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hi everyone welcome to 2019 now I’ve had
my mini break and my video schedule routine is back to normal so if you
haven’t switched on that notification button or bell make sure you do so right
now! Now as you guys know I’m up to Round 3 of The Thousand Dollar Project and
over the last ten months I have saved almost twenty thousand dollars and it is finishing at the beginning of March 2019 so I have a lot of catching up to do
because my ultimate goal was actually to save and invest $42,000 over twelve months. Now by no means am I giving up throwing the towel
in or going to become too disheartened because I know when you do The $1000
Project you go in bursts and then plateau for a while but when you put your head, heart and mind to it you can
actually come up with a lot of money in a really short period of time. Now I
thought it would be really fun with this topic and this concern always
burning through my brain of how much catching I have to do. So I wanted to
make a video for you where I share with you 10 really easy fun simple
money-saving hacks where you can save $1000 at a time but 10
different ways and as I said they are really fun really easy and ones that you
can actually do with the whole family! Kids included! Alright idea No. 1
is actually right behind me. I’m doing this myself as I have some serious
catching up to do, and that is to grab a 500 or 600 ml bottle and
simply fill it with as many $2 AUD coins as possible so when you get to the
brim there should be a $1000! It’s funny this has changed
my whole attitude towards $2 coins when I find a $2 coin in
the bottom of a handbag or even sometimes in my washing machine believe it or not or down the edge of a sofa I get so incredibly excited even to the
point where I don’t want to break a two dollar coin I hold on to it put and
a safe spot until I get home! I get so excited about putting this in here
but this is a really great idea to do with kids and how cool is that $1000 simply in a water bottle! Hack No.2 is actually a
money saving chart now to be really honest I actually found this money
saving chart on Instagram and I thought it was such a brilliant idea but it has
this grid with all these different numbers and you just randomly pick
whatever number you can afford to save that week and simply cross it off you
need to. But you must do it every week but and throughout the year you’ll end up with
$1,000. Now to make this chart really accessible for you, if you click on the
link in the video description box below you will go straight to my website where
you can actually print a ready-made money saving chart just for you. But
again what a really fun thing you can do and if you’re having a tight budget that
week you just simply pick a small number! And if you’re having a week where you have been really frugal with money and have some spare money, dare to go with a high
number. But if you can just follow it and stick to the money saving chart, there is
your $1,000! Idea No.3 is to join a Rewards Program like CASHREWARDS. So CASHREWARDS is really quick easy and simple to do. You sign up and all you
need to do is actually shop through their website. There is a whole range of
different shops and brands that you can access online and essentially you are getting paid commission on your own shopping! And they also have amazing savings on top! You can get $15 off, 10% off extra bonus commission etc. And throughout the year even if you just do your grocery shopping and maybe do your insurances there is $1,000
back in your pocket so quick and easy! Hack No.4 is to take your lunch
to work just 1 day per week. Where I work
lunches cost about $20. A salad will be around be about $16 and maybe a coffee or a water or juice would be another $4, so
if you can just take your lunch to work 1 day per week this should save you on
average $20 per week if you can do this throughout the year there is
another $1,000 for you! Hack number five is a little bit more complicated, but
really achievable. Essentially you save a certain amount of money each week.
So week one you save $1 and you go all the way through up into week 11 where
you start to save $15 then for a certain number of weeks you simply
save $20 and then you incrementally increase it up to a
maximum of $35 per week. Once you have hit that $35 per
week, you then start working backwards. So once you’re halfway, it actually gets
easier and easier as you work back towards just simply saving the lowest amount,
being $1. Now again I have made this really fun and easy and accessible
for you so if you click on the other link in the video description box below,
you will see this other secondary money saving chart. Hack No.6 is to
simply put $20 per week into a jar let it add up throughout the year
and when it comes to the end of December you can crack it open and do something
with that one $1000! But so easy and a fantastic habit and routine to
create yourself and you never know if you do this next year you might want to
make it $40 or $50 and save even more money! Hack No.7 is to make your own coffee at home. Now this is something I have incorporated
into my life and I’m actually so glad I have done this because when I go to a
coffee shop I can’t just get a coffee, I have to get banana bread or muffin or
some little sweet treat so it doesn’t end up costing me $4 and ends
up costing me $10, which is not great for my health!
So I actually make myself a coffee every morning at home and yes I still do
support my local cafes but there’s something really nice about enjoying a
coffee in the privacy of your own home and I’m loving the savings that it’s
creating for me! Hack No.8 and I am actually dedicated to doing this this
weekend and that is to declutter and sell your stuff. now I am a Minimalist, but I am always amazed as to how much stuff I can declutter and of course how much my
stuff can be worth. Now you don’t need to sell lots and lots of different things
and make it really hard for yourself but just a few key pieces in your home remove things
like furniture, clothing, accessories those things are really quite valuable
and you’d be amazed one man’s trash another man’s treasure! So make the most
of the Gumtree apps, eBay apps they’re so quick and easy to use and to post your
stuff and of course you’ve always got your local Facebook groups. Hack No.9 I’m so excited about because I’m actually doing this this weekend and
that is to have one budget-friendly low-key quiet weekend at home. So today
is Saturday and I’m pretty much gonna hang out at home. I’m going to watch some
documentaries on Netflix that you guys have actually recommended to me, so I’m
so incredibly excited! Tomorrow I am going to read my book maybe go for a walk down to the beach and just have a really simple quiet weekend. Now assuming that I can save $85 this weekend by just not spending, not going and grabbing dinner
with friends or going out and spending money in a bar or ubers and things like
that, this going to be money in my pocket and if I can do this at least one time
per month throughout the year, there is another $1000 for me! And the final hack
a Hack No. 10, which is my favorite number and that is to have 1
budget-friendly meal per week. Now in my household I try and budget dinner around
about $40 per night and that is dinner for myself Tom and Rocco sometimes we
might go over if I bought some beautiful produce it’s quite gourmet. And sometimes I will go under but I will make sure at least one time per week we have a really
budget friendly meal and I try and keep that below $20 and that will be simple
things like as my mother used to say to me “eat up all the bits” all the things
that have been left over during the week and make it like a smorgasbord plate or
fill up on vegetables use things like pasta rice things like that that are
still super healthy still going to give you heaps of nutritional value, but they’re
not going to break the bank. so if you can try and save about $20 per week
off your food plan, through mindful budgeting on your groceries, again
throughout the year, this can really add up! So guys I really hope you realize
that saving $1,000 is not overwhelming or intimidating. You can actually do it
really easily. It is about creating financial goals for yourself so you feel
motivated to achieve.It is about creating
fantastic habits where you don’t even think about it, you just simply do it. And
it is also about making sure that that your goal has a great purpose. Are you going
to use that savings to pay off credit card debt? are you going to use that $1000
to help pay for your next holiday? Are you going to use that
$1000 to put towards the deposit on your first home? Remember the sky is the limit and it’s your money so you get to decide where it goes! Now
on that note, I have a very exciting giveaway for you! For anyone who is
watching this video and has other cool creative fun hacks or ways to quickly
save $1,000, I would love it if you could share it in a comments box below and the
person who comes up with the best idea and has subscribed to my channel and has
also liked sugar mama TV on Facebook and subscribed to my website you will
actually receive not just a signed copy of the thousand dollar project from me
but you’ll also receive a handwritten letter from me.
So I am really excited about doing this giveaway as I have never done it before. So I
would love to see if you guys actually like this idea, because I am actually
thinking about doing this on a regular basis with my other favorite financial
books. Alright everyone, that is it for this video, don’t forget to switch on the
notification button because the video schedule or routine is back for
2019 and I am so excited! Alright everyone have a great week and I’ll see
you later on in the week for Lifestyle Love.

