2018 Goals Wrap Up & 2019 Goals

Hi everyone. I’m rincey and this is
rincey reads. Today we’re going to be looking back on my reading year and
looking at my reading goals for 2018 and how I did and assess sort of how I felt
about my goals, as well as looking forward into 2019. So this was a really
interesting reading year. I’ve read the most books I’ve ever read before I think
in my life in a single year. I don’t know the exact number and obviously there’s
still like two weeks left of the year. And so I don’t like nobody my exact
numbers or like calculating my exact numbers until the exact end of the year.
But I am at over a hundred and I don’t think I’ve ever crossed more than a
hundred since I’ve been tracking my reading, which has been for like 12 years
or so. So yeah that’s like kind of exciting but it’s also like not a thing
I was trying to do. I think I used books as quite a bit of escapism this year. I
have already informed you guys about what a difficult time I’ve been having
in various parts of my life, specifically the work parts. And yeah, I used reading
as a very specific way to relax and to decompress and as a bit of escapism.
I think the fact that I’m only watching like three TV shows that currently air.
Well four if you consider the Great British Bake Off one. ut then I watch
like Jane the Virgin, the good place, and Brooklyn nine-nine all of which are like
only doing half seasons and most of which are ending. And so I don’t have a
lot of TV I’m watching, which is like not a knock against TV. But I’ve just been
having a harder time watching it. I don’t know. I just, I’m not connecting with it
as much. I think it’s partially also just because I don’t want to be staring at a
screen again when I get home, or at least not for long periods of time. So I just have
been turning to books, which is great. Another like weird anomaly about this
year is that I basically stopped doing any sort of tracking. Usually I fill
out a reading spreadsheet and this year I stopped in like February. I kept like
knowing that I should go back and start filling stuff in slowly. But then I never
did and then I tried to do it before recording this video like a couple of
days ago and I got like way too overwhelmed and tired. And I realized
that a lot of the data that I was going to be tracking, I actually didn’t care
about anymore. I know that I’m reading majority female and I know that
I’m reading plenty of authors of color and that’s really all I cared about.
I mean, I kind of care about my genre breakdown just because I’m always
intrigued to see how that changes from year to year. And maybe over the course
of the next couple of weeks I will like slowly fill in my spreadsheet and just
put in like the title and genre or maybe I’ll just fill in the genre cat– like
column and then have that pie chart go. But yeah, otherwise like I didn’t care
about tracking. Like I didn’t care what my average pages were or how long it was
taking me to finish a book or what the protagonists gender was or anything
along those lines. Like I feel like I’ve been just really happy with the books
I’ve been reading. Like I’m still staying aware of the fact that I want to make
sure I’m reading plenty of female authors and I’m reading plenty of
authors of color and my international breakdown isn’t great but it’s improving.
Tracking it just felt like more work and this year has been exhausting and I just
don’t want to do it. I have this like general sense of like I don’t want to do
these like extra bits with reading anymore. Again I that might just be a byproduct of this year. And I’m hoping that in like
2019 my batteries recharge a little bit and I’m able to get back to some of the
things I used to do. But as of right now I just don’t have the desire. So yes, if
you watched my read harder challenge video which I posted yesterday, two days
ago. I don’t know how this video is falling to the timeline of like really
going live. You will see in that one my like general exhaustion over these
reading goals and stuff like that. So to just like start talking about my reading
goals in general. My first one was to do the read harder challenge and I did 23
out of the 24 tasks. And I basically decided that I didn’t care about
fulfilling the 24th task. So I’m perfectly fine with where I’m at. Yeah I
just, I just don’t want to read something that I have no desire to read anymore.
I think especially right now like my brain is really tired still. Like I’m still
recovering from everything and I’m learning all this new stuff in my new
job and I’m also doing vlogmas. And so like forcing myself to read a book I’m
not interested in just has no appeal. So I’m perfectly okay with only completing
23 out of the 24 tasks. My second goal was to read one pulitzer prize winning nonfiction book every month. I didn’t complete that task
because I didn’t read 12 but I think I read like eight or something along those
lines. I started including like pulitzer prize-winning biographies as well as
histories in that. And I’m like completely okay with it. I think I’m
going to maybe carry it over a little bit. We’ll talk about that when I get to
the 2019 goals. But honestly, I’m really happy with doing that. And I think what
I’m going to do is like make sure that when a new pulitzer prize winners are
announced, I’m picking up those non-fiction books and then like maybe
throwing in one or two other ones. The thing about these like sort of goals
with like prizes or anything like that is I realized if I don’t finish it in a
