A People’s History of Heaven by Mathangi Subramanian | Book Review

Hi everyone. I’m rincey and this is
rincey reads. Today i’m going to be talking about a people’s history of heaven
by Mathangi Subramanian . Yeah that’s about the best I can do it.
Even being Indian, that was hard for me to say. So this is a pretty new release
that came out earlier this year. And I picked it up from the library and I
loved this book. This is one of those books where if I was like the type to do
superlatives or anything like that, it would probably win for my like most
underrated favorite book of the year. Not like number one favorite but it’s one of
those books where I feel like more people should know about it. So hence the
book review. So this book all takes place in India and it specifically takes place
in this slum in Bangalore, India called Heaven. You’re mainly following these
five girls who are all really close friends who all live in this slum. And
the slum is in danger of being demolished.
There were like notices put up by the city or something like that that the
government would be tearing this place down but the bulldozers and whatnot have
come about a week early. And so to protest, a lot of the women — and these
five girls as well — go to protest in front of the bulldozers. They stand in
front of the bulldozers to stop them from tearing down their homes before
they’re even ready or close to being ready to vacating them. So that’s sort of
like the big picture storyline that’s going through this book. But that’s not
really what the book is about. This book is really just about these five girls
and their families who all live in this slum. There are all types of girls
covered here. They come from varying parts of India. They have different
religious backgrounds. And it’s really hard to encapsulate what this book is
about because it’s really just a story about these girls and these people who
are living in this slum and the world are they living in the world that they
encounter. And these girls sort of coming of age and figuring out who they are and
where they belong in society. It’s a book that sounds like it should be depressing
because it takes place in a slum but this is honestly one of the most like
heartwarming and hopeful books that I’ve read in a really long time. It’s about
standing up for the things that you love and the people that you love and forming
friendships and forming families outside of your blood families. And it’s a book
that I just really, really enjoyed. The writing in here is so beautiful and
again heartwarming. I was having like a really terrible week and every time I
picked up this book, it made me feel so much better about life and the world
around me. And while I was reading this book, I kept getting reminded of Matilda,
specifically the movie Matilda because it’s been a while since I’ve read the
book but I still have the movie pretty vividly in my memory. And part of the
reason why it reminded me of that is because like in the story of Matilda,
Matilda is in this like really terrible situation. Like she’s in this abusive
family situation and yet there’s a lot of joy and happiness in the movie of
Matilda. And obviously there is this character Miss Honey who saves the day
and things like that, and there is kind of a character not quite like Miss Honey
but kind of better than Miss Honey. It’s like the head mistress of the school
that these five girls attend. She’s not married, she doesn’t have kids of her own,
and she seems to be someone who really believes in these girls and believes
that they could do whatever they want. She’s encouraging them to take their
exams for high school and college and encouraging them to try to do better
than what society might have planned for them. Like she talks about them becoming
lawyers and becoming writers and doing grand things with their life. And she
genuinely believes that these girls can do it which is fantastic. And it makes
these girls believe in themselves and believe in each other. All of the
characters in here sort of have like a thing about them. Like one of the girls
is blind, one of the girls is transgender, one of the girls is a lesbian, or you
know on the LGBTQ, one of the girls doesn’t really do well at school and
she’s– but you could tell she’s really smart, and all this stuff. So all of them
have sort of like a thing, “a thing” about them. But the author also does a really
good job of fleshing out all of these characters so they’re more than just
like “their thing.” And also like fleshing out their relationships with each other
and their relationships with just like the people around them and this
neighborhood and community that they have here in heaven. This is a really
fast read and a really wonderful read. It’s hard for me
to talk about this book because it’s not like I can talk about specific plot
points. But everything about this book just brought me so much happiness that I
like want to bring that happiness to other people’s life. Hence why I’m
talking about this book. So yeah, I feel like this is a book that isn’t on a lot
of people’s radar. I mean, I know it’s a book that’s not on a lot of people’s
radar because I went to like the Goodreads page and it doesn’t have that
many ratings. So this is a book that I want to put on your radar. This is
probably going to be on my favorites of the year. I mean, I know we’re halfway
through the year but there’s still a long way to go. But there’s a very good
chance that this will end up on my favorites. So if you are the type of
person who just is in the mood for something heartwarming without being overly cheesy. I definitely think that this is a great
book to pick up. There are moments in this that feel a little bit
happily-ever-after or like a little bit too good to be true. But I don’t know,
sometimes I think it’s okay to have stories like that take you inspire you
and to provide you with a little bit of hope that the world isn’t a complete
trash fire. So yes, I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars highly recommend it. If
you are in a bad mood, pick up this book because I feel like it’ll put you in a
better mood. And yeah, I I can’t talk about how much I love this book enough.
So that is everything I have for you guys this week. Let me know down in the
comments below if by chance you happen to have read this book, definitely talk
to me down in the comments section. Or if you are interested in picking up this
book now, definitely leave that down in the comments below. Or if you read it in
the future, feel free to come back and talk to me
about it. You know, these videos stay up here so you’re always welcome to come
back later on once you’ve picked up the book. So yeah that’s all I have for this
week and I will see you guys next week. Bye.

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  1. Picked up this book and Loved it! Thank you for the heads up. These women and young girls were amazing! The men who were supportive and open to championing them, are the way showers for those who follow.

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