A New Hero: The Rise of College Esports

Once again ladies and gentlemen, if
you have received your thunder sticks please have a seat.
Our program is about to begin. Arizona State has been looking great. Michael Udall and the rest of the roster
are just such legends when it comes to Heroes of the Dorm. They were in 2015. They made it all the way
to the finals against California, Berkeley. They did fall in (UNCLEAR) but here they
are back. And this season, 2016, looking for that
redemption. We are here live at the massive Century
Field Event Center where our final four teams
will be battling it out in Blizzard Entertainment’s team brawler,
Heroes of the Storm. Guys, it is so good to
be down here with you. Oh, man. Team One, stand by with your quad. All right, we have been signed.
Let’s do this. We are going 12 to 11. Anybody could win and Artosis,
this crowd is insane. They were lined up around the block. And I know they are just as excited as we
are to see… UT Arlington has only dropped one game
this entire tournament. …started over a month ago with over 500
teams signing up for our online qualifiers. And now we are here today in the
Heroic Four supporting four amazing teams. We have Tennessee, UT Arlington, UConn
and Arizona State. Standby Heroic Four. Standby (UNCLEAR) Ten, nine, eight, seven… What is their main objective? To destroy their opponent’s core and take
home the ultimate prize. Tuition for their college careers. Everything that I do in my life right now is
working towards getting onto the big stage of video gaming. I have thought about it and wrestled
with it a lot. Like schoolwork, professional gaming,
which one reaps more benefits. But I think this is one of the only
times that I will have the opportunity. So I want to chase it. Where is it going? Well, it is not a fad.
And it is not a choice. It has been here long before me. It is time to begin game number one. Let us make some noise for Arizona State
versus UC Berkeley. Heroes of the Dorm, an eSports video game. You think it is 1.2 billion and 1.3 billion
depending on what source you look at. Basically everyone plays some
video games today. (UNCLEAR) State and (UNCLEAR) not… In the future, eSports is going to grow
exponentially as it is right now. What is this? I think you can go to the same levels we see
any traditional sporting expressions go to. If not further. We are on TV. eSports is on TV. Last year’s Heroes of the Dorm made sports
history as Cal Berkeley… Arizona State. In 2015, Arizona State, in a five-game
series, just barely lost it. I just do not want to lose. I lost last year. I want to know the first
thing I think, what goes through my mind is I do not want to get second
place this year. I am going for first. GG. UC Berkeley has done it.
They are your winners. Give it up for your Heroes of the Dorm. UC Berkeley, due to a small mistake from
Arizona State University is able to secure a win. Look at the confetti; they are so happy,
jumping everywhere; this is fantastic. There is definitely a contrast of sadness
because obviously we are so close But last year, I was just happy getting into
the final four. Whereas this year, I think I
will not be happy unless we win. I think that is a big thing is my goal is
a lot different this year than last year. My name is Michael Udall and I go to ASU. I am not positive what I am studying. Right now, I am taking a semester or
two, it sounds cliché, but find myself. I am taking a lot of classes that I find
fascinating. I think I am going to go towards a sociology
degree though. I grew up in Mesa, Arizona, which is about
20 minutes east of Phoenix. It is funny; in high school, Mesa was rated
the most boring city in the country. Or it was top five, something
in there, which surprised me Because I always had a lot of fun. I would say I had amazing parents
amazing family. There are four of us, so four of us kids. There is my older brother
his name is Joseph. He was always my role model
in high school. I always looked up to him because
he was so cool. Him and his friends would always play
Halo. They would have Halo hookups. And when Joseph and his friends
would game Michael was right there gaming with them. When he was seven, I walked into the room
and he is orchestrating all the kids. They are all older than he is, but
he is telling everyone what to do. The Udall name is really well
known in Arizona because they were some
of the first pioneers. My grandfather, in particular, he was very
involved in politics and things like that. I was definitely that mom that limited their
TV, limited their computer time limited their game system time. They would have to earn time to do that. Video games were always a silent
passion of mine. That is the best way I would put it. I did not let any of my friends
especially computer games I did not let any of my friends know
that I play them. Every once in a while, I would play Halo
with a couple of my friends. But that was different; that is
more for fun, that is social. But video games, especially on the computer
were a no-no. And all of my friends, they would make fun
of kids that played video games on the computer, which is awkward for me
because I was in the friend group and it was this, I honestly felt
like it was my deep, dark secret. I play video games and I would come up
with all these excuses. They would hangout. I would be like oh, I
am running late. And I am trying to finish up a game before I
go to hangout. I hid it from my extended family. My grandparents did not really know. They
knew I played games. They did not know to the extent. And then
my parents always gave me such a hard time Just because it was you do not want your
kids to play video games Because it is a waste of time. Adam and Tyler Rosen, they are in the
eSports group at Blizzard. They came up with the idea of doing a
collegiate Heroes of the Dorm tournament Last year to celebrate and support
the game launch. They had this idea to do a collegiate,
put it altogether, run the tournament and then have it end with
this big finals event. And the fact that they are really trying to
push the amateur scene, the college scene is a big boost for the industry. And that is what is so cool about Tespa and
about Heroes of the Dorm Looking to go onto college campuses,
provide for these students And these student organizations and help
them then be part of Tespa And this big collegiate, eSports movement
at large. Tespa is an organization that provides a
home to people who love gaming And love eSports on every single college
campus. We are split into two components. We have the community side, which is all
about building these great groups And helping them host great events. And the competitive side, which is hosting
these large epic continental leagues With massive prize pool. They are really unique. They are twins
obviously. And they answer each other’s questions,
write each other’s emails. Both send you the same exact email at
exactly the same time and you are like wait a second. But they are really unique. Energetic. Phone
