3 Creepy Cases for Ancient Aliens

– This week on BuzzFeed Unsolved we discuss three of the
most compelling mysteries that suggest the presence
of ancient aliens. So, let’s drop some sweet knowledge. – I’m already fed up with
the folders by the way. Looks too official considering the nonsense that is within. – The existence of aliens,
or extraterrestrials has long been one of the
great mysteries of the world. According to a 2015 survey
conducted by yougov.com, about 54% of America, 56% of Germany and 52% of the UK, believe in extraterrestrial intelligent life. That being said, history seems to indicate that aliens may have visited
our world in ancient times, aiding us at the brink of civilization. There are cave paintings
like this one from Australia that may be up to 5,000 years old that some interpret as
creatures wearing space suits. Or this painting from 8,000
BC in the Sahara desert that illustrates what
appear to be spacemen leading natives in a line. – They’re just people.
What’re you talking about? – I’m just saying what
people interpret them as. – That’s a basket of fruit. – How do you think
that’s a basket of fruit? – It’s just a basket
of fruit on their head. – There’s two of them
with baskets of fruit? And everyone else – Why does that one in the
back also have a little basket? – Maybe it’s a child – No _ Look how small the rest are. Why are these so large? – Here’s a drawing of a Mayan carving that shows a man attached to what some construe as an oxygen source, as he operates controls in
what appears to be a spaceship. Other fascinating objects
include this hieroglyph from the temple of Seti I that dates back to the 14th century BC. The glyph appears to
contain hovering spacecrafts and modern day flying
machinery such as helicopters. – Why would there be a helicopter? – I don’t know, why would they
know there’s a helicopter? – Are they time-traveling? – Possibly, I don’t know. Why would they know that unless they were unless there was some kind
of intelligent civilization that visited them that would
be able to show these things? – So the aliens show up, show them pictures of
helicopters, and fly away. – I mean, this isn’t the
entire, I mean this is what we’ve discovered
so far, there could be – Well I can’t wait to see the rest of it. – (laughs) Okay. – I can’t wait to see a poster of the motion picture Wedding Crashers – (laughs) Okay. – And well, some lava lamps – Additionally a funerary marker from roughly 100 BC shows a woman presenting what some consider a laptop with UBS ports. – How do they charge it? – I don’t know. – Why are there USB ports on it if they don’t have thumbnail drives? – I don’t know. I’m just
saying what (laughs) – What are they looking at on it? There’s no internet. Do they have Photoshop? – And finally here’s a hieroglyph from Hathor Temple in Egypt that shows workers operating what appeared to
be enormous light bulbs. Perhaps explaining how
artists were able to see when drawing elaborate
hieroglyphs inside their tombs. – What are you drawing? – Ryan, here’s you with three butt cheeks – (laughs) – I’ve drawn it. Now it exists. – Why do I have little penguin arms? – (laughs) I don’t know, why do you have little penguin arms? That’s a good question. Here’s you with little penguin
arms and three butt cheeks. I’ve drawn it so it must be real. – But beyond these small
scattered references to alien and modern technology, there are entire cities, civilizations, and architectural undertakings
that make us question if we’ve always been alone. What follows are the best
mysteries that history has to offer in regards to ancient aliens. – The first mystery we’ll discuss
is the Dogon and Sirius B. The Dogon are a tribal
group in west Africa, south of Timbuktu in the Republic of Mali that settled sometime between
the 10th and 13th centuries. In the 1930s and 1940s, the studies of french anthropologist Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen
revealed that the Dogon knew a surprising amount
of modern astronomy. According to their
studies, the Dogon believed these things, all of which
are scientific facts: The planets orbit the sun. The earth and other planets
rotate on their axis. Saturn has a ring. Jupiter has four moons. And finally, that the
star Sirius is actually part of a double star system containing a star called Sirius B
that has a 50 year orbit and is invisible to the naked human eye. Knowledge of how planets orbit would not require advanced technology. However, to know about Saturn’s
