So by now we know that Battle Royale is coming
to Battlefield 5 but with DICE’s unique take on the mode. It’s said that there will be a much larger
emphasis on teamwork and squad play as oppose to what you might be used to in PUBG or Fortnite. As far as the details go, the only thing we
know is that it will be coming after the official release of the game, player counts and more
specific details were unfortunately left out. Now during E3, Gamespot managed to talk to
the creative director at DICE, Lars Gustavsson, the very same person who announced that Battle
Royale will be coming to Battlefield 5. During the interview, they discussed the basis
behind this mode. Apparently games like PUBG and Fortnite are
extremely popular amongst the DICE employees. The idea to add a Battle Royale mode came
from conversations with fellow DICE developers inside the studio as opposed to EA pressuring
them to implement it. “I would be lying if I said there weren’t
people in the studio that would play Battle Royale games a lot, we enjoy it. It’s good fun, and it brings a new perspective.” Gustavsson then added that there was a big
push from the DICE developers to add Battle Royale into Battlefield 5. I think this was very different from what
many of us expected. Battle Royale without a doubt is one of the
biggest game modes this generation, captivating almost every gamer on all platforms. I say almost because there’s still a good
few people who avoid this mode like the plague, but not without good reason. Battle Royale is a niche you either enjoy
or you don’t. The market has become so saturated in fact
that players now have plenty of options to decide which game implements this mode better,
some being a direct rip off from more popular titles. At this point, a lot of companies are hopping
onto the bandwagon just earn a quick buck. Black Ops 4, in my opinion, is one of those
games. The campaign is probably one of the most expensive
parts of a title, especially when developers hire well-known actors to play as a particular
character. Motion capture is not exactly cheap, especially
when you are recreating someone like Kevin Spacey or Conor Mcgregor. When developers get rid of something that
is ultimately one of the best features that set you apart from the competition, well then
you have an identity crisis, chasing fads and not being loyal to your customers. My main concern for Battle Royale, in Battlefield
5 is the time and effort developers put into it. If it’s something that is a complete mess,
it has a direct impact on the enjoyment of the game. At the same time if it becomes their main
focus, other elements of the game start to suffer. From what we’ve seen so far, Grand Operations
seems to be the mode they would like to expand upon. It holds the signature gameplay experience
of the franchise so in that case I can see why they went in this direction. In Battlefield 1 operations was easily one
of the most popular game modes so therefore bringing it over to Battlefield 5 was definitely
a smart move. What makes this implementation even better
is the fact that we are still receiving other features we saw in previous titles, making
Battlefield 5 a well-rounded experience. So were you surprised to find that Battle
Royale is a decision DICE made themselves or do you still believe that EA had a helping
hand? Let me know in the comments below, but for
now I hope you enjoyed this video, smash that like button if you did and hopefully I’ll
see you in the next one.

17 thoughts on “• WHY DICE ADDED BATTLE ROYALE INTO BATTLEFIELD V | The Basis Behind This Mode

  1. Thank you for the information. I just have to say that Battle royal isn`t something I plan to play when the BF V releases. It doesn`t fit the game.

  2. I think Battlfield will revolutionize the BR mode, with their frostbite engine! It’ll be the first BR mode I will play

  3. Too attract 8 year old toxic players. We know that 8 year olds love battle royale so their mom will buy it for them. Ea < Money

  4. Are you saying they may cut down on War Stories because of Battle Royale? Personally I think we'll get a similar play time to BF1's war stories, but we'll have to wait and see… I'm pretty pumped for BF Royale, though I think it makes more sense to make it separate from BFV and rather use BF4 assets (I think this is what they're doing because then they have more justification to ask for more money down the line, without upsetting core players too much. It would be seen as an addition rather than a separation, an addition more likely to eat from PUBG's pie than anything else) Side Note: It's about time BF got proximity voice chat

  5. In Battlefield, each life matters unlike many other shooter games. BFV Battle Royale will be a true test of skill and tactics.

  6. If dice holds true to their promise of making their br mode revolve around team/squad play, objectives, and the overall core pillars of battlefield, then I think that it'll have the potential to be an amazing experience. Personally I don't care for br and all my excitement is going towards grand ops, but I'm hoping dice will pleasantly surprise all of us skeptics with their take on br.

  7. Thank you for sharing, it helps to understand the reason behind the inclusion of a Battle Royale mode is connected to the developer’s enthusiasm for BR. I cannot say I am a fan of BR, as I have not rushed to download or play any of the existing BR titles since they became all the rage. Time will tell if it was a good idea for EA/DICE to include this new game mode in the next edition to the BF franchise. Personally, I have always believed the franchise already had a successful game mode formula as far as FPSs are concerned without the inclusion of a BR mode, and that EA/DICE should instead have endeavored to develop a separate BR game on their Frostbite engine, and market it under a separate title. Still, as long as they are already including BR in BFV, I do plan to play it and see what all the hubbub is about. Who knows if it doesn't also end up being a nice addition to this already successful franchise just like Operations.

  8. love your videos man! definetly one of my favorite battlefield channels right now! personally i think that your channel would benefit from a different video format… Not sure how to explain it but it feels like a westie video with the visual effects but the commentary is on point and offers some awesome insight.

  9. I love BR mode, there’s not a single BR game I want to play, and am waiting for Dice to do it right. Honestly after 6 months of BF1 (Rev version), my biggest complaint is that either the modes or certain modes with certain maps get boring. So more modes is good.

  10. Sorry for the lack of uploads this week. I have started a new channel where I'll be uploading all of my new videos, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu6_meaqVswouqEAWiEvCXw.

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