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Hey guys it’s Sarah Jane welcome back to
my channel today I’m here for a spoilery discussion of a Discovery of Witches. So
if you’re here that means that you’ve wrote a discovery of witches by Deborah
Harkness if you’re here and you’re like well actually I haven’t you’re on the
wrong video this is a spoilery discussion video and the spoiler free
review is linked down below. So this is going to be my spoilery discussion video
for a Discovery of Witches this is going to be a rave but it’s also got a little
bit of a rant mixed in as well because there are some things that I really
didn’t like about this book and there’s lots and lots of things that I loved so
if you want all my opinions keep watching. So naturally we’re going to
start at the beginning because that’s what you do, so the beginning of the book
I felt open very strongly I really liked Diana’s internal monologue when she was
talking about Ashmole 782 – and she was exploring it and she was saying about
how she kept her powers hidden and she didn’t really use them very often and
straight away I was intrigued by her I was intrigued by the backdrop of Oxford
University straightaway I was like oh this is a bit different to the norm and
I was pulled in pretty quickly. When Diana meets Matthew naturally that got
my attention I felt like he was a very interesting vampire straight from the
beginning I could tell he was quite a quite a… smooth vampire straightaway I
could tell he had a lot of confidence I could tell that he was quite serious and
I was really intrigued by him I really liked the descriptions of him and from
that point on I was definitely interested in the two of them, I mean
obviously you know that they’re going to be a couple so straightaway I was
intrigued by their back-and-forth and their exchange. Something I noticed early
on and actually Sian from readersrambles is reading this book at the moment and she
messaged me and had the same thoughts was um that not absolutely everything had
to be described in such precise detail. Part of the beauty of reading is when an
author gives you the basic description and you fill in all the blanks yourself
and I feel like Deborah Harkness didn’t really give me the opportunity to do
that she went into extreme detail about you know a pair of pajamas or a pen or a
table in her apartment and it was just a little bit much it was kind of… it made
the book a lot slower and for a book that’s so big that kind of was a little
bit of a red flag for me because I was like well I don’t really feel like all
this extra space is being taken up by extra story
or extra information it’s just kind of being taken up by all this extra
description like don’t really feel like we need. Now as Diana or Matthew getting
to know each other this is when I found that I was actually enjoying the book
probably the most actually when she’s rowing and she sees him but he’s at
every different stop and then when they go to yoga oh my god I loved it when
they went to yoga I just thought it’s so funny the idea of this vampire taking a
witch to yoga it was it was brilliant. And then after when they go to the
little cafe and stuff I could really really see it as a TV show which is
great because obviously at this point I already knew and you it have been picked
up as a TV show so I’d already seen like pictures and stuff so I feel like
maybe my view was a little bit tainted by that but at the same time I could
just see it so clearly and it does give me a lot of hope for the TV show. I guess
for me the moment that they got to Sept Tours I felt like the plot kind of hit a
bit of a stalemate because while they were developing and growing as a couple
as a relationship I didn’t feel like the actual plot of the story the impending
danger was as much of an issue now they were in Sept Tours and I guess I just
really wanted to feel like there was still a big threat and I didn’t really
and I think while I did really like the two of them getting together I liked
seeing their relationship grow I liked seeing them ride the horses when she
thinks about jumping over the fence and he says if you actually jumped that
fence this outing would be over right now I did burst out laughing and I did
find myself giggling a lot at their back and forth at their snarky comments and
as they got closer I found myself really shipping them I really really wanted
them to get together but you know like the classic case of be careful what you
wish for and suddenly Matthews left and Diana turns into like this pool of
emotion, literally her tears become which water which I know is a power but I was
a little bit like Diana pull yourself together I would have much preferred if
she was like right that’s it I am going after him and she tried to leave or
something where she just kind of cried herself into oblivion which I understand
is her power but I was a little bit like where is the independent character that
I’ve come to love I felt like she kind of gone a little bit. Then when Matthew
comes back and he’s like I love you we’re
essentially mated now we’re married I was like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what?
Married? For me it was just way too soon I wanted their angst to last so much
longer maybe that’s just me being you know cruel and mean but I don’t want
them to be happy that quickly. Ultimately they have only known each other a few
weeks and if they were talking about their love for each other I can buy that
because at the end of the day this isn’t the the world we know and have grown up
in these are supernatural creatures this is a heightened state of emotion
everything that’s going on I can believe that they love each other deeply after a
couple of weeks what I can’t buy into is that Diana is so quick to accepting that
he’s her husband. I can buy that Matthew wants her to be
his wife simply because he is very very old he’s lived through so many lifetimes
that I expect for him once he reaches a point where he knows he loves her then
