6 INSANE Melee Weapons Battlefield 1 Could Add With Apocalypse DLC

Battlefield 1’s Apocalypse DLC is supposed
to feature brutal tools and unique weapons. For me, some of the most interesting weapons
are the game’s melee options. There are a few compelling hand to hand weapons
DICE could add with apocalypse, so lets take a look at 6 of them. First up is the Robbins Dudley push-dagger,
or “punch knife.” This easy to use bladed weapon with its unique
looks was a favorite among British troops. The design placed the blade between the middle
and index finger, with a metal guard to protect most of the fingers and ensure a solid grip. DICE doesn’t really have a melee weapon
in Battlefield 1 that works in the same way. The punching animations are some of my favorite
in-game, and we haven’t had any new weapons of this type in quite a while. Next up is the gauntlet knife. This device works in much the same manner
as the push-dagger, but is armored and definitely qualifies as an improvised World War I weapon. Little is known about the gauntlet, but it
would make a compelling addition to Battlefield 1. My only concern is how it would work in-game,
as it completely encapsulates the hand, making weapon use impossible. Still, it looks cool and fits what we’ve
come to expect for Apocalypse. Similarly, I’d really like to see more blunt
weapons added with the new DLC, and I think proper Brass Knuckles would suit the expansion
well. The weapon protects the fingers and focuses
the force of the blow. Brass knuckles were a simple but nasty tool
employed by soldiers in the trenches. If you’re doubtful of their effectiveness,
brass knuckles are banned in over 20 countries, and are illegal in several U.S. States. DICE could also bring more mace weapons to
Battlefield 1 – specifically the ball and chain type. The weapon looks positively medieval, but
did find its way to the trenches. This new mace design seems likely, since developers
have actually featured it in concept art for Battlefield 1. It might be a bit harder to manage from a
physics perspective for developers, but it would certainly be different from the other
mace weapons in Battlefield 1. For other melee weapons, Battlefield 1 has
only one two-handed melee weapon – the massive Trench Mace for the Trench Raider Elite. DICE could add a common sight in the trenches
as a potential melee weapon with a pair of barbed wire cutters. [Cutters already appear on character models
in game, so why not also implement them as a melee weapon?] do they? Heavy and blunt, the tool would have made
a practical and fearsome weapon if needed by soldiers, similar to shovels. I can see it with a slow speed, but extended
melee range in-game. Naturally, it would of course have the ability
to cut barbed wire in Battlefield 1. Lastly, another two-handed weapon that I’d
love to see in-game is the fearsome trench pike. Sometimes manufactured for the trenches and
at other times improvised, most trench pikes measured about four feet in length with a
sharp blade on the end. This might seem like a crude weapon, but in
the mud of the trenches, it was less unwieldy than a rifle and 100 percent reliable. If it’s added, I’d really like to see
the trench pike bring something new to Battlefield 1, rather than just a simple melee animation. If the player could use the pike with a bayonet
charge mechanic, that would be really cool. This would give players the option to remove
the bayonet from their weapons, preserving a faster ADS time. Such a mechanic would have to be balanced
in some way, so perhaps it could take longer to spin-up a charge with the pike, or it could
take longer to switch to back to your weapon after the charge. You might not be a fan of the bayonet charge
mechanic in Battlefield 1, but I’d like to point out no gun in the support class can
mount a bayonet, so it’d be nice to offer support players the ability, though not without
tradeoffs. The trench pike in Battlefield 1 also might
be more likely than you think. The weapon actually appears in concept art
for the game, which certainly looks like it could be featured in Apocalypse. What are your thoughts on these potential
melee weapons for Battlefield 1? What would you like to see added with the
game’s final DLC? Tell me
in the comments.

100 thoughts on “6 INSANE Melee Weapons Battlefield 1 Could Add With Apocalypse DLC

  1. So here's my plan gauntlet glove right hand auto revolver left hand as it can be loaded one handed with a moon loader and here's the kicker it's a elite class sprint boost maybe permanent gas mask

  2. I love to take dog tags lol. This was great video! I wish they would give us the option to remove the bayonet in game instead in the loadout. I've been wanting that for a long time lol. Just like rifle grenade animations…then if we could remove the bayonet it could become a mele weapon. What do y'all think?

  3. I've still only got one of the puzzle unlocks since the game was released. Rank 103 and all I've got is the sawtooth. Piss take that system.

