100 thoughts on “12 HOURS IN THE WINTER PALACE + HERMITAGE MUSEUM | Saint Petersburg, Russia

  1. Fantastic job! I randomly discovered your YT posts. (my wife and I are very interested in visiting Russia someday and we also have a granddaughter named Alina) After watching a good number of your posts, we found your videography and commentary are genial, enticing as well as informative. So grateful that you're using your talents this way and hope you keep up the terrific work. All the best to you in the New Year.

  2. Wow. Such opulence. It's so crazy how Kings and Tsars would spend so much money on these extravagances while their people starved. Then they wonder, "why are they revolting?" Still, it's very impressive and beautiful. Hope to see it someday. Thanks for showing us it in the meantime.

  3. Sooo what is the most beautiful thing you can see in the museum? Her eyes and her smile 😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰💐

  4. Great mini series about the Royals on Netflix. Such a sad ending for that family considering they were related to the royals in England and got no help.
    Thanks for sharing. 👍❤️

  5. Another beautiful video, thanks Alina. And I share your view: the furnitures and the architecture are equally impressive as the exposed masterpieces themselves.

  6. у меня был один день на эрмитаж, вечером аж голова заболела от обилия впечатлений и информации ))

  7. Ну, в принципе, и сейчас территория России 17+ миллионов километров. Меньше, чем 21, но тоже немало 😋

  8. Your videos are great Alina. It's a lot of fun exploring Russia through your eyes. I'm Australian but have always been fascinated by Russia. I would love to visit. It would blow my mind to see Russia in the Winter.

  9. Позволю себе сделать Вам , милая барышня , замечание . На Руси были Цари и Императоры , ну никак не короли . Имперский титул на порядок выше королевского .
    Просто для информации.

  10. Pieces of art – правильно будет "произведения искусства". "Кусочки" – это неправильный перевод.

  11. It seems that Saint-Petersburg blog from Alina will be much longer than the Moscow one. That gives some insight about the preferences 🙂

  12. Great video. So much to see, 1 day would not be enough time to see everything. Thanks for sharing. P.S. Someone should give you a job on travel tv channel. There is a lot of people who would love to see this.

  13. You don't necessarily have to appreciate the exhibits to enjoy the Hermitage. Just the rooms themselves are well worth your time to see. Watching the video, you can see that every room is different and a total wonder in each of them. I've been through there about three times and hope to go again some day.

  14. Hello ! 😇🤗
    Professor Minerva McGonagall🤓
    I hope you are good. Whenever you wear your 👓. You look like Professor Minerva McGonagall.🤗😇😝😄. I want to tell you something. I watched lots of travel video related Russia on YouTube. But you are different from other. Actually, you show us actual russian culture and custom. That's why I like your videos so much. Some traveller just show us outside of Russia. They are also good own way. But you are really different. And I like it. 🤗

  15. Потрясающие виды! Но жили там не короли, а императоры! А цари жили в Москве до них.😉

  16. Utterly wonderful. Makes me wistfully proud of my Russian heritage. And I’m only half Russian. You, Alina, must be beside yourself!

  17. Петербург признали Самым Культурным Городом в мире !!!!
    Россия Сила ! Россия Мощь ! Россия Рулит !

  18. The guy at min 9:51 haha…I would´ve had the same expression If I bumped up with her. I know this is a cliche but, i will say it anyway, She is extremely beautiful..!!

  19. Никогда раньше не была в Эрмитаже? Ничего страшного, 99,9 % россиян тоже там никогда не были. 12 часов для Эрмитажа это очень мало. Мне понравился египетский зал. Кстати, рядом есть еще интересный музей имени А.С. Пушкина, можно сходить туда.

  20. I remember learning about the Peter the Great in my Ancient history in 9th grade. I think he is great leader but used hard labor.

  21. Алиночка,спасибо большое за видео,была в Эрмитаже дважды ещё в советские времена,поняла ,что с тех пор многие экспозиции поменялись .А вот Лувр меня очень разочаровал ,здание из песчаника ,оформление невыразительное,наш Эрмитаж по богатству экспозиций и великолепию самого здания гораздо эффектнее .Всем советую перед посещением Парижа посетить СПб ,чтобы правильное впечатление создалось.

  22. Алина как всегда чудесно выглядит в кадре, очаровательная прическа , сногсшибательная улыбка и прекрасное настроение Алины придает шарм и великолепие этому ролику!! Алина вы божественны и прекрасны, приятно вас слушать и смотреть !)))

  23. 9:51 – Hah! That guy is like the guy from that popular meme except his girlfriend was following him 😀
    Can't blame him, Alina is very attractive girl 😉

  24. Suggest u to see Pushkin town. he's close to SPB and pretty good too. Write me if u need some help while u in my town and gl )

  25. Россия не американская проститутка. Для кого то это печально. Россия это история веками слогавшаяся. Сотни лет борьбы. Сотни лет построения государства, на уважительных началах. Федерация, из уважения к людям. Любим людей,которые живут в федерации, за сим и сильны.

  26. When I take visitors to the Hermitage they usually want to spend 5-6 hours before we enter but from experience very few have the energy to spend much time. IF one pays attention to what they are seeing and combining the brain stress processing everything in peripheral vision, they get emotionally exhausted. The interior often overshadows the art, with the intensely ornate dealings and floors, it is more brain tiring than conventional galleries museums. At 2 1/2 or 3 hours, they are brain weary and if we leave early, they just want to sit down and not think of anything. You did very well with 12 hours. Remember a lot of the European art has been moved across Palace Square to the left-wing of the General Staff that has been remodeled into a beautiful art viewing environment with a lot of natural light and simple decor that allows focusing on the art. That is included in your Hermitage ticket but not many people go to the General Staff because of being tired.
    The long line for entrance you showed at the beginning was a Palace Square entrance for guided tours. The individual entrance in a central courtyard within the main palace. There is also an Internet entrance on one of the pass-through alleys Palace Square to Neva River Embankment. Another entrance on the Embankment is where the large guided groups enter.

