– [Baz] We are sorted, a
group of mates from London, exploring the newest and best in the world of food whilst trying to have
a few laughs along the way. (laughter) We’ve got chefs, we’ve got normals, and a whole world of
stuff for you to explore, but everything we do starts with you. (upbeat music) Hi everyone, I’m Mike, this is Ben. And today we get our lunch on, like luncheon, lunch on. Oh. That’s no normal sausage. I’m so happy. Oh wow. (guitar music) It’s lunch time, we’re hungry, and right now we’re in
Carnaby in Central London. In an area that’s next to one of the busiest streets in Europe. So the question is, can we
find amazing, interesting, independent places for lunch,
in teams and on a budget. The team to get bets value for money and with the most budget at the end wins. We’ve got a three hour time limit. Three, two, one, go. (horn goes off) Baz has actually found someone
who works round the corner who’s recommended Mother Mash for proper British grub. So the menu is split into three steps. Choose your mash, choose
your main, choose your gravy. Drinks don’t count in our budget do they? – [Mike] We have to
pay for them ourselves. That’s fine, I’m not gonna
choose at all we have, I’ll leave this up to
the fate of the waitress. – [Waitress] Champ mash,
steak pie with farmer’s gravy. Thank you very much. – [Mike] How you feeling ahead of this? God save the Queen. (upbeat music) Crunchy pie, and a beautiful oozy middle. I don’t know if I’ve been this
excited for a plate of food for a long time. The fiber of that beef is so pull-aparty, it’s amazing. I don’t know what just happened, but they just brought
over a cheeky sausage. Just to clarify, we didn’t
pay for that sausage, it just turned up. (upbeat music) That’s no normal sausage! I’m living the dream. (kaching) (upbeat music) Oh hiya. This place started as
a dinner party at home, served for twelve guests, and it’s supposed to be one
of the best places to eat in the whole Carnaby area. Proper home cooked Indian food and Asma was the first British chef on the Chef’s Table series. (hip hop music) can I get a curry leaf martini? Thank you. You do lunch very differently from me. (upbeat music) Thank you. The calcutta chicken is cooked on the bones, the chicken is so much
more moist than it would to be cooked off the bone. And the sauce is so rich and thick, plus you get a crunch
form the almonds on top. It’s great. The texture of the chickpeas, they’re almost like
spherical lumps of humus, they’re so perfectly and well cooked, they just dissolve. The crunch comes from
all those bits on top. But also as you can probably tell, quite a bit of kick. There’s no kick. Second place recommended to us is in KinglyCourt. KinglyCourt is in the middle of Carnaby. It’s a square of amazing
restaurants gathered together across three floors. They’re amazing food all in one place. We’ve been told to come to The Rum Kitchen which is on the second floor. We asked about what we should get, they said we should get the proper jerk which is 13.95 and then they also said that we should get have
some fries with that, Cassava fries. – [Mike] What have you done? I have taken liberty of the rule that drinks aren’t included in the price. It’s delicious, try it. Oh wow, it’s basically like
the same texture as potato but it’s just a little bit more
starchy and tastes sweeter. The sauce they served
it with is a ginger mayo and that sounds like an obvious thing, but then until you try it you realize you’ve never ever thought of that combination
before and it’s amazing, and I’ll be stealing that in the future. So this is chicken that has been covered in a jerk seasoning so that crispy skin is
full of all that spice, and it smells unbelievable and it tastes amazing. (rock music) Carnaby is one of those
really iconic areas of London that’s really well known for fashion and for food, and people tend to think that
it’s just one long street. Actually it’s made up of
fourteen different streets and it’s a whole area
that is absolutely buzzing with incredible stuff. – [Baz] Another cool thing is
that loads of the restaurants, cafe’s, bars and pubs in Carnaby have pledged to eliminate
single use plastics, reduce waste and source
only sustainable sea food as part of the Blue Turtle mark, run in collaboration with Project Zero. Paper straws, I like that. Paper straw, Blue Turtle. Right, off of that
recommendation on the street, we’ve come to Pastaio who apparently do incredible hand made pasta, and, what I think ‘Ebbers’ is
actually more excited about, prosecco slushies. (upbeat music) Awh.
That’ll do. We’ve decided to go big. To begin, the spinach
spaghetti with rocket and some crushed chilis, and we’re gonna go for a
little salad of watermelon, tomato and delicious bits. (upbeat music) This has worked out well for everyone. First off, before I even put
this anywhere near my mouth, an overpowering smell of garlic. I’m just getting the most
amazing garlic and oil smell. But you also get that crunch from those breadcrumbs, and I don’t just mean
like, bleated up bread. It’s been so finely diced and it’s crispy and it’s delicious, and a slight warmth of chili, but not like an overpowering kick. (upbeat music) Chili. Feta and watermelon is such a classic mix. Sweet and salty, we know that works. You’ve also got all the
aromas of the fresh mint, with that kick of chili, and the oil, which is almost
fruit in it’s own way. (upbeat music) Two down and after that rum, no surprise, I’m feeling
pretty good like I was saying. (upbeat music) Gemma’s recommended a cornflake brownie which was the same as Michelle who recommended this place to us, so that’s surely got to mean a good thing. Look at that sticky,
glistening cornflakes on top of a beautifully dense, chewy brownie. (upbeat music) Oh my God. The cornflakes are sticky,
crunchy, beautiful caramel. That is unbelievable. That’s one of the most delicious sweet things I’ve ever eaten. The next person who walks into
a shop needs to have this, so I don’t care if it’s out the budget or out of my own money, I’ll go and leave one of
these behind the counter so that they just give
it to the next person. People need to know about that. (jazz music) James has piped up on Twitter again, he’s still banging on about Bread Ahead. – [Jamie] James loves Bread Ahead. I mean, he’s got a point,
we should definitely go. It’s fair to say our
friends at Bread Ahead make excellent doughnuts, but we’ve done that before. I feel like we should explore. I’m erring towards the
cinnamon cream cheese buns. I wanna get some bread pudding ’cause I like the story. It all looks too good. (upbeat music) (laughs) Look at that. There’s no unmessy way to do this. – [Ben] Go for it. (upbeat music) Oh yes. Cheers.
