A Disappointing Read & One Direction Fanfic? | July Reading Vlog

I just finished filming the first video
I filmed in a very long time because honestly I just haven’t really been well
enough to film anything. I don’t know whether this is gonna be a weekly vlog
or a month-long vlog or whatever but I thought I would just start it here now
as I’m kind of feeling like I want to film something and I thought I would
just update you with what I’ve been reading because I just started this and
it is a hoot. It is ‘Songs About a Girl’ by Chris Russell. This basically is a One Direction fan fiction. I used to love One Direction big time. A lot. I still do and I now realise how much I miss
them when I’m reading this but this is basically a fan fiction. To the point
where there is one member of a band who is blonde, plays the acoustic guitar and
is Irish. The only difference is that his name isn’t Niall and it’s so much fun
and I’m kind of loving it. I was very, very close to actually unhauling this
and I read the first chapter and kind of got sucked in and I only read for about
half an hour and already got 200 pages into it. So this is what I am currently reading and I’m not gonna lie, I’m kind of really loving it. Update, it’s later in
the day and therefore darker in the day, so I’ve had to move nearer my
window and this is looking very ominous but I just wanted to do a very, very quick update because I just read the little about me page of the author. He used to ghostwrite One Direction fan fiction. So I now
totally understand why this feels like a One Direction fan fiction because it is.
It 100% is and I had also forgotten that I had met the author at YALC. So I have this
signed but anyway this is a One Direction fan fiction and I’m still
really enjoying it. It is the 7th, possibly 8th of July and I just finished
‘Like Water’ by Rebecca Podos, which was absolutely wonderful and I adored it.
It’s basically all about this girl who lives in a very small town in New Mexico
and she is just kind of stuck there and doesn’t really know what to do with her
life. Especially since her father has recently been diagnosed with
Huntington’s disease and she hasn’t decided whether or not she wants to take
the test, to see whether she has the same gene that will mean she also has
Huntington’s disease. She’s just kind of living her life, trying to decide what to
do and then a pair of siblings come along and she sets a sights on the
brother but ends up falling for the sister and it is just absolutely
fantastic. It is so funny and so heartbreaking but also incredibly
heartwarming. The cast of character was very diverse, in terms of sexuality
and ethnicity and gender and body size and things like that. I flew through it
in I think about two sittings and I would definitely recommend it and now
I’m going to move on to finally reading ‘Uprooted’ by Naomi Novik, which has been
sat on my shelves for literally years and I’ve never gotten around to even
picking it up. I’ve been slightly intimidated by it and by the hype
surrounding it but it is been far too long so myself and Lily from ‘SweetLoveBooks’ have decided to buddy read it and we’re gonna see how we feel about it. I
am very intrigued to see what I’m gonna think of this because I have not been
getting on with fantasy lately. Other than ‘Forest of a Thousand Lanterns’ by
Julie C. Dao, which I read a couple of months ago, I can’t remember the last
time that I thoroughly enjoyed a fantasy and didn’t find it kind of slightly
exhausting and just got on with a fantasy. I haven’t for a very, very long time. I
don’t really know what’s happened because I used to absolutely adore fantasy. I
don’t know whether my reading has changed or whether it’s just kind of the
mindset I am in at the moment. Myself and fantasy aren’t really getting along at
the moment. So I’m definitely very intrigued to see what this is going to
be like, as this is an adult fantasy. So we’re gonna see how it goes. My June
PageHabit box arrived and I’m not gonna lie, I just filmed an entire unboxing of
it without my glasses on. Which is usually absolutely fine but it wasn’t
today and the entire thing was completely out of focus. So I’m gonna
unbox this the second time around and from experience of knowing what is in it,
it is a very good box. I have the June Romance Box and the first thing that we
have in it is just a little card telling you what the other genre boxes got
this month because PageHabit offers a wide range of genres from things like
historical fiction and fantasy and young adult. And then on the back of this card
it gives you information as to where this month’s donation went. As each month PageHabit gives a small donation of their profit to different literary
organisations in Africa and for the month of June PageHabit, in partnership
with Books For Africa, is sending books to Botswana to contribute to the Botswana
book project. We then have the short story which is also another thing that
comes with every PageHabit box and this month it is ‘Wings’ by Nidhi Pugalia and
it sounds as though it’s gonna be about fairies. The first item we have in the
box is a Gimble Traveller, which looks as though it’s basically a book stand that holds open your pages. Which could not be more perfect. Recently I, as pathetic and
incredibly embarrassing as it sounds, I pulled a muscle in my arm whilst reading
because I was trying to read on this big cushion, on my front, whilst holding open
a book and don’t know, something happened and I got a literal book related injury and pulled a muscle in my arm because that is how pathetically weak I am. I then have the PageHabit bookmark which
is another thing that comes in each month’s PageHabit box and this I
