[4K] Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Behind The Scenes – Blackout, Battle.Net, PC + More

100 thoughts on “[4K] Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Behind The Scenes – Blackout, Battle.Net, PC + More

  1. all this sounds good if they manage to fix 10-20 tick rate which is unacceptable and they do not talk about that in this video!

  2. Great vid DF, always appreciate the insight.

    I am skeptical how much Treyarch really care about the PC when they don't offer custom servers and mods – staples of major PC games of old.

    Also disappointing there's no split-screen mode in this game. The one cool thing about BLOPS 3 on PC was that it had a 4 player split screen mode.

  3. Gonna buy my first COD game in 6 years. BFV graphically looks good but I am just not educated enough to buy that game… see you in 2020 battlefield

  4. IMO judging just from the beta Beenox did a great job and this is the first time I will be buying cod in a long time. That’s partially due to blackout but I think I can confidently say that if BO was just some shitty console port I would think twice before buying it and I definitely wouldn’t be buying it at launch.

  5. Wishful thinking, but any chance this'll have split screen? Couch play would be amazing, but at this scale it might be impossible!

  6. This is impressive. A battle royale that isn't clunky or trash is still missing and this game has the potential to literally make us forget about pubg. Again, excellent video preview

  7. I really love how he keeps saying " It gotta run well, it must run well" This guy is literally hearing what people have been telling Bluhole and all the devs who made BR games.

  8. 11:32 – heavily flickering PC monitors cause eye strain, tiredness, nervosity and Migrena. I think it's time for Digital foundry to dedicate an episode on TV/monitor screen flickering and put special attention to how to avoid the issues that come with PWM for the people's health. Writing this on a Sony KD-43HD8305 100Hz IPS TV with no PWM used as a working PC monitor.

  9. Ok Is Blackout a giant mashed together map of a bunch of multiplayer/zombie maps??? If it is that is awesome and i will definitely be buying.

  10. Can u talk about microtransactions practices abuse to the consumer..paying for the game n then dlc bs at the same time!

  11. This was an amazing video and watching stuff like this makes me angry that it won't get the views it deserves while a clickbait video with zero effort entitled "GTA 6 on RTX 2080" receives 6 million views.

  12. the fact that they have a window that shows the changes is a plus in my books. More games need to do this, allow you to see the changes as you make it rather than just clicking buttons and not knowing what it does and hope for the best.

  13. Gaming needs more content like this. Honest. Substantial. Let the content speak for itself. Digital foundry is doing excellent work and setting a golden standard for YouTube content and developer partnerships. Stay truthful, honest, and passionate and I will always recommend and watch these videos. Great work guys.. looking forward to playing this

  14. I love how the dev is subtly shitting on all the idiots who harp about how the engine is antiquated because it started off as a modified id Tech 3 many years ago.

  15. this was very boring video… please restrain from doing these ultra long videos just for marketing of games..because only thing i learned is that they "Will Deliver in Future !". PEACE 🙂

  16. Biggest issue for me while playing during the beta on PC was the low visibility. Couldn't see anything at a distance since it was very fuzzy and vegetation (trees, grass etc.) was very aliased even on 200% res scale and AA upped to max.

  17. so what treyarch are saying is that they might end up putting a Campaign into blacktops 4 after all because lets face it David never really said no did he so who knows it could happen in the future.

  18. great vid. It almost made me forget how COD is always such a frustrating experience. Still not buying it tho but thanks for the vid

  19. This was a bloody great video. i expected a dull advert for cod, but instead i got this. very informative. goes to show that call of duty's are not just half arsed games. it shows how much work and effort goes into a game. great video DF

  20. i get the feeling they where going to make a battlefield then BR came along xD they like oh we can use this for that.

  21. The big question is why remove features from the PC version like local multiplayer? Does it help sales on the PC? Does it make the experience worse?

  22. Looks like they really don't want the enlighten people to feel like this game is a console shooter but looking back at COD games on PC that still have a decent player base, they need to give players dedicated servers to host with mods since I don't think there would be another battle royale COD game for a while or one at all after this.

  23. Why the 181 dislikes? You never get to see in depth stuff like this, but of course the retards always find a way to bring negativity

  24. I know it's PR and all, but I really wish they would just be honest. There are enough reports, they were making a campaign, got stretched too thin, and something had to be cut. Great overall video though, that was very interesting to watch the more technical side discussion for the game.

  25. W8ting for DF frame rate test on the Pro, its has to be 60 fps @ 99% of the time in the Blackout mode, otherwise there will be no purchase…

  26. Whoa that team is so cringey. Talking about common game design tools like they invented it or something lol, the cheek.

  27. it would awesome if they can sell blackout alone for like 25 $ . im not sure about multi or zombies but Blackout i really enjoyed the Beta

  28. What I want to know is, will the game still have a playerbase a few months down the line. That's the main reason I don't buy call of duty anymore as I'm on pc and After a month or so the only thing you can play is TDM otherwise you've to wait ages for a game on another mode. And this time you can't even jump on the singleplayer to kill time as there is none..

  29. they switched to battlenet because activision doesn't have to share all the money on each copy they sell compared to selling on steam…

  30. Another amazing video. Digital Foundry is the best on the net and John is one of the best in the industry. Thank you!

  31. It kind of makes sense now why BO4 has so many problems atm. You have the dedicated console and dedicated PC teams, then each of those teams is likely split between MP, BO and Zombies. They simply bit off more than they could chew and now the entire experience is suffering for it.

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