9OYS 11 PM – Local Museum Displays Purple Heart to Honor WWII Veteran

CAROLINA. THE WORLD WAR TWO VETERAN’S MEDAL IS NOW AT THE DUPLIN COUNTY MUSEUM. THIS AFTERNOON…A CEREMONY HONORED THE SOLDIER WHO EARNED IT. 9 ON YOUR SIDE’S AARON DEANE REPORTS. PEOPLE IN WARSAW CAME OUT TO THE DUPLIN COUNTY VETERANS MUSEUM, TO HONOR LATE WORLD WAR TWO VETERAN WILLIS WILSON. IT’S A HOMECOMING LIKE NO OTHER… “He was killed in the battle of Okinawa in April 26 1945 he was buried in Okinawa and his body was later returned here to Warsaw.” AND NOW WORLD WAR TWO VETERAN WILLIS WILSON’S PURPLE HEART IS BACK HOME. BUT HOW IT GOT HERE IS AN INTERESTING STORY…. THE MILITARY MEDAL WAS FOUND 1,000 MILES AWAY. 00:31 “His Purple heart showed up at a yard sell in Michigan someone bought it and turned is over to the Purple Hearts Reunited out of Vermont” AND THAT’S WHERE JESSICA JAGGER WITH PURPLE HEART REUNITED CAME IN. “Um I play a very minute small roll in my opinion” JAGGER HELPED BRING WILLSONS PURPLE HEART BACK TO HIS HOMETOWN OF WARSAW. 00:51 “In this situation PFC Wilson didn’t have any next of ken so what we do as an organization is we try to find what we call a home of honor we tie it to there birthplace maybe their unit in this case it’s his birthplace.” AND WEDNESDAY THE DUPLIN COUNTY VETERANS MEMORIAL MUSEUM HOSTED A CEREMONY TO REUNITE WILSON’S PURPLE HEART TO HIS HOME TOWN. “It is a very great occasion for this area to honor one of theirs that never made it home. So we’re welcoming him back home” BRINGING IT FULL CIRCLE BY COMPLETING WILSON’S LEGACY AT HOME IN DUPLIN COUNTY “We provide closure to family’s we provide memories we bring a lot intangible Items to in this situation a community you just can’t put a price tag on it” COMMUNITY MEMBERS TELL ME WARSAW IS WHERE THE MEDAL SHOULD BE, AND IT’S GREAT TO HAVE PURPLE HEART IN HIS TOWN HOME. IN WARSAW AARON DEANE 9 ON YOUR SIDE COMING UP,CITIES AND TOWNS ARE ON ALERT IN

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