  4. Really enjoying these speculative videos man, out of your list there I personally would love to see the brass knuckles and/or the trench pike added I agree it would be interesting to see the support class have a weapon that could bayonet charge. Something I would like to see added in Apocalypse? That's actually a tough one, there's not much out there that could be added that hasn't already been added or previously been talked about, maybe something you wouldn't expect like a broken length of duckboard, or perhaps just a plain old brick. If I was to get "fancy" perhaps they could add the 1907 Wilkinson sword bayonet, it wouldn't be hard as it's already in the game as the bayonet for the Lee Enfield No.1 Mk.III, Dice could reuse the asset and perhaps the same animation as the sabre or the Naval Cutlass. It would be interesting and not outlandish or strange to add. I get that it's a bit boring of a choice but having a blade 17" long is no laughing matter.

  5. I hope we get more gadgets, I would want more of them than melee weapons. Melee weapons in BF1 have no real diversity in stats or animations, they fall into blunt, dagger, and sword.

  6. Really, I hope in the Apocalypse DLC they introduce the Jam Tin grenades the soldiers used during the Gallipoli Campaign, they were improvised and could serve as unique alternative to the other grenades. Maybe they'd do more damage but in a smaller radius. They would fit nicely within this DLC.

  7. The most wanted melee weapon I'm sure is the rifle butt. Personally I'm a big fan of the eastern woodland club, native american.

  8. I love your channel, man. Very well done videos, you also sound very professional. Just discovered you the other day, keep up great the work!

  9. Nice work Flakfire. Possible maps, vehicles, weapons and melee weapons. What about the possible game modes?
    I hope The DICE recreate the CTF and Gun Master game modes with WW1 weapons.

  10. What if the gauntlet knife thing becomes an elite class, one on each hand, no range weapons, but no sprint cool down, can run and turn faster than normal

  11. The gauntlet knife could be an elite class with the wire cutters and the pike it could clear a path and take out any strong enemies

  12. Great video, Flakfire! I found a few more melee weapons that may peak your interest!
    1. Cattle Prod
    2. Bernhard Heine's osteotome (vintage chainsaw!)
    3. McAdam Shield Shovel
    4. 1873 Trowel bayonet (Shovel/bayonet combo)
    5. 1846 Postførerverge Knife-Pistol
    6. Vanderlip Pocket Bayonet periscope (periscope for a bayonet XD)
    7. Butter knife- Easter egg for novelty use
    8. Pritchard bayonet for Webley Mark IV revolver

  13. Something else that would be interesting as a melee weapon would the bolts from most SMGs and the T-Gewehrs bolt since they are massive chunks of steel!

  14. I dont think they will add the trench pike as a standard melee weapon for all classes cuz it is too unique in terms of how it would be balanced or animations, ect. It would however be perfect as an alternative weapon for the trench raider (two handed, one hit kill with unique animations) on the whatever maps they add for Apocalypse, kinda like how the villar perosa is an alternative weapon for the sentry class on some maps.

  15. What if DICE put dismemberment animations for the melee weapons in the apocalypse dlc it would show how brutal hand to hand combat was during WW1 but that would probably take a lot of work to implement into the game but it could happen ?

  16. It would be awesome if DICE made an animation were your soldier would grab the enemy's chin, then pull it up and punch the enemy in the throat with one of those potential punching spike weapons. DICE, PLEASE!!

  17. Screw that, if I can't run around with a two-handed Celtic sword like I'm a freakin scot or Irishman, I will be disappointed.

  18. okay I got an idea for a gamemmode they should make for apocalypse called "Hell" or something. It's just straight up trench warfare. At the beginning of the game each team starts in a trench across a decent sized no mans land and there are two other trenches further back behind the defenders. The attackers start with a single battalion of 100. At the beginning both teams control artillery guns (basically mortars) to try and take out enemies. Every player gets one shot and once all players are finished (or 20 seconds passes) the attacking team must charge across no mans land and attack and control the opposing trench which is guarded with stationary MGs and barbed wire. Defenders that are killed cannot respawn until the game moves to the next trench. The cycle repeats until the attackers take the third and final trench, or the defenders kill all 100 attackers. They could also add other factors like tanks or field guns and whatnot for certain maps or make everyone use bolt-action rifles

