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Top o’ the mornin’ to ya laddies!! My Name is JackSepticEye!… …and welcome to something called ‘The Museum of Simulation Technology’. (Cleaned up by Geoff c:) Now, it sounds fancier than it is. It’s – it’s not, I dunno if I’d call it a game yet- I guess it is a game… But is more of ah… a Tech demo type of thing, And it was something that I saw on Reddit last year, And I wanted to play it! But there was no demos available and I went around looking for it… …everywhere, but they were just showing it off at like game conventions… …and stuff like that and it came up on Reddit again… …today or… yeah- today! I found it again and I went around looking it for it again, just to see if any updates are found and I found a link to a demo for it and I’m so HAPPY because this … I-I’ll will show you when I get in. This is something based around perception. It’s based around… …like size and perspe- (Nice Save) perception and everything… …and ALSO… WELCOME TO THE MUSEUM TOUR! While you are here there is no flash photography, there is no smoking, no pets, and no HIDDEN PETS! I SEE YOU SANDRA! Trying to hide that chihuahua in your bag. Not only will it not breath and it’ll die and starve in there, but you’re just not allowed it. All you’re allowed is to get down to this… Funky jazz ~ Let’s go! Um, I- ug phk Why did I click ‘R’? R is to restart the game! Now I just fucked it all up. (INTENSE INHALE) Okay, let’s go. ‘Welcome to the Museum of Simulation Technology’. Now straight off the bat you can tell that everything is a little bit weird, because thee- uh fucking leaning tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Pyramids of Egypt and Statue of Liberty… …are all around. They don’t go together normally… …and the door’s all the way down there, all small and shit! (Jack.Exe is loading…) But what we can do is-… THIS is the beauty of the game. You’re looking at the Statue of Liberty right now. I pick it up… everything seems normal, right? It seems the same? BUT LOOK AT THAT SHIT! (laughs) It’s all based around size So, can I do this? Yeah Oh my god! Now it’s big again! How fucking cool is that?! How hard is that shit to program, I wonder. Pick up the Eiffel tower. Oh! It’s so in the distance and it’s so large! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) How will I ever pick it up? Just like this, baby. Nice… Let’s bring them all down Let’s bring them all down tuh Jackaboy Town, Make them all small. No! Statue of Liberty! Goddammit, she fell over. She’s been drinking too much! Where’s the
leaning tower? There it is. Now they’re all absolutely tiny, but if I
picked them up… if I pick you up again, and put you in the distance. It’s gigantic again… That is so fucking
mind blowing and that’s why I wanted to play it for the longest time, because it
just looks bananas! Like… your brain looks at this and it’s like “okay that’s like
the same size as it was in my hand”, but then you put it down it’s like “No! It’s
in the distance now!’ So it’s all perspective based and it’s super fucking
cool. Oh we have chess over here, let’s play with
this! Let’s pick up a chess piece, uh. Boom. Oh my god hahaha! Oh that’s awesome! Let’s make it big near us. Oh! So the game is based around puzzles
based around that perspective type of thing. So, let’s get in and try some of
them. It’s so cool! I love it so much! ‘Mini Kitchen Appliances Exhibit’! Aww it’s little
tiny ovens. Aww they’re so cute! I want some of them, can I have one? It’s
a little teeny tiny microwave. Now it’s a big microwave! Can jump on that?
Yes! This is how we’re gonna solve our puzzles. Let’s pick up thiiis. What is it. Why is the
mouse moving all janky? Grab this You’re still tiny though! How do we make you big?
