[2] Overwatch Beta w/ GaLm

Alright, so it looks like we are, we’re being place on defense. That means I have to play very… Very cautiously in comparison to the last couple of rounds. Umm… I could go… Let’s see what could we use… Obviously a tank would be very fantastic. I could go Reinhardt, why not? It’s a tankey class… I run out, I smack people with my hammer. Hopefully my team… Gets around to playing, because three of them aren’t fucking there. This is gonna be interesting. So currently out of the only three players we have, We have… two offence characters and then me, defense. So we need…. A support… Lord… Lord please… Make one of my players support. Elirvera-er, el-er-le-ver-era, or Atrox, be a healer or something man. Nope, that’s not healing… that’s not healing! That no support defense…. Well this is gonna suck, eh heh heh It’s gonna have to purely rely on my teammates ability to get kills. Who knows, maybe they’ll be fantastic. Oh thank God. We got a, we got a support, she’s not a healer, per se… But, she’s around. Hey Tracey… Woooo! Oh my God. Did I at least knock that guy off the map? I don’t think so. I knocked him away… I call shenanigans. That should have grabbed him and made him fly off the map. Oh boy, alright… Well… I would have preferred a healer, like Lucio or Mercy… But support’s a support, at least she can make us teleport. You want to pull me in?! Fine! You have my permission to pull me in. Aw shit there’s a Tracer behind me. Oh god. Oh man this is why I need a healer. I don’t know where the heals spawn on this map. I only have… guesstimations. Need health, God damn! Tanking’s a little bit harder when you can’t get healed. This is what it must be like to play MMO’s. Oh thank God. Big heal, big heal! Thank you. Holy shit… Oh that’s his ult, alright, I was like, ‘I just got demolished, what happened there’? Okay, yeah, that’s what happened to me. Well, they still have a ways to go with the payload, I mean it’s not looking so great. This is going to be one of those teams where nobody changes I have no reason to change, I’m a tank! I have to stay what I am, If one of my other teammates goes tank maybe I’ll change. Ha ha ha, I was still alive…. Oh that shield… So what does the game tell us? No defense heroes… You’re, you know what, you’re not wrong We have none of the defense heroes, wow… Nobody who can like sit there and… Sight where the enemies are or, block them off, nope, just me and my little old tankey abilities. Which can be pretty effective. Fucking two Tracers, jesus. Wooo! That guy… Was really out to murder me that’s for god damn sure, okay. Ha! Yeah good luck with that. Heh ha ha! He died before he could even get his shots off… I helped! Yeah I’m, I’m just gonna… I’ll tank. Okay I gotta get this health over here. Greetings, Torbjorn! Ho-ho-ho-ho… No turret for you. Ooo, he’s almost dead! Oooh! Yep our team comp hasn’t changed… heh. That’s alright. I’m very… I’m very much the kind of person who goes: ‘I want to play Hanzo today so I’m going to keep playing Hanzo and we’re going to hope it works out.’ And then when the game is over I’m like ‘Why didn’t we win?’ It’s my teammates fault. Just gonna chill out on this health thing for a while, I think I grabbed it. Fuck! God damn Tracer! At least I have my ult. Ow, ow. Woooo! It’s a lot of conflict- Oh hey… fucking Tracer! Look at Pharah Wha..heh heh heh! Oh boy, alright. I-I really hope that, we stop that cart. We just want to win man, we just want to win! I hope that’s one of ours! Nope, it was not. Shit! Ahhh! God damn it, man! I just don’t have any killing power. Their tank is doing phenomenally better then me. To the point where I’m tempted to swap fucking…heroes. To become another tank, but jeezus. My guy is more of a, ‘Hey, sit in the back and let people shoot through your shield’ kind of guy. And yet I’m running up and trying to smack people with my hammer. Like it’s gonna make a damn difference! Ha! Alright… I’m just gonna get this health- remember how we don’t have a healer? That’s kinda suck but you know at least they haven’t had their own healer. Where is this gonna take me? Right next to the payload, very good. She saw me coming for her, I don’t know what the fuck she was up to. Oh thank God… Just a little bit of healing. Not a lot, just a bit. I got us a game wimming- winning ult. Wooo! Ho ho ho ho! Okay what’d you do what was super impressive about you buddy boy? Ah, ah well there ya go got a little