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Hi everyone welcome back to my channel.
So after many subscriber requests I finally made the video for you.
A typical day in the life of Rocco and I. Now this is a really honest and
authentic peek into a typical day for Rocco and myself. You’ll see me getting
frustrated and stressed. You’ll see me with no makeup on. So if you have any
suggestions for myself and Rocco please let me know by putting a comment in the
comments box below. And if you really enjoy this video, also please let me know.
Because I’m thinking about making a second follow-up video. Which shows you
what a typical weekend is like for me. Now as always if you haven’t subscribed
please make sure you do. But also make sure you switch on that notification
button. Because I have a home tour video coming up soon, as well as a how to
redecorate on a budget video.So switch on that notification right now. And then
in the meantime enjoy watching a typical day for myself and Rocco. Good morning it is just after 5:30 in
the morning I actually slept in. I’d normally be up at 5 o’clock or even just a teeny
tiny bit before five o’clock. I normally start my day on a really healthy note. I
do fast. But if I have something like really healthy to start the day off. It
tends to set the tone for my food consumption for the rest of the day. Now
I normally have two large spoons of apple cider vinegar. Or what I’m now
really getting into is. I’m obsessed with dr. Berg is on YouTube. I will link his
channel below. But it I have his raw wheat grass juice powder in lemon. Now to
be really honest this is not that delicious. So what I try and do it is
just like gulp it down. But I also put, use my Soda Stream and make the water
slightly fizzy. So it kind of tastes a bit more interesting.
I’ve done my healthy start for the day. I now have the morning to myself this is
my sacred time. No one’s emailing me, no one’s texting me,
no one’s phoning me. Actually Tom’s normally phoning me.
But normally if Tom is home. Him and I would get up early together and do a bit
of work together on the sofa. Chat, catch up, before we start our day. It’s actually
really nice little ritual we have. But this morning Tom has already gone to
work. Because racing carnival is still going. So I going to use this time to clear my
emails. Listen to a motivational podcast or motivational clip on YouTube. And just
like sort of plan, do my list of things to do for the day. Also I use this
time to have cuddles with these guys. They get me all themselves 5 a.m. in the
morning. So Rocco’s woken up early. However I have managed to clear my
emails as much as I can off my phone. I’ve read through my list of goals.
Unfortunately I won’t get to listen to a motivational YouTube clip until after
I’ve dropped Rocco off at school. You can hear him yelling for me to come back
up and jump into bed with him to have a cuddle. So I had better go. Monkey. So we always have morning cuddles
back in bed for the mornings where I won’t Rocco to stay asleep. I will jump
into bed with him because he just tends to just stay
snuggled in for that little bit longer. And I can do a lot of work off my phone. It is time for Rocco’s breakfast every
morning he has he’s absolute favorite, Gippsland vanilla yogurt. He refuses to
have anything else for this for breakfast. Now if anyone has any tips as
to how to get their kids to eat healthier food. Particularly for
breakfast. Please let me know. Because I’m always like trying to mix things up. So one of Rocco’s favorite breakfast morning routines or rituals is to eat
his breakfast in front of the heater. Now whilst he’s eating his breakfast. I’m
gonna make myself my bullet coffee. Which is a it’s like shot of espresso
with a large dash of warm cream. Now as I said I do intermittent fasting. I
probably won’t eat till about maybe eleven o’clock. And the cream is obviously
got quite a high fat content. Which kind of keeps you full for longer. But
apparently without actually breaking your fast. I’m already so happy it’s not
even 7:00 a.m. Okay the dogs I have a little treat and you can see Giuseppe following behind cuz he knows what he’s about to get. With the leftover cream in
here, I don’t like to waste things. But the dogs love the warm cream. So I will
put it into their bowls for them to enjoy. And they get like a little mini
morning coffee themselves. But obviously without coffee it’s just cream. Two very spoilt dogs
behind me. Having their morning drink. It’s now my turn to start getting ready for
the day. Now I am constantly tidying decluttering putting things away. So as I
walk through the house I pick up things that need to be like, put away to keep
