A Message to Hardcore Players – Battlefield

How do you know if someone plays Hardcore? They’ll tell you. By popular request, I have put together a
collection of Hardcore gameplay. And by “popular request”, I mean the sheer
number of comments I see all over the place about how Hardcore is so much more difficult
to play, and, by necessity, requires its players to be significantly more manly. Just look at these guys? They’re wearing their airsoft gear while
they play Battlefield—that must make them extremely hardcore! And very manly, of course. I’m here to talk about just how awful of
a gamemode Hardcore is. You may recall that I did a video on a very
similar topic earlier this year—well, I made the mistake of not including very much
Hardcore gameplay, because I don’t enjoy playing it. So, I got comments saying how I didn’t have
any gameplay because I was too wimpy and not manly enough to play Hardcore. To address such comments before they happen,
you will note that this entire video consists of Hardcore footage. I played around two hours of it this weekend,
and will show here at least one highlight from every single round that I played, so
it’s not like you can claim that I had a few good rounds and a whole lot of bad ones. To introduce you to Hardcore, allow me to
tell you a story. A good friend of mine, Incarnate, was, for
some reason, playing on the XTG Hardcore server with another. Lacking anything better to do on Pearl Market,
he was playing the Amtrac, and got around 41 kills in the space of ten minutes or so,
because Hardcore players are generally terrible, and no one wants to play Engineer on that
map when there isn’t any health regeneration. This led to a ban from that server. Of course, that isn’t anything unreasonable
given his performance, and, usually, a ban appeal will lead to the issue being straightened
out. This wasn’t the case here. First, the player who banned Incarnate turned
out to be too dense to understand the concept of multiple shotgun pellets yielding a higher
than 100% accuracy ratio, even though he explained it quite clearly. The end result of all of this was that he
stayed banned, not because anyone was certain of him being a hacker—the evidence doesn’t
even come close to supporting that conclusion—but because they were concerned that having a
legitimately good player on the server with a “competitive gaming style” would ruin
their server. Granted, it’s their house, and they pay
the rent, so they can make whatever rules they want. I’ve no problem with that. I only brought this up because I think this
illustrates why Hardcore is so attractive to many players—it is a shelter from those
who are actually good, and lets the poor player maintain their illusions of competence. Now, do I dislike Hardcore? I don’t. While I don’t play it very often, I do find
that my experiences are somewhat enjoyable. The greatly reduced time to kill, and the
lack of hit markers, make me observe some things that I don’t ordinarily. In terms of fun, I wouldn’t call it that
much less than standard Battlefield, but it can be frustrating for a few reasons which
I will get into later. What I really have a problem with is the Hardcore
elitist mentality. Since Hardcore is so effective at maintaining
the illusions of competence I mentioned earlier, you’ll find many comments on Battlefield
message boards and Youtube channels proclaiming the holy word of Hardcore. Of course, in order to maintain those illusions
successfully, one absolutely must do everything one can to delegitimize every other gamemode,
which is why you you almost always see the words “normalcore” and “noob” paired
together when you read something written by a Hardcore player. Again, there’s nothing wrong with someone
liking Hardcore. The problem is when that person either considers
it a better gamemode, or considers it to somehow require more skill. I will address both of these points, one at
a time. Firstly, Hardcore is an objectively worse
gametype. When considering what “good” and “bad”
mean in this context, we’re going to look primarily at gameplay design, because that’s
what we experience when we play a game. Regardless of what your personal opinions
on 60 health are, it inarguably breaks the game’s balance. All the weapons and gadgets of Battlefield
4 were designed with 100 health in mind, and when you reduce that to 60, you break a lot
of things. All the weapons were balanced very carefully
based on how quickly they output 100 damage. The SCAR-H, Bulldog, and Groza-4, for example,
were never intended to kill in one hit to the head. They were intended to simply have larger two
headshot kill range than the other weapons, and require one fewer bullet to kill than
their competitors at certain distance. This difference, in close quarters was one
between 4 bullets and 5. The ratio of 4 to 5 is a whole lot smaller
than the ratio of 2 to 3 is, making the heavy-hitting weapons excessively good. Shotguns are completely broken—the semi
autos are vastly better than the pump actions, since they retain the same one hit kill range,
and can fire twice as fast. Since Slugs reliably one hit kill, there’s
also basically no reason someone with decent aim to use anything else. Again, no need to use pump-actions here—they’re
a one hit kill, dropping off to a two hit kill, while semi auto slugs are, hilariously,
a one hit kill dropping off to a two hit kill. Oh, and what’s the point of the pick-up
AMR-2? It’s a straight downgrade over any of the
kit sniper rifles. “but muh realism! muh realism!” Are you really still making that argument? We’re playing a video game, here. The game could be about squirrels shooting
marshmallow guns at one another, and it would play in the same manner. It would probably be a lot better, because
then we could avoid the arguments of the backwards realism crowd, who, for some reason, throw
tantrums over their in-game avatar being able to survive a .338 magnum round to the chest,
but have no problems with that same avatar simply needing to sit in the general vicinity
of a bag of bandages in order to become perfectly hale, or, maybe, the fact that Battlefield
4’s soldiers run faster than Usain Bolt while wearing 80 pounds of equipment. If it makes you feel better, don’t call
whatever Battlefield’s guns shoot “bullets”, because it obviously triggers you. Call them something completely arbitrary,
because it’s just a bunch of polygons and it doesn’t matter anyway. If it’s more reassuring to you to be able
to call your projectiles “carrots”—because it’s perfectly plausible for anyone at all