calls in the middle of the night. When they have an idea, it just comes out. It is challenging and really fun
at the same time. What is really great about them is both of
them have exactly no filter. Exactly what they are thinking is exactly
what they tell you. What can we do to fix it? And that is really good, but sometimes
really bad. A concern that I found
earlier is that the screen is actually wider
than the two pillars And I am concerned it is going to block it. I am not sure that the screen’s actually… Look at it. It is totally wider. I do not think it is a problem to have
layers and stuff. I think what we should… They want to have their hands in everything. They will want to make sure every little
detail is perfect. It is cool because that mindset that
they have is infectious to everyone working on any
show that they are leading. Just the tiniest details everyone really
cares about because they care about it. Daniel Lee and I go to University of
Connecticut. I am playing for the Tricky Turtles
at Heroes of the Dorm 2016. Second grade my friend introduced me to
computer gaming. And from then on, it just started going from
one game to another And here I am playing Heroes. My parents, when I was young, they used to
hate when I played. But now they are like oh, this is
so cool; you are going to Seattle for playing a video game, expense paid. It is like have fun, do your best. Come home, bring something back. eSports has really been building for several
years now. Each year we see it kind of hit new peaks. It feels like it is about to
explode all around the world. We all have this feeling that we are
sitting on something huge And everyone is going to figure out how
cool it is. Both eSports and gaming have seen
phenomenal growth over the past five to ten years because video games are a
lot of fun. People like games and not everyone likes
physical activities maybe might be one thing. This just serves to that demographic of non-
athletic people who enjoy challenging others, skirmishes. It is very similar to watching any physical
sport that we have watched on ESPN Because there is a story. There is the
moment. There is the big plays just like in a game
of basketball. It is like creating that great
move or creating that great pass. The strategy, the twists and turns. It is intense; that is
the best way to put it. Being able to operate physically and stay
focused and run algorithms and dissect your opponent and see things
within a game that others do not see. You have to have the physical, emotional,
and mental strength to be able to deal with it and
that is why it is a sport. If you are going to reach for that level,
it is going to take a determination a discipline, a persistence. It is going to, just like succeeding in
anything in life. They study it. They study it to no end. I see the work that is put in.
They deserve it. They expect it. How do you get to that level of confidence? You master something. If you look back historically
it was one-on-one. Maybe there was a console. Maybe there
was a gaming device Game Boy, whatever and then the internet
came along and it changed some things. And then the internet got faster.
And then it got really fast. And that really kicked off an explosion, I
think, in the eSports world. Once you could play multi-player and it felt
like everybody was in the same room And you can give people shit while you
were playing Even though that is, it just made it fun. I think the confluence of all those
things, here we are. eSports is sort of the competitive arm of
playing video games. Playing video games with the idea of showing that you are better than someone. Putting it on the leader board. But that goes all the way up to these big,
huge, professional tournaments where you see 500 teams enter in something
like Heroes of the Dorm with hundreds of thousands of dollars at
stake. Winners taking home college tuition. Heroes of the Dorm is an amateur
tournament and it has a completely different focus than
the rest of eSports. It is focused on college teams playing not
for prize money, but for tuition. It is really different than
anything else out there right now. For you guys, what has been more stressful,
this or finals? Midterms. Yeah, for me, midterms. Yeah, for midterms for sure. (UNCLEAR) And what’s more important? This is. I really like the approach of
Heroes of the Dorm getting all the college kids involved. It can be a little bit daunting for anyone
really get into it as a competitor because all the tournaments are
professional. You go sign up for a
tournament and you are going to hit someone that has
already been playing for five years all day, every day. You are not going to have a chance. At its core, Heroes of the Dorm is for
students. It is for giving them a way to meet over
something they care about to relate to other people that they may not
have anything else in common over. It is for them to have an opportunity to do
something they love at a high level and to devote energy into something that
might pay for their college careers. And it is a way to inspire them to reach out
for those dreams and to become a part of something they
really care about whether that is as a player or as a fan
or as part of a college organization. The attention that is being paid to this
generation’s focus and their desire to compete with each other
is exactly where it needs to be. I was supported in college
playing collegiate basketball. I am screaming from the top of the mountain
every day. Why? Because I recognize it. I see it.
I connect to it. I understand it. We speak the same language. And that is a great thing
to create an outlet like that where students
that love the game and all come together and
share the same interest. That is what it is all about. University of Tennessee, we
are also known as We Volin. Bunch of characters. Really great guys.
I like them. I am a people person. I
am ready to be there. I am ready to do it, man. This is my first year competing
in Heroes of the Dorm. Last year, I did not make a team because I
did not expect the South just in general I did not think it would have the
amount of talent that would be needed to make an actual team. My name is David Young,
also known as Roflcopter and I go to the school at
University of Tennessee Knoxville. This is my home state and it
is always a little bit cheaper to go to your home state’s university. Knoxville’s pretty crazy. They
call it Knoxvegas where I am from Johnson City, Tennessee. It is not actually that wild,
but there is stuff to do. Johnson City, Tennessee, which is about
an hour and a half from Knoxville Has about 30.000 residents. Super small town. There may be more
cows and livestock than actual people. But a bunch of good folk out there. Yeah. The South for the most part,
religion takes a front seat. Everything else comes behind that.
Family, community, kin, stuff like that. It started from a really young age. I
think my first game was Crash Bandicoot. I started playing StarCraft a lot.