year, that’s fine. I can continue on with this over the course of my entire life.
So yeah, that’s probably a thing I’m gonna do. I’m gonna probably just
focus on the winners because before I was reading the nominees as well. Unless
there’s like a nominee where I’m like really compelled to read that book. But
yeah, I think I’m gonna focus on the winners moving forward and then just
like add to the list as new ones are announced in forthcoming years. Task
number three was to read bigger and denser books and I think I’m happy with
how that broke down. I did read plenty of short books as well but I feel like my
reading has quite a bit of range in terms of page count. I definitely still
favor shorter books but I’m not so afraid of reading longer books anymore,
which is nice. And I think part of the reason why I felt okay picking up bigger
books is because I was reading so much more than before. I knew that I didn’t
have like this invisible number I was trying to hit or anything along those
lines. I didn’t feel the pressure of trying to read enough books because I
felt like I was reading plenty of books. And then my fourth goal of the year was
to read the three musketeers and I did that. Thanks again to everyone for
participating in that if you participated in that in August. It’s
always a lot of fun to do those read alongs. I will be continuing on with it
because I just find it a really great way to encourage myself to pick up some
denser or classic novels or anything along those lines.
So yes. Overall I’m really happy with my reading goals and I think that I had
enough that were structured that I had something to like keep me going through
the year. But I definitely like feel for the last half of the year, I didn’t
really pay that close attention to my reading goals. I mean, the last half of
the year was also like way different in terms of like
emotional and mental capacity. So what I’m going to do in 2019, or what you try
to do in 2019, is to do quarterly goals. I don’t know how well this is gonna
work out. I have some ideas of like things I want to accomplish over the
course of the year. Like I want to read a big book again and that always takes
place in August. So that’ll probably be my third quarter goal. But I feel like if
I just pick one goal or one or two goals to focus on through the course of the
quarter and then at the end of the quarter I’ll sort of like reassess and
see if I want to keep going with that goal or if I want to adjust it or if I
want to do a completely different goal. So the things that I’m thinking about
for next year include not doing the read harder challenge for the first time. It’s
like kind of weird to like not be participating in the read harder
challenge. But again, I think that’s also has to do with like my general
exhaustion. I don’t know. I just, I don’t feel up for it this year and I think
that like having this attitude now means I’m not gonna have a very successful
read harder challenge next year. Because most of the time when the challenges are
announced, which by the way the challenges are live or the tasks are
alive so you can go check that out. I did a video about it over on book riot. So I
will link to that. But yeah, usually when I see the tasks, I am like super excited.
I’m like brainstorming ideas of different books that I can read for
those task. And like, again, I think it’s just like my general state of exhaustion
that I’m just like, I don’t feel like doing it right now. And so I’m just gonna
take the year off and that’s fine. Like nothing bad is going to happen if I
don’t do the read harder challenge for once. So yes, I’m not gonna do the read
harder challenge. I think what I’m going to do instead is also this week, book
riot’s best books of the year page went live. I picked one of the books. I will
have a link to it down in the description in case you are interested
in checking it out. But I realized that I have not been reading very many 2018
releases. Or like I feel like I missed the boat on 2018 books. Part of this has
to do with like the video David made when he was doing the Booker book tag
thing and he was talking about how he didn’t really read a lot of the books
that are being mentioned on like best of lists or on like these big prizes. And
I’m basically in the exact same boat. I feel like I’ve been reading a lot of
genre. And while there is genre fiction on the book riot list, I counted
there were like 48 or so books total on the list and I think I’ve read eight of
them. There’s a couple on there that I counted that I like dnf’d because I just
realized they weren’t for me. And I was just like, in pre– like the year before,
the 2017 best of list, I had read almost every single book that ended up on the
list. So I’ve been feeling a little bit like my fingers off the pulse a little
bit when it comes to book reading. And I think that’s like a general consensus.
Like there hasn’t really been like a lot of really big books that a lot of people
are reading at the exact same time, at least not to me. I don’t know if it’s
just because like the people I follow lately I’ve like diversified my
followers, or my followings. This is a weird sentence constriction. I’ve diversify
the people that I follow so I’m not like seeing a lot of the same books
repeated over and over again in my different feeds, whether it be booktube
or Instagram or Twitter or anything like that. But I also just feel like everyone
