A HUGE Brazilian YouTuber STOLE My Videos

100 thoughts on “A HUGE Brazilian YouTuber STOLE My Videos

  1. I would like to keep a complete list of videos she's stolen, so if anybody knows of any that aren't listed in the description, let me know and I'll add them.
    thanks to all my brazilian and portuguese fans for supporting me and keeping me up to date on this!

  2. I hate how she called you a gringo. Now, I’m not Mexican, not am I a white “gringo”, but I find it to be so rude to call someone that, ESPECIALLY if you stole from him and several others, and made his jokes worst.

  3. "Hey bro can I copy you're homework?"
    "Uhhh no. I actually worked really hard on that."
    "I'ma do it anyways. Don't worry, I'll change it up a bit so no one will notice."
    "… No."

  4. This would've all been avoided if Satty would just have a better understanding of writing a script, admitting to her mistakes, or IDK giving credit. Is that so hard?

  5. Eu estava assistindo outro video do mesmo assunto o só que BRASILEIRO o nome do canal é goularte mais vou assistir seu tambem

  6. Dude I feel like we deserve to say sorry for having such disgusting youtubers in our country, I used to be a fan of Satty (Not really tbh) and it's so agonizing to see someone copied your amazing videos.

  7. Dude why don't u copyright her vids and take money from her pocket. Would have been the first thing I'd have done

  8. meh because of language barrier i’d say its posible they were kind of in a way remaking your content for their viewers. But if they do this they should really make their effort to reach out and make it a “collab-esque” kind of video

  9. I am coming back as a Brazilian that lives in the UK a year later after watching this and I'm still as sorry for you and still as mad about her when it comes to this situation.

    I'm from Brazil and this crap makes me sometimes ashamed of my YT community…

  10. Oh look a semi sexy girl stealing content cuz they have no real talent than their slightly above average looks

  11. This is rediculous i love the channel and am a long time anime fan the group that watches and makes good quality videos is very small for a audiance that watches most of you how did she not think people would notice

  12. Infelismente esses youtubers brasileiros que roubam video causam uma imagem negativa para todos os criadores de conteúdo brasileiro que criam conteúdo original e canais ladrões de video prejudicam a imagem de quem realmente cria conteudo no Brasil.

  13. I sometimes forget that you actually have less than one million subscribers, you should have way more but in the mean time keep making the awesome vids ya always do! And whenever you need a break just take one, we can wait 😛

  14. Shes such trash, she knew this would give her publicity when everyone eventually caught on. Guess all you have to do is put makeup on a dumpster fire and film it?

  15. Blocked her just now to never see "her content" by accident… It's so disgusting that she's not even speaking naturally and clearly memorised everything you said.

  16. Dude this Spanish MOFO called SoryoMont recently stole a video from EvaMonkey from two years ago!!! I was livid!!! This shit is so shameful

  17. I can't believe that there are so many rip offs and content thieves that are getting successful off the backs of great content creators

  18. I'm Portuguese (not Brazilian just to clarify) but I'm just as annoyed and pissed about this as my fellow Portuguese speakers. This does not represent Brazilian or Portuguese content creators as a whole. This girl is a moron, a thief, and a shitty human being.

    Fuck. Plagiarism.
    This makes me sick.

  19. I think it’s interesting and telling that her reaction was basically racism. I can’t help but think she thinks that this is all ok because she is stealing from “gringos”. Has she stolen content from any non-English YouTube persons? I mean, I wouldn’t put it past her. It’s not like she’s moral enough to care but I’ll bet it would be harder for her to justify and easier for her to be caught.

  20. Why i want to watch a girl who arguing about anime while she is trying to acting cute but actually its kinda sucks? content thieft is the worst.

  21. man i am a brazzilian watcher and i love your videos. once time i noticed that that video is a complete copy form yours video
    is this a complete shame i am sorry for my bad english but this is my message and she copyed. abd she copyed macro dammm

    all hail loluech

  22. ur awesome dude i love ur videos and ur one of my favourite youtubers i compare u to gigguk and the anime and man and really enjoy the content u come out with im sry u have to deal with something like this and its sad but i hope and know u’ll get throu it

  23. Looks like all the stolen content videos are banned huh? They are not available anymore. Good Job man! Standing up for what is right. Usually this kind of things just end up in being pure Drama but i'm happy this got cleared out and your Videos are save from that b*tch. Love your content

  24. Given the sorry state of Brazilian "government," I wouldn't expect action on this any time soon. You might be better off suing Youtube for failing to enforce their own restrictions on illegal content; you'd need a lawyer. The investment might be worth it.

  25. So, you have grabbed her money right? The same way say Disney and Warner Bros. will hit a content creator and take all of the money the video makes. And since she stole from you, you can put a copyright strike against her–three times. Which means she won't be a problem ever again. Her channel would be deleted. Forever.

  26. Happy to learn that some French youtubers and humorists aren't the only one to steal ideas from more talented people. Some Bresilians too !

    I propose us French to steal from Bresilians, and them to steal from us, creating that way an infinite loop of creative mediocrity ! 😀

    Content d'apprendre que des youtubers/humoristes français ne sont pas les seuls à voler des idées de personnes plus talentueuses. Des brésiliens aussi !

    Je propose que nous Français volions aux Brésiliens, qui eux-mêmes nous voleraient, créant ainsi un cercle infini de médiocrité créative ! 😀

  27. You said if I attack her, we can't be friends anymore.

    Is this confirmation that we are already friends then?

  28. As a Brazilian fan I can't believe her gall. Her translation is so terrible she literrally translates expressions that make no sens in Portuguese

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