think might be one of my favourites and also one of my favourite quotes that
they’ve had on the bookmark so far and it just says “If you truly love a book,
you should sleep with it, write in it, read aloud from it and fill its pages with
muffin crumbs.” Next I have a pack of PageHabit puffy stickers. Which, fun fact, I love stickers. To the point where I’ve been collecting them for as long as I
can remember, not even consciously. I just seem to pick them up wherever I go and I have a gigantic box of stickers. Which I never really use
but I just have a load of them. Some of them I probably got when I was about 12
or 8 or something. So these are adorable. The next item is a make-your-own
pressed flower frame art. Which is basically, I believe, a frame for making
pressed flowers. Let’s open it up. So basically inside this you get an
adorable wooden frame and then two sheets of white cardboard, which I assume
are both for pressing the flowers and then also using as a backdrop for the
flowers once they pressed. I’m most definitely going to do this because I
absolutely love the look of pressed flowers and we have about a million
flowers in our garden. So that is perfect and I’m not going to put it back in the
box because I tried to do that and it and it didn’t work. And then finally we have a
letter from the author of the featured book and the featured book itself, which
is ‘The Kiss Quotient’ by Helen Hoang and this I am so incredibly excited about
because I have been hearing the most wonderful things about it. However, I
don’t actually really know too much about it and I’m gonna be the absolute
worst and not really read the back of it because personally I really love reading
book when I don’t really know what I’m getting myself into. But from what I have
heard, it is all about a woman in her thirties with Asperger’s and she’s this
incredible genius when it comes to maths but she hasn’t had much experience with
guys and relationships and things like that. So I think she hires an escort and
then I’m assuming a romance ensues and that is all I know
about it but it sounds wonderful. The cover for it is just absolutely
stunning and I’m so excited to read the author’s annotations in it and yeah,
I have a feeling I’m gonna be picking this up very soon because it seems like
it could be the perfect summery read and just a very upbeat like hearted read and from what I have heard, it is absolutely fantastic, And that is everything I got
in my June romance PageHabit box and if you would like to check out this box or
any of the other genres for this month or any other future boxes, I will leave
the link to PageHabit in the description box. Along with my coupon
code which is just GIRLREAD and will give you free shipping if you are in
U.S and five dollars off your box if you were outside of the U.S. I’ve been
reading ‘Uprooted’ for a couple of days now so I thought I would just quickly
update you on my feelings for it. I’m not loving it but I’m not disliking it. I’m
just not really caring, which sounds really awful but I just think I have
fallen out with fantasy right now. I feel like we’re in this weird we’re not
really talking at the moment kind of stage. I want to love it and I want to
enjoy it and I want to read it all but when I do, I just don’t care. Which sounds
so bad and I used to absolutely love fantasy and I do love fantasy. It’s one
of my favourite things to read but for some reason at the moment I’m not
getting on with it and I would just much rather be reading adorable
contemporaries or thrillers or even fantasies set in our world. Just anything
that’s not high fantasies set in other worlds because I’m just finding it
really hard work right now and I just can’t seem to find myself absorbed in
them and one of the things I’ve always loved about fantasy is the escapism of
it and I’m just not really getting that at the moment and I don’t think that is
because of the books. I’ve decided it’s definitely not because of the books. I
think it’s because of me. I think it’s my mindset that I’m just not really
managing to find myself captivated. I just don’t think I’m really managing to
escape into these worlds at the moment. So I am gonna continue with this because
I am buddy reading it. I don’t know whether I necessarily would love it
anyway, even if I wasn’t in this weird mood with fantasy because it just feels
like so much is happening all the time and it’s just constant and it’s just constant
event after event and yet there doesn’t seem to be this kind of overlining plot.
There’s just a lots of mini plots. It almost feels like a collection of short
stories set in the same world. I’m not entirely sure how
to feel about it. I’m liking it, not loving it, not really sure how to feel
about it and would rather be reading something else. Which is probably like
the worst thing I could say about a book and I feel so guilty about it but it
genuinely is not the book, it’s me. It is definitely me because I just don’t
think myself in fantasy are really getting on right now. Which makes me very
sad because as I said, I love fantasy but mmm it’s not quite working right now. So
I think after I’ve finished this, I’m probably gonna give it a little break.
We’re gonna have some time apart and then hopefully we will come together
again and it will be magical. I have no idea what I’m talking about but I’m
gonna see how that goes and hopefully I will end up in a better relationship
once again with fantasy. I finished ‘Uprooted’ a couple of days ago and you know
when I said in the last clip that it wasn’t the book it was me. It was the
book. It may have been a little bit me but it was mostly the book. I just didn’t
