10 NEW PRIMARY WEAPONS! – Battlefield 1 June Patch Update (Shock Operations Game Mode)

100 thoughts on “10 NEW PRIMARY WEAPONS! – Battlefield 1 June Patch Update (Shock Operations Game Mode)

  1. I know I'm late bringjng you this news but hey, I was focusing on Battlefield 5 and delivering all the info EA didn't release themselves 😂 This appears to be a last hurrah for Battlefield 1 😎👍

  2. I always felt like battlefield 1 maps were so flat compared to battlefield 4 maps. Anybody else feel this way?

  3. 47 stars with the C93 Karabiner…yeah, I'm sure there are no dudes wanting to use them outside the tank and pilot class.

  4. I’m so excited because the pilot and Tanker weapons are the some of the coolest in the game but I never really get to use them.

  5. It is really disappointing for me to not see the M1903 as an Infantry rifle with the Pedersen Device also beeing usable. They had all animations or not? I hope they will still bring us that this thing, I wanted it so badly. But at least I can now play the C93 Carbine more active with the C93 as a secondary! That's very cool!

  6. Thank you dice. I wish so much for the tanker weapons realesed for the others class. That a good news. Thank Westie.

  7. Oh my god I’ve been wishing for the pilot/tanker C96 Carbine be added as a primary since the start of the game. Thank the Battlefield gods for this

  8. Assault – Annihilator (right)
    Support – Burton LMR (right)
    Medic ?
    Scout ?
    All kits ?

    My idea:
    Medic – A6 Meneur M1916 factory (5 round magazine) and extended (15 rounds magazine)
    Scout – Belgian Mauser M1889 infantry and sniper
    All kits – Ruby Star and Howdah Sweeper

  9. I can't wait for the Shock Operations! That's great news, it's just a little disappointing that it comes so late. Less excited about the new guns, as I'm still working towards getting 1* with each of the main weapons before BFV comes out…

  10. Does anybody know what medic class rifle hes using in the gameplay with the buckhorn sights and drum mag? I would appreciate answers!

  11. i do not think your interview was any good due to the comments that was said about battlefield v i been playing these games since day one,however ,what they have to battlefield v and the stupid comments they made i will not be buying it women were not on the front and a arm what she had you would not get in the army ,history speaks for itself.i am choosing not to buy the game,i will carry on playing horizon zero dawn and tomb raider due to the proper response of not making it political ,so thanks for not asking the right questions ,you all have that choice mine is also and i respect both sides enjoy,this is my last game to buy from ea to get the right moment across enjoy,no toxic from me but my opinion .

  12. I'll be honest I haven't watched your videos in three weeks because I want basically no knowledge of battlefield 5 in till close to release.

  13. Remember when everyone was complaining about lack of weapons and content in battle field 1?
    Turned out it has one of the best post launch support in any game I have ever played. So many varied weapons, so many maps…

  14. Let's hope for some good urban setting maps aswel. Countryside is okay too. But I want some real tactical stuff. And I would like to hear footsteps in the proper direction and volume 👍

  15. idk for you guys, but i got masive lag and frame drop after update, i don't know what to do, please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Westie. Very good news however u missed to mention that the Turning tides is released for free and I was hoping to say something about it, I already have access to the maps without the weapons, may be after the update we will get it.

  17. Which gun are you using in this video?? The main one that you actually killed people with not the support one. P.s. keep up the good work, love this vid

  18. i'm not a big fan of 64 players operation mode , but with 40 players Shock Operation mode i'm definitely gona give it a try , thx for the info westie

  19. I was hoping for the 1903 Infantry, and the Colt Single Action Revolver to make it into Bf1. I also was hoping a while back that in June or May, DICE would release a free DLC for Belgium with a For Loncin map, a Liege map, a Yser swamp map, and maybe even another trench map set in Ypres. A Dragon Cave map would have also been sweet. Too bad that won't happen. 🙁 I want to continue to play Bf1 even after BfV comes out, but sadly I play on Ps4 and few servers are still running. 🙁

  20. I cant believe they put all that work into the general liu fire mode but not the 1903 experimental fire mode. Conidersing the k bullet animation the work was already half done!

  21. Some of The tanker and pilot class weapons are EXTREMELY!!!!!underpowered and never be addressed due to the lack of use I love the c93 carbine but it shouldn't been a primary if I can't kill anyone POINT BLANK in its target range

  22. Well. The update is live, but the Tanker and Pilot weapons are still locked behind their rank wall. So I'd have to play those classes that I barely get to play as, so get the Sawn-off and M1911 Extended, and such. I hope that isn't right

  23. Is it just me or did the loot box system percentage chance,for anything better then basic crap get changed to 0.0001% for the standard revision box since this update??

  24. What about the REAL best side arm in the world? The peacekeeper is coming as the reward of doing the masterman puzzles

  25. There is something stupid for one of the tanker weapons….

    Level 10 tanker for the sawed off shotgun

  26. Can I ask what your pc specs are? Your videos are smooth and nice quality. I want to capture some BF moments but the quality sucks I find.

  27. Hey there, I know this is a little off topic however myself (Delta275) and KyoukiSan are playing on PS4 and were looking for two more people to give us a hand in Battlefield 4 in going in the elevator in Hangar 21 to get the Phantom bow. We do have all the dog tags and camos required. We only need to go to the elevator which should be fairly quick. Many thanks!

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