the house nice and tidy. Because mess and
clutter is a massive trigger for me. So I feel like I’m just permanently cleaning
and tidying everywhere I go. So okay this afternoon, I just have one client meeting.
I’ve just got a lot of deadlines that I got to get done today.
Giuseppe is waiting to go for a walk very very patiently. I’m casually dressed, pretty like relaxed at work. But it’s always very classic. I’m wearing
a navy blue shirt, jeans and flat shoes. And also you can see which you’ll
probably know from my insta stories. I never make my bed. I hate it making my
bed. But if I can try and show you what I’m wearing. Jeans and my beloved
Valentino Rockstud shoes. I have just cleaned my
teeth Rocco is cleaning his teeth now. And let’s talk but morning routine
products. Normally when I, during the week if I’m not filming. I actually don’t
really like to wear too much makeup. I will always put some sunscreen on. And
recently I did a cosmelan peel through Douglas Pierra. So I’ve actually
now super vigilant about taking better care of my skin, now that I got rid of
all that pigmentation. So I’m still using the Mesoetetic products which are really good. Just to keep the effects of the cosmelan
peel going. Also of the deodorant I’ve never used one of those sprays. I use a
Alixia deodorant paste. Which is absolutely amazing it’s the black
chicken one. I will link it in the video description box below. And this supports
breast cancer research it is 100% natural and cruelty-free friendly as
well. I do my makeup routine, so I always start every day I love applying this
coz it actually gives you a bit of a wake up. It’s the Mac prep and prime. Now
this one has done like a gold, gold light it’s called actually. Through
it which is really nice so times you see that natural glow during the day. But
something about when you spray it just kind of wakes you up and it’s really
refreshing. Now this will mean that my makeup actually stays on all day and I’ll
also reapply this when I finish setting my makeup. But because I’ve run out of tinted moisturizer, mental note to go and get some. I am going to make my own tinted
moisturizer by mixing my primer which is a strobe cream also by Mac ,and my
foundation. Mix that in together and that will give me a base. Now Rocco is actually now having a mini tantrum, because I’m making this video and not paying
attention to him. So I will have to do this extremely quickly which is pretty
much normal for me in a morning. And as always I put my makeup away the
moment I finished using it. Just to try and keep this space as clean and tidy as
possible. And today I’m feeling a little bit washed out. I’m a little bit tired at
the moment and under a little bit of stress. So I’m going to just give myself
a really nice all-over glow. It’s the hourglass ambient light. All
over brush and this is a mecca cosmetica brush. Which is really nice just for
fast quick easy, even, application. Now Rocco is sitting behind me. He’s still having a
little bit of a tantrum and I have Giuseppe also at my feet gagging to go for
a walk. Now mascara is the one item I will not leave the house without. Right almost
ready next stop is my hair. I use one of these Tangle Teezer brushes
they are amazing. It’s the original tangle teezer, not the knockoff one and I
use it for Rocco as well. Because he gets really knotty hair. But they so
good. All right I am done just a spritz of perfume. All right not too bad I am
all good to go. Next up is to walk the dogs and get Rocco off to
daycare. So whilst I was doing my makeup Rocco just whipped up a little crane. I
now need to go put some sunscreen on Rocco. Now wish me luck every morning
this is a fight. I try to explain to Rocco it’s really important to wear
sunscreen. It’s like brushing your teeth twice a day it’s essential. But he can already hear me talking about sunscreen. He knows iv’e got the sunscreen in my hand and it’s not gonna be pretty. I’m gonna be need two hands. So if you
have any tips as to how to get sunscreen or your kids without them whinging and
whining and complaining and like having a tantrum, please let me know. So we survived the sunscreen application,
just. And now it’s talking about food for the day. I have a really sweet tooth but
I try and like delay eating sugar a little as late in the day as possible. To
buy me some like I guess save me some calories and save the destructive effects
of sugar in my life. Sometimes I take my lunch to work, sometimes I come home and
have it. Sometimes I buy it. Not a regular thing to buy it, because I
would rather save up my money and put towards the thousand dollar project. Or
use it to like save to do something special on a weekend. Today I’m cheating. I’ve got a hummus caramelized onion dip, which is so delicious and I