there’s nothing else to be said so I could accept him but I just felt like
she was kind of away with the fairies a little bit and caught up in the
whirlwind and I just kind of wanted her to freak out a little bit I guess where as
she was just suddenly like he’s my husband and he was calling her his wife
and I guess it just kind of irritated me a little bit because I kept hearing my
wife my wife and it was like…I did like the character Isabeau I found her
really interesting I don’t know if I’m pronouncing her name right now you know
I am um but I felt like she turned around on Diana very very quickly you
know it was almost like okay now that he’s accepted her as his mate now they
are essentially married I may as well just get on with it even though I don’t
like it and I understand that emotion but again it was so quick and
considering that this book is 690 or pages long I felt like so many decisions
and conclusions happened so quickly and yet so many other things were dragged
out as long as possible and because of that to me the pacing just felt really
really off. Did this mean that I suddenly didn’t love them no it didn’t I
absolutely adored them as characters and I still ship them and I still love
seeing them together but there’s still this voice in the back of my head that’s
going too soon too soon and it kind of affected my enjoyment a little bit. One
of the elements that I really liked about this story was the scientific
aspect of it the way that they talked about science and history and evolution
and I really liked the way the Diana’s blood was drawn and then examined. I
liked the way that it was explored that actually she was very powerful but
something was holding her back and then obviously when it came out that she was
spellbound I thought that was really clever and I think for me again like
when when Diana was taken and then Matthew goes to save her it was a moment
where there could have been so much like made of it but instead she was rescued
very very quickly and I feel like the action and the plot and the story almost
kind of came second best the romance sometimes and while I do love the
romance I like to read a book where I’m wanting more not where I’m like can we
have less. I would say that I really liked all the characters like both major
and minor I found that I was really enjoying them I was really interested in
like their lives as well and I found that to be really developed really
layered and I really liked the character of Isabeau I liked Martha I really liked
Emily and Sarah and I just felt like I cared about them as well. Something else I
found a little bit much with this story which I’m sure is going to come as no
surprise because of what I said about the marriage talk but it was when they
started talking about babies and I was like oh no. You’ve known each other three
weeks like stop I understand it’s a talking point when you’re with a vampire
and you think you’re not gonna be able to conceive with him and then suddenly
there’s talk that you may possibly be able to but it was a bit like can we
just like calm down a second. The way that they’re like my husband my wife can
we have children it’s like you just want to remind them they have known each
other less than a month and it’s a little bit like, it kind of removes you
from the story because you’re just sort of rolling your eyes a little bit and I
guess that’s my main criticism with the story it was the marriage talk it was
the baby talk and I don’t really want that so early on, for me that’s something
that happens in like the end of a series or trilogy whereas the fact that it was
happening so early on in the first one it does make me a little bit worried for
what’s gonna happen in the second in the third book. Overall like I said I did
really enjoy the story I know I’ve kind of talked about the negative aspects
more but I guess that’s just kind of what happens when you do these videos
you just start sort of talking about something that you didn’t like and then
you go off tangent but I did really enjoy this but
like I kind of found myself obsessed with it and I just couldn’t stop reading
like it been the middle of the day and I’m like oh I’ll just read a little bit
of a Discovery of Witches and I read it very quickly for me which is
which is good because it shows it kept my attention. You can tell that Deborah
Harkness has a background in history I think it actually says that she’s, yeah a
professor of history at the University of Southern California so that was very
genuine I felt like it’s the classic case of write what you know and that
part of it felt very authentic it felt very genuine and it was definitely a
unique add-on to the paranormal romance genre. Am i excited about the TV series
oh my god yes I am so excited about it I feel like hopefully this book will draw
out the the romance between the two of them a little bit more and hoping that
that will be the case I’m really excited about it I can’t wait to watch it I love
seeing the trailer and over here in the UK we’re getting it on Sky One so that’s
a really good sign because Sky One is like our television provider here in the
UK and they typically don’t take on shows that aren’t the best of the best you
know this is where you know on sky those show things like Game of Thrones and
stuff like that so I feel like it’s a really good sign that Sky One have got the
show at the time of filming this video i am reading shadow of night so hopefully
i will have another one of these videos up there that if you would like that
please let me know in the comments below feel free to discuss the book in all its
spoilery glory because i don’t really have many people I can talk about this
book with and i feel like in some ways I’m being split in two because I love it
and I love them but there’s something I think it’s just
that marriage and babies thing I think that is my main issue but I still love
it at the same time and it’s just like I don’t understand my brain. Thank you so
much for watching and I’ll see you guys again soon, bye!