Oh, do I just keep doing this? Is that getting bigger? It IS
getting bigger! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) NICE! Just like a penis. (Jack. Why.) Put it down. You’re not enough. Agh! There we go! Ah that’s messing with my head! I was like “Oh now you’re big enough to
pull over here”, but I forgot that the closer I am to something and I pull it
up then the smaller it gets. Imagine if that was what it was like in real life. That you
just grab someone and the closer they got to you the smaller they got hahaha. Oh it’s the Mona Lisa! Can I make a giant Mona Lisa? Oh god. Hahaha! Everyone always complains when they go to The Louvre that the Mona Lisa is too small. They go up and they’re like… ‘Huh, much smaller than I thought it was gonna be’. Now it’s fucking gigantic. It’s blocked. What is it blocked by? It’s not blocked by
anything! God damn it I can’t pick it up again. Here we go. Nice! Just sit there! Lisa, moaning Lisa. [giggling] Fucking Jesus. Hahaha! Okay back onto the fucking ground you
go as a normal size. Hahaha I’m going to increase their- the
wealth of my art just by picking it up all the time. I’m making it bigger. Oh god do I have to use you to make a fucking pathway? Can I do this? I don’t know if I can. I wanna see- Oh god. Like that! Yes, yes stay there stay there just like that! YEAH! Sorry Mona I’m gonna have to get up your face. Hahaha! Oh so cool! Is it messing with your heads yet? Are you tripping balls yet? ‘Activity time’! *snapping* ‘Activity time for kids’! That’s me! I need the rest of you kids to wanna come out and play with me. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) Monday to Friday at 9 to 4. Saturday Sunday 8:30 to 6. So it’s thursday right now, well it’s Wednesday for me, but it’s Thursday right now
for you guys so we’re nine a.m. to four p.m. Um… And it’s 5:26 p.m. I can’t play, I have to go home. .n. Oh! FUCK THE RULES! Oh Jesus Christ, hahaha! Again I keep forgetting how big these
things get! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) Oh God can I make you small again- There we go. Okay, activity time! It’s time to get up
onto this, but I have to be smart about it. You stay there, b- no! No! Oh! Oh! Oh! Perfect. Now you need to be slightly bigger. There we go. I am using science and my brain to
figure out the puzzles! I’m the smartest man there ever was! Not really, I’m dumb as a fuckin mule. Aaand *plonk* Is that enough? No you’re smaller than the other one. Buhduh- Puh – Puh… A-Puh-Puh— AHHHH!! Jesus that’s too big! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) Stop it! Mother of fucking J(h)esús. Okay get up onto these. Is there any way that I can get up onto this just the way I am right now. Can I.. *HUH* No! That’s not enough! Get up onto the.. Why do I have to be on a fucking.. a pyramid one! AHH! MOVE! I’m stuck. Ok grab this. Make you big. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) See that’s the problem! You make it big
but it’s big in the distance. It’s not big right in front of my eyes. I will be able to do this. I figured out get up onto the fucking
platforms. Christ. J(h)esús Christo. You need to fuck right off! Out of my face I’m stuck underneath all
the blocks! Let me out! Mother of Jesus. Grab you, get out of my fucking face. This might be harder to do than it seems. Will you just get onto the block! Mother of god… It’s not as responsive as it looks. K *HUH* Nice. (Whispers) For Fuck’s Sake… Get onto this one, then onto this… Can I just grab you. And make like a thingy here. No I don’t need you up there! I need you
back out here with me. Like *HUH* Come on, sometime’s it doesn’t drop- OHSHIT Oh no no! Come on Come on! I’m so close- I’m so close, wait. Wait, let’s do this let’s pick up one of you.
Are you enough to get up?? *hyup HIP* (The Sounds of the Primal Jack) COME ON!!! All I wanna do is
(build a snowman ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
solve a puuzzle… You’re not blocked by anything! Get up! Uhm okay. Let’s just go up to the top of
this *HUP* come on. I- I will do this! YEAHH! I fucking did it.
Shouldn’t have taken that long, wait. I want to see if I can do something like
this. ahhhhhh.. AHHHH!! *laughs* I didn’t even need the fucking blocks. All I need is hardcore parkour, baby. Fucking speed as key!… Also Jumping. Oh look who we have here, it’s my
biggest fan. Hoh-oho God- Wait! (Momentary Pee Break Sponsored by Nobody ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )) This big fan- Mean? Oh let me just see. I want to see if a big fan means more
air! Oh please let that be the case! (That has been physics with Jack.) Yeah!! Oh that’s the best! Not only does the big fan just get bigger or the fan get bigger
but it makes bigger wind ’cause it’s bigger’. (Even more Physics) That’s super clever I like that. Could I
have more puzzles like that? Oh god. A fucking space shuttle. Right click to rotate if an object is outlined in blue Ok… Do I have to go to space in this? Oh god the rotation is weird. I think I have to go to the moon in this
thing. OHH Yes, let’s fucking do it. Ok let’s turn you… What way is this rotation?? Good God, there we go there we go there we go, there we go. It’s fine! Why!!? Can I just shoot it to the moon from
here? What do I do? How do I get out of this place? I will launch this to space I fucking will that’s my job right now
I’m going to do it if I could just get it to fuckin rotate properly- the
rotation is ass! *EHH* Can I get into this? Can I- can I- can I get into this? (Whispers) I don’t know what I do. I mean, logic would say that I make the
thing big and I go to space but.. I can’t. There’s no like things to get into it. Do I just leave it out there? Uheh. Ok, I can’t, it won’t go out there. Aaah bang! (giggle) I just killed everyone. Hello! It doesn’t even sit upright. If you try it falls over again.. Oooh, did I
do it?? (Imminent Disappointment) It fell outside! Ooooh! Oooohoho!!! Holy fuck!! Oh that’s AMAZING!.. Oh! I want to start that again, Holy shit!