I was very good at it. I was Platinum. I was above average. But I started getting that
little hint of glory. I might actually be pretty
good at video games. Gaming at first was just
a hobby for me. But now it is evolved into
part of my life almost. He is pretty passionate about the game. He
spends a lot of time on that. A lot of time. That is all he really does,
to be honest with you. He goes to school
and he plays games. – Off you go.
– All right. How do I get this horse to go? It is getting to a point now where it
is starting to pay off a little bit. Pretty much every much I am bringing back
like a pretty decent sized check now. It is not huge, but it is decent. I think it is awesome that he gets to do
that because that is what he likes to do. That is what he is good at it is playing
video games for money, essentially. It is really rewarding
to a certain extent. I think competition is the
biggest part for me. The more you compete, the more
you got to keep coming back because it just keeps
getting better and better. But I also like having the opportunity
to travel and just meeting people really It is great. 90% competition and then
10% oh, yeah, I get to meet Artosis. How far back does it go right now, because
we will have the LED in the back. – The LED sits on the back. The LED
sits on the back of the platform. I think people would be surprised at how
much goes into building an event like this on the Blizzard side and that
is months of preparation. We started the basic planning
of this last August. There are really two
different teams right now. One is everything you can see here and then there is an entire creative and
production team that is the office working really closely in sync. There is a lot of work to be done
in graphics, graphics production and the broadcast production
and then obviously there are a lot of physical
elements still to finish. That is why we have 225
people working for us today. Scenery, audio, video, lighting and
then all the broadcast production also. Video trucks and all the infrastructure
that we need to broadcast the show. – Are we going to have a label out
here so people know what this is? – Yes. This will have a monitor with facts.
– And then their facts, right? – So we have some cool facts about like
how many processing GPU calculations. -Yeah. – We have over a thousand GPU cores
as part of this system. -Dude, that is crazy. – We have the real stats on all that.
– That is pretty awesome. -So like we have all that. We have a pretty extensive video
server and media server system that supports all the new Heroes. Twelve
custom extremely high end video servers that run just the set system. We
run about 70 HD outputs of video and that all has to tie
into the game and the game servers to make
sure it is all smooth and seamless and accurate. In total, we have about 150 computer
or servers that run this show. After the load and labor leaves, we are
about 125 to run the show production. The crews come in and build even before
that, the casters are doing pre-shows at the ESPN studio. I come in a few
days before, but I have been studying talking to casters, talking to
players for a month before. So all of this at Heroes of the Dorm
2016 was a culmination of so many people Hundreds and hundred of people. All for the major group at Blizzard. eSports, events, marketing, corporate
alliances, production, broadcast. Practicing, preparing and
making this event happen. Definitely a dark horse going into this one. My team really does not have the experience
that I do in the competitive setting. That gives me a little
bit of a disadvantage. But I think if we are able to work around
that, I think we should be able to do well. They are totally just this team
that has amazing heart. They started just wanting to get to the Run
of 64 so that they could get the free skin. And then all of a sudden, they were here in
the Heroic Four teams. That is just crazy. They did not expect that.
Nobody expected that. Their bracket was so crazy. It had a lot of really great teams in it. When they started, it was really riding
on Roflcopter’s play and they still are. But they have gotten to a point now
where there are a lot more playmakers. We are definitely the underdogs here. UTA and ASU have been talking a lot of crap. If we are able to beat them, I think it
will definitely validate us as players. And especially for myself, too because it is such a great like stepping
board to go in to professional scene. Mike’s Place Market is pretty nice; I like
the atmosphere. People are pretty cool. Catching the fish was awesome. I did not drop it. Got that hand-
eye coordination. eSports. We are just friends; we did it for fun. I do not think New York of them
have any plans on being pro. Our biggest competition is probably ASU. First game we play Saturday
and then if we can beat them we can probably beat anybody.
Whoever else is next, right? – Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
– I think I found it, guys. -Probably a real (UNCLEAR). UConn, DanLeefor3, great player likes his plays almost
any role I can think of. Same situation that we are in where
we only have one professional player that has the experience. Yeah. Want to prove myself and prove to others
that I can be top tier, top talent. I have that competitive spirit
to try to be number one And I think that is the
driving force behind it. Dude, we are at Heroes of the Dorm;
our team made it; it feels so good. I made it to the final four.
We are playing UConn tomorrow. I am really excited about it.
Feeling confident. And then we are going to play the
winner of Tennessee versus UTA. We are thinking it will be UTA, but
we would love to see an upset. Our life here in Seattle
has been really busy. We are getting up at nine o’clock
and just go, go, go, go, go. All day we have back-to-back
interviews all the time. I went to college right after high
school and I have been playing. It is definitely possible. If you want to
try hard enough, anything is possible. You just have to want it enough. If you do not want a
girlfriend or a social life. That is the honest answer;
there are like three of them. You can choose a social life,
eSports, and school; you choose two. It is hard to find time to practice in
there because always in the back our mind We are thinking we need to practice;
we need to get warmed up. We need to do all these things.
We need to focus on draft. This is the only free
time we are going to have and then we are straight
into tournament mode. Maybe a little extra time tonight after we
practice to grab some dinner or something. But other than that, it is all business. First time in Seattle. I love it.