like it at all. I’m still definitely not getting on with fantasy but I don’t
think I would have liked this book even if I was getting on with fantasy. It just
wasn’t really my thing. I couldn’t really get on with it at all. I just, dunno, something about it really was not for me. Which is
incredibly disappointing because this is the most beautiful book I have ever
owned and it sucks that I can’t look at it without being disappointed now. It is
what it is and I just didn’t love it a lot, at all really. I pretty much skim
read the entire last quarter because I just couldn’t be bothered with it.
However, in the opposite of disappointing news I then also finished ‘From Twinkle, With Love’ by Sandhya Menon. This was absolutely adorable. It was not
disappointing in any way and I adored it. It was so lovely and so much fun and so
easy to read. I flew through this in I think about two sittings
and yeah I couldn’t put it down and I loved it. So that definitely made up for
the fact that I was very, very disappointed by ‘Uprooted’ and I am now currently reading ‘This Is Not a Test’ by Courtney Summers, Which I am loving right
now. It’s all about this girl during the zombie apocalypse, in which she gets
trapped into her high school and it’s just fantastic. It is so fast-paced and so gripping and I’m loving it. So I’m gonna go and
continue reading this right now and get over the fact that I was so incredibly
disappointed by the most beautiful book I have ever, ever set my eyes on. A mini update but if you’re into kind of
zombies and apocalyptic reads, this I would definitely recommend. I’m
absolutely loving it. It’s kind of giving me teen ‘The Walking Dead’ vibes, with
mental illness representation and it is fantastic. So yeah, I definitely would
recommend this and I’ve only got a couple of chapters left and I’m flying through it.
It’s a little while later and I just finished ‘This Is Not a Test’ by Courtney
Summers and this was absolutely fantastic. It was so fast paced and just
so incredibly intense and suspenseful. I thought the way it portrayed meant illness
in a time like a zombie apocalypse was so interesting and I thought this
was brilliant and right now I’m trying to decide what to read because I had intended on reading ‘Made You Up’ by Francesca Zappia but when I mentioned it
in my summer TBR video, a couple of people brought it to my attention that
the schizophrenia representation in this isn’t great and it’s just very
messy and honestly I’m not sure that I want to spend my time reading something
that has bad representation, when I could spend that time reading something with
good representations. So I think I may actually just pass on reading like this
all together because although I have heard some really good things about it,
digging deeper into Goodreads and reviews for it, I’ve only seen very negative things about the schizophrenia representation. So I don’t really want
to waste my time on that. So right now I’m gonna go and try and decide what to
read instead and probably end up not deciding what to read and watching a
bunch of TV instead. I was just editing this and realised that I didn’t give you a final update as to what I decided to read and I did end up watching too much
TV because I couldn’t decide what to read and I ended up finishing ‘Snow White
With the Red Hair’ which is the cutest anime and honestly pretty much the
cutest thing I have ever watched in my entire life. So if you’re looking for
something that’s just an utter ray of sunshine, I would 100% recommend it
because it was absolutely gorgeous and it’s made me want to watch a lot more
anime. I’ve only ever watched ‘Snow White With the Red Hair’ and ‘Yuri on Ice’ and I
don’t really know where else to start. So if you have any recommendations for any
adorable animes, please let me know because I would love to continue
watching them. I did eventually decide on what to read because I picked
up ‘The Darkest Minds’ by Alexandra Bracken because I have been meaning to
buy myself a copy of this for literally years and have never gotten around to it
but I saw this and it was the last copy in the bookshop that wasn’t the movie
tie-in cover and I decided I had to get it because I’m not a huge fan of movie
covers for books. I love movie posters but for some reason when you put them on
books, I’m suddenly put off them. I’m only on chapter three right now but I am very, very intrigued because I somehow, despite how long this has been out and despite
how many people absolutely love it, I don’t actually really know what this
book is about, other than it’s a dystopian. So I’m really intrigued by
this. It”s a lot longer than I had thought it was going to be but this is what I’m
gonna start reading now and I think I’m gonna leave this vlog here and I’m so
sorry that it is so boring. I feel like this has possibly being the most
pointless and dull vlog ever. I just, I feel like I’m really bad at this. Everybody
else does such cool things and they’re constantly updating and really great at
it and I’m just not. I’m not great at updating and also I lead a very dull
life. So I don’t have many exciting things to talk about. I feel like all my
updates are just “I read this. I’m reading this. I finished this. I’m now reading
this” and that’s pretty much it. So I am sorry if you somehow managed to get to
the end of this and have actually watched it all but also thank you if you
did and I just hope you’re having the loveliest week and I’m hoping that next
time, if I decide to do another vlog, it will least be a little bit more
entertaining and I’m now gonna go and properly give this a start because I’m
very much looking forward to getting into it.