17 thoughts on “A Discovery of Witches – Rave (and a little rant…) [CC] | The Book Life

  1. I really liked this first book as well. I think you are right on about the marriage/baby talk. I remember thinking “oh come on!” I’m very interested to see what you thought of the second one. I ended up DNFing it at the time, but I plan to try again this year.

  2. I literally ADORE ADOW!!!! It’s my favourite book EVER!!! I’d like to hear your thoughts on SON and BOL, definitely. I really liked the marriage/baby talk but then I’m a romance reader.

  3. I read this series a while back but I distinctly remember that feeling of I really love these two together but Too soon "cringe" instalove "cringe" marriage talk "cringe"
    The series is lacking in angst but I love how it explores the hardships of staying in a relationship and the building of a partnership between Diana and Matthew.

  4. I love/hate this series. Overall, I love it more than I dislike it, but it does have issues, and I agree with the ones you mentioned. Babies and marriage so soon…ugh!

  5. I stopped being able to take the book seriously at the yoga class. After that, I continued because I had to see how it ended xDDDDDD
    To me, this was an entertaining series, but probably not for the intended reasons. Good luck with the rest of it : D

  6. I came straight to this video 🤗🤗🤗 I thought this was a really unique take on having vampires and daemons living among us. I really liked the science/modernity in contrast to the Oxford backdrop and the library. My favorite little scene was Diana’s witch aunts in their house…it felt super cute and magical. I agree that the beginning and the build-up was great, and then once Diana was immersed in the supernatural world, they rushed through a lot. I wanted the angst to last as well…that was the beginning that hooked me.

  7. I read this quite a long time ago, now, and I don't really remember my initial thoughts on specific things. I loved it – and I dont think I had a problem with the marriage/baby stuff back when I did read it, but given the ways I have changed as a person, I think it probably would bother me today – if that makes sense.

  8. Read the trilogy back in 2012 and onwards, and my opinion may have shifted. I can agre to an extent about it going too fast but I LOVED all the books! I think I need to re-read them. To my question; I saw you did not care for the second as mush and I would love to hear why?

  9. I totally get your feeling of being split! I've read the whole series and adored it but I also had a lot of "oh come on!" moments. My main issue was I felt like Diana was already an independent and competent woman, but she almost had to be broken down or reduced to learn/love others. Why not create opportunities for her to open herself without making her less strong and independent!? The science/history stuff comes up heaps later in the series so I think you will like that! I had to push through 2 and then devoured 3.

  10. If it can be written well I have no problem with insta-love … yet I agree sometimes it just like "come on!" This sounds like an intriguing read … thanks for the book recommendation!

  11. I'm so torn on this series. I met Deborah and got my books signed, so I was pumped to read the books. I loved them all, although I admit I found them a bit frustrating in places too. The further away I am from having read it the more unsure I feel. But overall I did really enjoy them 🙂 Also I am SOOO excited for the series!!!

  12. I agree with your review so much that I kept repeating "omg me too!!" while watching it. I tried reading the book 2 of 3 years ago when I bought it, but couldn't get past 10 pages. I finally picked it up again and read the book last year in November or December. And to be honest I read it because I found out Mathew Goode and Teresa Palmer were going to play Mathew Clairmont and Diana and I love them so I picked it up and started reading. I agree that the pacing was off for me too and the descriptive writing was kind of irritating because there was so much space like you said, for the story itself to expand on. I did enjoy the book a lot and am so so excited for the show. I'm going to start reading Shadow of Night soon so I would love a spoiler review! Thankss! I'm so glad I found someone who is reading this trilogy!

  13. I added my comments to your other video as I hadn't seen this, but pretty much agree with everything you've said. Def too long, wasn't keen on the instalove, but the world building and the relationship's were good as were the characters.

  14. Omg you so funny. Loved this video and your other spoiler free book review of this book. Excited to watch your other book reviews x

  15. Oh my gosh, you and I have the almost the same views on this book! I was so upset that this independent intelligent women had traded in her smarts to be the over protected seen but not heard wife of a 1,500 year old vampire. I’m like, what happened to our tenured Oxford professor!? What happened to the woman who took strength and serenity in our rowing hobby? (Even though I hated that part of the book…)

    I also didn’t like how we started with one plot of obtaining and rescuing Ashmole 782 to learn its secrets and then there are 10 different plot points to discover by the end of the book. When we learn that Diana was a Chimera and that she had a TWIN BROTHER in the womb I was like, cool, I can’t wait to hear more about this!

    And we had never heard about it again…not until book 3 at least, but still! The book stressed me out SO MUCH and the only reason why I’m finishing it is because I genuinely want to know what happens in the end!

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