to survive a .338 caliber carrot to the chest, then do so. Seriously, if you want “muh realism”,
go play ARMA, and then you can see an enemy every two hours or so, if that floats your
boat. Better yet, join the Army, and you’ll have
all the realism you’ll ever need. Grenades are also pretty wonky in Hardcore. The RGO impacts were never supposed to kill
in one hit regardless of target health—they were designed as a finisher grenade against
wounded targets. In Hardcore, they become one guaranteed kill,
when played correctly. M67 Frag grenades also become kind of pointless,
as one can easily use the Mini grenades—which you get more of—and also retain the ability
to one hit kill. Oh, and you can throw them farther, too. There’s a few things out of place for vehicles
as well. The Maintenance perk is one of these, as it
literally does absolutely nothing in Hardcore. It’s supposed to increase the rate of automatic
health regeneration on vehicles, but there isn’t any vehicle regeneration in Hardcore,
so it ends up not actually doing anything. Air Radar on air vehicles is completely pointless
to have, because there isn’t any minimap at all. Regardless of your own opinion of the mechanics,
it’s pretty obvious that the gametype is poorly thought-out, as there are so many non-functional
elements of it. Battlefield 4’s hardcore was designed by
an intern, and it really shows. Hardcore does not require more skill. If anything, it requires less skill to play. Positioning is much less important, because
it’s so difficult to see where other players are. The lack of a minimap means that everyone
is limited by their own audio hardware, which is going to differ significantly from budget
to budget. The lack of 3D spotting makes sitting or moving
in the open far less problematic, as it’s more difficult for most players to pick out
targets. When playing, I found that it was significantly
easier to brute-force my way out of suboptimal engagements due to the faster time-to-kill. Switching back to normal core was a bit of
a shock, as I realized that my positioning in just a few hours of this mode had gotten
somewhat sloppy, as I could always rely on reflexes and the low TTK to save me. Remember, a difficulty change or handicap
applied to every single player isn’t a difficulty change at all—it just alters how the game
plays, and, in this case, raises the skill floor. Accuracy is a whole lot less important in
Hardcore, and magazine sizes are rarely a limitation. When you only have to land three bullets from
something like an AEK, it’s very easy to just hold down the trigger and spray in a
general direction. Proper burst control is a pointless skill
to have in Hardcore, since you’re never going to actually need that many shots to
kill someone. All the techniques which are so important
to learn in order to get the 6 hit kill off in a timely pattern are pretty much irrelevant
when so few shots are needed. Hardcore feels really incomplete. Certain game mechanics were removed, but nothing
sensical was put back in their places. Just take the ammunition system—why can’t
I check how many mags I have? Personally, I REALLY like the fact that you
lose your entire magazine when doing tactical reloads, and would gladly see this carry over
to future titles—but why can’t I check the number of magazines I still have in my
bag? I mean, I’m not a superhuman soldier or
anything, but I figure it would be pretty easy to just, you know, reach over and check. And surely, I could at least pull the mag
out and glance at the number of rounds left. You know the Metro series, which I really
enjoyed, had this mechanic—you didn’t have an ammo counter, but you could manually
look to see about how many rounds were left in it. This is one of the many incomplete mechanics
that I see in hardcore. The removal of the UI should have, at the
very least, been replaced by a spare mag counter. Speaking of incomplete mechanics, the lack
of regeneration really hurts armor and air play in this game. I’ll say this much: soloing a scout or attack
helicopter is virtually impossible, as it is certain that you’ll take at least some
damage over the course of your engagements. Skipping over most of this scout heli streak,
since I haven’t flown any scouts in ages and my aim is really sloppy, but at the end,
I get shot out by a guy who had almost no chance of winning the engagement otherwise. Sure, I took some damage first, but I was
perfectly positioned to capitalize on his rotation, but a stray minigun bullet goes
through the glass, and I’m finished. It’s not because my flying was any worse,
but because the combination of 25mm spam and explosions from an earlier engagement damaged
me such that any stray shot would finish the job. If I was a medic, I could have healed—but
then my heli would sustain permanent damage. If I stay as engi, then I can repair the vehicle,
but I’ll take more and more damage over the course of a streak and be ended by some
random sneeze. Again, it seems like DICE didn’t quite finish
the gamemode—why can’t I go back to uncap to heal up and repair? I had plenty of opportunities to do so, and
it does take the player out of the fighting for a period. The problem is even worse for the attack heli,
since splash damage really likes to penetrate the cockpit. I found that it was strictly necessary for
the pilot to play as medic, and the gunner as engineer for any success to be had. Hardcore feels like an incomplete gamemode. When looking at the gameplay design, it’s
objectively bad, being poorly balanced and unintuitive. When looking at the skill set required for
it, we find that the skill floor is quite a bit higher than it is Normalcore. That’s not to say that it isn’t fun—there
are some mechanics, such as the lack of minimap, and hitmarkers; and the magazine-based reload
system, that I really enjoy. Beyond that, you should just remember that
handicaps applied to every player does not make the game any harder, it only alters it
somewhat—for the worse, in this case. As you have seen from the footage, my aggressive
style of play is just as effective as it ever has been—I find that it might be even better
than it is in Normal mode, and I certainly didn’t have any trouble adjusting. And as a final note to those Hardcore players
out there, every time you call normalcore ”easy mode”, remember that it just makes
you sound stupid. It’s fun to play, and I’ve no problem
with those who like it, but saying that sort of thing just makes it sound as though you’re
trying to excuse your own lack of actual skill by delegitimizing the game type which virtually
all players of significance prefer. Don’t do that.

