What’s going on everyone, today I am going
to be showing you some of the new weapons that will either be coming to the game or
have been found in the files. I do want to mention that all of these may or may not come
to the game in its entirety or in part, from damage model to animation and beyond. For
the people who don’t want to be spoiled, here is your chance because we are starting right
now. First let’s show you some of the possible
upcoming assault weapons Here is the Breda PG, in my previous video
analyzing the Chapter 4 teaser, I mentioned there are 2 variants, the original Italian
and the Costa Rican variants. The former is a semi-automatic version and the latter is
a select fire variant that can do automatic and 4 round bursts. It appears this version
may just be the Costa Rican variant. The second one is the M2 Carbine which is
also shown in that teaser but here we got a bit of a better look of it. It is essentially
a full auto version of the M1 Carbine. I imagine the damage model will be adjusted to balance
it. Then we have the M1 Garand. This was shown
in the E3 event, we don’t know much about whether this will indeed be an assault weapon
or this could be in the recon SLR category. Either way, we should be expecting this. Ok moving onto the medic weapons
First we have the lanchester. Basically it is a straight up copy of the German MP28 because
at the time, the British did not really have their own SMG and had to whip up something
quickly, they decided to just copy this weapon. This was made by the Sterling Armaments Company
which brings me to the next weapon. Eventually George Patchett, who was the chief
designer at the company, decided to make his own SMG which turned into the Patchett Machine
Carbine and eventually turned into the Sterling submachine gun. Interesting thing is that
this gun was the inspiration of the Stormtrooper blaster rifle in the Star Wars films. Then we have another SMG from the UK. It is
the BSA Welgun. It was a prototype submachine gun that was developed by the British SOE
but it was never adopted for use. Eventually it was the Sten gun that took over its original
intended role. Then let’s move onto the support class.
First we have the Madsen MG. This was first shown in the chapter 4 trailer but we got
a better look at it here. I don’t think this gun needs more introduction as it was a classic
from BF1. Then we have the MG 30. This is the gun that
eventually led to the development of the MG34 and the MG42. This gun was also modified to
become aircraft guns which were known as the MG15 and the MG17. We should be getting this
gun in the very near future. Next up we got the M1918 BAR. This was first
teased at the E3 event. Again, probably no introduction needed. No gameplay footage has
been found for this gun yet. Then we got the M1919 browning machine gun.
The gun is incomplete in the files with the MG42 animation on it. But either way, this
gun is an iconic weapon used by the US and definitely should be coming when Chapter 5
drops. Next up we have the Ithaca 37. it is a shotgun
capable of doing slam fire which seems to be incorporated into the game as shown here.
But the M1897 trench gun is also capable of doing that but it was not included. We will
see how this turns out later. Then this gun has been sitting in the files
for the longest time. It is the Sjogren shotgun. It used an inertia system that are now widely
used in modern day shotguns. But even with this unique system, it did not see much action
at the time of WWI and WWII. Then moving onto the recon weapons
First up is the M1917 Enfield, this is also one of the BF1 weapons. Another name would
be the American enfield. It was based on the Pattern 1914 enfield rifle and used by American
Expeditionary Forces in WWI. It also saw some action in WW2. Then we have the type 99 Arisaka. This is
the Japanese weapon that was teased in the trailer. Here we just see the Japanese soldier
holding one of these rifles but there are no further information on this for now. Then we got another antimaterial rifle that
will be coming.. i believe week 7 of chapter 4 and that’s the Panzerbuchse 39. Then going to the pistols and the pistol carbines
that may end up in the recon class as well. The first one would be the welrod. It is a
bolt action suppressed pistol produced in WW2 used by special forces like the british
SOE and the american OSS. Around 2800 of these were made during the war. The second one would be the suppressed PPK.
It was first introduced in 1929 and it was used by civilians, police and the german military
at the time of WW2. If you want to play as James Bond, well this is your chance. Then we have the Smith and Wesson Model 27.
it is the original 357 magnum revolver and is first made all the way back in 1935 and
is still produced to this day. One of the most famous people to own one of these is
General George Patton of the United States Third and Seventh Army in WW2. Next up we have the Astra 903. This model
in the game is actually not completed so that’s why you see what you see here. It is one of
the Spanish copies of the German Mauser C96. It can fire in full auto mode holding up to
20 rounds. Then we got the Repetierpistole M1912/P16,
it is a machine pistol version of the Steyr M1912. It can also fire in full auto and holds
16 rounds. Only around 1000 of these were ever made. This one is the Mauser C96, it is a German
pistol that was made all the way from 1896. It was such a popular weapon that was used
by many different countries throughout both world wars. Then here we see the return of the Frommer
Stop Auto. This may or may not be a weapon that somehow ended up in the BFV files from
BF1. Last but not least we have the Suppressed
M1911. We see a quick snippet of that in the chapter 4 teaser. Alright, how about some melee weapons
First up we have the burnt plank. It appears that the more you swing, the hotter and redder
the glow is. Pretty cool stuff. Then we have the Barbed baseball bat. This
is probably just like the one we got from the war stories mission. Next up is the garrote, this is completely
unfinished at this point so that’s that. Next up we got some gadgets here for you.
Let’s start off with the M1A1 bazooka. We saw that in the chapter 4 teaser but here
are some extra footage for you. Then we got the Panzerschreck, which was originally
based on the bazooka. Then we have the fliegerfaust. It is an experimental
anti air rocket system. It did see some limited use in the war. This next one will be the Goliath. It is a
remote controlled explosive used by the German troops. Quite a lot of them were deployed
but only a small number of them actually got to the enemies. But the ones that did dealt
a massive amount of damage. Next up here is the Type 89 grenade discharger
used by the Japanese. The model is not completed here. Then we have the RMN50. This is a hand mortar
based on the Soviet Mosin Nagant rifle. Apparently they attached a Model 1938 50mm mortar onto
the rifles that had damaged barrels so they could get a second life out of it. Pretty
cool stuff. Then we got the camera. This is just a little
easter egg type gadget that you can pick up and take some pictures with it and you can
find the pictures in your game folder. Then we have a a few other gadgets here that
may be limited to the 5v5 mode. So here we see the flamethrower pistol, the m80 firecracker,
the MMG emplacement, the TN17 radio jammer and so on. I hope you like this video, thank you to unreleased
weapons and temporyal for providing some of these information. Thank you for watching
and I will see you again soon.