100 thoughts on “10 MONEY HACKS TO SAVE YOU $1,000 TO $10,000 + FREE GIVE AWAY! || SugarMamma.TV

  1. your spending on some things is quite high. I can eat well for a week on $50 for 2 people. I buy things on special or marked down and I eat in season produce, so I rarely pay full price for anything and have a decent stockpile. I rarely eat out at cafes or for takeaway meals. I am saving for quite a few things this year. Not sure how I will go but I am doing a no spend year in order to maximise my savings and minimise my spending.

  2. Welcome back, Canna!! 😊😊😊 My goal is to save $500 per month. I expect some months will be met, missec, or exceeded but I'm going for it. I eat lunch out during work too often so I plan fo scale that back = $40 USD per week.

  3. In our tradition and culture we use the plastic bottle to save money (we use only coin) but we use a much bigger one and we open it on December 31st, which makes a lot of money during a year.

  4. I love all these ideas, I’m so excited to do the bottle one! 👌🏻💵 Such an easy way to get a extra money for a house deposit – honestly I always lose my coins! 😂

    My $1000 money saving hack is seriously just to do the grocery shopping online. Me and my partner set aside $100 a week but we’re always $20 or $30 under! It’s so much easier to say no and not get caught up putting random things in your trolley that you really don’t need! It means you can just get the necessities or whatever fits within your budget.

    By spending <$20 less in your shop each week because you’re not buying random things can save you over $1k!

    ***Bonus: if you combine it with an app that saves you money when you shop like ShopBack you’ll be on your way to the 2k mark in no time!! ❤️

  5. I save money by keeping all of my receipts and taking note of the product warranty so if the item breaks I can take it back. I have saved so much money returning items (and keeping companies accountable for their warranties) instead of having to buy new ones!

  6. I started doing this idea a while back. Maybe already 2 or 3 years.
    I have a cute box in which I put all my coins which I had by the end of the day.
    I actually use for emergencies on time to time, but I use for savings as well.
    2018 I saved a little over 1000$ only by doing that.
    I think It's a great way to save money, helped me a lot!

  7. Babysitting for say $20 once a week for a friend so they can go out for a few hours or pet sitting while a friend goes on holidays better yet do both at the same time double your money coming in and the kids have a ball playing with a new pet. This is one of the things I do as I have 4 kids it’s enjoyable for them to have time with other kids and we don’t have animals so the my kids are over the moon when I look after animals.