100 thoughts on “A Message to Hardcore Players – Battlefield

  1. I dont get the Hardcore players either. If you want no Hud and things play Conquest Classic its same like Hardcore but with 100 Health and a Minimap so Airradar and things can be used.

  2. BF1 is similar to hardcore mode in these respects: People just lay in open fields and shoot at you and camping is at an all time high because you don't show up on the map when you fire. It also seems that spotting is more difficult and that is to say you have to repeatedly hit the key just to highlight one player. Not having access to the large map during game also doesn't help. Also, the number of times I have seen players run right past enemies and even stand next to them while shooting in the same general direction is astounding.

  3. I agree with the guns being balanced around 100 health.. aek for example can accurately fire 3 shots in full auto before spread starts to bloom then by the 5th or so full auto shot rounds start missing a human sized target at optimal aek engagement range. since it takes 6 to the body it means you have to start bursting, with a pause because of the "retarded spread decrease time". In hardcore you can kill in 3 to 4 shots meaning if your crosshair was vaguely on the target when you started shooting then your target is dead… 900rpm sees to that.

    Lets not even get started with the whole sniper rifle round to the toe = insta dead thing. In hardcore the only things i ever run into are snipers… assaults with noobtube primaries and shotguns… its so mindnumbingly easy mode, sniping someone anywhere on the body for a kill… landing an m320 within 20 feet of someone…

    I once asked my teamspeak chat group "whats the reason any of them ever played hardcore mode?" they all said to unlock and rank up sniper rifle/attachments. One person said because its easier to kill people because he plays with controller (on pc) so his aim is dogshit.

