100 thoughts on “6 Taco Bell Employees Assault Man, Girlfriend

  1. Lmao i use to work at restaraunts as a cook.. Real restaraunts, and i always said it… I'm a man first and a cook second! White people like this are aleays like "well i payed MY money"…"my hard earned money"…money money money, i dont have to treat them like humans, i payed money..do ur job!! Haha FUCK U! First of all, they need to realize that those people really dont give a fuck about that shitty job. Dont treat people less than human. Now they're crying…figures. I bet he was talking real tough in front of his gf smh. Welp!! Lesson learned i guess

  2. Bet you he was drunk and talkin shit should have just shut the fuck up ordered his food and waited for his food

  3. So let me get this straight they were violent the first time and these are the same people that were violent the second time and Taco Bell new that Taco Bell needs to give a blank check to the guy and his girlfriend and just shut this case up

  4. It's called black racism. Where are all the Jussie Smollett Defenders calling this an act of Shame?

  5. idiot reporter, that was assault by six people on one man and one woman, it is not a fight. those pos should be charged with felony aggravated assault.

  6. You have to arrest people that do this – you can't assault a customer – that's completely out of control & holds no place in a civilized society. It doesn't matter how much verbal abuse the customer is throwing – tell them to get out, contact authorities, etc but if you lack the emotional control & maturity to deal with the situation with some intelligence & resort to gang-beating the customer you should never be employed in customer service & you should pay the civil & legal penalties for your rash & irresponsible actions

  7. What provoked the attack? The customers are White and how dare they ask the black employees what's taking so long. Maybe Taco Bell should send all their employees to 'diversity and tolerance school' like Starbucks did?

  8. This is very bad I think they owe everyone in America a 20 dollar gift card do letting this happen I think they train there employees to do this. All of America will be waiting for our gift cards taco bell so get on it now

  9. Forget it i found it lets all call and see how the training is going and why they couldn't train them right the first time 1-215-925-1037

  10. Safety tip…. don’t go into a fast food place with HOOD people and get try to get nasty! The guy was annoyed about the wait and went on a rant against the employees. The “victim” forgot that this wasn’t his usual suburban Taco Bell where everyone says “ I want to speak to the manager “ and all is solved. People pick your battles wisely.
    Same thing happened at a Burger King I used to go to as a kid. The guy walked in there and got annoyed over onion rings taking so long. After a while of making a scene and belittling the Bk crew he made the mistake of getting nose to nose with an employee and ended up getting a double whopper beat down. No one helped him becuase he was asking for it….. wise up people, if you’re looking for trouble you will find it. I always take my issues and they do a way better job than any manger on sight or employee on handling the situation.

  11. You can't be afraid to lose your mind when you love amongst Africans. Enough with the "civilized" bullshit people are too civilized no tolerance for bovine humans

  12. Dee: Hey guys, I'm hungry…let's all go get some tacos.
    Dennis: Are you joking you stupid bird,Taco Bell is like America's dumpster.
    Dee: I'll have you know Taco Bell in Philadelphia only hires the most hard-working, upstanding citizens…

    (Always Sunny theme plays)
    "The Gang Gets Beat Up at Taco Bell."

  13. I can just imagine what went down. Store was packed, they're getting really backed up, and homeboy starts running his mouth. He ends up challenging an employee or two, thinking they're not going to do anything to lose their jobs. To his astonishment none of the employees gave a fuck. I would like to see store video, of what went down inside. He just looks like a dude that would talk shit. Now acting like he don't know where any of that came from. Just a guess.

  14. I'm remembering Rodney King:" Why cant we all just get along?" Because Rodney, multiculturalism doesn't work. AND I've seen it in the comments section several times already: if this had been white boys beating down a black man, holy hell, it would be reported 24/7 for months & months, the national black caucus would parade him around the Capital, Don Lemon would be off his rocker, Barack would adopt him as the son he never had and Chris Matthews would be having that tingle up his leg again. The double standard makes me want to puke.