    I only just finished reading your book tonight and come over to check out your channel. I only just started my $1000 project when I started reading and I have over $100 atm and it’s just the beginning 🙂 thank you for the amazing read. God Bless

  8. Anytime someone shouts me a meal or drink, I look at how much it should have cost me and transfer that into my $1000 account!

  9. Hello, Happy New Year! My idea is affiliate programs. And please if you have time to telling your opinions about this I will be happy. Thanks

  10. Happy new year Canna! I was gifted your book for xmas and have been loving it! I bring my lunch to work every day and sell old clothing items and shoes on FB marketplace to save towards my $20K goal for 2019 ☺️

  11. Just found that for those on benefits in the U.K. Government's Help to Save Scheme will give you a 50% bonus on money you put in. You can put in up to £50 a month for up to 4 years for a maximum £1,200 bonus on £2,400 savings. You can withdraw money if you need it.

  12. You can rent a room ins home one weekend a month and save a 1000 dollars!! I think that's a cool idea! Hope a get the book🤗📖📖📖

  13. I am si happy I recently came upon your channel. Not only I subscribe here but I started following you on IG. I am so desperate to know how to start be more savvy to save $$ every and all advice is more than welcome. Thank you for your vids

  14. Welcome back.👍🏽Happy New Year, my goals this year is save for my house, down payment, wedding. I'm debt free. Thanks for sharing your ideas, I'm ready for 2019.🤗

  15. Happy New Year! Your saving tips have changed my life. My husband and I set a huge goal last year and not only did we achieve it but we saved more than we had set out to do. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. I’m excited to continue on this journey with you xxx

  16. Hi, I have been doing a no spend January (Apart from essentials) Its great to use up what's in the house already. My best money saving hack is use free ways to invest in yourself, Commit to watching a yoga video on youtube each day and improve your strength Also Commit to learning new recipes to cook from scratch which is better for you and your purse.Sarah

  17. Thank you for your videos, I absolutely love them. They always get me so motivated <3
    My favorite tip of all is when it comes to saving is always rounding numbers, so the second my paycheck comes in I put in savings and make it 100 / 200 never odd numbers. I'm not sure if that's just OCD ^^ but I find it helps me get to my saving goal SO much faster!
    hugs from the UK xx

  18. If there is something that i need to buy i wait for it to go on sale and whatever i end up saving i put into my savings account. I have recently bought a push present for myself (engraved bracelet) that was $449, reduced by 50% then further to 70% off. Over $300 into my savings.

  19. Wow. It sounds as if food us quite expensive in Australia. Also, you hsve $2 coins? How fun! Here in the US we couldn't even make the $1 coin work. Lol!

  20. I was happy you uploaded a new video! My weakness are clothes. And instead of buying new things all the time, i play around with what i already have. I took pictures of my clothes and made new outfits that way. I listen to podcast about ethical fashion, look at other people's capsule wardrobe's (love yours😍) and really analyse my own stuff. The material, the colors. I find the creative process fulfilling. And when i buy something it's really something that fits into my capsule wardrobe and gives me more outfits options. Because i know what i have i can 't just buy another blouse. So my hack is learn about what you love so you don't have to buy new things to feel satisfied.

  21. Not necessarily fun but tips that work for me:
    1) Recommend renting out your driveway if you work in the day/ don't have a car.
    2) Remember to claim all your work expenses
    3) Cycling to places
    4) Free exercise classes on Youtube
    5) Doing a 'no buy' month where you don't buy any new stuff – makes you look at your spending habits too.

  22. Thanks for another great video to get us savings motivated. I do several things to keep me on track and accelerate my savings. First, I use the Acorns app to save "coins." It rounds up purchases to the next dollar and deposits the change into a micro-share investment account. I save about $800 a year without doing anything! Though my favorite trick is to transfer the leftover balance in my primary checking account to savings after a new paycheck is deposited. For example: Account has a $200 balance the last day of the month. A new paycheck of $2000 is deposited the next day. I transfer the $200 previous day balance to my $1000 Project account. Thus I'm left with only $2000 in my account. This way I only live on my paycheck each pay period. Any extra money left over (usually due to savings from eating at home more often, not shopping, doing free things for leisure) goes to my goal. Doing this plus picking up a side gig has helped me save just over $10,000 since July. I feel so empowered and in control of my finances. No longer do they control me. 🙂

  23. Love your personality and your channel! My hacks: 1. I buy for all my new shoes (high heels) a special protection foil that I apply on the heel. I haven't had to fix any shoes in a long time (except of course the bottom heel piece). These adhesive pieces protect the leather from scratches. You know how expensive a good bootmaker can get. 2. I fill in my tax return documents and then wait for the maximum allowed period of time to submit them (in Germany where I live is 4 years). They pay 0,5 % per month on interest which is awesome.