ring and Jupiter’s moon, would require remarkable eyesight and an extremely clear sky. But what is truly
astonishing, is the Dogon’s knowledge of the star Sirius B. Especially when you consider the fact that scientists were only able to discern information about Sirius B with the use of quantum mechanics, relativity,
and advanced telescopes. This leads some to believe that the Dogon were taught about Sirius B by a far more advanced civilization. Dogon mythology reportedly speaks of them being visited by a set of beings referred to as the Nommo, who according to author Robert Temple,
are amphibious beings from the Sirius star system. – That’s cool. – You have nothing to
say about any of that? – I will fight you tooth and nail when it comes to ghoulie ghosts, but aliens are a little more probable. – I win. – No you don’t win. – I think I won. – Because I’m sure you have plenty of other stuff on here that’s very dumb. – Though, some people have other theories, such as Robert Burnham, who believes that the Dogon could have known about Sirius B due to extraordinary eyesight. He theorizes that with a ten inch reflecting telescope and clear skies, Sirius B could have been seen. However, if this were true, the Dogon would also been able to see Uranus, Neptune and
other cosmic observations which they did not. Another doubter is author Carl Sagan, who believes that the
Dogon’s cosmic knowledge is suspiciously consistent
with an informed person from the 1930’s and ’40’s. Sagan posits that the
french anthropologists that visited during that time and broke the story of the Dogon, merely entwined Sirius B into the Dogon’s existing mythology to
make an interesting story. – Well look, if Carl Sagan
believes it, I believe it. – But he’s just saying they lied. – Well then he’s probably
got an informed opinion. He’s Carl fucking Sagan. – But all that said is
he thinks they lied. – Well then I’m on board with Carl Sagan. – But there’s no evidence
to back that they lied. – I don’t give a shit, he’s Carl Sagan. – The second mystery we’ll discuss is the ancient city of
Tiwanaku in Bolivia. A city that was high above sea level, roughly 13,000 feet. The people of Tiwanaku utilized massive monolithic stones that
weigh up to 450 tons. How the people of Tiwanaku
moved these enormous stones remains a mystery. Some suggest the stones
were pulled along logs, but others believe aliens may have aided with anti-gravity methods. Also discovered on the site
were 200 elongated skulls, possibly the heads of shamans, whose heads were bound to that shape in an effort to amplify their ability to
communicate with deities. – I can’t imagine that’d be
a pleasurable experience, also you’d have to do that,
over like, your lifetime right? Probably? I can’t imagine
that’s like a quick process. – If I were like 5 years
old and my mom was like “We’re gonna start doing something now “It’s gonna last a long time, “but, when it’s all over,
your head will be very long.” – (laughs) – I’d probably say – (laughs) – “I’m good. I’ll just sign
up of karate or something.” – (laughs) – Conceivably, these shamans
elongated their skulls to emulate the deities that visited them. Perhaps the main mystery of Tiwanaku, is what instruments the people used to carve their stones to
achieve such exactness without the use of power tools. For example, there are
H blocks that interlock in a detailed and sophisticated manner that require no mortar. On site, there’s also a
caLendar that some believe dates millions of years back, and made by visitors from outer space. For good measure, near
Tiwanaku’s Gate of the Sun is a wall decorated with heads that some believe could be aliens. – If a thousand years
from now someone was like “Wow, have you seen Signs? “Signs, the motion picture
they made back in the day? “They found aliens, it was crazy! “They ruined a kid’s birthday party” – Okay see, you’re talking
about a civilization that is us now, that is able to perceive advanced art and like expression that way. We could separate
reality from not reality. – Yeah – What I’m positing is I don’t know if they had that capability back then, especially in the cave paintings one. – You don’t think back then – In the cave painting ones you think that – You don’t think they were creative? My big takeaway here is
that art is not proof. – Okay, sure. – The third mystery is
arguably the strongest indicator of ancient aliens:
The Pyramids of Giza. The three Giza pyramids were constructed between 2550 and 2490 BC in Egypt. They were build as tombs for the pharaohs meant to emulate and honor the gods. The first and largest pyramid, also referred to as The Great Pyramid, was built around 2550