  19. Another weapon that could be AWSOME would be 'dirty hands' the ability to drop your rifle and sprint around with your fists waving around. I'd imagine it would be a 3-4 hit kill, but have the fastest melee speed and executions in the game.
    Executions for the weapon could be as follows:
    [Standing – from behind] neck break.
    [Standing – from infront] one, two combo to the face and throat.
    [Standing – from the sides] break their leg with a downwards kick and follow up with a collar grab and punch to the nose.
    [When prone – from behind] Drop to the ground and clamber over them, turn them over and pick up and rock to bash their face in.
    [When prone – from the sides] ram their face into the floor repeatedly, followed by a swift downwards kick to the back of the neck.
    [When prone – from in front] Kick weapon out of their hands and follow up with a dive on them to strangle / choke, while punching the face.
    [Crouching – from the side] Grab back of the head and ram your knee into their face while bringing it forward.
    [Crouching – from behind] Reach over their head from behind, put their neck under your right arm and break while lifting.
    [Crouching – from in front] A heavy forwards Spartan kick to the face with the flat of your boot, followed by diving on them to finish with a one, two, three combo to the face and throat.

    Let me know what you guys think, I know their all brutal but that's the idea of the Apocalypse DLC, and this level of brutality would let Dice release their inner mad scientists when it come to how far they could take it. It would an a whole new experience too, something new to battlefield 1.

  20. A medical bonesaw be neat. Also in my opinion, I think this DLC needs to go full metal. Hell on Earth, mud and blood, and a demonic gothic atmosphere.

    (Just the right amount bare in mind)

  21. This is a lil off topic

    But for a vehicle they should add a tachanka (тачанка)

    It's a 2 horse cart with a mashine gun in the back!

    Unfortunately the only ones that's used it were the Russians most likely…

  22. New elite class, their right arm has a gauntlet knife which is an instant kill and the left arm could hold an automatic pistol, the two gadgets could be ammo bag and barbed wire. It would be a covert elite which does not show up in an enemy objective but will only show up on the map.

  23. what about the massive claymore swords brought to the front by scottish regiments, bf1 could use a giant two handed sword

  24. yea im down for the barbed wire cutters …. then I can use the obrez pistol with it … any fan of the manga pumpkin scissors would understand >:D


    1- Rock
    2- Bare fist
    3- Scrap Metal
    4- Gauntlet Dagger
    5- Push Dagger
    6- Brass Knuckles
    7- Ball and chain mace
    8- Barbed Wire Cutters
    9- Trench Pike
    10- Trench Saw
    11- Nail Bat

  26. BF1 could go the COD route and allow a loadout where the primary is disabled if you use the gauntlet knife and you carry a pistol around with it, and make the gauntlet knife a one hit kill.

  27. Half of them can use new punching animations if DICE decided to add them.
    It'd be cool to see fist/claw weapons in BF1.

  28. I agree with the bayonet removing mechanic because in real life you can edit also if they did they could make it so You run faster with it off maybe??

  29. It would be cool to see the return of the trench raider elite class for this dlc without players needing the french dlc. The trench raider could use the gauntlet dagger instead of the trench mace

  30. really cool tools you found there..i'd love to see that punching knife i would totally use it,right know the only knife i use is kukri and its because it doesnt has that boring animation of the other knifes.if DICE really wants to go brutal with this dlc they should add at least add a few of these melee's that you suggested.

  31. I really hope they introduce new takedown animations. The puzzle piece weapons would be so much more interesting if they had unique animations.

  32. New elite kit idea: I haven't come up with a name but what it will be is a trench raider type of elite but dual wielding a one-hit gauntlet dagger and an M1911 or a P08 depending on the team. Less range than the trench club, but a better pistol and dual wield. It will have a flare gun, ammo crate and gas grenades

  33. Those sound absolutely fantastic. I would use every single one. A punching animation would be so neat to see. The mace is by far my favorite of the ones you listed though. It would be so brutal. Currently the dud club is my favorite melee weapon. I hope they add more weird/interesting ones in the future. @flakfire

  34. Make the pike a secondary weapon to balance it. I really want to see just the stock of a broken rifle used as a melee weapon.

  35. Hammer (very simple), katar dagger (very brutal), Austro-Hungarian pilot dagger (beautiful craftsmanship), wakizashi-katana (western-japanese style military sword) (very interesting).

  36. A rock would be the definition of improvised weapon. You could pick it up from the ground, and hit someone repeatedly with it, like in the intro for Storm of Steel.

  37. You know the knife animation where you stab the dude in the side then punch him in the face? Imagine that with the gauntlet dagger.

  38. I feel they should make another trench raider similar to two types of sentry. I say the right hand for the trench raider would be a gaunlet knife and his left hand carry a revolver.

  39. Good idea for using trench pike as a bayonet charge but also I think they should put martial art tactic for using the trench pike.

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