  24. My number one hack is going to the grocery markets! You save so much money on fruit and vegetables. Any cash I have left over (usually $5-$10), I will put in a jar in my room, which adds up fast!
    Like you, I have cut down on the coffees I buy and instead make them from home.
    A good trick I have started implementing at work for when I am craving a sweet treat is BYO snacks! Instead of popping out to get a cake or chocolate, I have muesli bars on hand for a morning or afternoon pick me up, which is much healthier, cheaper and satisfies your sweet tooth.
    Being a big book worm, I got a library card and get books out from the local library which saves a lot of money!
    If I am craving a takeout meal e.g. thai noodles, curries or fries, I will buy the ingredients and make my own as this is a lot cheaper than takeout and usually tastes so much better!
    And lastly, I walk everywhere! I only take Ubers when absolutely necessary and this has saved a lot of money and the walking doesn't actually take up a lot of time.
    Love your vids!
    Kate x

  25. I'm waiting for my mom to start her garage sale so I can sell some stuff I don't need either plus I crochet and sell what I make while saving ones fives and coins

  26. Absolutely LOVE this giveaway idea! I am also a single parent (my daughters are in my profile picture with me at my cousin’s wedding) and the most effective way I found to save money was to enlist my daughters in the effort as a way to help hold us all accountable. If we had a goal, whether saving for vacation or an activity, I would let them know what our goal was and update them on our progress. It made them eager to help reduce our utility bills by turning off lights and keeping heating and cooling more moderate, grocery bills by making sure we used leftovers, avoiding eating out, and even reducing the driving we did by combining trips efficiently. Partnering with them made it 1,000% easier because we were all working together! This can work with roommates, or even singles – just enlist a budget buddy and keep each other motivated. There is strength in numbers!

  27. Happy new year! I asked for a day per week to work from home, which is saving money on transport, food etc. Not much, but I keep that track of that money and put it aside. This is not just great for my savings but also in terms of efficiency (as I get more things done) and time spent with my son (I don't commute on that day so I get to spend more time with him). Good luck for the new year and I'll keep following your videos.

  28. Loved the tips! I weekly look in catalogues and buy my staple grocery items when on sale and stock up, also I try to buy the fruit and vegetables that are on sale that week!

  29. My friends and I get to together say 24 of us and each fortnight we pay say 100 dollars to the person that runs the group and each fortnight a member gets 2400, you dont usually feel it, but when a lump sum of 2400 goes into ur bank u can do soo much with it.

  30. Happy New Year! My tip would be to enter competitions to get the book you really want 😉 When I want to treat myself to something particular, I check how much it costs in other countries/currencies – this can really work in your favour as currencies fluctuate.

  31. 1. Try and cycle/ walk where possible instead of by car.
    2. Always use refillable water bottle rather than buying more plastic
    3. For Christmas this year my friends and I did a book swap rather than presents (student life aha)
    4. Invite friends over to watch a movie rather than go out.
    5. Arrange dinner parties/ picnics where everyone brings a home made dish rather than eating out.
    6. Invest in premium bonds (Not sure if this is just limited to the UK) rather than buying lottery tickets.
    7. Wear more clothes rather than turning up the heating
    8. Install a smart meter
    9. Car boot sales are great for selling lots of random pieces in an afternoon
    10. Meal prep
    11. Clothes swap with your friends/ siblings rather than buying new (this can quadruple your wardrobe – win win)
    12. If you have a spare bed room put it on air bnb there is a no tax on this in the UK for the first £8k you make each year.
    13. Swap unhealthy snacks for fruit
    14. Get a monzo card (it shows the break down of your spending on an app – this can be a real eye opener)
    15. Cancel subscriptions
    16. Remind yourself of your financial goals every morning when you wake up.

    This is all I can think of, I would love to be entered into your give away. I have just left uni and my goal is to save £15,000 this year xxx

  32. Hi Canna, loved all the tips!

    I try a few different things for a quick cash boost:
    – Tasks on Airtasker
    – Market research
    – Selling unwanted items on marketplace
    – Using credit card points to pay of a portion of my repayments (and paying off the rest within the interest free period).
    – Using cashrewards/honey or even ozbargain to see if there are any coupons for any of my online purchases 🙂

  33. So glad you're back, hope you really enjoyed your time off, you definitely deserve it!

    My goal for this year is to pay £7,000 worth of debt!

    The best way I've found so far to make some extra pocket money was by downloading an app called JobSpotter! I believe it's available int he US and here in the UK and it pays you to take pictures of job signs on store fronts, etc. I've just been taking pictures as I run into them, so basically walking by stores (which is something I would be doing anyway!) and I've already claimed over £10 in 2 weeks. 🙂

  34. love your videos!! Just the motivation i need to get my goals happening!
    My money saving tips i already use are not buying items the first time i see them. I will put them on a wish list and after a week if i still think i need it i will purchase but 99% of the time ill decide i have something very similar or probably wouldnt actually use it anyways.
    I also meal plan for the week and make double batches that make two different meals from the same base such as chilli con carne with corn chips one night and the next enchiladas with the left overs. I also plan meals that will make enough left overs for hubbys lunch the next day too.