has felt that way this year where like no one is really reading a lot of the
same books anymore. So yeah, I think what I’m going to do instead of doing the
read harder challenge is I’m gonna try to read a lot of the books from the best
of list at least at the beginning of the year and see how that goes.
I might hate a lot of the books. Who knows? I’m completely fine with like
marking it off if I end up being a DNF-ing it. But yeah, I think I want to work my
way through the list. And I’m not gonna put like a hard number on it and I’m not
gonna be like I have to read them all by the end of the year or anything along
those lines. But I was like, you know, doing the basic number crunching, and if
there’s like 40 books on there that I haven’t write or tried to read yet, I’m
gonna have to read like more than three of them a month in order to get through
the whole list. And I don’t think, I don’t know if that’s actually gonna happen.
I might try for like two. If I do like two a month and I get through like half the
list that’s not, that’s not bad. So yeah, I think that’s gonna be a thing I try. We’ll
see if I actually stick to it. We’ll see how it goes for the first quarter and if
I’m not enjoying it then of course I will stop doing it. So yes, that’s my
first goal. My second goal is just to sort of focus on my physical TBR a
little bit. It got a little bit out of hand in the second half of the year.
I wasn’t buying that many books but I get sent books. And I’ve been getting
sent books that I’m actually interested in reading. So right now I did like
a quick count of my physical TBR, like literally just a couple minutes right
before I started the video, and I’m at like 58, which is a lot less than I
thought it was going to be. I think part of the problem is right now I have
like those doubles, if you watch my reading vlog I pointed this out. But I
have like a stack of doubles that I want to like give away or get rid of or
something along those lines. I have a stack of books that I am keeping because
they come out next year and I can use them in like future book riot videos
cause I do the new release Tuesday videos. There’s also a handful of books there
that might potentially be sponsors for future book riot videos. So I think like
my physical TBR seems bigger to me than it actually is.
But I mean 58 is higher than I like it to be. I usually like it to be under 50.
So I think my goal for the first quarter is to get it to under 50, which is doable.
But I know that like I’m gonna get sent books and things like that and I’m gonna
want to really read books from the library. And again, if I’m doing the book
riot read harder challenge, that’s a little thing as well. So my goal isn’t to
get to like TBR zero by the end of the year. But I if I got to like under 30 or
under 40, that’s fine with me. But I think what I’m going to do is again I’m gonna
try to, in the first quarter, like get it to under 50 and then maybe in the second
quarter I can see where I’m at and then adjust from there again. And just like
keep dropping the number. And then also just see if I want to keep going with a
goal in the future. Again, I’m gonna do quarterly goals so I don’t need to worry
about the whole year. So yeah, those are the two goals I’m gonna focus on in the
first quarter I think. Read some of the best of books and read my own
physical TBR. I think that’ll be plenty because I still need to like read stuff
for read or dead and all of these other things. And there’s gonna be new releases
that come out that I’m gonna want to read, all of those different things. So
yeah, I think those two if I can like keep those as a focus I think I’ll be fine. Again, like I said, in the third quarter
I’m going to or in August I’m going to read a big classic again. I think I’m
gonna do Anna Karenina. That’s what I’m leaning towards right now. Let me know if
you guys have any interest or opinion in that. I think I’ve mentioned that in a
previous video and you guys said you were interested in doing Anna Karenina.
It’s one I’ve had on my sort of list of ones to get to you sooner rather than
later in terms of like the big classics I still have to read. So yeah, that’s sort
of what I’m planning. But again, I will talk about it more in the future. So
that’s everything that I have for my goals video. Keeping it pretty loose in
2019. Like it felt like in 2018 I kept it pretty loose. 2019 keeping it a bit
looser. But at the same time I also feel like I’m keeping it more structured cause
I’m gonna do quarterly goals as opposed to annual goals and we’ll just see how
that goes after I like the first or second quarter. I think in general what’s
gonna happen is I’m gonna make goals for like the first quarter and the second
quarter and then outside of reading the big book in the third quarter there’s a
good chance I’m gonna stop making goals because that’s just, I don’t know. I just
feel like at the end of the year I had a lot of burnout. But that just might be a
2018 thing. Anyways I’m going off on an another tangent. Let me know down below
if you figured out your reading goals for 2019 or not, or if there’s any fun
challenges that you guys are doing, or if you’re doing the read harder challenge
or if you’re interested in reading Anna Karenina with me or if you have opinions
about my goals or if you plan on doing quarterly goals. There’s a whole lot of
things you could comment on. I’m really tired. I’m gonna go eat my
dinner. So yeah, that’s all I have for now and thanks for watching.

