6 Things That Are OP In SoloQ But SUCK In LCS

What’s up guys it’s me Jeremy! The meta is something that is often solved
by pro players then emulated by your average player in ranked, that’s why you tend to
see new champions pop up in ranked pretty soon after it has debuted in the LCS. It’s a natural part of the competitive ecosystem
for a lot of games, but it does have a pretty big drawback—players often don’t realise
that a lot of success can be found by doing the opposite. It’s important to remember that the game
differs pretty fundamentally at the pro level, so a lot of champions and strategies that
fail completely against professional players are actually kinda devastating against less
experienced ones. Today we’re going to go over some of these
strategies that will work way better in Solo Queue than they do in the LCS! The first thing we wanna cover today is something
you’ll be used to seeing in grindy metas, but they disappear entirely when games are
more snowbally. We’re talking about late game champions,
well known for their ability to stall out and became unstoppable powerhouses as the
game goes on. Riot balances champions based on whether they
are suited to fighting early or scaling up over time, usually by giving them either high
base damages or high ratios. While a lot of players opt for early game
champions for the advantage in the laning phase, this is actually a lot less powerful
in Solo Queue for one simple reason; people aren’t very good at closing out games. This is more of a problem the lower ELO you
are, but it can happen all the way from Bronze to Diamond. At the end of the day, playing Solo Queue
means a team of 5 random players are thrown together, and they just don’t have the level
of coordination that professional teams possess. Even if one team is far ahead of the other
in Solo Queue, games will tend to drag on way longer than they have to because teams
struggle to play aggressively as a group and force objectives. As a result, late game champions have the
opportunity to scale up, so whether they were on the losing or winning team, they have a
better chance at closing out the game. This never really happens in pro games, because
late game champions will be targeted and exploited for that early game weakness, and the game
will be over before you know it. A lack of organisation will be a bit of a
recurring theme today, but it’s one of the key differences between professional and casual
play. Our next OP strategy for Solo Queue is invading—although
you do occasionally see invasion strategies being employed by pro teams in some metas,
it’s far more powerful in Solo Queue because players are a lot more disorganized. For the attacking team, all it takes is for
one player to suggest your team to group up and invade together, and you’ve almost guaranteed
to win a fight, since the defending team would have to expect it to be able to counter it,
and that doesn’t usually happen in ranked. Even if you don’t stumble open the perfect
5v3 fight with the invade, you can often catch someone afk or simply not paying attention,
and that is sometimes all it takes to give your team a pretty significant advantage. The same thing applies to solo invades—if
you’re playing an early game jungler or even a mid lane assassin, wandering into the
enemy jungle to pick off their jungler can be a huge swing in your team’s favor thanks
to the gold, experience and the pressure you take away from other laners on your team. It’s always good fun to see professionals
like Faker pull off insane plays with mechanically difficult champions, but it’s important
to remember that champion difficulty isn’t a big deal to pros because they are good enough
to play anything. This just isn’t the case for your average
player, and picking complex champions leaves much more room for error because you have
so many other things to keep track of. On the other hand, playing easy champions
allows you to stay focused on the game because you won’t make as many mistakes. Riot doesn’t typically balance champions
to be more powerful just because they are more difficult to play, so playing easier
champions will make it more likely for you to play that character to it’s max potential. Although you could argue playing more skill-intensive
champions is more fun, if your goal is to climb the ladder, you’ll probably find way
more success by using easier champions and focusing on your macro play rather than trying
to win through mechanics alone. Champions like Annie are really good in this
regard—she doesn’t have complicated ability combos, but packs everything you need in a
mage’s kit, like high damage, point-and-click crowd control and even a method to manage
your mana so you never find yourself unable to cast spells. Despite her simple playstyle, she is consistently
above a 50% win rate regardless of what the League metagame looks like. It’s not only the mid lane where you can
exploit easier champions, every role has powerful and simple picks to choose from. For example, Garen top or Warwick jungle keep
things simple but are often powerhouses on the Rift. Like invading, splitpushing is another strategy
that is typically more powerful in Solo Queue than in the LCS. Players often have little to no idea how to
deal with splitpushing, and it’s very easy to ignore or commit too many players to dealing
with an enemy splitpusher. A splitpushing champion can very easily take
down multiple towers or even break open the enemy base by sneaking an inhibitor kill,
so it’s really quite powerful if you have the right champion for the job. Keep in mind that splitpushing champions are
usually good duellists too, so if the enemy team only sends one player to deal with the
splitpush, you can often pick up a free kill and continue splitpushing anyway. There’s a lot of risks attached to splitpush
strategies though, so make sure you have a good idea of when you should be retreating
or joining back up with your team, rather than just constantly splitpushing and hoping
it works out. It’s also important to keep in mind that
your team also has a bit less of an idea of how to play with a splitpusher too, so if
you plan to use this strategy, make sure you communicate your intentions to your team before
executing it. We’d also recommend using an easier champion
like in the previous tip if you are new to splitpushing, because it can be hard to focus
on perfecting the strategy when you are playing a mechanically intense champion. That makes champions like Tryndamere or Master
Yi really good for learning to splitpush, and then you can start learning more complex
characters like Fiora once you have got the strategy down. As we talked about at the start, the meta
is usually figured out by pro players and then trickles down to the ranked queues from
the LCS. Although champions are off-meta, pro players
still understand their weaknesses and how to exploit or counter them. In Solo Queue on the other hand, the advantage
from playing a champion that people aren’t used to playing against goes a reasonably
long way. In some scenarios, this advantage is big enough
to be worth picking the off-meta champion over its meta counterpart. This is never going to be the case in pro
play because as we mentioned earlier, they know how to counter every champion and they
know exactly why one champion is meta while another isn’t, but it’s a strategy that
you can employ in solo queue with a fair bit of success if you find the perfect champion
to surprise people with. Sometimes you can even come up with a champion
that is a hard counter to a very popular meta hero—learning that champion can set you
up to have a lot of good games because you know the chances are good that you’ll run
into that champion, and whilst you’ll know how to play against them, they won’t really
know what to do against you. A setback like that can be really hard to
come back from, so follow it up with good communication with your team to push the advantage
and win the game as quickly as possible. Our last strategy for today kinda ties into
the last one, and it’s all about cheese. Cheese strategies are all about being as unexpected
as possible, because the surprise factor is really powerful against solo queue players
who are simply not used to dealing with them. This can come in a lot of forms and you can
even invent your own—the power comes from the random, unexpected nature of the strategy. For example, solo invades with a strong early
game champion can catch a lot of junglers off guard and give you both a fast kill and
control of the enemy jungle. There’s also a lot of cheese strategies
that involve rushing early dragons with champions that are particularly strong at taking them
in the first few minutes of a game, and although this is less of an immediate power swing,
over the course of the game it can really add up to a big advantage. These strategies can work outside the jungle
too—for example, there’s quite a few champions that can rack up fast unexpected kills in
the first few minutes of the game, such as Gangplank, Teemo or Shaco.