  35. Canna I love your ideas to save a $1000, I will start my bottle ASAP, this is the year that I really want to work in change my financial situation, in order to help me in this before the new year stated, I created a small game that I called the 12 months of saving, is not to save $1000 exactly, you can save more or less depending on how determined you are, the game consists in every single month you have a different game and goal to make it more fun and motivating, I really want to share this with you, so I will be sending you a picture in your email, so you can see exactly what I’m taking about 😃😃😃😃 thanks for the amazing videos and how much you inspire me to follow my financial goals and freedom. 💕💕💕

  36. to try save a little bit of money, I make a lot of my own dog treats, that way I know what is in them aswell, and know they wont upset his stomach

  37. I'm so happy I found your channel, so inspiring! I have started saving money in a separate savings account (Ally online banking offers 2% on their savings accounts.)
    One little thing I've been doing is submitting poetry for a greeting card company, Blue Mountain Arts. They pay $50 – $200 per poem accepted. If poetry isn't your thing, you can submit funny ideas, quotes, or artwork to other card companies like Oatmeal Studios.
    I will also say that I have been really inspired by your Frugal February Challenge, so I started the year with a Frugal Week to prep for Feb. It's tough, but it really gave me a lot of insight in to my spending habits.

  38. Use apps like HireUp to establish another stream of income to help people with disabilities engage with an interest you already share. Being a support worker can be just a nice afternoon playing a game you love. Review your providers of things like health insurance and power it's so easy to become complacent and shrug it off as too much hassle to switch but it's often worth it and the companies you switch to will make it as easy as they can on you.
    I have coin boxes from Kmart which have a slot for each domination of coin. It's saving my change and teaching my kids which coins are which.
    I am saving for my first year of double school fees (special needs independent) school. I think I can do it but I'm a single parent and overwhelmed at maintaining my emergency fund as well and saving on top of it

  39. Happy New Year. Love your channel. We cook at home from scratch. Shop at vege shops or markets much cheaper than supermarket for fruit n vege. We aren’t vegetarian but do at least two days per week vegetarian meals which are often cheaper. We always cook enough for leftovers which my husband takes for lunch and the kids and I eat at home. Keep an eye out for kids events run by your local library museum or art gallery they are often free. Library cards. We have year passes to local attractions we love to visit zoo etc. The local year passes are so much cheaper and it becomes a free outing after a few visits. Working on my cafe addiction this year

  40. In your coffee at home pic, you can see the book by Tony Robbin's: 'Money, master the game'. I'm currently reading that book as well.

  41. Australia only, but I save a lot of fuel by monitoring this chart for when to fill up on fuel https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/petrol-diesel-lpg/petrol-price-cycles#petrol-prices-in-sydney and then using the 7/11 fuel lock app to fill up when it's cheapest, and then by the time petrol has risen in 7 days i'll fill up using that low price. Also the 7/11 fuel app also often gives me free coffee or slurpies or pies, so that's amazing!

    I also definitely empty out my wallet every day for coins and keep them in a large jar – every time i empty it, it comes to a few hundred bucks! Every cent counts! Even the 5 cents!

    Libraries are also such a blessing, as well as swapping books with your friends

    And also – public transport. It's expensive in Sydney, but still cheaper (and better for the environment) than driving every day.

    <3 Love your work!

  42. I'm currently doing a "nothing new" challenge, just with myself. The basic rule is that if it is not a consumable item (food, drinks, bathroom products) then I'm not allowed to purchase it. I've just set myself the goal of doing it through January but I'm really finding it easy so I'll probably go through February too.

    I'm also thinking of extending it to be "Nothing New" for the whole year; as in if I want to buy something like a dress or "new" furniture it has to be second hand- ebay, vinnies, market place etc. I'm already noticing that I don't want to break the challenge and the environmental impact I'm sure is a whole other pay off.

    The whole process is making me look at all the things I own too and so I'm working on "project pan" where you use up all your makeup products that you already have.

  43. I came across your channel back when you first started, you were the first female I came across talking about finances! Along with your tips, Dave Ramsey and Barefoot investor from July 2018, we paid off $20k in cc debt and managed to save $6k. For the first time in my life, I had a decent saving amount in my account. I love all the content you put out, it’s been very relevant in my life! We are onto the next phase: house deposit! My biggest spending comes from eating out. Plus we have 2 small kids. My tips are:
    1) before you leave the house, make sure everyone has eaten! We avoid ‘getting something on the go’…
    2) I have a little box in my boot with snacks (rice cakes, crackers, snack bars – something that doesn’t expire quickly), and water in glass bottles. In case we do get hungry we are always prepared.
    3) We simplified our lunches. If it’s not leftovers, we have the humble sandwiches. Great for using up spinach, tomatoes etc
    4) We aim for 15 no spend days monthly. It’s amazing how quickly spending can add up, even the smallest transactions.
    5) We always look for free events around our city! Entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive… and with 2 kids (4yr old, and 2yr old), all they want is our time!

    I really hope I win this! I would love to finally read your book!

  44. I save extra money by not paying for a gym membership I do online workouts at home with no equipment or my own i have got over the years, i have a money tin that you cannot open i put all my gold coins in there and even notes if im feeling ok to it , i wont be able to open up jar because id have to cut it, i sign up to free promotions for my birthday as some last for a month so i end up having free lunches and coffees for the month of my birthday, for christmas my family only has one person each we buy a present for the budget of $40 you only have to pay for one person.