It is so hipster. I walk around and I feel like
there are hipsters everywhere Which I think is cool. We are kind of the villain. The
teams think we are super confident Super arrogant. We are;
we are a confident team. The stuff we say, we do
think we are the best team. But everyone has to have
that mindset going into it. The game does not start when
you load into the Nexus or when you start drafting up on stage. The
game starts when you show up Thursday. And we have just been going at it. We have been in mental warfare
with all the other teams. We are super confident;
we want to scare people. – We are doing it to get
into other people’s heads. – We are kind of…
– Which I do not think is a bad thing. We are here to win. I do not know; confidence and cockiness,
it is good to have a little bit of both. But too much of anything
is going to hurt you. Except winning. Too much winning. No, even too, yeah, the top
team’s going to keep winning until they do not know how to
get better and then they fall. Yeah. You learn a lot from losing. That is true. Scheduling the flights was awesome, man. After winning the series against
Boston College, scheduling the flights was an exciting experience. I was like oh, my God, this is
real; we are actually doing this. It is a real cool experience, man. A little bit of nerves, but
mostly just really excited to get here and hopefully perform. Actually at the airport was
the first time I met Kure. We had never met before.
We had always been online. We were supposed to meet
up at a UTA LAN but I do not know what happened,
but you did not show up. -I am too busy, man. – He is just too busy doing
his debate team or whatever. Sending us Starbucks. Just
like I am ready for this. My name is Andrew Rodrigues.
I am also known by MIST. I go to University of Texas at Arlington. Growing up I was playing soccer because
my dad was a big soccer player back in the day. Until my sister
started dating her now husband. He was a hockey player and he was
playing for the high school team. And we would go out to his games
and he got to hit people. And I thought that was really cool.
In soccer, you cannot hit people. I mean you can, but you will get
carded for it or something like that. I took skating lessons that year and
then was right on the ice the next year and been playing ever since. I have always loved playing defense.
I was never a big goal scorer. I do not want all the
glory of scoring goals. But I will do the nitty-gritty work
to keep the puck out of my own net so that my guys can go and
score and do their part. When I am on the ice in ice hockey,
nothing else in the world matters. I am there; everything else
in the world is tuned out. I forget about school; I forget about
my friends; I forget about everything except me and my teammates;
that is all I care about. And this transfers over with gaming. When
I am in my video game playing a game I am laser sharp focus. All that
matters is winning the game and working with my team to
accomplish a similar goal. Gamers today can come in
all shapes and sizes. I think that is proven by MIST. He would
not strike you as your typical gamer. Originally, I went to Baylor
University my first two years of college. I had a really good scholarship
coming out of high school. But I did not focus enough on my
school work when I was there. I was not making good enough grades
for how much Baylor actually costs. One of the main reasons my
school work suffered at Baylor is because I got involved
with all the fraternities. When you do that, there
is a party every night. It did not workout the
way I thought it would. People have a skewed view of what
gamers or people who play video games actually look like or act like
and it is really hard to guess. If I went up to a random person and
said hey, guess what my favorite thing in the world to do is. Their first thought
would not be gaming, I do not think just looking at me. First of all, welcome, guys.
Super excited to have you here. Cool to have representation from all
different parts of the United States here. We wanted to take a minute to give
you guys a little bit of background On the event. This event is really the most prestigious
stage in collegiate eSports. And we want you guys to own it. It is going to be a big moment
tonight when you come out on stage. The lights are on; the audience is packed;
and you are being broadcast nationally. When Adam and I and Chris founded
Tespa, one of the core principles behind that that motivated us was
providing opportunities to students. Opportunities for students
to reach the biggest stages. For people who want that; people who were
at the best, the tip top of their game to be able to reach stages like this and
follow that ambition to the highest levels. We are really proud to have
you guys a part of the event. To be able to solo this game is an award
in itself, much less act as a team and develop strategies. This game revolves a lot more on
chemistry than most other games because it is not solo mechanics. Let us take a closer look at what
Heroes of the Storm is all about. Heroes of the Storm is a team brawler game. It has two teams of five players
each who are trying to win by destroying their opponent’s core. It looks like they may have enough damage
to actually end this game right now. GG. (UNCLEAR) capture the flag except
instead of flags, you have cores and instead of trying to capture the flag,
you are trying to destroy the flag. You want to protect your core as much as
possible while trying to kill the enemy and take out their core. Each player gets to play one hero;
you get to play this individual hero that levels up throughout the game. It is not the same hero every single game. You will draft different heroes
every time you play the game. The way you actually get your heroes
is there are what, 50 or 51 right now Heroes in the game and there is a drafting
phase, which is very, very strategic. Each team goes through a ban phase and then
each team goes through the a pick phase. It is kind of like a chess match almost. It is like if somebody moves their
knight into a certain position You want to move yours in a
certain position that counters whatever move they make next. Because every hero has a
strength and a weakness. You want to build heroes
that are synergistic which is the same with any
sport, like basketball. It does not matter how strong they are If they do not work well together,
they are going to crash and burn. You work together with your teammates to,
in team fights, kill your opponents. Pretty much throughout the entire game
starting at the first minute of the game You are going to be
fighting the entire time. The team fights because
they are flashy and fun. They are pretty fun
to watch, too. Game length usually goes
from about 15 to 20 minutes. There are different battlegrounds
that have different objectives. You work together with your teammates
to try to capture those objectives. That is one unique thing
about Heroes of the Storm is it is not just the same map every time.
There are different objectives on each map. The skill cap is endless because
there are so many different maps and so many different things
that are always coming out. And that is pretty much how the game goes. – High five.
– Hey. Wow. It is packed here already;
there is still a line outside. -Hey, what’s up? – Hey, Bria said that you had
some concerns about capacity. Are we filling up already? How
big is the line out there? We walked by 10 minutes ago and it was… – We got about 200 more.
– 200 more. OK. Hello and welcome to the Heroes
of the Dorm Heroic Four. Here in the beautiful
Pacific Northwest, four college teams have
come to battle it out. They have descended on the
CenturyLink Field Event Center to fight for the right to be
called the Heroes of the Dorm. Oh, my God, you cannot even
see the end of the line. This top four, anybody could win. Anybody could win and Artosis,
this crowd is insane. They were lined up around the block. And I
know they are just as excited as we are to see who’s going to win. Oh, my God, it is huge out there.
