A Resounding Victory – German Morale Plummets I THE GREAT WAR Week 212

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  1. What a horrible war. I bet a wise peace will be made to prevent such a great desaster in the future.

    I doubt anything will be to report in the next 50 years in europe

  2. I never cease to be appalled at the number of casualties. 44,000 casualties is the entire population of my home town. And that was nothing when compared to Paschendale, Somme, and Verdun.

  3. Thank you, Indy, for another lucid and exciting episode. Your last titbit brings home what total, world war meant to the people of the nations involved.
    As for the Welsh Wizard, I remember reading one quote, which went something like: David Lloyd George arouses in everyone every feeling except trust.

  4. So the end is near… Please can you keep on doing a weekly show of what happened this week 100 years ago? For the next 20something years….

  5. ok, dumb question, but, how is it possible for the burned or blistered to exceed 100%? is it that people are counted more than once if they get burned more than once?

  6. Looking forward to October when SGT York does something to win The Medal of Honor and The Lost Battalion finds it "unacceptable" to surrender to the Germans!!

  7. >It was really depressing to live in Russia that month
    Well, it was really depressing to live in Russia for next 73 years!

  8. Is that little clip at 1.45 been faked?

    I didn't think they they let journalists in with the troops. Surely those soliders wouldn't have waited for someone to set up a film camera before clearing out that dugout?

  9. This is the worlds first Blitzkreig. An epochal difference in war technologies, as Western advances in Air and Armor, over the German weaknesses, ment they were fighting a next-level war. This inspired the Germans of the Inter-War years to develope an advantage in Combine Arms capabilities. That and their proof in Spain lead to the Lightning War of 1939-1940. Next-level capability built on Combat Signals and Air Superiority.

  10. The bit about Czechoslovakia was a little cursory. It's right in the middle of the Central Powers! Is it not more accurate to say that the allies recognised the Czechoslovak National Council (outside the country) as the basis of a future Government of Czechoslovakia. Thank you Wikipedia.

  11. Don't you think that Stalin's and Lenin's reaction were justified? I mean after all the rad socs wanted to bring more destruction to russia by reentering the war with Germany, and almost killed Lenin.

  12. Here is a question for the out of trenches “ what happened to the Ottoman POWs after British retreat at Gallipoli? Did British evacuate some of them as well?” Love you Indie and the team, keep it up!

  13. Hey Indy and the crew 😀 Love the show, I'm a bit of a history buff meself, but here I found many things that I had almost no knowledge about. That said, can you tell us more about the Swiss forensic scientist Archibald Reiss, and his findings of the AH crimes? Also, is there something cooking in the Macedonia right now (I mean, hundred years ago 😀 )? I know that the offensive there is about to commence.

  14. I have read the book, The worst generals of WW1. it was a few new names. but I felt that I know most of them. to my suprice Haige wasn´t in the book.

  15. I am thinking for Germany, this all ends in April 1945. For others, it will still struggle onward for a while more. But, Versailles was a nice generational intermission to allow for reloading! Of course, we should also not forget that lovely Cold War chaser! 😀

  16. Anyway to the English transcription (not the automatically generated ones) uploaded, as well? They are very helpful as I review these videos.

  17. Hey , Indy and crew. I recently read, that in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Heroin was used widely as an pain killer. Is there anything out there you are aware of that details this a little more, and the effects this drug had on the soldiers, on the front line.
    Also, where and what was Bernard Montgomery doing during then First World War?

  18. I would hope that you do some immediate post-war episodes as there were still quite a lot of areas where the fighting didn't end after the official end of the Great War was declared. Much like in WW2 you had a lot of debts to be settled. For example in the immediate period post WW2 France had another 40,000 people die from violence. Would be interesting to see if that sort of thing happened and also how many people returned to their homes or were permanently displaced. It's usually the shake out after a war that is historically more important than the actual war itself.

  19. Rawlinson figured out how to play on Haig's fear of not being in charge. Suggesting to him that Foch would be seen as commanding the British army

  20. Was that a rare German MG 18 / TuF / 13.2 mm Heavy Machine Gun in the German dug out , half way through the video!

  21. Can there be like a meta channel statistics video at the end? Look at how the show changed over the years? How views went up and down, or if they changed with various centenaries? The most popular and least popular videos etc. It'd be very interesting.

  22. What an excellent job you do telling this horrible story! I'm looking forward to episodes on the Meuse Argonne Offensive, as my grandfather took part in it. He returned from the war – where he was injured – a broken man, judging by the photographs of him before and after. Thank you for creating a wonderful series.

  23. We could really need more videos on the Belgian army during WW1 consideringen they were a major party in the (western-) European theater since a lot of fighting took place in Belgium. With myself being grately interested in the Belgian military and it's very interesting to see what they've done. (Especially their cavalry).

    I've seen some videos regarding the Belgian army but yet they are in far less quantity than other countries, of course this is understandable seeing that Belgium is only a smaller country which only fought in Europe & a bit in Africa. It just feels as if the country is burried under these larger worldpowers and it doesn't get as much attention as it deserves die what it contributed during the 4 long years it stood strong against the invaders. Same goes for some other small countries.

    Yet this comment will fade away in a black hole never to be read.

  24. Heh, Allied lines are super overstretched. Russia is gone, America will still take years to get it’s forces to Europe! Germany will totally break through next spring. I will bet all my possessions that Germany will force a capitulation in Spring, 1919.

  25. You are a great narrator who surely knows what is talking about, thank you for this amazing series, I learn a lot with each and every one of them. Greetings!