have some carrots which I’m going to take with me and use as a like a dip
during the day. And actually I have to say, I find hummus really filling and
of course it’s really healthy. So I would love any tips as to how to get your
children to put shoes on in the morning. In the morning I reckon I’ve asked Rocco
about, 15 times now. And he’s still not wearing shoes. Oh all right a bit of a false start Rocco just reminded me that we didn’t do morning meditation. Now we don’t do this
every morning and we do it like when we remember when we can. But he has insisted that he will not put his shoes on until we have done our meditation. So
we’re going to do this sitting here right now just for a couple of minutes.
And to be honest I’m starting to feel a little bit frustrated. I could probably
do with it myself. The dogs are just busting to go for walks they’re gonna
have to hang in for a little bit longer. All right Rocco are you ready?
All right Rocco is gonna show you how he does he’s a meditation. Can you do to again one more time? Yep all right okay let’s start this. All right i’m going to put the music on. So we just did our meditation and Rocco managed to get up and get
himself a glass of water during it. And is now I’ve discovered as I open my
eyes upstairs. Hmm um all right, let’s get this show on
the road. I need to get this kid to school. I need to walk the dogs. For the record
this is now the 16th time I’ve asked him to put his shoes on. Okay fine, fine, fine, let’s go, let’s go we have to go. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, but come on we gotta
go. Shoes on right now, come on right now, right now. 17. Can I bring some of my own textas? Yeah I just said you can. He’s putting his shoes on! So we are running a little bit late. Rocco decided to pull out all the pens
and throw them all over the floor, which I have just left. Because I don’t have
time to go and tidy them up. So we’re gonna cheat slightly. We’re gonna drive
to the park. Let the dogs have a run around, and I’m gonna take Rocco to
school. Okay so dogs are in the car Rocco’s in the in his car seat we are on our way finally. And I also want to explain we’ve been walking around the
streets, because I could not remember where I parked the car last night. We’ve
finally made it to the park Rocco is playing on the slide, and the dogs are
gonna get some time to themselve. To like run around get some fresh air
and some exercise. But because we’re running late I’ve got to watch the clock.
We are on our way to school I’m just about to drop Rocco off at daycare. And I’m running late.
There was a lot of traffic this morning. I finally made it at the office and the
dogs are here they come to work, not every day but most days. They love being
here, they love seeing the delivery guys. They love seeing clients that come in and
obviously they get spoiled by the girls in the office. So now I’m here at the
office, I want to get some work done. I’m obsessed with these, there like
breakfast granola bars. They make them fresh at Bloodhound cafe, which is right
around the corner for my office. This will be my snack at about 11 o’clock.
Which will mean I fasted for about I think 17 hours or something close to it.
Pretty much what I do most days. I’m at my office working away. I feel like I
spend so much for my day just like clearing emails. Replying back to people
It actually really overwhelms me because. My stress levels I find
being dictated by the amount of emails I have in my inbox. I’m quiet
meticulous, or minimalist in deleting things as much as possible. Anyway I’ve
done my fasting I had my delicious breakfast muesli bar from across the
road. Now I also take this. It is a trace mineral like drops. And I’m just gonna
put it in my water. I don’t know if this works but, it’s Dr. Berg’s, and I love Dr.
Berg. I listen to his videos all the time on YouTube. And it’s
supposed to help I guess like get some minerals back into your body. Because
they’re not in the soil anymore. Because we have overused the land so much. And like
killed so many minerals with all the fertilizers and chemicals we put into
the into the earth beneath us. So look who knows if it works, but I like to try
and do the best thing I can to stay healthy. Because as I say, I do love sweet
sugary things. So it’s my lunch break I normally don’t take a lunch break.
I just sort of power through. Not being a martyr at all. But I just prefer to
finish up a little bit earlier, so I can pick Rocco up earlier. However today, I’m
a little bit stressed. I have had another virus put on my computer at work. And
I’ve had a deadline suddenly put on me. I’m taking 35-40 minutes to myself to go