Beautiful. Love that shot. OK, copy that. Stand by. Wide
(UNCLEAR) and roll wide, tape track. Seattle showed up. There was not
an empty seat in the house. These teams, they have fought
so hard to get this far. We started over a month ago with teams
signing up for our online qualifiers. They competed to make it into
the top 64 bracket play. Our version of the March Madness. And now we are here today in the Heroic
Four supporting four amazing teams. We have Tennessee, UT Arlington,
UConn, and Arizona State. Seattle, are you ready? Our first match-up today is between
UT Arlington and Tennessee. UT Arlington are our
strategic masterminds… I played ice hockey for the last 13 years
of my life so I feed off of crowds. When I have a big crowd, when I am
playing ice hockey, I feed off of it. …call it. Tennessee could be our surprise
team, our underdog team even. Nobody predicted they would be here. Honestly, if we are able to win the entire
thing, it would put a lot of relief a lot of stress off my
shoulders, paying for school because I am going into my fifth year now and I am going to be losing a lot
of my scholarships and stuff. Being able to have that off
my shoulders would be huge. Stand by (UNCLEAR). Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one. And rolling. (UNCLEAR) music and cue. Oh, it is getting too low.
I do not know if they are going to be
able to save it in time. And it goes down. GG. Definitely as the leader of my team,
the majority of the responsibility of the loss is on me. I was pretty upset about it.
I felt like we had the potential to definitely
beat those guys. Definitely in the first
game we were ahead early. …and swaps places to try to save
himself, but it is not enough. Now what he does (UNCLEAR)
right there (UNCLEAR) -(UNCLEAR) I am rotating down. I am rotating down. And it looks like (UNCLEAR) coming
up and they will take him down. That is a big win right now.
It is now a five… It was actually going
really well at first but I think the crowd was
just getting to them and we started missing mechanics. (UNCLEAR) a lot of damage here.
– (UNCLEAR) …(UNCLEAR) from Hughes on to
(UNCLEAR), does stay alive right now. MathDizz is hit by the pure fire beam,
went for a mosh pit, but that puts him where he is standing still.
He gets taken out, too. (UNCLEAR) on the hunt… When we got in the game, we knew that
Roflcopter was their ace basically. What we had to do is shut him down and
pretty much rolled them from there. Look at this, we do have Kladeous actually
going after Roflcopter right now. The two players you told us about. Oh, Roflcopter barely gets away, but
the pure fire beam is coming out. Can he escape from it? He can’t.
Roflcopter goes down. You do not hear it; you do not
hear it; you do not hear it. If you stunned him, he would have died. I was on cool down. It is OK; it is OK; it is OK.
Got bottom, be now, be now. And Ban goes down right there. That
is four heroes dead on Tennessee. After those four deaths,
we just fell behind. And as soon as that happened,
my team just fell apart. As soon as we lost that little glimmer
of hope, my team cannot get that back. They do not know how to
regroup and reorganize. And this is an ideal moment for
them to go for the jugular. It is frustrating because I know
that if they were more experienced this would not be happening. …explodes. They are
getting closer to the… But then again, I cannot blame them
because they have other things. I have two PhD students; they have things
they need to focus on besides eSports. I do not know if they are going to be able
to save it in time. And it goes down. GG. Wow. UT Arlington. UConn. (UNCLEAR) UConn. We were all pretty disappointed and upset
about it as you should be, I guess. If you are not upset, then there
is probably something wrong. Ooh, I mean like ooh, ooh, like even
before the game, I said my prayer. I did everything I do before
a hockey game before this. It transitions so well. It
is just I love competition. I love being in front of people playing
for big things, big tournaments. This is definitely a part of
my dream and I love this. I love this whole,
this is awesome. Nick, I am here with UT
Arlington and the captain, Yuuj. Now Yuuj, the crowd went wild
over some of those strategies… What I am trying to say is I know when you
lose, it is hard and it does take time but also you are still here and I hope
you can enjoy, you can still enjoy this. Get what you can out of it and
talk to people and meet people. And it is not like you did not, it is not
over just because you did not win this thing this weekend. And do not feel
any worse than you need to feel so that you can get composed again.
Because this, all of that over there that is not over for you
just because of today. And those crowds will be there next year
and those crowds will be there a lot. Just do not feel too bad. Immediately after that,
I went and helped ASU. I want revenge somehow on UTA. So I went and helped ASU to
draft and stuff like that. I want ASU to win it all. They
deserve it; they are nice people. The Tricky Turtles versus Arizona
State, the Real Dream Team. – (UNCLEAR)
– Valla, valla, valla, valla, valla. You never have to attack across the map,
which can make it very tough for UConn in a position like this. Things are not looking great
for UConn; that is a fact. Careful Mitchell, after somebody
help Mitchell out because that is… It was interesting to have Arizona
State paired up with UConn Because Arizona State was the
widely accepted favorite. But UConn had a great record.
A great record. And that record convinced a lot of people that actually maybe they were
just as good as Arizona State but maybe had not had the
chance to prove themselves yet. Maybe they can do it. Pham
actually getting stunned there. Great move by DanLeeFor3. Going against UConn, I think definitely
their key player to watch is DanLeeFor3. I think he is hands down,
he played in the pro scene. I think he is a really good player.
I have a lot of respect for him. And I think if he can keep
his team mentally there I think it is going to
be a really good match. -Careful Bot. – Oh, (UNCLEAR) I need help,
I need help, I need help. – Oh, actually getting…
– Oh. – Beautiful play taking out Tagara.