  4. I agree on the whole elitist mentality. I am a hardcore player myself and I even prefer hardcore in BF1. My reasoning on doing hardcore over normal is the satisfaction of killing them in 1 shot or greatly wounding them. For example in BF1, the sweet spot mechanic screwed my sniping over. I find it terrible in my opinion, with only the whole idea of shooting them point blank and it not killing them, that's why I do hardcore bf1. For Bf4 it's more of to remove the radar for a more "listening" approach. I usually prefer to hear the footsteps and gun sounds over a map, and when I do that in normal mod I usually top the scoreboard with that alone. In hardcore I usually meet my match and I have someone to actually combat with. Returning to another and final reason on why I prefer it over normal in both BF1 & BF4, sheer realism per say. BF1 hardcore to me makes it completely immersive ( you should try it). That's more of BF1 only since everything on your HUD is basically gone. For BF4, as I will restate its to remove the radar and you have to hear them and pay attention more to find them. In short, I agree with what you have said about the elitist, and that's very true. But, this is my own opinion, Hardcore mode is quite a great game mode if you take it in and follow through. Thank you for reading if you actually see this at all Marble, great content as always.

    Trunks G.

  5. interesting line of thought. There's definately some utter bullshit said too like "positioning becomes less important because players are hard to see" lmao. That's the whole point isn't it?
    Personally i play hardcore because less explosives are spammed randomly everywhere. FF being on requires people to pay attention to what they are firing at. Can't just spam an area with a LMG in that mode and harvest kills like in normal mode for example.
    PLaying HC with normal damage could be worth considering though.

  6. I used to play Hardcore on Battlefield 3 until Battlefield 4 and Battlefied 1 allowed me to remove HUD. That's all I care about, really. However, I can't enjoy friendly fire in just any server. Which is why I will miss Hardcore.

  7. If you play hardcore you do not have a lack of skill. If you can play the game at all than you have skill, however some people have more skill at playing the game.

    I disagree with some content on this video. I'd say if anything you should actually have better positioning in the game as you have a higher chance of being shot more quickly. Also you have to look around a bit more as you dont have the mini map. So whilst normal mode requires aspects like getting more rounds on target their are other aspects which make hardcore different to normal mode.

    I personally tend to play hardcore mode more often because I find normal mode annoying at times. For example I might shoot someone with a 50cal and they will just run behind a wall.

  8. there is no balance cos it's HC and guns kill. calling HC players poor is just folly. I played a lot of hc in bf1 at the beginning with 200% damage this made me a better player and I found game mode to be much more rewarding. You actually have to use your senses, way more than normal, this for me brings much more immersion and tension to an already great game. your situational awareness awakens decision making will improve naturally and that quick ttk has you placing more of a value on your life.
    I would agree the game mode could use work but for me hc for the most part has always been a better experience.
    the bf roots are from a more HC footing 1942 right upto 2142 all had much more "hc" mechanics baked into the "normal" game type. this is what all the jonny come lately b.c. players fail to realise, and nade same was always a thing to.
    I personally wish dice would just HC the whole game up and push voip with a good command structure and really get back to team focused play.
    but yeah marble it sounds like your using normal mode to shelter from players that are actually good, whilst maintaining the illusion that you're a skilled player.
    lol, that was probably your most ignorant comment in your video.

  9. I play bf1 because I want to play a game with an emphasis on bolt action rifles. (sadly this didn't pan out for bf1) bolt actions are unusable in regular mode at any sort of medium to long range.

  10. 2:11
    does anyone else see how much the m16 is turning while he reloads? I've never seen it tilt that much and the next time he reloads it's back to normal. is this something like the scar-h secret reload?

  11. Hardcore is easy mode, it's filled with Tryhards who pretend it's milsim who are slow to react and easy to exploit with sniper rifles.