Cheers. That might be the stickiest, softest, sweetest cinnamon
bun I’ve ever had. But it’s still got that kind
of fattiness of cream cheese which is so much more
indulgent than even an icing. This one might need a fork. Bread pudding is a very
classic traditional recipe to use up leftover bread. So at somewhere like Bread Ahead, there’s lots of leftover, this is kind of using it the next day with butter and dried fruit, and it’s a war time
classic that tastes great. (upbeat music) (box rips) Oh no. (laughter) I thought we’d fallen through the box. This is why they serve
things on plated usually. It’s delicious. Imagine that served with
a little bit of custard. I like custard. It’s all of those kind of spices you associate with
almost Christmas pudding and it makes leftover
bread taste incredible. Half an hour to go, we’re at Inko Nito which
is a Japanese restaurant with Korean influences. The place is amazing. It looks really cool inside. They’ve got a Japanese grill
in the middle of the restaurant so you can see them cooking. Tonkatsu, Japanese BBQ sauce, hello. It’s like BBQ sauce with a
proper citrusy tang at the end and it’s delicious. I’ve never had fried
chicken, chili and yogurt. That’s a really good combination. This is perfect. That’s another thing I’m gonna steal. This is a Japanese grilled cheese “sando”. It’s not what I expected
when it turned up, but it looks fan-flipping-tastic. They’ve taken the dough off the dumplings, flattened them out and deep fried those and used that as the
bread to your sandwich. It doesn’t smell of Japan. It smells Italian because
it’s got truffle oil in it. It’s got a lot of it in there. It’s the most dominating flavor there, is truffle oil. There’s so much of the mellow, you get the sweetness
of this Japanese sauce and the richness of that braised beef. They’ve redefined what a grilled
cheese sandwich should be. We’re in Senor Ceviche which I think directly
translates to Mr Ceviche. Our maths says we only have ten pounds left to spend on food today. I love Peruvian food, I love Ceviche. Let’s get this one. Can we have the Nikkei Ceviche? Yellowfin tuna, sea bass,
a longoustine cracker, tobiko and tiger milk. I’ve never tried to milk a tiger before but I’m guessing it’s not that easy to do. Tiger’s milk is the
broth, kind of marinade they use to cure the fish, and what’s left at the end of the bowl you just slurp up and it’ll take over your
whole face with sensation. Told you it would. It took over my face. Ceviche is one of those
ones that gets your nose the moment it comes to the table because it is tangy and spicy and citrusy and so good, Can’t take him anywhere. Don’t waste the tiger’s milk. (upbeat music) Great recommendation of Twitter because I’ve actually been
wanting to come here for years. It’s like a cross between Tel Aviv food, New York bagel bases and
the food on Montreal. Work that one out. Do I even need to say finally, or? Hello.
Hello. In three, two, one. Shall we look at them? (cheering) There we go. Not a lot in it. That’s just as satisfying though. One of the places that were recommended were Crumbs and Doilies off
of Cupcake Gemma who owns it. So, she kind of gave us everything and we ate there for free. I think moral victory lies with you guys. Technically we still won. Technically we still won. So Barry and Mike might
have spent 2.50 less than us but they also got some stuff for free. You’ve seen both of out journeys, so comment down below and let us know who do you think got better
value for their money. Ben and Jay, Baz and Mike. I’m looking forward to
watching this video back and seeing what these two got up to, but I know for a fact that
we had an amazing time, and if you’re in London you can too. The whole Carnaby area is jam packed with awesome foodie places and I promise you if you come explore it you’ll have as good a time as we did. [All] Cheers. – [Baz] Should we keep eating? – [Ben] I mostly want to come for pita. – [Jamie] Oh my goodness,
this is delicious. I also forgot, one other thing, we got a free sausage. (laughter) We did get a free sausage. And we’d like to say a
big thank you to Carnaby who helped sort all of that out for us, plus, don’t forget if
you’re in the Carnaby area or in fact in London in general, make sure if you’re a club member you have got the Sorted
Eat app downloaded. It’s full of recommendations
and offers and perks for experiences in and around the area. And not just London, all over the world. And not only that, but us and Carnaby are offering up an amazing competition where you and some of your friends could win meal on the house. If you want to enter,
follow us on Instagram, follow Carnaby on Instagram and you can find all the details down below in the description box. It’s a proper prize, it’s one
I want to be able to enter. I can’t enter. You can’t because of the influences. (energized music) Again, all the dads seem
to be taking holidays because it’s the summer. Yeah. I’ve started telling
people about the importance of eating dried grapes. Interesting. It’s all about raisin awareness. Mm-hm. (laughs) Kind of saw that one coming. Boom! – [Baz] As we’ve mentioned, we don’t just make top quality YouTube videos. – [Jamie] Lol! – [Baz] We’ve built the Sorted Club where we use the best things we’ve learnt to create stuff that’s
hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers. Check it out if you’re interested, thank you for watching and
we’ll see you in a few days. (beep) I’ve done a good job
with these chopsticks. Look at how shaky I am. (laughter)

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