– MichaelUdall coming in with the body… Going into the semis, I was definitely
in the match I was most worried about and that is one thing I always would
like try to drill into my teammates. One game at any team, any team can beat you.
Because I did not want an upset. – Nice.
– Sank down, sank down. -We can kill them, they can kill them here. – 30 seconds before the majority of the
heroes can come out and try to defend… I honestly thought we could take them. A lot of people lost commitment
after we made top four. They are like oh, we made money
around; might as well stop here. – So much damage.
– (UNCLEAR) We did not practice as much as ASU. So
rightfully, they should, they did win. – Bato and Seryuu trying
to retreat, but the core… The core goes down. GG. GG. Beautifully played
here by Arizona State. We absolutely have to
hear from Arizona State. I am standing with Mike Udall
and your family is out there. Michael Udall, everybody has been talking
about him winning the whole thing. I am sure you can hear them behind me.
He is definitely a fan favorite. I am sad that we have to wait until
tomorrow to find out, but Heroes fans one of these teams standing
beside me will be your 2016… Mesa is very conservative. I do not follow
all of the same values as my family. I have a lot of respect for them. For me,
personally, it was not the right choice. But that was very hard being raised in
a community that all knew who I was all knew my parents; all knew that
these are the standards that you have and these are like, this is what you should
do and this is what you should not do. It is like if I ever, quote-unquote,
did things I was not supposed to the whole community knew
and it was a big deal. Yeah, gaming was definitely frowned upon.
It was a huge no-no. Me and my friends had different
ideologies and I grew away from theirs. There was a lot of fighting. My parents,
my mom was always the really strict one. Video games are such a waste of time.
You are wasting your potential is how they would phrase it. I would think gee, what a waste of time;
you guys ought to be studying algebra or anything worthwhile. You are going to college. You ought to
be getting good grades and preparing to go to law school or MBA or
whatever the traditional route. – How old are you, Mikey?
– Happy Birthday… – Five (UNCLEAR)
– to you. The biggest relationship that I want to
say that was broken was me and my mother. The direction my mom wanted me to
go is different than the direction that I wanted to go is what happened. As a mother, she obviously
wants the best for her child. And she saw her son going
off the beaten path. She was the one that I fought a lot
with because she is very type A of you needed to do these things and I was
like but I do not want to do those things. I am going to do these things. We
clashed a lot, especially senior year. When he was a senior in high school,
often as seniors in high school are they want to be independent and
they are stretching their wings And sometimes as parents,
that is hard for us. Because Heidi and Mike are
both very strong-willed. They are very, very, very
strong-willed, both of them. And they ended up clashing significantly. The forecast mostly sunny skies today.
Brisk easterly winds. Expect a high near 52 degrees.
Clear tonight with a low near 41. Tomorrow more sunshine and slightly more… Being onstage, there is nothing… Winds from the south… Nothing you can compare it to. I played football; I have been
under the lights, right. I went to high school like Friday
lights like as a football player. There is nothing like being
onstage and you get the jitters. When you were drafting that first
game, you got the jitters. Your hands are shaking and
then you get into the game and you go into a different zone.
It is like you are, at least for me I feel like I am kind of
like out of body experience. And with one minute left in the game,
the score remains exactly 97 to 98. The point guard takes the ball,
up the left side of the court. – ASU.
– Arizona State. – Arizona State.
– They call themselves the Real Dream Team. That should tell you everything
that you need to know about what they think about themselves. I am sure they are great dudes
and they are cool people but the way they have been talking about
us and other teams they have played just comes off as overconfident, little…
– Humorous. That is what it is. – Yeah, it is just (UNCLEAR).
– They think they are a super team. – Yeah.
– They are not even like… – Any team that thinks they are a super
team is going to fall a lot harder. Big trees fall hard. Big trees fall hard. – Ready to go?
– Ready. We are here live at the massive
Century Field Event Center where the two final teams, UT
Arlington and Arizona State will be battling it out in Blizzard
Entertainment’s team brawler Heroes of the Storm. Guys, it is so good to
be down here with you. Oh, man, I am so excited for today.
Yesterday we saw… Andrew, being a competitive guy,
is a very large understatement. He is not a recreational player at all.
He takes every click serious. Great play from every team, but I think
today, the games are going to be so close neck and neck; it is going
to be a great show. Being the youngest, he always had to compete and when he did
compete he was very serious about it. And quite annoyed if he
did not actually do well. These guys have a huge range
of characters that they play. They have the strategies down, they have
improved a lot over the year. And they seem cautiously optimistic. GG. Yesterday after the win, it was
amazing, it was a great feeling. We all felt really
good after the win. But we came here to
win the whole thing. The work is not over yet. We did a little bit of quick match. We did a little bit of studying,
did a little bit of research. And we are just getting
our mind set for today. Does not matter whether
it is hockey or whether he is playing soccer
out in the back yard or trying to play football with some of his older brother’s high school
football player friends. It is like a light switch. He goes into a very
competitive mode. Very introspective, very much
concentrated on what he needs to do. If you are not going to do it all the way then you are never going to
get all the way. You are never going to go to where you want
to be. You are never going to get to that
top peak moment of your life that you are like wow, I made it. You are never going be there unless you
actually chase what you love to do. It has been very great to see
how they have approached it and it is going to be a rivalry. But they are up against Arizona State. And Arizona has been so
amazingly strong throughout. Very mechanically skilled. And we know, since they did
take second place last year that there are a lot of
people voting… I did not expect the crowd to be as wild
as they were when we went out there. When we walked on stage,
there were smoke screens. There were people with like bangers and there was people cheering
loud at the top of their mind. It was crazy. It was insane.
