【ENG SUB】Power of Doppelgangers I Sok I 2 vs 2 I H&H vs. O&H I Duststorm I WC3 Ladder

Let’s go 2 Archmages Chaemiko // 2 Archmage? Chae // lvl.1 expo, like last game? If one of us gets harassment, The one give up expo and the other builds expo I should’ve gone to bathroom This map is kind of honest one there is only one way to get to base No splited ways It’s honest map, but too big
That makes me annoyed Ch // If there was way like there… wow…
It wouldn’t be easy Then my head would blow up This map is for 3v3 This map is for 6 people Ch // (impossible diction) Is it a meme? Ch // what?
Is it a meme? Ch // ?? what?
Never mind I’m kinda hungry Burger? I had Burgerking yesterday Ch // Pyeong-chon? Yeah
Ch // was it Pyeong-chon?
Yep You drived there? I told you a guy working at PC-bang Yeah I met him Originally we planned to have
traditional meal at Beomgye and we saw Burgerking on our way Ch // Yeah So we stopped there Ch // What did you take?
Ch // Did you get syrup something? No, It’s not available at dawn Ch // Oh… you got there at midnight? I will be honest Ch // As I know Burgering works till 10 p.m. Yeah, we got there at dawn Ch // Dawn? oh… wow… Ch // you two….
Hey, blablabla [Ankh of Reincarnation] Gargabe item… Ch // Ankh? Ch // I got shits too What do you have?
Ch // Mana stone Hey, Orc might recruit Chieftain first in this map Chieftain for enemy Orc lvl.1 expo for enemy HU I can feel it [Rejuvenation Potion] That combination is strong Hello? Hello?? Hey [Manual of Health] [Sok : Hey, can you hear me?] Ch // I can Hey, you ignored me? Ch // What? what are you talking about?
I can’t hear you You… this dude…
You blew me off? Ch // Nooo Ch // I never blew you off!!! I said Orc would recruit Chieftain first
and HU would build lvl.1 expo Ch // Yeah I heard that Ch // Didn’t I answer you? [Gloves of Haste] I thought you were disconnected from Discord It’s BM
Good They both got expo Ch // I see Which hero will you recruit as the second?
I will recruit Paladin Ch // then MK? Anyone I will go to Ragical build Ch // so.. Ch // Rifle and Mortar?
No, Rifle and Priest Is it imbalanced combination? Ch // It’s the first situation for me… I’m losing you again Or You… 2 Sanctums… Motar?
What do you want to do? Ch // Let’s… or not… I will rush to Orc Ch // they came here Ch // came for me I will make one retreat Hey Then do anything you want
Just don’t upgrade to Castle too soon It’s good to have Health Stone Ch // Yeah you’re right Ch // I finished Hall upgrade Orc is screwed Just like last game
BM is coming back He’s running instead of using teleport Are they planning to harass you only? 3 Waters… it’s nasty Burrows are gone! Kill them all Ch // Do you have some lumber? Lumber? 100 This Orc must be upset lol Oops there is one more burrow here I have damaged him enough
Enemy HU has expo, doesn’t he? I will reveal that area Ch // There is expo I have an idea
I will harass with Zeppelin and Shredder Wait, I need more towers Hey, your footman is in my base Ch // Just kill him Kill him? Ch // Yeah kill him plz You are so cruel They are rushing to me straightly Hold on, hold on Wow, They are So powerful
Ch // why why why My Zeppelin was almost taken down by dragons Ch // hmm? they are going to creeps Ch // Oh, they are coming back because of your harassment That Orc must be annoyed Ch // That Orc… I will upgrade to Castle Yeah.. whatever you want You upgrade to Castle, I will stay at Tier-2 Ch // yeah, I will gather knights quickly
to counter enemy HU I feel sorry for Orc Ch // It’s provision of nature
Ch // Don’t be sorry Dang it My Zeppelin would blow up Ch // Oh, he went for you, but I will harass HU Oops, wait, wait, wait, wait Ch // Just take portal! No way, I can’t I can’t give up Ch // Give me some lumber, I will upgrade to Castle I got it He’s Castle too I don’t need Shredder, I have many peasants Wow Arcane tower killed Zeppelin Ch // How about recruiting only priest?
Ch // I will recruit rifleman only from 3 barracks Oh wait wait No, my Shredder, plz, plz, plz
Nice Ch // Give me lumber Lumber? Ch // lumber, yes
I’m gathering now Wait, I’m recruiting MK Ch // doesn’t matter Let’s do twin MK
It’s powerful Double bolts will crush knight’s head Why does he build 2 Workshops? what? Wait, you are not going to recruit Mortar Team? Ch // nope Ch // why? Should I recruit Mortar? I haven’t upgrade to Castle Ch // Alright, I will recruit Mortar then It’s right to recruit who can I’m gathering typical Ragical
Oh there is enemy shredder You can’t pass dude He seems to have 2 Workshop 2 Mortar Teams at once Ch // I will go 2 barracks Ch // and 2 Workshops Should I upgrade to Castle too? Wait Ch // lumber lumber
OK I can feel Orc’s malice through BM I will upgrade to Castle Ch // Yep Is creeping here(starting point) easy? or not? Ch // hm? Wild King? there is lvl.8 boss Is it hard? Ch // It’s not that hard with Water [Wand of Lightning Shield] Level up your hero, just in case [Tome of agility] Opponents’ combination is
Ch // Enemy HU seems to have the same units with me I see I can deal with Orc easily, but I can’t compete against HU Ch // I will deal with HU Yeah Ch // blabla Ch // blablabla I should make Clap lvl.2, shouldn’t I?
but enemy has Siphon mana.. It doesn’t seem to be effective… [Tome of strength +2]
Ch // Let’s make bolt lvl.2 Ch // lvl.2 bolt for eternal stun
got it Portal to my base and rush together to your base? But my units are dispersed
Many are in base I should bring them Mortar..! Oops, I should’ve learned lvl.2 Clap Ch // Clap would be better for teamfight Also enemy combination is so vulnerable to Clap Ch // right Ch // Without dispell… ouch… BM is strong I have Ankh anyway Ch // yeah?
yeah Twin dwarfs are so nasty Ch // They are sturdy too Ch // Build expo Ch // and overwhelm with money power Die, mage! Ch // Knights are strong Wow.. hey, Do I learn lvl.3 Briliance? Ch // hmm? yeah, make it lvl.3 Ch // They don’t give up Ch // Let’s rush to Orc Yep Let’s drop by shop, I need portal just in case What? where do they go to gather lumber? 2 HUs are disgusting [Potion of invulnerability] Ch // Take that potion
Let’s go I will buff you with inner fire so hard More priests would be good Ch // yeah, priests should come more I have only 4 priests Ch // I think you have to stay at Tier-2
if you want to play hard this game This game is destined anyway Orc was nearly dead at early phase Oops, I’m late Wasted resources! You learned aura?
Then I will learn Divine Shield Ch // Let’s get into enemy units and try double clap Oops, I already casted it Get in, get in
let’s go Let’s go You clap first!
Quickly! Hit the ground! I will do it first Till when will you stand there? Just Clap! My MK is surrounded Ch // My days, Double Holy Light Wow look at this Ch // So strong So cool Ch // Making lvl.2 Devotion Aura would be better, right? That Water Elementals are also disgusting Ch // Never underestimate 2 HUs again! I feel so sorry for them miserable This is funny

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