A January Wrap Up!

Hi everyone, it’s Farah and welcome to my
channel The Farah Project. Today I’m going to be sharing my January reading
wrap-up and yeah, I read one book and the rest are manga. The first book I finished
and the first book review I filmed was for Looking for Alibrandi by Melina
Marchetta – it’s Marquetta not Marchetta guys – and
this is the story following a teenage girl in Australia as she attends a
Catholic school. It’s her senior year, it is the year she falls in love, it is the
year she meets her father for the first time and it is the year she discovered a
lot of stuff about her family and- and her life’s changing. So this story
overall is not my favorite Marchetta, I will say that but in typical Marchetta
fashion, she packs a lot of serious issues in this book such as mental
illness but also racism, social class and I really like how Marchetta balances
that really well with the tone of a YA book, a contemporary YA book. So she
balances being a teenager and she depicts that very truthfully well at the
same time talking about really serious issues and topics. So it’s one of my
favorite things about Marchetta especially when it comes to school life.
When you see kids in school and the way that they act, she does that so well this
I believe is her debut novel so a really, really good book but again not my
favorite but it’s pretty good. If you guys are interested to hear more of my
thoughts I will leave my book review link down below so you guys can check
that out. Then I read The Garden of Words, this is a manga standalone. It is about a
high school boy who yearns to become a designer and he skipped school one day
and went in runs into this older lady and she’s really mysterious he knows
nothing about her but then just before she leaves she recites a line from a
poem and that really stays with him. It really messes with him. So he skips school
again and they meet in the same spot in the garden and things develop between
them. Overall I didn’t like this one, there’s just something really cheesy
about it. I wanted it to be a little cuter, maybe…you know
when you pick up manga and you know it’s about romance and cutes-y-ness and you
just wanted to be cute and it’s just not… it’s just cheesy and cliche and a little
too dramatic, when it could have been a little less intense if that makes any
sense so I don’t know I didn’t like it. I believe this is also a movie, I don’t
know if it’s a live adaptation movie or in an anime, I think it’s either both or
just one of them so maybe that one’s pulled off a little bit better and
finally the next manga I read was a series called Erased
I read volume 2, 3, 4 and 5. This manga series is by Ken Sanbe. It
revolves around a man in his 30s and he’s kind of miserable but he also has
this ability to go back in time, not too far but just a little bit, to prevent bad
things from happening. He gets this sense, this intuition, and you see it happening
in the first volume a couple of times only something really bad happens that
kind of messes with his ability and he goes way back in time into his younger
self so he is still a 30 year old man in a fifth-graders body and in doing so he
realizes he has the ability to prevent something really bad from happening and
it is the murder and assassination and kidnapping of his classmate that leads
to more assassinations and kidnappings and possibly also the arrests of someone
who was wrongfully accused. He decides to set out on finding the real kidnapper
and this whole series is basically him embarking and trying to figure out the
mystery of it and I will say I liked it. I did have some problems with a lot of
one-dimensional characters that weren’t fleshed out or had the opportunity to be
fleshed out, a lot of characters that I felt just really bad for because there
their needs and motivations revolved mostly around the main character
rather than their own needs and wants and that also just kind of didn’t feel
very realistic to me. The mystery was interesting, I kind of figured it out
halfway through or maybe in this volume I think I figured it out and as you know
I figured out who the kidnapper was and I’m just waiting for everyone else to
figure it out but there were a couple of plot twists in here that just took my
breath away. Like I said the characters, some of them just
didn’t make sense. Like one of the characters seemed to play a very, very
important role whether she was there or not but at the same time she didn’t
serve a lot of purpose except that she served a really important purpose but
then she didn’t seem like a real person or she was just created to fit a certain
mold, I don’t know, it just didn’t- I felt like it could have been balanced a
little bit better just her assisting the main character and being a real person
with her own desires and dreams and I feel like a lot of the female characters
in this manga series were like that. They were just tools to aid the main
character in his journey. I will say I couldn’t put it down. As soon as I got
the stack I was- I just read it in one sitting all of them and I just needed to
know what happened next and like I said the plot twists were really great but
all in all pretty enjoyable for what it was. Let me know down below what you are
currently reading and how many books you finished in the month of January. I would
love to know what you read. What was your favorite read? And thank you so much for
watching. I hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe, like and
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upload a video. Thanks so much and I’ll see you at my next one. Bye.

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  1. January was the worst reading slump I ever had due to school work and stress. February is a little better so hoping to read more

  2. I read two Egyptian novels. Yahya Haki's "The lamp of Umm Hashim"ย and just now Naguib Mahfouz's "Morning and Evening Talk" and I can't believe how differently they describe the same country! But great stuff!

  3. One of the books I'm currently reading is Six of Crows (finally!) so far I like it but I don't quite feel like it lives up to the hype…

  4. 'the garden of words' manga is based on anime by makoto shinkai (maybe you've heard about 'your name') and the anime is really great and worth-watching!

  5. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปwaiting for February warp up.. i read 6 books and i upload video about ๐Ÿ˜…

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