A brief look at The Gage Assault Pack DLC. [PAYDAY 2]

Let’s take a brief look at the Gage Assault Pack. This was the 5th paid weapon pack released for PAYDAY 2… and is all about powerful weapons for loud. Let’s get to it! First up, we’ve got the Clarion. A Famas type rifle. Supporting a ludicrous rate of fire, the highest of any assault rifle currently in the game, This rifle is held back by its low, non-up-gradable mag size. You’ll find yourself running dry and forced to reload pretty frequently, The Clarion can be modded for very high concealment without sacrificing its viability. This is helped along by a few weapon specific boosts, that increase damage or concealment by a considerable amount! Thanks to the rate of fire and concealment, this weapon sees frequent use in dodge builds, as bulldozers beware when 1000 RPM and 30% crit chance are heading your way! Next up for weapons, we have the Gecko 7.62, a middle of the line assault rifle. Although at first glance, to some players it may seem like a worse version of weapons like the CAR-4 or AK5, due to its slower reload and lack of mag size upgrades. But, think of it like this! You don’t need any other DLC to make the Gecko viable! All of the mods that come with this DLC (granted while though locked behind achivements), are still enough to make this gun work! So, if you don’t own DLC such as the ‘Mod Courier’ pack (for some reason…) or the ‘AK/CAR Mod’ pack, This rifle can really step up to the plate! And some of its better stats can shine through! Such as its decent ammo pickup rate, stability, and fantastic hip fire accuracy! If you need a rifle that can support itself on its parent DLC alone, the Gecko can do the trick! For the last rifle in this pack, we have the Gewehr 3, a highly customisable battle rifle! The fascinating thing about this weapons is, by default, it’s a 100 ammo, 80 damage rifle, similar to the Falcon and Eagle Heavy! However, you can mod the weapon to be one way or the other! You can either increase the mag size and ammo count substantially, at the cost of halving the damage which makes it very similar to weapons like the CAR-4… or… halve the mag size and reduce the ammo count while increasing the damage significantly, making it very similar to the M308! The downsides of this weapon (in every form), is that there are other weapons in the game that function quite similarly or even objectively better than it… The DMR version of the Gewehr is beat out by the completely free M308 for instance… Not only that, but the stability and non-tactical reload of the Gewehr are pretty poor… On top of this, a good amount of the mods for this weapon are locked behind the ‘Not Today’ achivement, which is pretty obnoxious… It entails killing a jumping cloaker with the final weapon in this pack which is not an easy task! That final weapon being, the GL40 Grenade Launcher, making a return from the first game! Except this time as a primary! One shot and six in reserve of 1300 explosive damage, can blast enemies away with ease! Not only is this a great answer to shields, Captain Winters and crowds of enemies in general… but when fully modded, it has shockingly high concealment! Working well in a dodge build! Granted, it can’t get crits. But nevertheless, it is an option! There is a grenade launcher that’s considerably better than the GL40, being the China Puff from the ‘Wolf Pack’ DLC but seeing that as a heist DLC, it’s a nice bit more expensive than the Assault Pack! So, if you need a cheap explosive weapon that can restore ammo indefinitely, the GL40 will do you just fine! Moving on, we have four melee weapons. The Bayonet Knife, The Compact Hatchet, The X-46 Knife, And the Ding Dong Breaching Tool! The first three weapons aren’t much to care about… but the Ding Dong has very high knockdown! While Electric Brass Knuckles would be preferable for dominating cops, there’s just something satisfying about slamming cops with your Ding Dong! Finally, we have four masks based on comic book super villains! Black Death (based on Thanos), The Crow Goblin (based on Hobgoblin), Professor Wrath (based on Mr.Sinister), and The Volt (based on Apocalypse). Now, I’m a bit too young to have read comic books as a kid, but I’m a huge fan of Marvel movies and both DC movies! So I enjoy using these masks! Especially Thanos! And, that’s pretty much everything! Would I recommend the Gage Assault Pack? Eh… If you’re a dodge player and don’t have a big budget then I guess…? The Clarion and GL40 make for pretty decent dodge weapons and having an answer to Captain Winters is always nice! However, the other two weapons are outclassed by both free weapons and options created by other DLCs such as the “Mod Courier’ pack. If you’re not a dodge player and/or you have the funds to get the ‘Wolf Pack’ DLC for the China Puff Grenade Launcher, Then, I wouldn’t recommend the ‘Gage Assault Pack’… Thanks for watching and take it easy!

100 thoughts on “A brief look at The Gage Assault Pack DLC. [PAYDAY 2]

  1. I don't know if something changed between now and video release but the G3 is (to me) much better than what you presented it as. With 92 (or 93?) Stability/Accuracy (without LED combo/boosts) all while having the same base damage as the M308

    I should probably also address that the 3.8 unchangeable reload is still it's worst quality, but it's no deal breaker compared to everything else

  2. Conner, you disappoint me. I'm 14 and have read so many comics its ridiculous and you're what 18 sad. Still love your content.

  3. While your videos are in my opinion the best on PD2, your pronunciation is… lacking at best. Still, makes for a good laugh.

  4. Notably the Assault kit for the Gewehr 3 makes it an above average assault rifle. When compared to the 60 damage and 40 damage rifles respectively, it has an awkwardly large base ammo pool of 175 without Fully Loaded, despite being a 60 damage weapon. Usually rifles of this reserve is a 40 damage rifle, but thats what makes the G3's kit unique. Of course there is a drawback to compensate the huge ammo pool and mid tier damage, which is the ammo pickup. It's pickup is not changed from the battle rifle version so although you're given an enormous starting reserve, maintaining it and filling it is completely different, as it forces you to use a secondary weapon for a good long while. You'll find yourself picking up 10-15 boxes only to get about 25-30 bullets total. Take this contrast with a gun like the Queen's Wrath and the Gecko which have a godlike base pickup

  5. Just a tip in future, the gewehr is a German gun and Germans pronounce ‘W’ as ‘V’ so it should sounds something like “Gev-Air”

  6. Lets see what tools can we use to penetrate the cops in the anus:))))

    Clarion is a good dodge rifle,the rest of them are garbage
    GL40 is outclassed by the Compact 40mm
    the melees(they suck and i dont give a shit about them)

    69/10(jk 6/10)

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