  45. Did you get some Botox done? Your skin looks so much smoother/shIny and wrinkle free. I need cheaper beauty tips especially fillers, skin, anti aging.

  46. A money saving idea my roommate and I tried was to each pick a bad habit (something you say too often like swearing or saying sorry) and whenever you say it, you put money in the jar. At the end of the month we would take the money and go out to dinner with it.

  47. When eating out, skip out on the expensive drinks and have water instead. Put the money you would have spent on drinks in a savings jar

  48. Saving 2 thousand dollars this year is my goal, I really want a good emergency back up. This year I’m trying something new, I am cashing out a set amount of money every week for groceries, petrol and general everyday expenses, the idea is to leave our cards in a safe place and live off the cash, we hate coins so we always just chuck them in our center consoles of our cars (this is an idea that stemmed from a habit we already did so we were subconsciously saving without a purpose) and physically having the money in our hands makes us more conscious of what we will be spending it on. it’s been 14 days so far and we have saved over $50 in loose change and left over money from our weekly cash out limit is.

  49. Hey Canna, I am moving into a tiny 20 qm apartment (near my future job, that way I can bike to my job and cut transportation costs) in order to live within my means during my education, and I plan to stay there even once my income raises to smash my savings. I am so excited for my initial declutter, aswell. 🙂

  50. A couple of my money saving hacks I like to do is using Sphock which is a boot sale app where you can list any of your unwanted items and people in your area can put an offer in and then collect the item right at your front door! It's been a great way to sell my son's old toys. My second hack is cash for clothes. I save all my clothes I no longer wear and find a cash for clothes in my area where they then weigh the bags of clothes and depending on how much they weigh that's the money they'll give you for them 🙂 💚

  51. Happy New Year! 
    We have this super possibility in Finland with some banks (you might have something similar too), that each time I buy something with my debit card, amount of money drops in to my separate savings account. I can define that amount myself (I have 3€, I think it's 1-5€), and a limit of my debit account that it doesn't do this intake (I have set the limit to 20€…so if my balance is under that, it will not transfer that amount). I don't use cash often…almost always the debit card for all the possible, so it adds up pretty soon 😀

  52. Ooooh, so many good ideas here! Love it! I save all the money I find, and am so surprised how quickly it adds up!

  53. Check out the free app Libby. You can use it to borrow books from your library and read them on your phone or other device. Also, make a list of local no or low cost things that bring you Joy in your area . I'm going to go gather my coins and see what I've got. I already do most of these things. I make budget friendly meals every night and rarely eat out for lunch (or any meal). I'm always disappointed when I have coffee out. My coffee at home is the BEST. I use a mokapot. One thing that I'm going to try to start doing is going to the library once a week. Thank you so much for your wonderful content!! I'm very grateful for your channel and all of the inspiration. You make the world a better place!❤️

  54. In order to save gas and time I run errands that are close to each other one day of the week instead of doing several trips. Also I buy things in fewer stores. If I am only saving a few dollars on an item, it’s now worth the time, energy and gas to go to a particular store just to buy it. I try to simplify my purchases and visit fewer stores. I am willing to spend a couple of more dollars if it means less time shopping. Also once I am at the grocery store I try to walk around all the aisles to walk more and discover new products.

  55. Not sure if you’re being paid or rewarded by CASH Rewards for this promo. I suspect yes.

    Regardless, I thought I’d check it out for myself before signing up! I started by looking at reviews. Boy are there some BAD reviews, most of which have a common theme about people not receiving their cash back amounts on larger purchases, and subsequent poor communication from the company. Many many reviewers went into details and explained their situations.
    The takeaway I got from it was to run, not worth the frustration and effort. Seemed like someone is making lots of cash back but it’s NOT the end consumer. Caveat Emptor!

    That said I love some of your other suggestions.

  56. Last year I started a separate savings account (in addition to my regular savings) where every Monday I put in $1, Tuesday $2, Wednesday $3, Thursday $4, Friday $5, Saturday $6 and Sunday $7… doing this every week adds up to $1456.00 a year and because it's such a small amount each day I don't even notice it!

  57. Always buy second hand items! Saves so much money in the long run. Plus buying reduced meat and freezing it saves heaps of cash!

  58. Join (or start) a F&V co-op. $25 per week for all the fruit & veg you could possibly eat!
    Worth the trip to the markets at 5am once every 10 weeks when its your turn to shop for the savings you will make. (for us we estimate its saves over $2000 per year)
    We are also in a meat co-op, This saves us around 50% price on grass fed free range meat too.

  59. Hi Canna & fellow savers! (* Sorry, long post! *)
    I have a great tip that has saved me plenty of extra cash over the last few years as a university student (but applies to anyone!) regarding grocery shopping. I apologise if this has already been mentioned in either the comments or prior videos (I'm a new fan to Sugar Mamma – brought in by the Lavendaire collab video and, also, "How a Millennial Saved $100,000" video – Holy S&%# !! lol!)

    My Tip! :
    Know your stores' promotional/catalogue distributions AND the dates in which they take effect.