  26. Just a quick question. Are going to do something like this for WWW? Tjat would be amazing of you were and very interesting.
    Also you and your team have amazingly

  27. I keep trying to think of questions for out of the trenches but you guys are so comprehensive and informative all my questions get answered, I’ll keep trying 🙂

  28. WW1 Command and Control… very little Communication. 2018 C4isr Command, Control, Communication, intelligence, surveillance , and reconnaissance. Ammo still runs low.

  29. Teutonic thinking: We lost WW1 & 2, maybe we should lay low for a while and then take over the European Union and make it seem like it's the Allies idea

  30. You are not giving Lloyd George enough credit. Quite rightly he considered Haig a butcher, had only reluctantly been persuaded to allow Passchendaele – his own political clout was limited by the Tory support that was necessary for the coalition government, and the Tories were totally supportive of Haig, no matter what the cost. Passchendaele strengthened Lloyd Georges hand, his support of Foch as supremene commander helped, and all that pressure meant Haig knew that if he insisted on another 1/2m dead, against the advice of his Dominion Generals, he was finished. Whenever I hear military historians moaning about politicians 'interfering in military affairs' I remember 2 things: Passchendaele, and that in both the world wars, every single general in command at the start of the war was quickly found to be useless, and politicians ensured they were replaced. We should remember that when war breaks out Generals only consideration is to ensure they come out of it identified as the victor, with a peerage in the UK or the Presidency in the US, no matter what the cost. Back in 1914 French was resisting 'amateur politicians' interfering with ' professional commanders' – but as we know, neither French nor any of his colleagues had the faintest idea what they were doing, what they had got themselves into, and what it would take to get out of it – just one idea, the men must bravely sacrifice themselves. At least politicians have to answer to someone.

  31. Indy ppints out the changes-Haig listening to subordinantes and the German general staff devolving but he misses what is probably the singles greatest change in the entire war.

    rewatch the section talking about the casualties for the british assault. yes they lost 40,ooo men BUT German losses, the losses of the defenders are far higher. In the past they might break even but usually the attacker suffered more. Now with mass desertions and better tactics the basic MATH of the battle field has changed.

  32. Whats happening on the Italian front all these months? Are the Italians and Austrians duking it out on the Piave, or is it all quiet?

  33. Super cool to be mentioned at the end of the show! How can I support your soon to be WWII series on Patreon? Is there anything else I can do to show my support?

  34. Great job Indie. Haig listening to Rawlinson is interesting, but equally interesting is Rawlinson standing up to Haig. Rawlinson's original plan for July 1 1916 was obviously rejected by Haig, and after a 'conference' Rawlinson readily agreed to a completely different version. The records of GHQ meetings in 1915-16 repeatedly show the pattern- the inarticulate (even his defenders agree on that) endlessly getting subordinates to agree with him with no record of any discussion. Haig was a bully, and used his royal protection and the impact of his coup against Sir John French to force subordinates to accept his retarded plans in 1915-16-17. By 1918 his credibility was clearly in tatters, even if he wasn't (couldn't be) sacked. And that worked to the massive advantage of the British Army.

  35. It's interesting to consider what might have happened if instead of the Spring Offensive of 1918, and the heavy losses of their best infantry that entailed, the Germans had retreated to a much shorter defensive line in eastern Belgium, then let the Allies batter against it until they were ready to negotiate.

  36. The germans had no idea what was coming, our guys were arriving in massive numbers and the germans would be soon defeated by the forces of the AEF and gen perishing big time

  37. So much brilliant strategists of German High Command. Seriously German ultra militarists like Ludendorff should have given diplomats to negotiate while they were ahead (theit nation and population was literally starving) if they had a proper Supreme ear leader (which Kaiser Wilhelm imagined himself to be but never acted like one. He became a pupet of militarists and eventually lost his throne)

  38. Question for Out of the Trenches: With the war in the east largely over why did the Ottoman Empire leave one of their largest forces in the Caucasus? With the British surging north from Egypt surely it'd be better to defend their homes so they had an empire left at the end of this war.

  39. For those who make excuses for the poor Germans that they were treated harshly at Versailles look at how kindly Prussia/Germany was at the 1871 and 1917 peace treaties with its victors justice.

  40. Oh my, for the first time I pressed the "next" button and didn't get the next week, I have finally caught up to the front! It's ok, I'm american, it's tradition to show up late;)

  41. "New strategies" didn't play strongest role during last few months of the war. It was just that naval embargo, lack of food and four year long attrition lowering morale in Germany and Austria-Hungary. In fact Austria-Hungary had hanged on the ropes since summer of 1916 and Germans had to fight all over the Europe, even in Italian Front. Just like in 1942-43 German forces were extremely stretched in large areas and their supplies lines and replacements were exhausted. It was finally civilians sent message to soldiers: stop this madness.

  42. Hey vintage firearm buffs out there. @1:56 What type of rifle is this soldier armed with? The film footage looks to be genuine combat footage, the soldiers bring the German prisoners out of the dug out are armed with a 1911 and a .45 revolver, but I can't identify these rifles, can you?

  43. "Does Ludendorff choose to abandon all the gains the German army made over the spring? And what about the attack on the Wookies?"

    I approve of your memery, Great War crew.

  44. Oh.
    Haig does a complete 180 to preserve his pride. Lloyd George should have put Haig's pride on the line by spearheading the effort to put Foch as the leader of supreme allied command two years earlier. The war would have been over by 1917 if Haig was as responsible back then as he is now. Astounding and mind boggling.

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