  15. I seen the guy that night and was there for the fight he was in toxicated and was talking shit in my store before going there and was on chestnut after and old head was definitely yelling yeah imma get paid after looking for a check he definitely lying and also a whole staff ain’t beating ya ass for no reason

  16. Not to mention the guy who recorded the ppl was with the ppl who were attacked if they were lashing out don’t you think he’d be attacked too

  17. Honestly, from a foreigner, it is AMAZING, really AMAZING how rude customers are specially in fast food restaurants in America, they buy a 1 USD burger and treat the clerks as slaves… this is not normal, this doesn’t happen all over the world

  18. Some contribute some don't. It's that way with every segment of the population. The problem is that the small worthless group gets most of the attention and brings down the stereotype of the rest.

  19. Nothing by CNN or MSNBC … the victims were WHITE so it doesn't count as racism in their eyes – or there is some sort of justifiable reason for white people to be beaten.

  20. Diversity is strength…until you ask how. Blacks (scientifically) have zero impulse control. Fucking wild animals.

  21. I see a black woman employee beating down a white man while another black man employee holds the white man down. is this a racial hate crime ? is their race important to mention on the news. A black man walked into a white church in Tennesee and shot dead several white people a few months ago in Tennesee …it was not on the news . was that a race hate crime ? why was that story not on the national news ? why isn't this ? why was the white mans friend filming instead of trying to stop the fight ?

  22. Close the store. Throw the employees in jail, take this for what it is.

    The “franchisee” needs to be thrown out.

  23. I have a serious question. Im not from Philadelphia but is there a race war going on there? I only ask because of the comments in response to the video.

    #TacoBell top often has thugs working for them!!
    #adiosTacoBell we dumped your thug filled restaurant & will NOT return!! 💩🌯🌮🚾

  25. After you tweet Taco Bell (racist thug employee's beating white couple) that you won't ever return to #TacoBell thug land, enjoy watching award winning author #ColinFlaherty YT channel's that show the truth (the media buries) about high black on non black crimes!! Channel's #TheFlahertyFiles #BarrelTap . 2 of his books are titled from actual statements by black criminals as they attacked white people!😟🙏 #DontMakeTheBlackKidsAngry #WhiteGirlBleedALot .🤬
    #TacoBellHell #SueTheHellOutOfTacoBell !🚨🤬

  26. Must be some slow ass workers. Six people got time to jump someone but not make the food orders fast enough. I could careless that they jumped the dude because he probably deserved it too.

  27. Where are the national headlines? “6 Blacks Attack a White Couple.” Oh that’s right. They’re white.

  28. Something about what he is saying don't sound right. Since we only got to see what was shown but if the whole crew jumped on him and his girlfriend, what was really said to tick them off?

  29. I wonder how many of those workers were illegal alien pieces of sh#t..I'd tell Taco Bell that they can add 6 zeros to that 20 dollars….and demand they jail every employee there

  30. I hope not only that they get fired but they got arrested and I hope those customers sued Taco Bell for at least a million dollars I would have

  31. Anybody that has ever worked fast food especially Taco Bell knows how annoying and aggressively stupid customers can be. Avoid these problems, stay home and cook

  32. Oh look, a racially motivated attack that isn't being rioted over or even investigated as such. Ohhh, I see, it's black on white, that makes it ok..👌

  33. So many cry baby whites in the comments. You just getting what every other race has got for years. I swear whites are the biggest bitches and whiners in the world.

  34. No one needs to hear your tone and mouth just cause your the customer. Un provoked my ass what it is is you think you can run your mouth and say whatever you want and when you get your ass beat for it mr bad ass runs to the cops crying bout how he got his ass beat

  35. not cool I would fire everyone involved in attacking the customer and then I would give the customer free meals for a year.

  36. Philly is full of racism. Black are full of hate towards whites. Absolutely full of hate and fanned by Democrats

  37. Can we see the accused faces? If this was white workers hitting black folks I think the media would be reacting differently!

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