BC for the Pharaoh Khufu and is around 481 feet tall. Each side of the pyramid was 756 feet, and the area of each side is 5.5 acres. The angles at the base of the pyramid are nearly perfect 90 degree angles. All of this suggests that architects had a high understanding of mathematics. That being said, here are some things that make me question who, or what, those architects may have been. – You’re telling me those
architects used math? Knock me down with a feather. – (laughs) I’m suggesting, and
some people are suggesting, that perhaps it was a
little too advanced based on – That’s so disrespectful. – (laughs) – The Great Pyramid was
constructed of roughly 2.3 million stones. Each weighing between 2.5 to 15 tons. In order to finish the
Great Pyramid in 23 years, the workers would have
to set a block every 2.5 minutes every day of the week. The Egyptians did not have
wheels, pulleys or work animals. So how could they have
lifted and transported these enormous stones with
that kind of efficiency? – Can you imagine if you
spent your entire life haling around heavy stones? And someone was like “No, they couldn’t have done it, “you know what it must have been? “Space aliens. I seen ’em” – Every 2.5 minutes, one block every fucking day of the
week for 23 years straight? – Could’ve had hustle days. – I’m saying, it doesn’t matter
how many slaves there were, if they didn’t have the tools to do it – Well fact don’t matter then – No! I’m saying they
didn’t have the tools that is facts! – Some have suggested a ramp structure, but it would have had to be massive, and no evidence of this
construction has been found. – If I’m building a giant,
mighty, wondrous thing, I’m not gonna be like “Hey, can you do some
chiseling of uh, the ramp? “We really gotta show off the ramp. “It’s a hell of a ramp.” – Are there blueprints for the pyramids? – I’m sure there is, they had all the mathematics and things broken down. – Are they written is alien language? – Oh my god. – Additionally, The Great Pyramid is perfectly aligned with magnetic north. It is unknown how the Egyptians could possibly have known this, though some theorize it had to do with observing the cosmos. The perimeter of The Great Pyramid when divided by twice the height allegedly results in the
number pi up to its 15th digit. This may also demonstrate a suspicious knowledge of mathematics. The pyramids of Giza are also considerably well-preserved in comparison to other pyramids around the world, despite the Pyramids of
Giza being centuries older. – Some have claimed
this is due to the fact that they were upkept over
the past hundreds of years. Though others believe it is a sign of unearthly preservation. Finally, the three pyramids align with the pattern of Orion’s belt, a fact that some consider
an impossible feat for the Egyptians to accomplish. Unless of course, they were
building based on instructions. – I don’t doubt that they
were mathematically adept. – Well the other two weren’t math, the magnetic north and – Again, magnetic north, they
could just observe the sun. – I don’t know. – So it was aliens? – (laughs) Yes, so it was aliens. – They showed up, gave ’em Ipads, gave ’em a Zune, built the pyramids left, and that’s it. – Sure, yeah, all those
things in that order. – And they haven’t been back since. They haven’t been back since. – Yeah, they were like “Fuck humanity.” – What we covered are only
some of the ancient mysteries that inspire wonder and curiosity of our place in the universe. And as with most stories that deal with the existence of extraterrestrials, the answer is never definite, and always left to
personal interpretation. Were we visited and aided
by aliens in ancient times? Do aliens even exist? The answer for now remains unsolved. – I think they lied. I have yet to see any compelling evidence. – I thought that was compelling, unless of course they lied. – You think a lot of
things are compelling. – I found that very compelling. – Go fuck yourself, have a nice day. – Alright. (spooky music)

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  26. 2:10 They had electricity way back then. It was just created differently. "The Baghdad Battery or Parthian Battery". A ceramic pot, a tube of copper, and a rod of iron. This battery functioned as a galvanic cell, possibly used for electroplating, or some kind of electrotherapy.

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