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  1. Another lovely vlog Kate. I totally understand changing reading tastes. I went through the weirdest phases in middle school and then again in high school. If you're a mood reader like me, then it makes total sense. Also are you more of a character based person or a plot based person because that could also be contributing. I also tend to find that I like to read certain types of books at certain points in the year. I know you're not the only booktuber that's been struggling with book tastes changing or even book slumps in general (*points to self*). I've had a rough time of it the last few months, in several ways, so it's made reading difficult. I hope you enjoy Darkest Minds and whatever else you choose to read next 🙂

  2. Well, who doesn't love stickers?! I have a whole box of them as well! Haha!
    OMG! I LOVE your Gilmore Girls tshirt! Where did you get it?! 😀 It's beautiful!
    Don't be so hard on yourself! I love your videos! And no, you're not boring at all! Hahaha! You're one of the most lovely Booktubers around! ♥

  3. Nope, your vlog it is a reading vlog it was ooon point 🤗❤ And I love your dull life because mine's the same 😘

  4. How's The Darkest Minds going for you? I haven't started it yet and I'm intrigued by what you think of it!

  5. im so glad we agreed on uprooted, i still feel bad for not finishing it!! hopefully we can buddy read something in the future that we both enjoy :')

  6. I just started and finished the kiss Quotient yesterday and I am so excited about her next book. It was so good.

  7. Lovely reading vlog! Also, for anime I haven't watched too many cutesy ones at the moment, but one of my all time faves is Ouran High School Host Club. It is a comedy but does have some important themes to it too- I always get emotional at the end!

  8. I absolutely love your reading vlogs and I would watch them 24/7!I’ve been having this “fantasy slump” for a couple of months and I read a ridiculous amount of contemporaries (at least for me🤷🏼‍♀️😂).But now I’m craving some good high fantasy and I’m thinking to pick up “The City Of Brass”.I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and it intrigues me.I wish you have an amazing week full of good books and happiness 💕💕

  9. I've heard amazing things about The Kiss Quotient and I really want to pick it up! I hope you enjoy it!

  10. I would gladly take Uprooted off your hands, I really regretted not purchasing the uk hardcover when book depository still had it in stock. I did enjoy the book although I did find it a bit slow at times. Also really excited to get to the Kiss Quotient whenever my turn for the library book comes around. With made you up, its also been said that isn't much to the claim that representation is bad, since everyone's experience is different. Emma from emmabooks did say in her review that the visual hallucinations that the character has had was the first time she saw a representation of what she went through in a ya book. She has her mental health story video which more of what she went through and that book was just so amazing. I was sobbing through the last few chapters and Eliza and her Monsters is book that I felt dealt with anxiety perfectly, as someone who has struggled with and depression for years.

  11. I can't read 200 pg in 1/2 an hour unless it's Dr. Seuss. OK I'm slow.
    If u liked HP you might like The Prydain series/Alexander (at the level of HP books 1-3 to start then tougher by book 5); The Trials of Morrigan Crow/Townsend (Vol. 1 of Nevermoor series).
    I wrote a tough HP quiz. You can try it if you want it. Whatever u wanna do.

  12. I loved this reading vlog! At least you actually talked about books and shared your opinions in it! When I try to film them I do stuff and go places, but barely end up talking about books. This is all I want in a reading vlog! What kind of Mental Illness Rep was in This is Not a Test? I absolutely LOVE books will that kind of Rep since Mental Illness is a big part of my life. I think you might enjoy watching Black Butler or Fruits Basket or Vampire Knight as your next Anime. Those are my personal favorites. Thank you for another amazing video!

  13. Have you read the Silver trilogy (starting with dream a little dream) and/or the Ruby Red trilogy by Kerstin Gier? I'd say the genre is YA + romance + fantasy. They're all set in London, I believe, and translated from German. I tend to enjoy fantasy set in our world more than epic fantasy and I also sometimes get fantasy reading slumps. By the way, I like your vlogs because they're always so relaxed ☺

  14. I love that anime too!!! I'm a sucker for romantic​ anime. You should try Ouran Host Club, Maid-Sama or Special A!!!

  15. I wish I could find this edition of Uprooted, it's so rare and beautiful and I want to reread it at some point!

  16. It definitely wasn’t you on how you felt about uprooted. I saw a review of it and I knew I was only gonna hate it because of how awful a character was. I did read Spinning Silver because I had nothing else to read and it was available and was surprised because I really enjoyed it though. 🙂

  17. I didn't much like Uprooted either, but it's always annoying when you read a disappointing book, especially when they're very beautiful. Your room looks so tranquil to read in, I wish mine was like that! I hope you find your love of fantasy again in the future though!

  18. I loved Yuri on Ice! It was so cute!!! I really love anime, so I hope you get to watch some more! Also, as much as you bash your own vlogs, I still enjoy them. lol! ~Momes

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