100 thoughts on “6 Things That Are OP In SoloQ But SUCK In LCS

  1. ''invading'' xD u are with the right man! When i play garen, darius or pantheon on top everytime my enemy recalls i go to help mid or search for the jngler in the blue jng

  2. Thank you Jeremy for Sponsoring our tournament. Want to sign up? Come to our discord @ https://discord.gg/zYAtPHu

  3. So I get that this is sort of an opinion piece but you're actually just wrong for 4 out of 6 points. Like, do you even watch pro play or??? The best teams are currently drafting late game scaling comps like Cass and Trist, Split pushing is an answer to ball comps and used frequently. Invading in pro play is just different in then in Solo q, it's about delaying a jungle route and can win entire games if done correctly. Riot does in fact take into account the difficulty of playing a champion in their balance and high skill cap champions do factor in to if a pro player can play them or not. It's why A Sol is a Huhi exclusive or why some junglers just don't pick Lee Sin. High skill champions require a player to do a lot of "upkeep" to keep them as a relevant choice in their champion pool. Also Flyquest got to 4th place in spring almost exclusively though cheese.

  4. Jeremy, I usually agree with your videos, but most of these of dead wrong. The meta favors more late game carries at the moment such as Tristana, Orianna, etc. Plus, splitpushing is super viable, such as in the CLG and NV series.

  5. Warwick is not mechanically simple. His Q dash has some janky behavior and his ultimate punishes you harshly if you miss.

  6. Do you have to say Pro Players are better, like every 30 seconds? we get it and it is kind of obnoxious. It is like football coach telling a high school team they arnt in nfl like a million times.

  7. I use the split pushing strat most of the time.
    I love using Trundle so having the chance to use him is something I always want to do.
    Trinity Force + Zz'Rot is all you need to demolish towers.

  8. I can tell you from experience that it doesn’t matter if you know that the enemy is going to invade and you tell your team. Had a series of games, playing as support where I got the same ADC two games in a row. Fucker was a god at playing adc, and both the games he would call for an invade and invade the opponent. Third game I got him on the enemy team, I told my team from 00:00 exactly how he played. Not a single fucker listened to me, we lost that game with it all starting as he got a double kill on the invade that I said was going to happen.

  9. I play Warwick Top in Platinum. Nobody expects this and most people die to me because they don't understand the synergy on my passive and E in duels. I rush bursty items that are counterintuitive for Warwick and I have quite a high win rate with this. All I have to deal with is my own teammates yelling at me for picking WW. Mute is a good counter.

  10. splitpushing is a double edged sword due to your own team (and yourself perhaps) not understanding how to take advantage of splitpush too, instead of letting it bite yourself in the ass.

  11. Late game scaling champions are not good. I've played so many games where one team snowballs the game and wins because the losing team doesn't know how to play from behind and give their scaling champs time to scale.

