2018 Ohio House of Representatives Student Art Exhibition

[music] It’s really cool to see all these different people and, like, to see all their artwork. Artwork says a lot about who you are and what you believe in. I think it’s just really cool to see all their other people’s experiences. [music] So, the photo that they put up is one I took for my photography class. It was for my final project at the end of the year. So we had to do a photo that was focused on, like, the style of a famous photographer. So for mine, I chose Barbara Kruger because we have, like, a lot of the same views and stuff. She was a feminist and she was also like for animal rights and stuff like that. I’m a vegetarian, I’m also a feminist. So, my piece is called ‘Don’t Touch My Hair,’ and, basically, it’s just like a nod to the whole Black Lives Matter, the whole black everything type thing. Like how we have issues with people touching our hair and, like, different things like that and just like not respecting it as part of our culture. So the photo that I took was based off that. [music] The piece is actually still life I did on a colored piece of paper with black and white charcoal. And it has skulls and a wine bottle and a wine glass and some different, dark images. And I used a white charcoal to bring in this white light. My piece is actually called ‘There’s a Light in the Darkness.’ And the white charcoal is used to represent, like, things get better. You overcome all the bad things all the bad pressures that people are trying to put on you and it gets better after that. [music] So, my piece, it was an art assignment that my teacher said that he was going to have us do a comic strip. And I’ve always loved comics growing up like Batman, Superman, cartoons in general, I just loved cartoons. So I jumped at the opportunity. My dream is to become either a comic book artist or an animator So, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to really try. [music] I paint or draw every single day So painting is kind of, yeah, it’s like a stress reliever. It’s something I do to distract myself if I’m worried about something and it’s something I do for fun just for myself because it makes me happy. [music] I do more like of a cartoon-y style and then I ink and then I shade in cross-hatching and just in pencil. That sounds like a lot of steps. It is, yeah, unfortunately. It’s fine. But it pays off, right? It does. [music] When I found out it was to be displayed in the Statehouse, I was shook because it was, like, surprising because I didn’t think it would make it here to be hung up in the House of Representatives. [music] I was very surprised I remember going in to school and I told my art teacher, I was like Hey, I was selected for this contest or this award. And she was like which one, which one was it? Because I’m in a lot of contests right now. And she was like it just like, no the Arty Party’s next Saturday and this and that, and I was like, no, it’s a different one. And she’s like, Oh my gosh you’ve been selected for a really big one! And I was like so excited. I was so happy I hugged her, and I was like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe I was selected. [music] I’m very excited just to kind of have my art get out there more and for more people to be able to see it. Because I come from a small town. In the future I’d love if i could be a studio artist. I’d love to continue art throughout my life. [music]

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