  12. I'm sorry but if your calling out hardcore players cause it takes no skill then your wrong, hardcore is for the people who like realism, casual is for people who like health regeneration, and living in a corner, and living after being lit up by a m240 bravo, try again u failed

  13. unfortunately there's no real option between hardcore and core since custom servers kind of died really fast

    in core everyone is a bullet sponge and it feels like planetside 2 where you dump an entire magazine into someone's overshield before damaging their health and in core it's like to bullets to kill someone

    also the health regen and vehicle health regen is retarded

    the map aspect of Battlefield has always been important and the fact that it's absent from hardcore is kind of silly

  14. I don't play hardcore because all the hardcore players get really salty when they get dunked on by a normal conquest player.

  15. I laugh at vehicle whores who go on a 60-2 round in a heli or ifv an claim they have skill but they're in a hardcore lobby 😂

  16. This video wreaks of butthurt. The shear fact you felt that you had to run to youtube to make a video about this is sad. I would never play on standard if HC is available. Having a minimap that tells you where everyone is, is a joke. Also, being able to spray into a crowd of people, and not have to worry about hitting teammates, is so lame. Standard is what attracts the bad players. It is the basemode; the least common denominator. In HC, you have to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Also, medics and engineers are needed that much more due to not being able to revive health. Your points on why HC is easier, are utterly ridiculous, and is obviously just an attempt to make yourself feel better; like how some guys only date fat girls, because it is all they can get, but they rationalize it by saying they are attracted to fat girls.

  17. I love hardcore just because of the quick Ttk. I don't think I am more manly because of it. I wish dice would rebalance hardcore.

  18. Was gonna sub to this guy because he made some sense to the problems in BF1 but then he calls out HC players like he’s some entitled piece of shit lol fuck off you nonce

  19. 3:35? balanced? u said balanced?
    dude I do agree with you the whole video but the weapons in BF werent balanced at all, which is why most people (not everybody) tended to use fast shooting weapons cuz there wasnt a reason to use the slow rpm ones? a F2000 per example, a trainded guy can hit a lot of shots with it at an stupid long distance, so whats the point in using a G36 per expemple? there isnt! unless u enjoy the weapon designs and wants to play with it no matter why, bt in HC hith the low health, who gets the kill is who thinks first no matter the weapon, I can put down a AEK user in a 1×1 with a G36 if I get him by surprise, but in normal even if I start to shoot first he might definitely still kill me first.

  20. Great video, but im sure the reason why those certain mechanics that are missing in hardcore are missing because of something you say earlier in the video, it's a video game if you want realism play arma

  21. I don’t play hardcore and BF1 was my first Battlefield, but what’s the problem? There will always be idiots on the internet, no ways around it. Just let people play what they want, and you play what you want. Not a big deal. I know you’re better than this.

  22. how do you manage to play with the hud elements almost in the center of the screen instead of out in the corners where it should be? doesnt it disturb you?

  23. and also, lol, how can the enemies not deal with an amtrac on pearl market? so many tight spaces and it takes like one and a half c4 to whack it. that must be real shit players

  24. From an objective standpoint, hardcore is not any harder than normal, but from a subjective standpoint, one may find it harder to play because they played more normal core than others.

  25. I'll tell you this, an M416 with an ACOG propped on a bipod shouldn't dump 6 shots straight into someones chest from 100 meters away and still not kill the guy…

    I remember making a Marine M27 loadout using the M416 on a bipod with the ACOG and this happened to me all the time. I'd set it up on the bipod and fire at people then stop because I think that the next bullet should be the kill shot (firing 6 shot bursts) but he would still be alive and would duck behind cover. It pissed me off so much to fire what seemed like airsoft BBs at my enemies. Hardcore solves that problem. The thing many people don't understand is that a bullet is a bullet. If you take 6 shots of 5.56 to the torso you will go down, period. I feel like players being able to survive a 6 round burst of 5.56 is absurd, and I'm sure there are people out there that agree with me.

  26. I don't like the claim of how the server was "afraid of actually competent players".
    As a casual gamer I find people try harding and sweating their balls off in a public match spamming crouch buttons, bunny hopping every corner, only using AEK or flying a heli/driving a tank 24/7 with a butt buddy mechanic to repair them 24/7 (bare in mind this is a public server, getting people to actually switch to engineer to deal with these kinds of players is impossible since you always have like 10 useless recons camping various spots and at least one idiot always waiting for a vehicle and fighting over it) as annoying and super fun ruining.