    There are additional divisions, such as the Restoration and Storage Facility where art from all over the world is sent for restoration and repair since it houses the most respected art restoration staff in the art world. There are 275 PhD experts in various aspects of art who work there plus many craftsmen. They also store hundreds of thousands of pieces of art not currently on displace in the Hermitage or in the museums around the world. This facility is open to the public and if a must-see for those interested in art history and restoration.
    Another museum is the Imperial Porcelain Museum above the Imperial Porcelain Factory down the river. Combined the different buildings of the Winter Palace and Hermitage totals 1005 rooms. Naturally, it is too much to see in a month. I have been to the Hermitage hundreds of times since first in 1976 and still have not seen the entire collection. If you needed tickets there or the other museums, cathedral estates, and palaces I could have given them to you since I have contracts with them.
    The best time to go is winter, this winter is unusually warm and today is Jan 15, 2020, and it is +4C and has not snowed or been icy at all except for 1 day in October. Too many people arrive in the summer but winter is much less crowded but still very pleasant. All the buildings in St Petersburg are warmed by hot water generated in central boiler plants around the city and plumbed to every apartment and building for space heating. This winter the heat is very low but everyplace is cozy warm.

  27. ஓவியனும் வரைந்ததில்லையே.உன்னைப் போல் ஓரழகை கண்டதில்லையே.விழியிலே பிறந்தது.இதயத்தில் கலந்தது.you may be too far,But I can feel your nearness.some kind of inexplicable fragrance.I don't want to touch you even on mobile screen,since you are fragile.Did you come back to normal or you are searching for a dream you lost.

  28. Красиво. Сколько вывезли после революции(((. Печалит при этом блеске крепостная судьба народа(

  29. Да, великА Россия, но Великая Тартария была ещё больше. Судя по картам, кроме России в её нынешнем виде, в неё входили и часть северного Китая и Казахстан и Монголия и там, где были её владения сейчас находятся Канада и США…некоторые коренные американцы (индейцы) очень похожи на славян, судя по фотографиям сделанным более 100 лет назад…Но пришли наглосаксы и уничтожили всех((

  30. Dear Alina , thanks for the wonderful
    video in the Hermitage. Yes – this is a beautiful museum in Russia and the world. His collection is impressive. A lot of names. You can get confused. But what he saw is worth it. Sincerely, Cyril from St. Petersburg 🌝

  31. Хотел спросить, а где она снег зимой в Питере нашла, а оказалось октябрь.

  32. Всё хорошо, но в начале музыка из Щелкунчика фальшивенько так заходит…

  33. Девочка похожа на молодую Ирину Алферову, очень красивая.

  34. They should actually have your statue built and put it in that museum. A legacy should be remained from such a beauty. 😍❤️️😃👍

  35. Девушка, Россией никогда не правили короли. Неужели вы не слышали такие простые слова как "царь" или "император"?

  36. Скучно. Шаблонное видео с шаблонными комментариями и цитатами из путеводителя о достопримечательности, которую другие уже показали тысячу раз.

  37. In heaven the streets will be paved with gold for all those fortunate enough to gain admittance. Alina, so glad you got to witness a taste of heaven in the gold drawing room.

  38. Алина, Эрмитаж и дворцы наверное очень хороши и прекрасны,но самая большая ценность в России это люди и их "тепло". Вы начали схватывать самую суть богатства России,и вижу вам это нравится…и ваша подруга из Ленинграда очень хорошая,как и вы.

  39. Какой человек может дизлайкнуть в ролике про эрмитаж? Видимо человек с низким IQ

  40. Hi Alina ,you are a journalist and model,you can help this girl l https://viraltab.news/rubbish-dump-teen-in-model-hopes-after-vogue-appearance/

  41. мне довелось побывать в Дрезденской галерее 3 раза и каждый раз что-то привлекало моё внимание и вызывало новые впечатления.
    а на Эрмитаж и месяца пожалуй будет маловато.

  42. Эрмитаж строился и разрушался несколько раз. Начала строительство Елизавета.

  43. A blessed day To you my dear ms.alina Woowwww what a nice Winter place and Hermitage museums there in St.Petersberg very Stunning and beautiful place and nice wonderful historical museums and arts of Russia I wish to go there someday thank u ms.Alina for your nice Travel tour there in Hermitage museum kepp safe have a nice journey trip Godbless u from your solid fan viewer from the Philippines sir vhin.Bol Shoyee Spaseeba! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭👏👏👏👏👏😇😇😇😇😇🙏🙏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏

  44. Алина прекрасна, Эрмитаж тоже=) В марте поеду в Санкт-Питербург, обязательно схожу.

  45. The British Empire, at it's peak, was much bigger than the Russian one. Only, it was scattered around the world, whilst the Russian Empire was compact, only Alaska was across the sea.

  46. красиво в питере алина там же построили лахтоцентр тоже могли бы снять,но мне больше по душе природа морозный байкал горы кедры!🤗

  47. Thanks for the content! Руссификация идет полным ходом. Смотрю, Вы любите пиво, а в РФ сейчас очень много хороших пивоварен и баров, особенно в Питере. Например, бар "Ленусь, я все уберу" кулинарного видеоблогера с канала "Грильков". Вам подобрали бы много всего вкусного. Пивные бары – вот где нужно было побывать)

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