to the gym and have a workout. I was planning on doing a Pilates class.
However because I didn’t get to listen to a motivational podcast or YouTube
clip this morning. I’m actually going to go and do just
some weights by myself. Where I can put my headphones on, and just like you know
just sort of multitask. By doing some exercise and listening to something
inspiring and motivational. I have my headphones on so I can work out on my
mind, whilst I work physically on my body. So I ended up having a 45-minute weights
workout. Because those doing weights, I didn’t really sweat much. So I was able to
put my normal clothes back on without a shower. And I listened to two TED talks.
One on this woman who didn’t go shopping for a year. A no-spend for 12 months,
incredible. And the other one about zero waste, and also ironically saving money. So
I don’t know how effective my weights workout was but. Look it was forty five
minutes, better than nothing. But I’ll tell you what my mindset feels so much
better. I feel like re-calibrated. So yeah, all right back to the office. Because I’ve got meetings. I am just heading back to the office. I need to make sure I get
back there quite quickly, and one thing I do whenever I’m in the car by myself. Is
I listen to the ABC radio. I love the conversations they have, the people they
interview, the current affairs, being updated on the news. I just find the
quality of journalism fantastic. And it’s just feeds my brain. I could listen to
the US politics, I can hear about you know a health care crisis. I know about
what’s happening in Naru. You know I just feel so much more connected and
informed as to what is going around around me. And and because it
covers such a wide range of topics and really important topics. It helps give a
sense of perspective again. Sometimes I can get caught up in the most silly
shallow materialistic things. That really don’t matter. But when you hear about 80
kids have just been kidnapped this week in Africa. You kind of sort of realize,
like I’m being so superficial. Like sweating these silly little things, when
you hear about that those poor kids those poor parents. So I highly
recommend listening to the ABC. And it’s not something you have listened to for like
half an hour at a time. Literally just like snippets, five minutes here, ten
minutes here. In between like running Rocco to day care, or running back to the
office. It just makes a huge difference in my intellectual growth.
I am just about to walk in to the office. My makeup is still on so don’t
really need to touch that up. That spray I use is really good, and I’ve
realized though that the mascara I was using. Is I think maybe nine months old.
So I’m going to pick up Rocco today and go and pick up a new mascara. And this is
the one I use I absolutely love it. It’s called extended play. So i’m just going to quickly touch up whatever I have left in here. And put on some lip gloss so I look a
little bit more polished and ready for my meeting. And I have one of my tangle
teasers in my car so I can brush my hair. Which I’m just about to do, so I look
presentable within a second. Amazing what a brush of the hair, quick
flick of mascara and a little top of lip gloss, Lanolips does. Now coming back to
the office these two are always ready for me. It is towards the end of the day I have
eaten my lunch. I had my hummus with crackers and car.rots. It was delicious and
really filling However the afternoon sugar craving
has kicked in. And I am obsessed with these digestive biscuits. I think this is like the third
one i’m eating this afternoon. But I’m gonna, this is gonna last my promise for the
day. And I’m gonna race and rush to go pick Rocco up. So that we can take the
dogs for a walk and start doing something really nice and of course cook dinner
together. Time to go pick Rocco up from daycare.
All right you dogs c’mon up in the car. Rocco is back, we are going to the makeup
shop to grab some mascara. He’s gonna come with me. Because he loves if you
watch me on Insta stories. You know how much Rocco loves doing my makeup. So whilst
Rocco is chatting up the store assistants. I
have found something I really want. This makeup palette is a hundred and twenty
dollars. But when you buy these colors individually it ends up being over five
hundred and forty dollars. So this palette is absolutely gorgeous. Look at all the warm colors. I really want this but I’ve just got to wait until my other palette.
Gets to the bottom and really wears out. So gotta follow my minimalisim rules. But this is just to divine and like look at this these like roses and pinks
