlefield Game Yet

  1. Definitely man, BF4 was the top.

    I personally liked BF1, cause I'm kinda like a history buff, and I just liked the WW1 Era idea in a game.

    However, BFV doesn't even feel like WW2.
    And to be honest, it looks like a environmental rehash of BF1,(the graphics don't look to be that much better, but there not bad, it is DICE after all) but not as good, and done haphazardly, like they wanted to make it into something else, but was reminded later in it was supposed to be a WW2 game.

    At least BF1 was engaging, and BF4 was overall pretty dope.

    Heck, the servers are not even empty in BF4, and it's been a while, too. It's a Good (GREAT) game, simple as that!

  2. No I really dont agree with you. I dont like the casual feeling of BF4, the launch was terrible and needed 2 years to make the game playable again.

    However some things I did like about bf4:
    – weapon variety
    – tank gameplay
    – Some of the maps are balanced really well!

  3. I played the BFV beta for hours trying to make up my mind about it..but cant see myself putting the hundreds of hours into it like i have on BF4, both on xbox and pc..BFV will be just a stand by game to play like PUBG…BF4 is where most my time is spent..another great video Assultica

  4. Honestly tho, DICE Sweden has lost it's touch. DICE LA is more skilled than Sweden, hell they were the ones who pretty much saved BF4. Hopefully one day, LA will be the one's who carry the torch.

  5. BF1 and BFV both gave me a bit of a 'mehh' feeling. I used to run home from school to play the game. These days i don't even look at it.

  6. Bf4 is a good game, but I don't get how people enjoy playing the two maps (siege and Shanghai) over and over again. Don't even get me started on the fucking vehicles, holy shit how could dice leave them in the state they are. Tanks are pretty much as fast as a fucking Lamborghini and the weapons you get to fight them are fucking pathetic. The helicopters are op as fuck, I remenber playing my first game of bf4 in 2015 and just getting killed over and fucking over again by this cunt in the helicopter. If I wanted to switch servers I couldn't because you have a choice of either siege or locker (This may be because I live in Australia, but battlefield 1 still has at least 80 severs online) .Im not saying the game is completely horrible, the gunplay is probably the best in the series and the modern setting is cool but that's about fucking it. Oh I almost forget the base game maps are utter shit.

    I'm not directing this against you aussultica I actually love your channel and have been watching for almost a year now. But I've also watched people praise bf4 like theirs is no tomorrow.

  7. Still have it installed and keep going back when I reminisce about the "good ol' days", no unreal engined early access crap or China nr1 parrots… The good old days of Private servers and tight communities. Seems that even digital communities is not immune to the reach of bad politics and demographics. EBV, BMW, i3d.net etc…

  8. Sorry for the lack of uploads this week. I have started a new channel where I'll be uploading all of my new videos, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu6_meaqVswouqEAWiEvCXw.

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