triple kill. I’d like to say uh… Yeah! I did what I could! I wasn’t the best tank, but the best tanks usually have medics. I’ll give… I actually would have given… Props up to this guy because he was, all I saw, for the majority of the round. Yeah, level eight. Oh God, okay now we’re attacking. I wasn’t expecting it to just go, go by so quickly. Okay! We still are going to need a tank… But… I would prefer to, let’s see. No support heroes, well i’m the last to pick so that means I am responsible for choosing a support hero. Although we’ll see what Snowofblack does. Uh, I’m probably gonna go Lucio. There ya go. Because I just, I uh, I like him, he plays very well. I wanna speed all of us up to the point? Well, here ya go. I wanna heal every single person around me? Well there ya go. You know lemme check something, I wanna see how do you do… emoticons? Cuz… I see people do it and yet I have no idea. Uhh let’s see…. Communications menu hold C… I know how to do sprays… Damn it! Here we go! Yeah! So if you just hold C and get things set- let me heal up our idiots… Let’s goooo! Speed up! Okay, so you know, in hindsight… Speed up doesn’t work when the enemies are right next to our door. Aw there’s a fucking Bastion right there? What a scumbag! There’s a Bastion right next to the door, jesus. Yeah I’m just gonna chill back here, get some heals off sometimes. God damn Bastion is fucking, hyper deadly! I mean look at that! You have to be like a tank, in order to kill this guy. He’s, pissing me off I am legitimately, I’m changing. I’m gonna blast him in his fucking face. We need supports but we need to be able to get out of our fucking door. There. I killed, their Bastion. That’s all I wanted. Guess who’s back, it’s Bastion- ow. Ooowww! You know, I am not a fan of Bastion. Fucking turrets! I’m gonna die! Oh jeezus. Well at least we’re healing six people-oh that’s not gonna be good for me. I have a discord orb on me which means I take more damage from… probably every fucking source. God damn! This Symmetra, I haven’t even seen her! Shoot that guy makes me wanna go… Zinetta? I don’t know that guys name. But I gotta I’m keeping my heals man, I’m keeping my heals. Ho ho, that’s trouble, heh heh heh, that’s a lot of trouble! Hey there friend! Get some heals on ya! Yeah I’m just gonna leave. Damn it I’m waiting for my fucking team to actually get here so I can pop my ult. My ult throws a shield on everybody around me. But like, ult-ing one guy isn’t going to make a huge difference. God damn it. I didn’t even know they had a Hanzo jeezus… Uh, jeezus. No, they have a teleporter that explains how come they’re being so annoying! Well that’s awkward, alright. Noo! I’m dead. It’s over, it’s gone. God damn it. Well that’s not on me. That’s not on me I got four thousand heals. Look at this fucker: ‘huehuehuehehuehueheueheueheh I’m Bastion’. Well thank you teammates. I accept, I accept. I got two environmental kills, I don’t know what the fuck that means, but I got two environmental kills apparently that’s commended. But I tried man. I healed a losing team, I healed a losing team…

44 thoughts on “[2] Overwatch Beta w/ GaLm

  1. So this game went from my "Meh, looks good but I don't feel like playing it" to "It's preordered and still wish I was in the beta" lately.

    Damn you, Blizzard…. damn you…

  2. you should play more with Jesse cox. probably could make a good team in my opinion. would be awesome to see!!

  3. GaLm! How often are you going to play this? Will this be like Rainbow Six Siege or just some few games whenever you're bored? And by play I mean record and upload lol

  4. That first game was a hard-fought victory. In that second game, your teammates were just blindly walking out into Bastion's minigun and getting mowed down. Brilliant.

  5. This game reminds me of a combination between a moba (the ults and abilities and shit) and TF2 (mainly the game modes).

  6. And at the end of the video we see a Toxic player by the name of SNOWofBLACK @ 20:02 gotta love guys like that, keeping salt levels in check

  7. This is what it's like when a healer tries to take all of the damage on an MMO. You did good tanking Galm. They just didn't know how to play on that first match.

  8. your big smack down against the other tank near the end was awesome. you ultimated him, whacked him, he got up, then you killed him with a pin. Chuck Norris grade beating.

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