    For me, in the South-West of Australia, I typically shop at Coles and Woolworths.
    On Monday evenings, the promotional catalogues for these stores go live on their websites.
    However, the sales that occur will not be in effect until the Wednesday morning.
    By spending 10-15 minutes scanning the catalogues on Monday PM/Tuesday AM, it allows me to prepare my meals based on best food savings, as well as plan what other necessities I would like to buy (toiletries, electronics, pet food, etc). I then do my food shopping on the Wednesday or Thursday!
    By checking the catalogues on the Monday or Tuesday, rather than later in the week, it allows me that Tuesday afternoon to go back into the shops to re-purchase any specials from the prior catalogue before the new promotions start the following morning (I've typically done this when I've wanted to stock up on additional items such as coffee beans, face products and Old El Paso taco kits – when I can see that they will be back to full price the following day!) And if they're out of stock of something, my locals are usually pretty friendly and give me a rain-check.

    Recently, I've saved:
    – Hygiene products @ 50% off! Best to stock up when they are that cheap, knowing I would otherwise be buying these items full price the following month (and beyond!)
    – Coffee beans @ "better than 50% off"! The brand I like is usually around $35 for a 1kg bag, and whilst I sometimes see it at 15/20% off, I was able to secure them for $15 recently!!
    – Skincare @ 50% off! I use well-known skincare brands such as Nivea and Olay, so when I see these at half price I usually grab one (if I don't already have a spare one at home), as this can usually save me $5-$20 per product.

    So, there's my tip! It may sound a lot, or it may sound too simple! But it's a great routine I am in, and you find after a while that you can occasionally 'sense' when items will be coming into a promotional price (my favourite 1L juice seems to currently be 50% off every 3-4 catalogues… why would I buy it at full price? Haha!), and I figure it is worth my while to do 2-3 smaller shops between my favourite stores knowing the specials that are out there, instead of one big weekly shop at one store not knowing what prices I will be up against.
    Good luck savers, & happy grocery shopping!

  60. I'm watching again. To take notes. Lol. I'm saving to fully fund my Emergency Account; Travel and save for our Dream Home. Exciting!! More budgeting and income streams vids please. I am also doing the $5,000 challenge- to have this saved in a seperate account until the end of the year and will fund my dream Givenchy bag. Yay!!

  61. Best saving Hack…use the word 'coffee' or other words that make u spend ridiculous amounts of money, as a swear word and put $2 in the jar. Cannot say the word for a whole week or month. You can drink it or touch /eat it but not allowed to say the word. Lol. #cannassavingschallenge

  62. What i find effective is to put money aside for each time I break a promise to myself. For example if I promised to exercise earlier morning, on days when i find an excuse not to, i put aside $50.
    Depending on how many excuses you make in a year, you’ll save far more than $1000 😂😂

  63. I calculated that if I ride my bike to work (it’s actually not that far) and omit petrol and paid parking costs for the week, I save $57. In addition- this year as a new year’s health resolution I quit my 7 day a week coffee habit (for health reasons). In total I can save $31.50 minimum (7x $4.50) per week in coffee. In total the 2 changes can save me $88.50 per week. I’ve decided to reward myself each time I commute to work by bike, I will “pay” myself the combined cost of parking and petrol and not having the coffee into my savings account for the $1000 project. Paying myself for these changes will certainly be a game changer in my savings strategy. I’m a very work oriented person and I know I’m getting paid to do something, I’ll definitely do it.

  64. Loved these ideas! One way I’m saving $1000 this year is by quitting the gym ($25 a week) and doing my exercise at home or outside, so far I’m loving it 😍

  65. I’m on a “low buy year”. I have a no-buy tracker on my phone and I keep track of everything I would’ve bought had I not made this conscious decision not to spend. In two weeks I’ve put away >$100 worth of items. It’ll be way over $1000 by the end of the year 🥰

  66. Canna a quick side note, your lipstick is so beautiful!! It's not listed in your description box so I was wondering what you're wearing on your lips?

  67. I keep a "wishlist" in Google Keep. If there's anything I don't NEED (but would still LIKE)… I chuck it on my list.
    It's amazing how many things I end up striking off the list (no longer interested, etc…). The things I do want, though, are easily requested for birthdays/Christmas. It's been a win two-fold; I don't waste my money, and I really appreciate the gifts I am given (I'm not asking for anything too expensive/outrageous and it's nice to have an answer in mind when someone asks what I want as a gift!)

  68. I always save any cash in a jar that I get because I typically spend cash on immediate, short-term gains (fast food, a small random item on sale, etc.). By putting all the cash I receive in a jar, I can save up $1000 in no time!

  69. For every new thing you buy such as a new pair of sneakers that are $200 you have to save up $400 before you can buy them. That means that $200 goes into your savings and the other goes towards the item of interest. Waiting till you've saved the extra $200 forces you to think on the purchase and avoids making an impulse buy.

  70. My tips after watching your video and having others say to me- To Stop spending money on takeaway! Stop using my paywave!
    I bloody tap my card multiple times a day and im losing track of my spending. I'm so keen on budgeting and withdrawing a set budget for the week to stick to so I'm not endlessly tapping my card left right and centre!
    Packing lunches more is a great idea aswell as to stop buying drinks/coffee out!

