5 feet high TRAVEL PORTRAITS!! 😱😃😍 Stéphanie Ledoux EXHIBITION w/ Maud Villaret

31 thoughts on “5 feet high TRAVEL PORTRAITS!! 😱😃😍 Stéphanie Ledoux EXHIBITION w/ Maud Villaret

  1. This type of art is so inspiring as an artist! Thank you for posting such beautiful works for those of us who live on the other side of the world.

  2. Beautiful work by both artists. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to seeing Stephanie’s travel journal.

  3. So inspiring, love how they incorporated the jewelry and fabric with the portraits. Thanks for sharing these artist's creations with us.

  4. Oooh, such a beautiful exhibition! I love Stéphanie Ledoux and seen photos of her exhibits but I didn't know about the collaboration with Maud Villaret. Those pieces are all wonderful. Stéphanie is such a beautiful person, you can tell by the soul in her portraits , I think. Thank you for this video, Anne-Laure! :-*

  5. Belle exposition ! C'est dommage j'étais à Paris du 8 au 12 janvier. J'aurai peut-être pu la voir 😂 snif !
    C'était quand ?

  6. Anne-Laure, I share your sentiments about museums. I agree that these ladies create the kind of art that is so dynamic and full of life, making this showing a departure from the typical museum experience.

  7. Oh WOW, what amazing work from both artist, but Stephanie works are absolutely FABULOUS, wish i was there to see it in person, just brilliant. Thanks so much for taking us with you 🤗

  8. So gorgeous, thank you very much for sharing with such wonderful video! Can't wait to see the sketchbook tour 🙂

  9. I have been a fan of Stephanie’s art work. It was very nice to see it up close in this video. I am very amazed at the time and patience that went into these pieces. The jewelry and fabrics and beads were really so complementary to the art , I never realized there was another artist involved. Good to see what 2 very talented people can do!

  10. Que c'est beau ! Je suis le travail de Stephanie Ledoux sur internet depuis quelques années. Mais vu comme ça, c'est encore plus fabuleux. Grand merci pour ce généreux partage. Et bien sûr pour la découverte (en ce qui me concerne) du travail de Maud Villaret.

  11. Thank you Anne Laure for this beautiful video. Have you shared also the full flip through video of her sketchbook? I could not find it. Thanks a lot!

  12. Hello Anne Laure , have you already released the video with Stephanie’s sketchbook tour? Her art with you interesting interpretation and commentary will be such a good combination! Looking forward! Xx

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