Coming in you’re like ‘Oh what do I do? Spaceship? Oh Ok.’ You can grab the whole fucking moon! Holy balls and it’s like the pyramid
from earlier! Oh my god!! It’s the EXIT!! Oh my brain is all full of fuck right
now. What the shit! Can I just jump into this? Oh MY GOD THAT’S AWESOME!! It’s like a whole little colony on top of that fucking moon! OOOOAAAAAHHHHH!! (More Intense Moaning) This is straange! Oh dat’s strange! Ooh that’s fuckin- there’s nothing on
this side! That’s fucking with my head, so we make this big enough to walk through?? (Whispers) What? (Whispers) Whaaat? I can’t go through! Do I have to grab the
exit through that?? Let’s see. I can’t like put stuff down
and doing this just grabs that again. Do I have to make this big enough so it’s an entire fucking wall? What do I do? Can I grab and walk through? This is so WEIRD!! *Giggles* What? STOP MESSING WITH MY HEAD! GAME! I can’t handle it! It’s the tiny picture again. Ok let’s make this huge- WAIT! Oh I can’t rotate it… I was gonna say can I rotate it flat but…That’s objects that are in- in blue. I can’t drop anything on the other side-
HOW DO I GET THROUGH? Oh I get it. If I put it against the wall… If I put it big enough against the wall
I can’t go through it right? Like I go through it but I- Oh-kay that fucks up my
theory. I thought I couldn’t go through it but- Oh
God what? I thought if it was like on the wall then, I wouldn’t be able to go through to the other side so I just keep keep continuously going on into that. There’s some stuff back here behind that, so there’s a painting behind that one.
There was a painting behind this one. There’s no ropes here, but there’s robes (Y’ mean ROPES)
over here. Does that mean the painting supposed to go behind this? Maybe? Can I go through?! Come on! Let me through! I should be able t-
ARGH Jesus! I don’t know what I do! Oh now I completely fucked it h-heh. I think my game is broke. I think this
version of the demo is kinda borked, because you’re supposed to be able to
put this against the wall and then just walk through the portal… But even if I have it like- Because now
what I do is I go th- I go th- try and go through. That happens! But if I get it
perfectly flush against the wall which I have done! T-That shouldn’t happen! L-Let’s see if I can do it. Yeah when I get it perfectly flush
against the wall then and I try and go through it like bounces me back out. I-I can’t actually go through. I- I hit
the wall. I hit the actual wall and I can’t go any
further. I thought I was getting close there for a second. Ah man come on! I was doing so well!
I actually can’t go through. I’m pushing forward and I can’t go
anywhere. GODDAMNIT!! Does that mean I have to leave the video here!
Fuck. I didn’t want to leave the video here. I
don’t think there’s a whole lot- Oh god I clicked ‘R’. I don’t think there’s a whole lot more
left to the game anyway. So th-this is just like a tech demo to show you what
the game is- to show you what the concept is, and I do think they’re working on a
fully fledged game eventually and they’re going to- I don’t know when they’re going
to release it God knows it could be fucking years yet. Uhm.. Because this takes a lot of effort
to make, did I just click ‘R’ again? No. This takes a lot of effort to try and make
stuff like this especially now that we’re dealing with portals and- um… because
what happens if you put two portals opposite each other like that kind of
shit and then you have to move the portals around ’cause Portal the game messed with portals and you could see yourself going through them and everything and infinitely see them but,
you couldn’t move the portals around like you couldn’t pick up the Portal and move it
you could shoot them elsewhere, but you couldn’t like pick up one portal and walk
around with the other one behind you kind of thing, it’s like if you had like a
mirror behind you and another mirror in front of you and you have to move the
mirrors around. I Dunno, it’s weird. They mess with your head, but this is
absolutely astounding this type of technology, like t-this this perspective based stuff is just so
unique and so cool and clever and I love it so much I can’t wait to see
what they do further with it?? I mean look at that I
can’t even see it anymore. Where did it go? It’s under the ground it got so small,
it’s like a fucking stamp! Anyway thank you guys so much for
watching this episode, I love this. It’s fucking awesome UHM… so I’m sorry
that this happened that I couldn’t get any further, or maybe I’m just stupid and I didn’t
figure it out but I mean it- I feel like I have the solution, the exit is
right there! I should be able to do this. Anyway Thank You Guys SO MUCH for watching this episode if YOU LIKED IT PUNCH THAT like
button in the face like a Boss! Highfives all around- WPSHH WPSHH! BUT THANK YOU GUYS AND I’LL SEE ALL YOU DUDES… IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!!!!!!! Daisy got it! Holy shit, AND SHE spent twelve grand on it hahahaha, you’re still below me daisy. That’s fine, that’s good, ohohoho that’s a good one. Maybe if I run at it, AHHHH Didn’t work. (giggles) (Geoffrey Cullinan Here! I tried my best to fix up the grammar, punctuation, some words, and all that good jazz!)

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