40 thoughts on “2018 Goals Wrap Up & 2019 Goals

  1. I totally feel you on not wanting to read a book you hated in school – that's one of the few challenges I have left, and I'm definitely not completing it (not the way I want to end my reading year). I really like your idea of doing quarterly reading goals – I'm interested to see how you approach this as the year progresses.
    One of my main goals is to read my physical TBR – my friend and I are doing a mini challenge where we have to each read X number of our own books before buying anymore, otherwise we have to buy the other a drink as forfeit 😛
    I've already read Anna Karenina (really good!) so I might read one of your previous Big Books just to participate in some way. Or re-read it – we'll see.

  2. I saw the list from RHC'19 and I'm not sure I'll take it either. I think I'm going to join some challenges or suggested readings from the Intabookgram's I'm following and doing that challenge you did a few years ago: "Read your f*cking books" because things are out of control! Also, I think I'll try to read more female Latin American contemporary authors because they are so many new and excellent ones. I want to read a Tolstoi book, but I think I'll read War and Peace first. I'd love to read Anna Karenina, if/when I finished 😛

  3. i really want to be more on top of current releases next year. i tend to just read whatever i'm in the mood for and while that's great and fun, it would be nice to really participate in the community and read what everyone's really loving at the moment

  4. The easiest thing to do would be to scan the books on goodreads and download the spreadsheet from there and dump the data you need

  5. Totally love "keeping it loose" and reassessing each quarter to make sure you are feeling comfortable in your reading life. I have declared 2019 the year of "DNF". I have way too many unread books on the TBR and I want to knock them out. So if I am not feeling it– DNF is okay and the book will find another home, where they will be appreciated. No more guilt about being unfinished, or purchased.

  6. In 2018, I skipped the Read Harder C., however 3 days ago I used the tasks for self-avaluation: was my 2018 a read harder? I checked 21 tasks as concluded. I was pretty happy with my self.

    I´m in for Anna Karenina.

    My goals for 2019 are finishing Les Miserables, Brita´s #NobelWomen, Olive´s and Gemma´s #NonFicNovember, the Bookriot RHC, Steve Donoghue´s #sherloctober, budy reading classics (1 per 2 months), 6 Portuguese authors from my shelf, 6 POC from Portuguese speaking countries and 6 new female authors from my shelf. And I guess I´m reading Anna Karenina in August. 😉

    It might seem a lot, but I´m double (or triple) dipping 🙂

  7. The goal of the read harder challenge is to push yourself out of your comfort zones. It sounds like you’re doing that on your own already.

