A SM64 parody: Number 1 (bob-omb battlefield remix)

{Music: Bob-omb Battlefield (Remix Ver.) – Super Mario 64} (The lyrics starts in 3…) (2…) (1…) (GO!!) Mario: ♪Woohoo!♪ (Wow!) ♪Woohoo! Oh yeah!♪ [thud] [Goomba is ded] Koopa: YOU SON OFA BITCH!! (NO. 1!!) ♪Woohoo!♪ (Next.) “Dear Mario, i’ve bake a cake for you.” (Peach is on fire!) Yummy! (Where’s Peach?) (Her underwear?!?) (Peaches?!?) (Yuck! Smells bad!) (Take your trousers!) Wat? (Weeeeee!!) ♪My name is *Super Mario 64 TM*!♪ (Fat Guy is playing music though.) (Oh no! His ears are bleeding!) Hahahahahahahaaaaaa- [boom] (NO. 1 AGAIN!!) ♪Woohoo!♪ Oh my goodness. I’m so annoying. Mamamia, i’m never had to play again all day. WR & WL: [laughing] Luigi: Yahoo! L, WR & WL: [gibberish] Mario: Wat?? Luigi: Ok, I want to sing. Mario: No! [gibberish] M, WR & WL: [gibberish] Luigi: Ok, 3, 2, 1! (Wat?) M, L, WR & WL: [gibberish] BAM! SMG4: SHUT THE F*** UP!!! BAM! Mario: 1, 2, 3! (Luigi is like a stinky mushroom.) Nnnnng! L, WR & WL: ♪Nobody cares!♪ Mario: ♪Nobody cares!♪ (x2) Bros: I AM NUMBER ONE!!!! (WE ARE NUMBER ONE!!!!) [gibberish] Mario: Mamamia. Oh my god. Thanks for watching! Please like, comment & subscribe for more to SMG4! & make sure you can click on the links / buy some swag is link in the description below. I’ll see you guys later & may the wings of your eyeliner will always be even. Bye! 😀

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