hey it’s Savannah and today I’m going to
do a TBR unwrapping video because I’ve been having a hard time reading lately
and I think maybe it’s because of the books that i have on my shelf that I I’m
not feeling like I want to read right now and i’m going to do some unwrapping
right now i’m going to be doing two books from the five wrapping papers that
I have at the moment also if you see my phone i’m using this
as my microphone at the moment because it’s just easier and that’s why my phone
is always in my video we’re going to start with the ladybugs which is my
least favorite wrapping paper ever and I believe these are literary fiction or in
general just kind of like adult fiction not really sure if i remember it but oh
i remember this one. This is The Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa and by Benjamin
Constable. I don’t remember what this is about but
I think it has something to do with the investigation and something with
butterflies. Oh there’s a suicide note. Emily St. John Mandel she blurb this on the cover so i’m assuming it is a good one on to the next ladybug one I can kind of
see through this one a little bit I can only see like the color of it Oh! This is The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair by Joel Dicker I bought
this over a year ago completely forgot I had it but I remember it being sort of
like a mystery novel and I think I originally bought it because liz over it
lives love literature read it and she enjoyed it and she raved about it i
think and it has a cool cover it’s like a mystery and I like mysteries
so hoping that this one will make me want to read. I imagine it’s over 500 pages so I could read
this for #TomeTopple at the moment that’s happening Both of these are the baby carriage ones
which I believe are the classic novels that I have at the moment classics or older fiction Oh, I know this This is Giovanni’s Room by
James Baldwin I actually started to read this a while ago before I obviously wrapped it, but then I just didn’t have the time or just going to get into it but I think now it’s very character-driven i think a lot of
Baldwin’s books are and i believe this one is semi auto biographical or one of
his books is but I know I definitely want to get into his writing I researched him a lot for one project
that i did during school but I definitely want to actually you know
physically read his books. Next one is kind of a thicker one so i’m not really sure what this one is This is Valley of the Dolls by
Jacqueline Susan not going to lie i only bought this book because I watched the
movie Valley of the Dolls and I wanted to see if it was the same also mostly
bought it because of Marina and the Diamonds and was very into her and
that’s why i watch valley of the dolls because it was a major inspiration for
her one album and I don’t really know if I’m going to like it because they didn’t
really love the movie and I just thought this was a really pretty cover when i
bought it as well so i don’t know if i could let this go even if i didn’t love
it *Beyonce* I Aint Sorry *Beyonce Next to our the rocket ship ones which i
believe is space, science fiction, fantasy or something to do with time travel Oh I wish I could get these in frame for y’all
*rips paper right into mic* Oh man! Just mentioned her earlier in the
video but this is Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel everyone loves his book and I’ve had
this for a very long time i believe i got it for Christmas in like
2013. I still can’t believe i have read it mostly because I wrapped it and I didn’t know where it was I’m not going to pretend like I know
what this is about even though i had know everyone loved this book but excited to
get to it Ohhhhhh Get this tape off *snaps* shit. Not gonna lie to y’all I don’t remember what half of the books I own are i don’t i don’t remember that i bought in these certain books and I
definitely forgot that i bought the The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafone I know it’s some kind of like meta book
and set in Barcelona and I think this is like translated fiction I believe don’t quote me on that I’m
getting a really good batch of books right here so it was very exciting Next two are very big books a lot of the
dinosaur ones i believe are these are time travel the dinosaur ones are trying to time
travel! Maybe not time travel was historical
fiction I don’t remember guys. This is another
one that I’ve gotten a really long time ago and This is All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. I swear most of these books were on my wishlist for my parents when I like first joined booktube and I was like a can you give
me for my birthday or Christmas so a lot of these i have not seen in a
really long time but this is a historical fiction about a I believe a
blind girl or is it a blind boy who are in the
middle of World War two i believe and they develop a friendship something. Next one accidentally started opening. I’m I’m getting like all of like the really good ones that everyone loves I’ve had a interesting history with her
I read the secret history didn’t- Well I DNF’d it I wasn’t really enjoying it and the
audio book was terrible. Terrible as in didn’t love the narrator but I didn’t
finish that one but I know the Goldfinch was something that I really wanted to
read it based on the synopsis about a boy and his mother and they’re sort of
relationship and him looking back on this time with her because she ends up
dying I think that’s in like the first chapter So I wanted to read about that
relationship. Then the polkadot ones are actually books that i recently bought recently as in /when did I wrap these?/ I wrapped these in like January Know what this one is! Night Film man like a really good batch of books. I have really good taste. it’s a
multimedia book and that it has like emails and letters and other stuff in it
so it shouldn’t be that hard to read i’m at actually start reading this after
i’m done filming list because I mean like the mood like I’ve been reading the
shining in the middle of june for some reason I just wanted something something
kind of creepy something dark so this one will probably get me into the mood as well last one is my
smallest recently read more recently wrapped so oh I know it is lolita by vladimir
nabokov off Sylvia actually give to me this one
because she didn’t like it so I means that we have like really similar taste
in books so not sure if I’m really gonna like
this or going to be able to stomach this book at all so that should be interesting i will
give you updates on lolita because I know a lot of people
don’t like the sort of feeling they get when they read it and I feel like since
I’m kind of like an emotional reader that I’m i’m not going to enjoy i’m not
gonna like I’m not gonna be I’m gonna feel uncomfortable reading it so we’ll
see if I don’t dnf this one this is a really good stack of books I’m
very excited to read these and I’m i’m also questioning what other books I have
like over here since I completely forgot about a lot of these let’s look fun of TV are wrapping is
it’s like a little present little gift to yourself plus I don’t buy books because I’m like
what if i already own them and I’m wasting my money and then I’m going to
have to like try and resell it or I’m going to have to try like pay shipping
shipping on book mooch so it works for me and not buying books
but then I just buy clothes instead but love doing this let me know in the
comments if you really enjoyed any of these books let me know if you didn’t like them as
well so i can go into it with a balanced feeling because I know a lot of people
up these books i will see you in my next one hopefully will be some type of tag
video I think that’s what I’m going to go with next all right I’ll see you later yeah

