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process and all things writerly and bookish Today I’m going to be talking about cliché
characters that often find themselves in YA novels
Number 1 the moody teenager now I understand some teenagers can be a little bit moody sometimes
but they’re not moody every single day unless they have some kind of other deeper problems
going on so why do we keep representing them in our YA novels
Number 2 the love triangle now I understand that this isn’t really a character trope
but since it involves characters I decided that I’d include it here anyway ok so I
actually enjoy this one except for the part where she always chooses the wrong character
*sigh* sigh but I understand it is super cliché but then again it doesn’t mean you can’t
love something just because it’s cliché number 3 the brooding bad boy now this
guy is super tall, super good looking, and he looks like a supermodel hence all the supers
but he’s extremely flawed and he has the emotional range of a teaspoon and that’s probably an overstatement can
we please stop promoting these unhealthy relationships you see this is why so many girls land up
dating so many bleh guys and this is why guys land up dating so many bleh girls I mean I get it we all deserve
our chance at love I’m not really sure why you’d want to but if you’re happy then
I’m fine with that I just can’t really relate anyways back to my main point it’s
not that healthy Number 4 the strong female character with
surrounding useless male characters this is just making the female look like she can only
be strong because she’s surrounded by useless men and why can’t we include strong female
characters and strong male characters in the same book
Number 5 the blind beauty now this one just makes me want to roll my eyes because seriously
why do we always have to have this character usually a female who just stares at herself
in a mirror or mopes in her bedroom all day or something to that effect where she feels
really sad because she’s really ugly and then in the end some guy comes along and tells
her that she’s pretty and then she realizes oh gee I’m so beautiful then again don’t
make her seem vain either because that’s a little bit awkward as well and I don’t
think many people will want to relate to that either
Well that’s it for now and I’m not sure if I’ll be doing a cliché video next week
I might do top five Wednesday because I really like the topic since I’m ending off my clichés
or a little while I’ll still bring them back again but since I’m just ending them
off for now I decided that I’d just say one little closing point about it you don’t
have to keep removing all the clichés from your book because basically everything has been
done before and if you try and twist and remove every single cliché you have then you’ll
probably land up with a very flat story because you didn’t use anything in your book and
then you’ll have nothing to talk about anything so this is just a few list of clichés that
are overused and ideas to twist some of them but just remember if your book has some of
them and you want to use them then go for it it’s not a rule and it’s your book
so always write what you’re happy with I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please
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11 thoughts on “5 Cliché Character Tropes in YA | by Mysteries of Writing

  1. The broody badboy is usually one side of the love triangle, with the sweet guy as the undesirable counterpoint.

  2. So many of these drive me crazy! I don't know which drives me the craziest…maybe the "only the main character is strong" one? You can have a powerful main character AND actually useful side-characters, but so many writers get tunnel vision on the character they want to look the coolest.

    Great list!

  3. I just found your channel and ahhhh it looks so helpful! Now I'm going to binge watch all your videos 😀

  4. I get why cliches work and you shouldn't remove all of them, but my favorite stories twist their genre cliches or remove almost all of them, and the plot is unpredictable as fck lmao (which is a good thing I guess? I love surprises in fiction)

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