and the shimmers. And like it’s just gorgeous deep colours. Which would look beautiful blended. Another thing that I really like. So cute so light, perfect for traveling.
Perfect like a minimalism capsule collection. They’ve got four different
palettes this one is called Amber. Look at this beautiful gold, these pinks like
this is everything that I love about makeup. Oh I should really get out of
here quickly. You’ll be pleased to hear I left this MAC store only getting what I
needed. Which was two mascaras one black one brown. And also when it came to
taking these items away, I said just leave it like that. Please don’t give
me a paper bag coz I don’t want to waste it. Next stop woolworths because what are we having for dinner tonight? Nachos Yes, grab a zuchinni. We’ve just got home and we are well, I am
unloading the groceries and preparing for dinner tonight. But we can’t start cooking dinner, because we need to walk the dogs. I’m gonna grab the leads and the dog
bags and we’re gonna go for a nice afternoon walk, and catch up on the day. So it is cooking time, we always cook
dinner together. It’s a great way to get Rocco to eat his dinner is he made it
himself. Now often we do burritos for dinner,
because it’s a great way of getting a lot of vegetables into his stomach with
minimal complaining. And I do all these things to like maximize the goodness in
the burritos. Like shredded zucchini, shred carrot and make it look like
cheese. Hide kale in the meat. Yeah just like really disguise the vegetables. But
he absolutely loves it. So but he asked tonight to have nachos. So I’m going to
try and do a healthy version of that. Oh my god you are crazy. Nutty, Nutty. Look there’s a Booger. We need to wash those carrots now. All right so we’re gonna
start cooking otherwise we will have a very light dinner and I like to eat dinner really early. I’m putting heaps of carrot in there. I’m putting oh look I put this bit in there! Just so you know we will be thoroughly
washing those carrots. You know I don’t like those. We have finished and amazingly Rocco had three servings of zucchini. Whilst I was
cleaning up. Rocco’s been doing some arts and crafts, working on his
cubby house. And we are now going to have a shower together. So it turns out we’re
not having a shower, we’re having arts and crafts time. We’re decorating the
cubby house together, and then we’re gonna have a shower aren’t we? No we are gonna play all night. No I’m tired monkey, I really think we need to go to bed soon. So Rocco and I have had a shower, cleaned
out teeth and he’s in his pajamas waiting in my bed. We’re gonna hang out
together and play some games before going to sleep and doing our highlights
of the day. Now I cooked dinner and that actually did a massive serving. So I have
enough food for a really yummy salad for tomorrow. And I have enough leftover
mince with hidden vegetables. That I can freeze and used for another time. So
really making the most of my grocery budget. Now before I go to bed I do this
thing one of two different things. I set a timer for 10 minutes and I try and
clean and tidy the house as much as I can do within 10 minutes. You like try to
like beat the clock, and it’s amazing when you see the timer going you just
power through. And you can get through so much cleaning and tidying and organizing
in a very short period of time. But there are nights where I’m like shattered, and
tired. And just cannot be bothered, so I simply said it myself just simply put 10
things away. And sometimes it could be 10 things in one room. Sometimes it’s ten
things on one level, or if I’m really really tired it’s just ten things across
the whole entire house. But it means by having a clean, tidy organized house a
little bit tidier than what you left it. It’s just a nicer way to start the day,
and you don’t start the day doing boring things like cleaning. Okay so I’m about
just to set the clock for 10 minutes and quickly clean and tidy my house. Which
unfortunately means that pile of laundry that I’ve been like putting off the day
today. Probably needs to be incorporated in the 10 minute challenge. It is the end
of the day and Rocco and I have clean our teeth we are in our pajamas and this is
where we snuggle up together. You know get into bed together.
And every day we end the day with what? What do we do? What do we do, you and I?We do our highlights of the day. We talk about the highlights of our day. We each
discuss the highlights the day and pick one of ours. Which was the favorite as
you can see Rocco is really about doing highlights of the day. It’s a really nice ritual that just, wraps the day up. Makes you we
actually had a better day than you realize. Show them my toes. Your toes all right. Goonight everyone, Night night everyone.

