Hi, I’m doing a TBR Unwrapping video right
now bc I’m very excited about the new year, and I’m very excited to start reading more.
I’ve already finished one book so I feel very accomplished already, I just kind of want
to unwrap a couple of books really fast. I went on Twitter earlier today and a couple
of people gave me some coordinates so now I’m gonna unwrap those right now. Sylwia over at Wish Fulfillment asked me to
pick the smallest book in a genre that I’m wanting to read right now. Little ambiguous,
so I picked this one. It looks to be the smallest of my entire shelf of unread wrapped books
so I decided to go with this one. Oh yeah, of course it is. It is the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
by Douglas Adams. Me and Sylwia actually tried to buddy read this together, I think around
the beginning of last year and Sylwia didn’t like it and ended up dropping it and then
I just kind of didn’t read it at all. This is coming back to us again Sylwia. And then
S gave me another set of coordinates 2, and 11. And ya know it just ended up being the
beautiful lady bug print which I am happy to rip off of this book. It’s Atonement. Very excited to read this,
I’ve seen the movie a bunch of times and have seriously bawled my eyes out. So I’m wondering
if the book is going to be as emotional for me as the movie was. Mostly bc of James McAvoy
bc if you know what happens it’s pretty sad. Michael over at MichaelReads also gave me
some coordinates and he said 420 and ya know I wish I could blaze it right now, just don’t
have a 4th shelf. He picked 2,14 which is the Dinosaur print
which I don’t remember what it is so it’s a mystery to both of us. Maybe that’s what
it was? Mystery books, that’s what this is! The Buenos Aires Quintet. This is actually
the 20th book in a series so I’m just kinda gonna go with it and see if I can understand
what exactly is happening cause I’m asumming, mmm I don’t know what’s gonna happen with
this one. The 2nd one he gave me was 3,18. Which is
this ice cream one, which I believe are contemporary fictions or YA contemporary novels so. Oh okay! I really wrapped this one really good! It’s Saga by Corrnor Kostick, this is actually
my boyfriends book. I read the first one, which was called Epic and it’s kind of like
this fantasy relm. Your people in a video game and you kind of play as that person.
It was interesting in a way, I don’t know if I’m necessarily going to enjoy the 2nd
book being that I didn’t really like the first one that much bc I’m not too into fantasy
that much but you know you kind of just gotta wing it sometimes. And I also just picked a book randomly, I
know it;s another one of these. So! Oh! Oh no! Why did I put tape here! *Shit* Totally just peeled off a little bit of this
beautiful cover. But it is The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. A lot of
people read this when it first came out, I ya know bought it and have still yet to read
it so I’m interested to see what’s gonna happen in this one. Those are the books I’m hoping to start reading
really soon, I want to get just a whole bunch of reading done this first week before I start
my internships and school next week. So I just kind of want to power through some things,
ya know get some light fun reading done before I’m kind of in Design jail and designing my
ass off, so I will see you guys in my next video! Byeeeeeee

5 thoughts on “#1 TBR UNWRAPPING | 2016

  1. Where did you get all the cute wrapping paper?? Good luck with your reading! I'm about to head to my library and see what I can find.

  2. I just went NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!! omg I need to get rid of my copy of Hitchiker's and you need to just give up on it! It's not for us! Let it gggoooo!!

    I hope you like Atonement. I couldn't get past the first few minutes of the movie! Maybe someday.

    OMG Nooooo Ava Lavender! Another one I don't like! AAhhhh!!

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