77 thoughts on “35+ NEW WEAPONS – Battlefield V ❗SPOILER ALERT❗

  1. So many weapons!

    Edit: Some people wondered why I said I didn't know if the m1 Garand would be as assault weapon or a recon weapon. Here is the reason. In the game, you know dice is already going to put a 3x scope on it as an option just like any other rifle. That essentially turns it into the m1c/m1d variant, in addition to it having only 8 rounds that would make it inferior to all the other semi automatic rifles, now you probably see where I am coming from in terms of how they might balance the gun to either still make it a 3 shot kill in the assault semi auto category like the gewehr 43 or they can make it resemble the model 8/rsc model with 2-3 hit kill depending on the distance like the scout SLR. That's the whole point of the comment regarding which class of gun it will be in. People who want to play the gun in its most historically correct way don't have to put a scope on it nor do they have to play as an assault. They can be equally effective and equally immersive playing as a recon using the m1 Garand with irons. You just don't get the assault gadgets which are associated with an arbitrary class designation to begin with. Just my 2 cents. 👍

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  2. So many weapons and gadgets to look forward to! It's going to get better and better
    New .347 magnum hype gotta love the hard hitting pistols 😀
    Nice vid man 😛

  3. I hope they bring back weapons that can work in every class like the older BFs like Bad Company 2. I think the Garand should be that weapon.

  4. how much you wanna bet the Goliath is the replacement for the EOD bot in battlefield 3-4 for operation underground

  5. Shit I don’t care what they put in!!!!!! Just asking as they throw something in like Jesus they have already game us recycled shit how much worse can it be. It’s not like the 40s didn’t have any good weapons or interesting weapons right folks

  6. Yes I can feel it… the Freedom The States of America Kicking the Japanese’s Ass cause the didn’t think through their plan to well and forgot Attacking America doesn’t demoralize is IT MORALIZES US TO FIGHT AND BE FREE………………………. Woooooo……… Yah… yah….. I need friends

  7. I really hope support gets the knee mortar. Be nice to have something to kill mg nests besides the piat

  8. Don’t know about you, but seeing the m1 on the medic might be good. He doesn’t have many semiautomatic weapons, so adding a big boi to that list would change things up for the better. And for gods sake people, the assault already has a large amount of semi autos! They are mostly good as well, so adding a new one would be just annoying.

  9. Can’t wait for the lovely Springfield <3

    Not because I love the rifle too much or something, just wanna my “grandpa’s wife” also my favorite rifle in my current favorite Battlefield franchise for the first time.

  10. Can't wait for the new weapons. But I got to say it still feels weird seeing players on the German team running around with Bren guns and stens. Wish they only make weapons available by faction you fight on. But still excited though.

  11. I like how bf has gone to shit and right before it’s death they release guns that all aren’t good…After a full fucking year, and this.

  12. The m1 garand was used as a sniper rifle in the Vietnam war so I bet it will be in the recon class

  13. Dont be surprised when all gets delayed when close to release because that's just how ea dice does it. Then expect bugs and then more delays. Then come the nerfs.

  14. I would prefer the Garand going to the Recon class so that it is rightfully a 2-shot kill. Considering it’s chambered in .30-06, it deserves the power of the other self-loading rifles rather than the 3-shot semi-autos.

  15. you know bar prob gonna go to support but i was thinking what if it doesnt cause bar is browing automatic Rifle so its wouldnt be entirely out of the question as a possible assault either

  16. As far as I know previous battlefield tittle. M1 garand always considered as semi auto. This is interesting.

    Also, I want flamethrower like in Bad Company 2 vietnam.

  17. I reckon that the M1 will be added to the assault class, but to differentiate it from the Gewehr 43 I think it will have a 2 shot kill potential from a certain range, then move on to a 3 shot kill.

  18. I hope they put th option to allow a bayonet on th Lanchester, it did have th nub for a standard Lee-Enfield No. 3 Mk. 1 bayonet

  19. I find it kinda strange that they used the MkII Patchett Machine Carbine instead of the MkI which saw more service. You can see the difference as the MKII has a charging handle that is at a diagonal angle to the receiver. The MKI has a charging handle parallel to the left side of the receiver.

  20. That AA rocket may be the new Burton LMR of BFV. And people will claim it is OP because it can kill a plane in 2 salvos.

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