9 thoughts on “60 Minutes’ Correspondent Lara Logan Opens Up About Surviving Sexual Assault, Breast Cancer

  1. MEMO TO FOX NEWS: Fox should hire this woman away from CBS. She's not right-wing but she's not left-wing either; she's one of those few – no, rare – people left in the middle. She probably wouldn't've fit in at the old Fox, when Ailes and O'Reilly were there, but she'd definitely fit right in at the new Fox, where Jennifer Griffin continues to thrive. 
    CBS has treated Logan like [email protected]$t for years. I have no idea how she feels about that or how she feels about CBS; but if I were Fox and I ran into Logan at a cocktail party or a charity event, I'd definitely chat her up and give her my business card. Give it some thought, Fox.

  2. Lara Logan knows what she is talking about from first hand experience when she talks about how violence is used to enslave women around the world. She might have explained how and why the media was caught totally off-guard by the social media. Why don't the mainstream media comment more about all the fake news on the web? Is that why they have this fetish about Russian collusion? The American media doesn't want to admit they missed all the silly and sophomoric Russian garbage on the web that any educated person could see came from Putin.

  3. Lara Logan still has not completely recovered from that radiation therapy for breast cancer at the time of this event. She has amazing fortitude and resilience!

  4. wait the narrator in the video said she was assaulted by an "angry mob", that's a fucking lie!!! She was assaulted by specifically "Muslim" men who were actually celebrating the fall of the dictator, it's their way of celebration by raping women of other religions or those who don't wear hijab and stuff.

    You bloody CBS liars how long are you guys gonna try and manipulate the truth.

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