I loved it, I loved every second. This was the future of eSports
that we imagined a few years ago. The gamer is becoming a
super star in his own right. The conversation is changing. When I first started being part
of eSports the conversation was “Oh here we go again those kids wasting
their life playing video games.” And basement, and living
with parents, blah, blah. Stereotype,
stereotype, stereotype. And after yesterday’s matches,
Heroes of the Storm has been
getting a lot of attention. That conversation has
completely changed to have you heard about this cool
new thing that is going on? that is called eSports? And all the money that people are making
and how do we get involved in that? And crap I do not understand
gamers and I really need to. Arizona State! Because people do not understand. I mean
it is like anything else that is new. Until you play the game and try to excel
at it, you have no idea. And here they are. Shot, Akaface, Captain
MichaelUdall, Pham, and Snickers. We are back at the CenturyLink Field
Event Center here in Seattle for the Heroes of the
Dorm grand finals. Our two teams are just about
to start their draft. Going into that game we knew
all year, drafting shot calling that is where we would lose the game. So let us go ahead. Get into that draft and
see what these teams are going to go for. Leading into the games, I think
our team felt really good going up against ASU.
We had done our research. We had done all the pregame
necessities that we needed to do to know our game plan
going into the games. Remember the first stage of the
drafting phase will be the bans. The first ban is Falstad. UT Arlington has
done their homework. Yeah, Falstad was an integral part to
Arizona’s State’s round-up all the way here but especially in their
semi-final match vs. UCONN. Specifically in the draft
like the big thing we did is they did not first pick Illidan,
which is a lot of disrespect. So we picked it up in the two-three. And then they did not pick up their
Azmodan in the two-three. They are not doing their
homework, and (UNCLEAR) is going to be here to
help with the lane… I really do not know what their plan was. I just think they super disrespected us
in draft because they were so confident. Everyone always talked about who were
the cocky and confident team. But they were so cocky
about their draft. They are like oh we are going
to destroy them in draft. And we are just going to win
the game because of that. There was a little heat, a little salt
going, throwing between both the teams. But I think we felt pretty
confident leading up to the games. Our game is loaded up, we are
ready, this is game number one! UT Arlington versus Arizona State in the
Heroes of the Dorm grand finals. UNCLEAR So far a failed surround here.But wait
Arizona State is still on the run. Yeah, doing a lot of damage
right now to MichaelUdall! taking a lot of damage. He blows
up in a matter of seconds. And UNCLEAR chasing him down. Back up, back up, back up. It’s all right.
We are still good. Akaface dies as well. We are good. Two big kills. UTA was up by two levels the
majority of the early game. And that was something I
was telling the team. I was like that is
what is going to happen. They are going to try and just
shoot our buildings down. But as long as they do not get a
keep, we are in a really good spot because as soon as we reach ten minutes
into the game were going to destroy them. UNCLEAR stops some of the members of
Arizona State. But still the fight rages on. Get it. Get it. It certainly does. Micaheludall in the middle of
things, dealing a lot of damage. Big miss there. A lot of damage being dealt. Kure, trying to help DXN to get out. But Michaeludall is angry,
taking down everybody. Dan, this Ilidan play
has been so impressive and now, even Kure in
trouble, UNCLEAR away as the rest of the members of
Arizona State, you mentioned it beelining for that center lane. The core is exposed. We have
at least 20 seconds before the (UNCLEAR) UT Arlington players
getting spot again. It is getting lower. Arizona State just
doing too much damage! And it goes down! GG. Because we panicked, we shut down. Arizona State came in with full
confidence, with full preparation and with this amazing synergy. Map number 2, Battleground number 2 is
going to be Towers of Doom. I was like and we are just going to
first pick Sonya becaise they are really scared of our Sonya
and Sonya is really, really strong. But they are going to leave here with one
of MichaelUdall’s best bruisers, Sonya. Her main engagement tool… Pham trying to stay alive, Akaface
helping out a lot as well. Kladeus taking tons of
damage, has to back out. Yuuj though looks like he
will drop once again. And Kure now taking
a lot of damage. His teammates do not seem
to be able to help him. Kure goes down now. We can boss! And going after the
boss, this will be it. This boss will give them four more shots. UNCLEAR is how we win. it looks like they are
going to try to come in. But that is going to be it! GG. I cannot believe how
one-sided that truly was. If you win the first game, the enemy team
gets to choose if they want first pick or map pick. And I told the team, I said they are
going to choose first pick, game two. And I said and they are going to choose map
pick and take us to Infernal. Here it is, the Infernal Shrine
in all of its purple glory. Red and blue will be the
action going on here, but… The last game was
actually kind of intense. So a normal composition here for
UT Arlington. They can get in the game.
Kladeus hunting into the top left. Pham taking a ton of damage. Kure though taking a lot as well.
Oh missing that ancestral healing. How unfortunate. And Arizona State… Richard, talk more. We need Richard talking. We are so lost. Yeah, but it is so hard
to control you guys. That is not control. You did not
know you were being attacked on. We had no idea you were getting hit. We were playing really
really well all early game. We were playing really
well the whole game. Except, there was one
court hall where we actually I remember we killed three
or four of their heroes and it was like ten
or twelve minutes which is really early
to try to end the game. And Shot is like UNCLEAR are heightened. He is like core, core, core, I was like,
we are not going to be able to kill it. And he was like do it
anyways, and I was like OK. Will they be able to get this core?
MichaelUdall, Shot, Ackaface, Snickers Do not shield Ilidan,
just shield the core. I have center in ten. If you can
delay for ten seconds we are OK. Shot taking damage. Shot may go down.