  12. in Europe it is much harder to make your team do some things, because half the people dont speak english well enough to understand your strategy.. and also bronze and silver players are so fkn dumb.. telling them the strategy isnt enough, you have to micromanage them.. so yeah, thanks for the advice, but im not sure if I wanna try it before getting to gold.. =D

  13. Lee Sin is hard? his combo is R Flash, i can do it with cho too… Lee isn't hard, he has a high skill celling and a low skill floor

  14. Sure, people dont effectively end games early, but man do they give up and start spamming surrender votes early on xD.
    For me it feels like early game champs is where its at, since I want that power and potential snowball before the entire team gives up on the game. 😛

  15. my off meta pick is rek'sai top
    if played correctly she can easily get kills in early game
    she has good mobility and escape so you outspeed nearly anyone
    her passive gives lots of sustain

  16. ahh yes, my off meta pick with my duo is Yasuo/Nami bot. Nami gives Yasuo a heal, auto-attack buff, movement speed AND two wide range knock-ups. Yasuo beats most adcs if played right and your windwall screws over plenty of supports and adcs. We are currently at 20-1 on our win/loss ratio. it works guys.

  17. Main singed, then fuck them, then laught, and in the end you have a lot of wins, their dignity and their wife

  18. I know this is random but Evelyn's new reworked ult could act as a root for example the middle is a circle where enemies get pushed out and get rooted the outer circle pushes in enemies in the middle and roots also does more dmg in the middle but in the outer circle it does a longer root

  19. 6:43 did this guy just imply that Soraka is Easy to play.. get outta here..
    you try healing people when the team just scatters in 4 directions when they have low to mid health and r is on CD -.-

  20. i mean when u said late game champs u show yas and fiora but they are pretty damn op in early game too (yes i do main them both with zed ashe kha and thresh)

  21. but twitch kog maw trist and other late game scaling champs are super meta right now in lcs its a meta thing not a soloq or lcs thing

  22. I FOUND A GLICH! but you can only do it on pratice tool if you play rekhan and put cooldowns off if you spam your w if you do it right you can make his w go were his cerser is this means you can go anywere on the map omg its so funny

  23. My personal unique pocket pick is J4 support. It's so powerful that I've only ever lost with it once, and that was when I had one of those classic raging, flaming, feeding morons for my ADC (a Vayne player, obviously). The important thing is to make sure that your ADC understands that just because you E>Q'd onto the enemies, bashed them with your passive, and walked out with W on, that doesn't mean they should go all-in, that's just your trading pattern. J4 passive does SO much damage in lane and the E>Q is not only an incredibly powerful double CC, the E also gives your ADC a big AS bonus when it's out (max it first to get its CD down to the same as Q's so you can get more knockup combos). Plus of course, J4 is worth picking for your team just for Cataclysm alone. Build "supportive" AD items like Black Cleaver (maximise AR shred with your Q for the other physical damage dealers) or Duskblade of Draktharr (extra ward detection) if you're doing well, support tank items like Knight's Vow or Locket if you're not. It's devastating.

  24. You know, There's a lot of 'How Reduce Lag' Videos. Here and there. But never once. I see 'How to play Under Lag' Like If I Play in NA Server. And I'm from the other side of the World. Obviously I'd be lagging and Nothing can Solve it. Unless I get like 10 Bil Computer where It connects to The US Satellite from the other side of the world or something, I'd be playing my game under Lag. So It'd be nice if someone would give us tips or Figure a Way to play under lag. As Efficiently as It is to play it without lag

  25. Step 1: Ping missing mid 3 times
    Step 2: Watch bot push on anyway
    Step 3: Say "SS BOT"
    Step 4: Watch bot push and die from gank.
    Step 5: Read "REPORT MID NOOB"
    Step 6: No profit

  26. Splitpusing?
    Haha not in my elo.
    When they see one dude they always send 2 or three people so they secure the kill.

  27. There's one point in the video that i dont agree with. Pro's dont know how to exploit every champs or counter them. That's why they get cheesed by some picks. Also cheese occurs in pro play in champ select also.

  28. I played last week Singed for the first time. Ended up with 12/2/7 and wrecked everyone just because people didn't know what to do with me. Off-meta champs rule!

  29. When it comes to invading I'm always cautious. I'll sit in the bushes around dragon/baron depending on what side i am and wait for any signs of an invasion. You'd be surprised how scared silver players are when they get hit by one ability/basic attack. I don't get why other people don't do this, it prevents invading an awful lot and if they still want to invade, you're at least aware and have a few seconds to prepare and respond.

    Or you get the dumb people who sit in the river bush and go afk, get caught out and die.

  30. Triple combo: Pick Mordekaiser! Nobody expect him! Take drake at lvl 4! Nobody expect it! Gank bot lvl5 thanks to the drake! Nobody expect it! Even your mates! Go back mid the explode your ennemie! Nobody expect it!

  31. uhm na bish. Maokai is a pretty high skillcap champ. Zed and many others are not. It takes no skill to just jump in burst everything and press one button to get out. It takes way more skill and experience to land a great maokai ult and angle it correctly along with planning sapling toss ahead of time to cut off enemy escape paths. You should have given an example like Tryndamere or Nasus. Like shit man.

  32. Cheesy strategies are also fun as hell, altho riot is trying to get rid of most of them.
    Atleast, I still got my Nami/Bard top, I can pull out 🙂

  33. Alsso annie is the worst playing her agaknst ranged mid laners is the worst feeling ever
    Have you tried playing annie against a vicyore all you do is farm it sucks ass

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