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    I too get stressed by work email. After 2 days off last week I decided that I can't keep up with them all and keep a minimalist inbox which was the source of my stress. I now see unread emails but I'm getting ok with it because the desire for peace of mind was worth more than a perfect inbox. i hope this helps! it doesn't mean I ignore people but I'm able to focus. I can scroll through and know what needs my attention and what doesn't. I'm only one week in to this exercise but it has helped my stress levels immensely !

  25. Dear Canna I admire you and seeing this vlog, was adorable. Rocco is a sweetie, Giuseppe and Sophia are adorable too. You have such a busy day and get the most of it all. I love Dr Berg too and didn’t think his products were delivered here.
    I love how your two dogs are at work with you
    And you fit in what you value.
    Thanks so much Canna and Rocco 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  26. Have you tried creating a reward chart with his daily routine ? I personally love seeing this video because it’s so real !

  27. Personally I used to hate the consistency and smell of sunscreen until I tried the neurogena beach defense spf 70. Smells amazing and it’s so so easy to put up .

  28. Rocco is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. I’m glad you show ALL aspects of motherhood: the good and the frustrating bits. You’re an inspiration bc you’re very real

  29. This was great! I loved seeing a day in your life. I couldn’t help but laught at the Rocco situations because I can imagine how frustrating it is, great of you to just push through and not let it ruin your day! And your dogs looking at you through the window, so cute! I wish I could get you a life time supply of banana bread!

  30. Hey just a quick hello to say thank you for all your informative information of many different interesting topics. I too am obsessed with Dr Berg and his amazing content on this platform – I have been looking at fixing broken Adrenals via his method and his message makes sense. I unsuccessfully tried to order online, evidently at the time they were having IT issues – should order again – good to know you have received products here in Sydney 🙂
    Also re the sunscreen (my girls are now older 19 and 18 and have great skin ) I have always used a fabulous sunscreen with less nasties so the toxins are not absorbed into the skin everyday etc….
    LINK https://www.modere.com.au/ProductDetail/sunscreen-spf-50/?referralCode=139013
    Lots of other amazing products too but my girls always loved this sunscreen…I also love their Liquid Collagen.
    Anyway keep up the good work you are an inspiration….bye for now – off to walk my little black moodle xx

  31. Lady you are doing a Fantastic job as a momma keeping it together. With the shoe issue i told my daughter im leaving when the buzzer rings. i had a kids learning clock set when it rang i walked out the door. My 3 year old ran out of the door with shoes in hand. she put the on down the driveway and never had a shoe issue again.

  32. It’s soooo refreshing to watch a vlog from someone who doesn’t only do YouTube full time. So great to see a day in the life of someone who also juggles work/life/family and isnt all about #spon product features. Please do more!!!

  33. Aww, Rocco has My Little Pony on his arts and crafts house! "We are going to play all night!" XD Love that! And his stylish toenails too! 🙂

  34. It seems to me that Rocco is running the show. He is being raised to be a tyrant as an adult. Caution Canna, you are doing his bidding. -Not something you may want to read but probably the most constructive, objective observation from an educated 48 year old who raised two kids ages 18 and 20 on her own.

  35. Lovely snapshot of your life! I have 4 children under 8 – there's no time to battle over anything so if they forget shoes it'll only ever be once and they never will again. Sunscreen i give them to do themselves with a kid sized roll on kind.

  36. Aw, I love this little insight into your day! 🙂 I found with my son, after numerous daily battles, that a star chart worked best. If he did shoes/teeth/homework etc etc every day, he got to choose a treat after school on Friday (list of treats supplied by me, of course 😉 ). Sunscreen is another matter lol, but maybe the chart could work for that, too? xx

  37. Thankyou for sharing your day 🙂 You always look so put together, could you do a hair video? Your hair seems similar to mine but looks so much better/well looked after. Any tips would be appreciated! Oh and no idea about sunscreen – my kids just do it themselves, probably the only thing they don't fuss about. My issue is the nightly shower/bath. Literally, EVERY night, without fail 'But MUUUUUUUUUUUUM, we had a shower YESTERDAY!!!!!!!'. Any tips? 😂

  38. Just be careful of the amount of calories in the serving of cream you are putting in the coffee. If it's over 50 cals it will break your fast

  39. Great video Canna, thanks for sharing. I would have loved some time stamps to put the day in perspective. Totally feel your pain with having to ask kids to do things 20000 times and being ignored!

  40. Check out the timer cubes. Easy help for setting aside time – meditation, cleaning, etc

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