  8. I feel like the political climate is making it hard for most of us in America to muster up the energy to even get out of bed most days. It's definitely draining for me. I did the same as you and used books as an escape.

  9. “I’m at like 58… and it’s a lot less than I thought” 😂 And lol now I understand how you were able to read so much this year. Sending good vibes and wishes for your 2019 goals/ quarterly goals. ❤️

  10. Quarterly goals seems like a great idea. It's enough time to accomplish something, but not so long that you get burned out. My reading goal is to slow my reading down and write/film more in depth reviews. And finally catch up on my comic books.

  11. I support your quarterly reading goals! I also think it is awesome that you are not putting pressure on yourself to do any kind of reading/tracking that you are not interested in doing. Life is too stressful as it is, so reading should be fun! I kind of have the same thought process going into 2019. I want to focus on my physical TBR in the beginning too. My stack is only 10 books right now, but I know it will probably double after Christmas. It's hard because I work part-time at my local library so I am constantly bringing home library books. Every shift I tell myself I am not going to check anything out this time and I pretty much fail every time! It's not a bad thing though supporting the library right?? I also enjoy shopping at used/independent bookstores for fun or when I travel so the physical TBR tends to grow even when I start putting a dent into it. I did write a little blurb on every book I read in 2018 on Goodreads which I will probably continue to do in 2019. My blurbs aren't really reviews/summaries, just general feelings I had about the book or the reading experience. It helps me remember them more when I am looking back at my "Read" shelf and also to give recommendations to people I know or patrons at the library. I have thought about doing a Book Blog or applying to write for Book Riot when submission/hiring requests come through and I always end up chickening out. Maybe I will do it this year if the opportunity presents itself. I would be down for reading Anna Karenina with you this summer. It intimidates me so it would be fun to read it with a group! Thanks for all of your great videos and podcasts this year! It is always a highlight in my day when I can sit down to watch or listen to what you have to say about books and life in general! Keep doing you!!! And rocking awesome sweaters! 🙂

  12. I tried Anna Karenina and didn't get too far….. i would love to try it again!!. I plan on doing Book Riot Read Harder 2019 , printed it off already along with Modern Day Mrs Darcy 2019 challenge AND Pop Sugar challenge as well…..yes thats alot, but i didn't read as much as i wanted to in 2018 so i feel really pumped right now to do these!I will also be tracking in my BUJO ….genre , total yearly books read, and monthly books read not sure why i want to see monthly now that i wrote this but i feel like tracking it lol.. Is there a printable list of Book Riot's best of 2018?? I may do that as well…… i have to say i read a different book for each task on any particular challenge…..but 1 book can be used on several challenges,just not twice on the same challenge….. probably alot more details than you wanted to know….but i am so excited to begin and wanted to share with someone that may understand my excitement over books. I think your goals for 2019 are awesome and i think you are just burnt out and need to recharge like you mentioned….. i will continue to follow along with you and your goals and looking forward to a big book read with you this coming summer…. DID i mention i am challenging myself to 3 big books this year!!! Best wishes ,and a happy new year to you!

  13. Ah I'm glad books were able to be an escape for you in this exhausting year! I'm with you on the tracking; normally I'm all about the goodreads challenge etc. but this year I just stopped kind of 3/4 of the way through. I challenged myself to only read books by Canadian authors who were not both white and straight/cis this year, and I had a great time doing so, but next year I think I'm going to go on a bit of a book buying ban and read some of the other books I've accumulated that didn't fit this year's challenge. So I've got a bit of a "read my shelf" vibe going for the coming year.

  14. I love your doing more relaxed reading plans for next year, because I'm doing the same thing. Everyone has such complex, details goals but I just want to enjoy some unstructured reading. Do you find that the podcast reading fits in well or does it sometimes feel like homework? I found myself a bit exhausted reading for the Books in the Freezer podcast this year.

  15. Ooooh yes Anna Karenina!! I read it a long time ago, like maybe 15 years ago, and I'd love to read it again as an older adult and see if I get more out of it or just something new. Would love to do that as a readalong 😀

  16. Stay strong girl! Merry christmas and a great 2019 to you! Always watching your videos, all the way from Portugal, Europe.

