A Kinder, Gentler Assault Rifle?

This episode of
“In the Making” is brought to you by
“How We Got to Now” with Steven Johnson–
premieres Wednesday, October 15th at
9/8 central on PBS. I’m here in Bozeman, Montana
at Salient Technologies, where they do product design and
prototyping in everything from wheelchairs to sporting
goods, educational toys, to non-lethal
weapon alternatives. What? That’s what we’re
here to check out. You’ve got military. You’ve got law enforcement. You’ve got SWAT. They go into these environments. And before they enter a
building, before they enter a situation, they’ve
got to decide if they’re going to use
lethal or nonlethal force. And what this does is it
mounts to a standard Picatinny rail that can be found on
most firearms or blasters. You find a pepper spray canister
that is nozzled appropriately, then mounts– a
single hand operation. So in order for law
enforcement, SWAT, military to adopt something
as a nonlethal alternative, we didn’t want to take
away their security in having a firearm, being
able to have a firearm raised in the ready position and
ready to use any time. However, at the
same time, they’ve got that choice for a
nonlethal alternative. Initially, we do a
conceptual development, where that’s hand sketching. It’s on paper. It’s on tablets where we get to
draw and come up with the looks and feel. There’s no bad
ideas at that stage. After we’ve narrowed down
our conceptual development, we jump into a
virtual prototype. In SolidWorks software, we’re
able to put all the pieces together. We’re able to take
them back apart, rotate them around, and
make sure everything fits. Once we’ve got the
VirtualCAD figured out, we do make a prototype
with those files. That brings us into 3D printing. We’re able to 3D print
the actual pieces, and assemble them,
and test them out. Doc North, let me show
you how this works. Hey. Don’t mess with the
hair, all right. I like the intention
of this product. I think it’s worthwhile to
make law enforcement safer for everyone. My question is, are we
adding pepper spray to a gun, or are we adding a loaded
gun to pepper spray? Personally, I think
the combination of foam darts and a squirt
gun is an awesome toy. This episode of
“In the Making” is brought to you by
“How We Got to Now” with Steven Johnson–
premieres Wednesday, October 15th at
9/8 central on PBS.

25 thoughts on “A Kinder, Gentler Assault Rifle?

  1. Salient Technologies is the BEST!  And giving armed forces non-lethal options is amazing.  Good things could come of this…

  2. Just how many cops were killed because they went for a non-lethal weapon instead of a lethal one to actually warrant this? This is just going to give cops the option to escalate a situation by combining non-lethal and lethal steps into indistinguishable steps for the target. To be honest if you point this at any gun-loving conservative and claim you would only use the pepper spray part, they would just ignore you and shoot back.

  3. Being in law enforcement for 8 years in Seattle PD I've used OC spray (pepper spray) and it really doesn't do much to someone who is violent, it certainly doesn't feel good but it doesn't stop them by any means in fact, it just makes the attacker more angry the only time I've used pepper spray was when a punk teenager was trying to resist after he hit his girlfriend and that pepper spray really shut him up.

  4. "Assault Rifle" use correct terminology when reporting on stories. Assault is a mindset, not an inanimate object.

  5. Not sure if it's a good idea or not but I want one!!! I wonder if they could develop one small enough to go on the front of my Sig?

  6. A Crye SIX12 with CN Dust would do a better job, while taking up the same amount of rail estate (get it?) as this gimmick.

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