  27. Hardcore is probably one of the easiest and most fun. Remember to spam that spot button whenever you're close to enemies. Just run the A-91, R870 or MG4 on CQB maps for easy kills. The SRR and 338 Recon are good ease of use snipers for hardcore too. For full fun, try and run the phantom bow with explosive tip. Such an easy way to piss people off

  28. I just want to throw my opinion into the hat by saying that hardcore for me isnt exactly a better or worse gamemode, but in my opinion, it makes you (in my case atleast) and it would make you play smarter and it makes me cringe for saying this, but tactical, not to mention the MILSIM servers, which are organized around realism, in terms of tactics. Your argument is very good, but just take these thing into consideration.

  29. I really only play hardcore from time to time because of MUH IMMERSION. No 3d spotting or minmap reliance really makes the game play better. Can't say I enjoy the lower TTK though.

  30. Look, if you want a truly realistic experience, then stop playing BF4 as it is one of the least realistic games I've played so far. If you want something realistic, then go on, play Project Reality, Arma 3 or Squad, hell, even Insurgency or Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Or simply enlist to the military or the national guard if you want the most authentic experience.

  31. If it were called "Freindly Mode", then nobody woukd play it. Or called "Easy Mode"….people wouldn't touch it. You know……MAN STUFF. Also…#BERNARDSANDERSISAPIECEOFDOGSHIT

  32. Hardocre is for Pros. BF normal is an arcade, like COD. You need different skills to be good there. Hrdcre is more unforgiving. Youll need working squad and knowing when to do what. I like it bc it's a difficult 🎮

  33. Hardcore isn't nessecarily HARDER, it's just more immersive in my eyes.
    I also like that guns handle somewhat more realisticly because they kill faster.
    Of course this throws balancing out of the window in some cases, but I like it a lot.
    On console I noticed that I did worse in Hardcore, as it was different at first.
    In general I progressed in skill overall and not limited to Hardcore, which I'd say means that Hardcore isn't easier nor harder, just different.

  34. The helicopter example showed in a hilarious fashion that you are contradicting yourself.
    "It's not any more realistic and not harder."
    "I got killed by a shot to the chest from a 30 mil which I feel like is dumb because I didn't fire quick enough."

  35. Hardcore Metro 3200 Tickets: 178-47
    Core Metro 3200 Tickets: 145-79

    Both I used my favourite CQB weapon, the Bulldog, now why did I get a better KD in Hardcore? Because I came up against dog shit hardcore players, I mainly died to head glitches on the alleyway leading to A flag, after base raping the dog shit players back to their spawn. They’re form of using cover is peaking their heads out every 3 seconds from the invincible garbage bins and camping there, getting a kill or two every minute. Of course they go 50-80 or some shitty score like that, but that was because they were playing the objective! Of course it was. Why didn’t I do as good in Core, then? Because I came up against comp players, the ‘100k kills with the Ace 23’ type of guys, I don’t like to go against them, but I do like to go with them. I again, run with a bulldog as it beats out an AEK in CQB if you can land your shots. These Comp players were a challenge to me, and my team, constant back rage and zou zou jumping fights which I would either lose to or win and get killed by someone else instantly after.

    In short:
    Core= Skilled Players
    Hardcore= Dog shit players that get farmed by skilled players but don’t realise it and blindly defend hardcore

  36. I prefer normal core because I put a lot of work in recoil control. It's gives me an advantage in normal matches but doesn't matter in hardcore

  37. I've been going through your videos today and came to a conclusion of you being a good guy and good bf player. until i read pretty much every comment on this video. Man this is not how you grow your follower count, quite the opposite. Every person has their own opinions and sometimes in life (quite often) one has just to agree to disagree. Especially YOU, as a content creator in youtube, who wants more followers (i assume). This is just not the way to treat your audience man.

  38. Oh my this gonna be good, calling it like it is. Plz oh plz, tell me you've covered Luetin https://www.youtube.com/user/Luetin09 and if not plz do.

