► 6 YEARS LATER! – Battlefield 3

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  1. Yup same with westie being battlefield 3 being the most played battlefield game I have played 2600 hours on it 🙂 (dunno how but yea loved that game so much)

  2. I love Battlefield games but seems like EA and all other companies make games for 1st country like USA, UK, CHina, etc. Living in India, its almost impossible to have similar experience which they have 🙁

  3. BF3 also had the best expansion packs. I bought Premium just to play Armored Kill and it was completely worth it

  4. Still my favorite BF game. Rocky start, but matured wonderfully with great maps, great balance between infantry and vehicles, and such intense firefights in Rush.

  5. Why cant battlefront star wars be like this game? How did they get worse and worse with technology not better? This was the best battlefield game ever.

  6. just played bf3 yesterday after one year and the game is way better than bf4 and bf3. if they make a bf3 remake dont change the hit detection or the destruction.

  7. I absolutely love BF3. I love the maps it contained. I was excited when the second assault featured in BF4. But even with the added structures like the wall and towers add in Caspian Borders …it just didn't feel the same. I agree with you…its one that must always be on your platform and ready to play.

  8. I find it to be more nade spammy than BF4. Enjoyed the maps much better though Seine Crossing and Grand Bazar should of been brought to BF4.

  9. Bf3 is the best battlefield and I honestly loved the blue tint it had, but idk I also love the color blue. I was 13 when this came out and man I was so in love 😍 such fun memories.

    Who remembers the usas-12 with drag rounds lmao

  10. Guys I need help its 2018 I got a pre owned disc of bf3 a limited edition the redeem code was invalid and I downloaded the online pass on the playstation and it wont work I need help

  11. Love how when BF3 first came out it was "trash" because of how different it was compared to BC2, now it's the best..

  12. To this day I still love Bf3 because you know its just genuinely fun like it was something I could play for hours without break and I felt so involved when I was pinned behind a rock with an M4 and im quickly being surrounded by a whole squad. Truly changed everything for me in games.

  13. I recently installed BFBC2 on my XBox One X after finding out it was backwards (or is it forwards?) compatible. I've since played a few hours of it, and I'm loving it. Now, after watching this, I want to install BF3 on my XBox. I'm guessing it will be compatible as well. Thanks for the inspiration. Oh, and I've subbed.

  14. I appreciate this game so much and have a lot of memories playing this game. The new battlefield games are great but they just aren't as simple as battlefield 3. We need this game remastered so I can spend even more thousands of hours on this game

  15. I'm thinking about getting this game for pc. But I don't want to get it if no one is playing it.

    Is there still a lot of people playing it.

  16. I'm still playing this online today.What a game this is love it.Still busy online NOW.Get back on it kids!!

  17. Still shits on BF4 and BF1 COMBINED. Especially in hardcore mode, which is really the only way to play it. The competition level is amazing, players skill amazing.

  18. Still my favourite BF. BattleLog was great. I preferred it so I could check mission accomplishments and do my loadout without missing any gameplay. Operation Metro was awesome, although I know so many other hated it.

  19. about to get back on for the first time in 5 years. Played on the 360 back then but now I'm on a beast rig. Really cant wait, this was my jam back then and probably put around 600 hours into it.

  20. It's 2019 and I still think this games graphics are amazing. I also miss the intense flashing loading screen in my dark bedroom at 1am. I miss the blue tint and the way the game felt. The game felt so fresh. 6k hours

  21. So then battlefield 3 needs to be remastered then you have better hit detection and the greatest bf game of all time. I think I get better results with bf3 than all post games in regards to hit detection. But I use a MP7 hip fire 😁

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