A rolling exhibition space created by undergraduates

We were brainstorming on using the UROP grant to create a setting for students
to exhibit their work in whatever field that was in we were initially introduced to Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program by our mentor Richard Saxton UROP came in and provided us with the financial means of taking this idea and actualizing it taking the cheapest lumber I could find and milling it down to a very small, consistent square block just attaching one to the next to the next the next until theres roughly 2500 on it now. The brick work of the University of Colorado at Boulder it’s all layered in this kind of grid pattern and you get a lot of texture and depth from that I think initially I was overwhelmed by the size and scale of this university and I thought I would kind of slip through the cracks, but through interactions with the faculty, staff and departments I’ve realized the resources are there to help promote and encourage students to undertake larger scale projects. The more interesting the idea is to you, the more interesting the idea will be to everyone else.

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