7 thoughts on “#3 TBRUNWRAPPING | 2016

  1. omg Station Eleven, The Shadow of the Wind, All the Light We Cannot See, The Goldfinch and Night Film?! you're about to have the best TBR ever.

  2. STATION ELEVEEEEEEEN. it's tattooed on my body so i guess it's pretty good.
    the "ian sorry" edit made me laugh so hard

  3. Yessss! My husband and I really enjoyed the Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair! And hopefully you enjoy Station Eleven, one of my favorites! I could barely get through Night Film, it was so boring at times :/ hope you like it though!

  4. Giovanni's Room is one of those books that I know that I have to read but I am so intimidated by and worried that I won't like. I hope you love it! I look forward to your thoughts! Let me know if it's easy to read.

    I have to read Station Eleven. HAVE TO. I have a feeling we'll both enjoy that one. I've heard great things about Shadow of the Wind, too.

    Horrible audiobooks are worse than horrible books, imo, because audiobooks are what I use as a crutch to get through books that are harder to read.

    When you said that you have good taste: that is part of why I looovve doing these unwrappings. It's like, we already picked it, and there it sits waiting to be picked again to bring us joy a second time!

    Lolita. :[ You already know.

    I have not bought books because I'm not sure if I already have it! Finnikin of the Rock and Matched are two books that I am looking forward to finding on my shelves because I don't know where Matched went (I remember owning it but I don't remember wrapping it) and I do not remember if I bought Finnikin of the Rock (probably not though because I searched for it in my haul videos – one of the only useful parts about hauling books).

    Great video, as always. <3

  5. This is the most incredible TBR. There are 3 of my all time favorites in there! You are in for a treat X

  6. Did you get to Giovanni's Room? How was it?

    That cover on Valley of the Dolls is beautiful (also I love your wrapping papers.)

    And I loved Station Eleven (you should totes read it!) but thought All the Light We Cannot see was a tiny bit overrated (it was a bit pretentious, IMHO.)

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