2017 Overwatch World Cup Group Stage Recap | Part 2 of 4

Practice makes perfect, but what’s the best way to practice? As players settle in, it’s apparent that there are
differing opinions on the subject. When you love a game so much, and you get the opportunity to play it professionally, there’s a fine line between a hobby, a game, and a job. And so some players,
they burn out very very quickly, because they don’t actually realize what it takes to be a professional gamer. It’s because a lot of people think
it’s just fun and games. You’re playing the game you like.
That’s not the case. You put in hours and hours and hours
of scrim practice. It’s really eat, sleep, scrim,
eat, sleep, scrim for people who have chosen
to pursue this as a career. The guys who are able to excel
as a computer gamer, are the guys who are
also able to kind of, take care of themselves
on a social and physical level at the same time. It’s not about the tips and tricks.
It’s practice, practice, practice. You know, Fatal1ty said it best, “When you’re done practicing,
practice some more.” A top tier team,
they require mechanical skill. They require good communication. They’re required to be synchronized
in their dives and their tanks. Some of the biggest things
that make a true player or one that stands out from the rest is most likely the work ethic. But it also requires an intelligent brain. There’s a lot of complex movements
and strategy involved in Overwatch. It’s not as simple as it might seem. Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the 2017 Overwatch World Cup! We have 8 incredible teams here, and I couldn’t think of a better way to start this competition off than with the hometown heroes, China, facing off against Romania. China’s running a…wow those fans. I like it, let’s get this on! Hiding in the back,
uNdeAD doing a long flank – around the back side of cafe.
– Yeah, already harassing a bit. Undead, they get the kill
onto Meza early on already. Romania in a lot of trouble as EMKA falls. With the Shanghai crowd behind them, team China swiftly eliminated
all 3 of their Group Stage opponents. China is just destroying Hong Kong
right here, right now. And they have a flawless record
going into the second stage. As the games continued, it was immediately evident
that certain nations were far and away more methodical in their approach. Team France, however,
came into Shanghai Group Stage with a different mindset than most. The guys basically just told me that they didn’t scrim at all. They literally just came here, relaxed, you know, just taking it easy. I’ve been playing competitive FPS
for 17 years now. I don’t get panicked ever. I get used to it
and my teammates are the same. AKm, he’s pushing his way
and a Pulse Bomb is there. Takes him down and a double kill! We just adapt every time. If someone plays this composition,
we adapt. That is just going to be a huge amount
of kills coming over here for France. See if they can get this contest,
just needs to hit that second tick – and they have it.
– There you go. France better their chances of moving forward into the playoffs. Meanwhile in Sydney, team Australia prove that their time
competing against South Koreans in the Overwatch Pacific Championship
was priceless. They dominated their first 2 matches
against Italy and Portugal. They’re coming for Australia.
They are not giving up. We are in extra time right now. They are fighting to take number 1, but CWoosH is the dream breaker. But the Aussies suffered a brutal loss
to team Sweden on day 3, must to their fans’ dismay. Sweden led by TviQ’s god-like accuracy and CWoosH’s tactical DPS plays finished out their matches 4 and 0. Many teams are from regions
where their ability to scrim against teams
of similar caliber is limited. For a few though, that isolation
can be an advantage. Japan, for instance,
arrived in Sydney as a mystery, and oddly enough, entered their own
mystifying circumstances. We heard weird sounds in our hotel rooms, the lights went off and we heard a scream Like “Aaaaah!!” If it were a ghost I hope it’s on our side. It’s going to be Japan
facing off against Spain. That was a well-coordinated dive
from Japan. Showing some strong team coordination
to start things off I think if I am Spain, I am pretty shocked at how much of a struggle this has become. And here comes Japan
on their attack route. Destroyed yet again. 4 kills for Aktm. Japan seems just to play
what they want to play. Aktm was the first one to ask his team: “Hey can I play McCree”
here against Spain. And the team was like: “You know what,
play whatever you are comfortable with”. And Aktm coming in. Here comes the McCree. Another great Flashbang to kill dhaK. Looking unstoppable. And are you kidding me,
Japan will defeat Spain 3-1 in a massive upset. That is huge for Japan. Coming into the Overwatch World Cup and upsetting
their first opponent in the group. I’m usually able to focus once a match starts. But we had a huge crowd and the ghost, well, maybe I was possessed. Across the Pacific in Los Angeles team UK proofed to be fearsome. Dismantling team Germany,
Belgium and Israel. While team USA
also dominated their entire group. We are just going in
and play the best Overwatch we can. I was talking to the team
this morning before our game, and I was saying, this is just a scrim. We’ve done this before,
we’ve done this a thousand times. We put the work in, in practice. And now it’s just a matter
of replicating that. It’s going to be United States
versus Brazil. It could not be more against them. Jake gets a Bastion,
Bastion on the field. It’s amazing to go into a game and know, almost everyone in the audience
is cheering for you, is behind you. When you win the crowd roars, when you lose there is a hush, that’s a powerful thing,
it amplifies every moment. It’s all about coordination. It’s going to be all about,
every time we go, we’re all in as one or we are not in. United States in the blue on the defense. Chinese Taipei in the red on attack. And now United States
with a little bit of trouble A very quick point take for Chinese Taipei Overtime round on Oasis. Their chance for BlizzCon
still up in the air. Now we are into OT again. The US getting the edge here.
There goes KMoMo The United States,
they are getting the kills. Their OT bar ticking away. And the US will claim first place
in group G. In Katowice, team South Korea
demolished Poland, the Netherlands and Turkey, further cementing their position
as the Overwatch World Cup final boss. And South Korea are going to take
the first round here. Brutal, savage, rekt. That big bang
just created a universe of pain – for the Netherlands.
– Seriously. Because they are so strong
in whatever they play. -And they’re fast
-And they’re fast, like we have no time to adjust
and before we adjust one of us gets picked. For team Canada and team Russia their last group stage match
was a showdown The defeated nation
would have team South Korea standing between them
and BlizzCon. How does it feel to know,
that Canada and Russia basically playing so they don’t have to play against you. I think so too because
they do not want to play against us. They will try to win
to avoid playing against us. I think we are going to see
South Korea crushing absolutely everybody in this tournament.

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  1. I cant help it but the black guy is not that great of a host for the game. He looks like he doesnt even understand the game.

  2. Great job helping us understand what the Japanese and Koreans are saying when they don't have a translator.
    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who can't speak both Japanese and Korean so you know.. When talking to them some subtitles or something x

    Genuinely cannot believe I had to comment that on a Blizzard video, I thought you guys were better than this.

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