  71. Great tips, Canna! There are a lot of ways and means to save money and energy if we should focus on budgeting and control impulse spending. And also let's practice the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. We are not only saving our money but also we save our environment as well.

  72. My $1000 idea is …. find a bill or subscription to eliminate and put the money you were previously paying in a jar to save $1000. I lowered my cell bill, cancelled my Spotify premium, and amazon prime and now that money can be saved without having to change anything!

  73. I’m big on impulse purchasing so every time I go to buy something and talk myself out of it I transfer that amount into my savings account- provides a good reward system! I also find op-shopping is good to do on the weekends when one wants to spend endlessly – far less money is spent generally and if I decide it’s not for me later I put it back into the charity and consider it a donation 😁

  74. My current challenge is to reduce wastage. This is related to not only food & using what I have in the fridge & cupboard but products. So rather than buying something new I will utilize what I have. For example I recently moved & have an entire tub of moisturisers, shampoo, soaps etc I packed up from storage all around the house but had been buying new whenever the ones current ones were running out.

  75. Love this video! I’ve watched it twice now, once with my daughters as we need a new fridge and I’m intending on using the bottle trick to save our way to a new fridge. What’s currently keeping me motivated is the thought of walking into the store with cash! Not credit 👊🏽.

  76. I love the giveaway 😘😘😘👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🤗🤗🤗🤗🐨

  77. Happy Sunday everyone! Here is some of my money saving hacks.
    1) Take my resusable shopping baskets (I have two) with me when I grocery shop. Why? They're smaller, so I can only fit essentials in them (less chance I'll over spend).
    2) I only buy my FAVOURITE treat (Darrell Lea Raspberry and White Chocolate bullets) when theyre on sale (ie: below $3.00). If they're not on sale I don't buy. (next trick will be restricting myself to one or two packets).
    3) Buy items I use lots of in bulk when possible. For example toilet paper and puppy pads (I have two dogs who are inside when I'm not home). This means less trips to shops and less temptation to spend.
    4) Take public transport to work when possible (loads cheaper than parking and constant driving, plus saves fuel, tyres and spaces out servicing costs).
    5) I live by myself with my two dogs, so I cook for myself like I would cook for a family (freeze leftovers to eat at other times). I also get my girls food home delivered, I save here in a few ways:
    – less temptaion to spend on unnecessary items at pet stores
    – better quality raw food saves on extra vet costs etc
    -saves my time so I can spend it with my girls.
    6) I promised myself no new clothes this year! We are now in February and so far so good.
    7) I also have joined a comunity group that organises clothes swaps a few times per year. Great way to delcutter the wardrobe and add a couple of items at same time.
    8) When I do spend I am trying to focus on buying handmade and from small business.

    Hope some of these help others!

  78. Some of my tips:
    * I live alone so I double what I make for dinner to bring to work for lunch the next day. It’s not fool-proof but I works for most meals.
    * I take advantage of my library for movies and books. I recently learned they also have a city pass you can borrow to get free museum entries.
    * I scour my apartment building’s laundry room “free” table for things I can sell on eBay or repurpose or books to trade on Paperbackswap.com. I have made several hundred dollars from items others give away, including rare movies, collectible board games, books and cookware. On Saturday, someone left several script reprints for 2019 Oscar-nominated movies. Amazing!
    * Because they are so often given away for free or easily reused if you save them, I refuse to buy the following: matches, pens, napkins, paper clips, boxes, travel-size personal care products, bubble wrap and mailing/packing supplies other than tape.
    * I take advantage of free trials (Hulu, Prime, etc.) but I put reminders in my calendar to cancel every one of them before the last day (and I read the fine print!).
    * I keep a log of all the free things I get, whether it’s cake at work for a co-worker’s birthday or an unexpected discount or a dinner/drink from a friend or finding money on the street. It keeps me mindful of the abundance coming my way even when I feel like saving money is a chore.

    I am in the middle of buying my first home, so every penny counts right now. And, yes, I even got that for well below the list price! In New York City, too!

  79. This is great Canna – everything here seems achieveable in reaching $1000! Can you do more videos on purchasing shares and stocks. As in straight from CBA/ANZ/Westpac/NAB websites (if thats even how you do it) from start to finish.

  80. I love these ideas. I try and fix things myself by looking on Youtube rather than getting people in to fix it . I have fixed my microwave, my washing machine, my dishwasher on my own and saved money each time and each time I have been so proud of myself and also showing my two boys (single mum) that you dont have to pay to get things done. I am currently getting new curtains put up. Long story , but I have covered the pelmets myself which saved me over $1000.00. The curtain place wanted to charge me $1500.00 for the pelmets alone, but I have done it myself for $188.00 so a $1312.00 saving.

  81. My biggest recent saving hack is learning how to cut my own hair! Ladies' haircuts for long hair are often upwards of $80, and I get exactly what I want for free. I also began a habit over two years ago of only shopping secondhand for clothes, which I've now extended to anything else possible. It's in line with my sustainability and minimalist values, and also saves me heaps!

  82. $20 ?!! I’ve actually started to buy my lunch at work because it only costs $3 and there’s no way I could make myself lunch (including dessert) for that price 😅

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