  39. 4:30 I think you did a disservice to you're argument here and I can make a better one. "meh realism" is the throwaway argument made by lazy hardcore advocates, but it's also making light of the issue of realism and authenticity. (I am not a hardcore advocate) (But, I am a advocate of authentic arcade style gameplay)

    Hardcore modes and dedicated games are often clunky, unbalanced and are actually also not very "realistic" (oh shit, I may have just offended the holy grail of hardcore gamers) Put simply, the way fire fights play-out in hardcore modes is unrealistic, and the protracted gun fights you get into in core modes are more true to life.

    Yes, you may be killed if even grazed by the smallest of calibers in reality and no a person can't actually adsorb several bullets to the head or chest, but also combatants don't run around one tapping each other like they're made of tinfoil. The head is a small target, we protect our major organs with body armour, and whilst a shot to the limb can permanently immobilize or even kill a person, it's also quite survivable and casualties in the thiCC of combat have been known to fight on even after sustaining major injuries.

    In my estimation hardcore modes are an attempt to simulate only the most brutal parts of battlefield injuries, and by doing so you lose a significant portion of engagements, that tend to arise in a real confrontation when you take into account all of the variables.

    sorry for the long read

    Furthermore, some hardcore games have recognized the fact that the control interfaces we use (controls, mouse and keyboard) gives us a greater level of precision than that of someone in real world conditions. However, those games also fuck up massively. Even with the best of intentions, by attempting to simulate inaccuracy, sway, and fatigue, in practice all that is achieved is to take away control from the player to such a degree that this is also unrealistic.

    This same mentally also overflows into other aspects of hardcore gameplay, and again with the best of intentions, developers attempt to simulate various functions, such as with medicine. In doing so they unintentionally (sometime initially) add perpetuating levels of wonk to an already over-saturated control scheme (see Arma/Bohemia Interactive games).

    Why do they do this? They're over-estimating the limitations of the control interfaces we're using.

    My person belief is you can have complexity, but if I have to navigate through several menus or have dozens of keybindings to perforce something that would otherwise be a simply motorskills task, then an animation can suffice. Were as a rigid system doesn't adequately simulating the ease at which a simple tasks can be accomplished and thus consequently actually resinds realism.

    I think the way forth for "realism" is to better simulate missing aspects of gunplay, like 3d sight pictures, that are effected by sway and increased difficulty with recoil, compensating for the increased precision afford by our controls. Playerunkowns Battlesground is actually a decent representation of how increased recoil difficulty impacts gameplay; firing at all ranges requires continuous control input to keep a bead on your target.

  40. Its really unbalanced but sometimes i want to be all tactical and i just make myself and easy target by being "aware" and so slow

  41. If we could see our ammo (or at least total number of mags), health, and health was brought back to 100 hardcore mode would be perfect. Because in real life you'd at least have an idea of how many mags you have strapped to your chest, and your health from pain, etc.

    That would make it "realistic"

  42. You're a kook dude. You sound triggered, trying to justify the childish mechanics put in to make the game playable for the weak and simple minded. This is how they make money, making the game playable for cry babies like you. The notable players you speak of, all youtuber cry babies. Health and vehicle regen. That shit is weak. Hardcore is as good as it gets on console. You're retarded, think about it dork.

  43. HC is easy when playing with crap players and HC is tense when playing with ranked/dedicated players….Most lans play HC just put CSS or GO into discussion as that was alway meant as a HC based game, (yes balance is a issue)Speak to the highest ranked/rated gamers in BF4 and they play HC, personally i run n gun as a sniper, no auto stuff, many of your points are invalid as they are not 100% accurate, plus not easy spotting, team damage and yes it really shouldn't take 2 hits to kill opponent. This Video reminds me of a SMOKER trying to convince/argue that VAPING is worse for you, it's a personal opinion, which you have the right to and certainly doesn't make you right! People will reply with rage, which is unnecessary as your just stating what you think, play HC with good players and then make your mind up, a lot of US servers are easy target servers…Ohh and the Forgive or punish option is very handy to people coming in from normal mode! This debate can go on indefinitely it's also like the Dub or Sub debate…..When you speak to a Japanese friend they'll tell you that their Sub are not 100% accurate and most of the voice actors are pretty bad, again personal opinion…:) if you're not getting 100-25 in a round in BF4 you're not that good anyways 😉 😉