  17. I reduced my book tracking a lot this year with the focus on pages/minutes and the development of my TBR and I was quite happy with that. I also read more than I normally do, although I read "easier" books this year just like last year due to lacking brain power. And that's just fine. I tend to increase TV rewatches when stressed as a better form of escapism that reading. But that's fine to. Hope your 2019 will be good and relaxed.

  18. I just read what I feel like these days. in part because I have school reading and just want to enjoy personal reading time. That said I like to keep the read harder list close by and try to tick off some because there's always something that will push me to a book I'd otherwise not read (because it's easy to get tricked by habit). Anyway: Good reflection of your reading year!

  19. Yes please to Anna Karenina. Have read it twice but was wanting to reread this year as it is one of my absolute favourites. Good luck with your goals. Best wishes to you x

  20. I like the idea of quarterly goals! I feel like I kind of missed having more goals this year, even though I didn't accomplish some of the goals I set out for myself. So I'm trying to have more structure, but I'm still working out what exactly I want to do. One of my goals was to read less frontlist, but I feel like I really missed it and ended up reading a lot of frontlist in the latter half of the year. It's so hard to know what I'm going to want to be doing a year from now.

  21. Reading should be enjoyable so eliminating things that don't bring joy to you is great. I've tried to do the Read Harder Challenge the past two years and haven't gotten close to finishing because there are tasks that I end up having no interest in.

  22. Going to go and watch your burnout video now but I definitely sympathise with the feeling of just not wanting to track as much and do all the extra work around reading. I have felt much the same the last year or two. I want to try and set some goals that excite me rather than as work or stress this year but figuring out what those might be is a bit hard!

  23. I'm thinking about skipping read harder next year as well. I looked at the challenge this year and several categories I don't normally read I actually could've checked off for this year oddly enough, so I don't feel super compelled. My working goals are read a poetry collection each week (might be ambitious but we'll see), read a book over 1000 pages (I'm notorious for only reading short books ), and picking up books by a few authors I've been meaning to read for ages but haven't yet (like Zadie Smith and Stephen King). I'm also thinking about setting some "before I'm 30" goals for longer stuff, like reading a book from every country.

  24. Rincey, I really love and admire your attitude towards reading goals – I feel like I see a lot of people talking about putting tons of pressure on themselves because of booktube and you are so not about that; it's genuinely inspiring. This past year I tried a 'monthly goal' system for the sort of things that might otherwise be new year's resolutions, and I found it worked really well in the first half of the year, and then I completely dropped it in the second half (partially because i had a big life change in August, but hey). I think quarterly is actually a good balance and no harm if you don't end up setting Q4 goals, obviously!

    Also, I've actually already read Anna Karenina and all I can say is READ THE PEVEAR AND VOLOKHONSKY TRANSLATION!!! I started out in a different edition and h a t e d the first half because of it. Then my grandfather lent me his copy in the new translation and it totally changed my reading experience; I ended up actually really liking the second half.

  25. Sometimes bookish goals can feel overwhelming for sure. I am also considering skipping the Read Harder challenge in 2019 cause I am just not feeling excited about it. It makes me sad that I’m not, but what can you do?

  26. I completely understand being exhausted, I hope the new year brings peace and more happiness. 🙂 I would love to be part of an 'Anna Karenina' read-along this summer, and it would perfectly fit with my goal of reading longer books in 2019. Merry Christmas and have a great start to your 2019!

  27. I love how you're adjusting your goals and your spreadsheet! I'm a huge proponent of dropping what's not working and trying something new. This year I'm going for un-goals – no hard numbers for books or pages, and I'm only going to do shorter challenges and readathons as the mood strikes. It's been a helluva year – congrats on making it through, and here's to a great 2019!

  28. I started reading "Anna Karenina" a few years ago, got a little more than halfway through and life got in the way and I just put it down for a later time. I'd be very interested in actually reading it with you in August 2019!

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