Shot goes down. UNCLEAR MchaelUdall still there, and it looks like
the core is solo but MichaelUdall (UNCLEAR). And they wipe. UT Arlington holds and now they will
push across the middle of the field here grab the punisher, but
remember they are down 24%. OK, do not get the UNCLEAR.
We are going for dead push here. At any point Arizona State
could sneak by… It was a good call because if we
wipe on the core they cannot return it. And trading four lives for a core at 27%
is a really good trade because what happens is
if you ever get a pick you can just go all in
their core and win. …try to kill everyone and win the game. And they are doing that now, sneaking
around jumping on the bush. A bush party here is right above
Arizona State. They wanna take him out We can fight this. …teleported here. Where
is the sunring? I would love to see it. UNCLEAR It looks like Arizona State turning. They might be going
for a victory here. An all out… My parents never really cared. Even if I had like a
close game like they never cared. It was just like oh stop
playing the video game. I got the wall, I got the wall. Nice UNCLEAR It is something I always grew up with. When I am playing video games
I would have this self guilt of I am wasting my potential
playing these video games. So much damage being dealt. UNCLEAR GG.
UC Berkeley has done it. That feeling I remember
last year Berkeley. One of their players his parents
ran up on stage. And I remember the picture
of it went viral. And I was like that totally would
have been me and my parents. That is honestly the goal of it, to make
people not feel ashamed to be a gamer. That is what I want to like… I think the biggest thing is you have to
give people, this is what you can achieve. This is what you can do if you go far
in this. Because everyone needs that. You need to be able, Mom
look, I am not just wasting my time. I am not just
wasting my potential. I could get a college
scholarship for this. I could make it to the pro scene. I could make all this money and do all
these things off of this video game which is not just a waste of time. They knew this was coming
and they are here to stop it. Snickers jumps in, does not really get
a very good mosh pit there. Akaface taking lots of damage,
but they are going for the core. Oh, we are going on the core. Come on. UNCLEAR Snickers, Snickers, Snickers
reset, reset, reset, UNCLEAR. UNCLEAR no, no, no, no. Illidan is in here for 15 seconds
to damage. Now on the core. DXN trying to apply a shield. CORE! CORE! CORE! UNCLEAR Ackaface low on HP but
the core is going down. It is going to be. GG. Arizona State! Your champions! They are the Heroes of the Dorm! I think the biggest positive for me
has been the battling with my mom to where we are at now. Because family has always been a big thing
for me and having eight of my family show up to this tournament and watch me win it,
being so happy and so supportive has just been so amazing, having that
experience of we are here supporting you. It does not matter what you’re doing,
what it is, it is video games. It does not matter what it is, they are
going to support me, their going to love me. …with Arizona State.
Anna, how are they feeling? They are felling pretty good, I
think, Tasteless. I think… As the host or eSports
correspondent, or emcee my job is to ask the question,
“Why does this matter?” And then help an audience
figure that out for themselves. For me why eSports matters is because I believe in the importance
of people finding common ground. Regardless of where they might have
uncommon ground, finding common ground. And I saw that happen so
much at Heroes of the Dorm. So much that it makes me emotional. I have to say I thnk the most precious
moment that happened on stage for me was when Shot,
after winning all of Hereos of the Dorm with
his team, Arizona State was looking at his mom off stage, who was
just bawling and she is so proud of him. And she has been learning how to
twitter you know the whole time. And I had been talking to him
about how important it was to him to give this opportunity to his family. For him to take the burden of this college
education off of his mom. And I asked him. “What do you want to say to your mom
right now? You’re looking right at her.” Your mom is in the audience, what
do you want to say to mama Shot? Mom you do not have to pay!
I got you! He actually eventually
fell to his knees, on stage. Just couldn’t even bear the weight of
his happiness and fell to his knees. And then I fell to my knees because I
could not bear to see him down there alone. And we just got to hug and cry on stage. All because we have this
common ground of eSports. And that to me is why things like
Heroes of the Dorm are important. Because as humans we can connect and understand each other on a
level that maybe we could not if we did not find that common place. I do not know, I am still in awe. I.. It still has not hit me. I do not know, It is crazy.
It is crazy to think about. I do not know when it will hit me,
when it does I will let you know. You have worked for this
this entire year, Mike. How does it feel to look
out on this audience and know you accomplished your goal? It feels so good. We worked so hard. The guys, we all put in a lot of work. And it feels so good to finally
have the confetti go off. You do not reach that level
without the dedication and the focus, and the discipline and the endless hours up
honing your craft. You do not reach that level having
disappointment, and struggle and loss and fighting through
that and not accepting that is going to be the
stopping point for you. You bust through that wall. You just got to use it. I mean I was hurt. I was hurt. I was on the verge
of tears after those games. You have to fail to succeed in life. You cannot go through
life with all successes. You have to be able to
fight through the failures. You got to push forward from that point. That is it. That is all she wrote. Come sit down. I think last night was huge in eSports. I think in ten years when we are looking
back at how much UNCLEAR eSports has grown. I think this is going to be a moment
when they are like this is where it kind of took off. It has garnered a lot of interest from
some traditional sports guys like me. And so the best is yet to come. It is not going away, it is only
going to get bigger and better. And we are going to get
bigger and better at it. The fact that you have
more gamers than ever the fact that game developers are building
better eSports than they ever have means that you’re going to see e-sports
get bigger and bigger every year. I think it is going to be the start of
the snowball, if that makes sense. And I am going to be so greatful and so
happy to be there pushing it and shoving it along, and getting eSports,
collegiate eSports to the top because that is where I think
it deserves to be.

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