  44. I just play it because it feels a bit more realistic
    Didn’t know there was all this hate for a simple game mode

  45. Can't say I fully agree with you. Both hardcore and standard require a similar amount of skill but in different ways. Standard requires more monitoring of different things in the HUD while hardcore requires more observation and honing on senses. I like both modes but you seem very bias on your review, all the factors in hardcore that you call bad or incomplete are factors that are being changed to make it realistic, the whole point of this mode is to make it a little more real. Having been in the army I can tell you we don't get mini maps and trucks don't auto repair (I wish). It's a different way of playing but calling it bad or incomplete seems like a triggered response.

  46. You'd be suprised how high my "skill" jumped when I played Hardcore Locker with a SCAR-H. Dear god, everyone was blind to getting flanked. I can't pull off flanks that easy in Normal compared to Hardcore. I enjoyed absolutely destroying Hardcore players, but it becomes kinda boring when they can't put up much of a fight to being flanked and hit by some 7.62 rounds. Heavier weapons ARE broken due to 60 health, as you said.

  47. I like hardcore becuase it makes all guns usually kill in one shot, and sniping becomes much easier then. I like being able to drop people instantly up close. Having 60 health is fun!
    Downside is that you have no minimap. Honestly, i would just create a standard core server and the only thing i would change is drop health to 50.

  48. Man, this video was so silly… I mean ,wtf… I get that the players that wiggle their dicks around trying to sound better than others jsut because they play hardcore are stupid, but so are you with the arguments you used in this video. For instance, I completely dislike battlefield 1 normal mode, but for me, no 3d spotting, 200% damage, and service rifles is the way to play the game. Again 'for me'. I have no issue with you prefering to play normal mode, play what you enjoy. As long as there is a player base for me to play hardcore with, I'm in heaven.

  49. I used to play hardcore a lot but now BF5 has this new way of playing I kind of like normal mode ( if that’s what it is)
    They just need to get rid of spotting maybe have spotting for your squad only . The after kill cam of the guy who killed you reminds me of call of duty

  50. hardcore mode > baby bitch mode.

    Any moron can run around looking at the bottom left corner of the screen while eating 50 rounds per minute and rack up KD. Jump on a HC server, plan your strategy, play with your squad, and play the objective.

  51. As someone who plays both modes i have tonside with hardcore. It may create weapon balances but it seems more realistic to die of a bullets regardless of weapons. Marking people was cool at first but it feels right to be able to outflank a team because i dont have a dorito on top of my head that follows my position in real time. If i see you and shoot you first i should have a better chance of killing you as in real life positioning would count more than being able to return fire once succesfully engaged.

  52. I would suggest that the first thing you should do to be considered more manly is to maybe speak in a little deeper tone. Eat less soy in workout with weights every now and then and that should help.

  53. Stop talking bullshit ! This Guys @ 0:22 are AWESOME ! And they are not wearing "AIR SOFT GEARS" this GEAR is Real War-Gear! Check their Vids @ Twitch Channel: BLACKARROWS and the people here can see that you are a liar. This Guys are hardcore Players, but the best hardcore BF4 Players in the World and you are EASY mode player and nothing more …. bye SOFT-mode looser. (you will be reported for lies and
    insults. 1x @YouTube and 1x @BlackArrows Guys)

  54. "A difficulty change [or handicap] applied to all players is not a difficulty change at all."
    Took the words right out of my mouth.

  55. Finally someone agrees and says my words for me thank you MarbleDuck you speak for the ppl with brain cells

  56. Although I personally don't agree with many videos uploaded to your channel, and dislike your character quite a bit when it starts to show in the attitude in which you create content,
    this is a very good video that summarizes all my feelings I ever had for this mode and people who think it's the "superior" way to play the game, and makes them rationally conclusive.
    Thank you for making this video! I shall use it as a reference for future encounters.
    Greetings, and please don't take my negative feedback the wrong way. It is with constructive intentions.

  57. You're not completely right.
    I would say, of you play against skilled people, hardcore is harder because they can just shred you within milliseconds.
    If the players are less skilled than you, you will do that thing to them.

    I think the gap between skill levels becomes bigger in hardcore.

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