A WICKED Unboxing!

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Hey friends it’s Trina! Today I’m doing a point of view unboxing for Uppercase’s April box. Uppercase is a book
subscription service. So when I first opened my package there is an item on top
which I guess just didn’t fit in their bag but it is this Harry Potter wallet.
This looks like official licensed merch and it is addressed to “the cupboard under the stairs.” It just has a simple zipper pouch you can keep a couple things in here; cards, cash, coins. Trying to get the book out of the bag was actually quite a
struggle and I left this footage in because I just thought it was really
funny looking back. Like… [laughs] I really failed at unbagging this because it’s
just an oversized hardback so I guess like it was a very snug fit. But anyway
this is the book and everything that was inside the bag. So first I’m gonna show
you this bookmark. It’s a hand-painted watercolor bookmark that says “a book is
like a garden carried in the pocket.” I think this is really lovely.
There’s also an enamel pin which says “let them fear her” with the picture of a
sword and I think this is probably themed around
the book. And that book is Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan. This is a YA fantasy
following three different characters who set out to assassinate the king. A girl
who can speak to gods, a prince, and a boy who’s really a monster and that just
sounds really fascinating. I’ve heard lots of good things about this book. This
is what it looks like without the cover on. It is signed by the author and it has
a map in the front which I always love when fantasy books include maps. That
just makes me geek out every time. And then the start of each chapter has this
decorative scrollwork on the side and the book has deckled edges, so this is
just a really beautiful book in general. One cool thing that comes with the Uppercase books is they send you this bookmark that has different codes that
correspond to page numbers so when you hit that page you can go to their
website, enter the code, and you find like bonus videos and discussions about that
part of the book and I think that is a really unique feature to Uppercase
because you really connect and interact and discuss the book with other
Uppercase subscribers. So that is it for this unboxing. This is everything that
was included in April’s Uppercase box. Check them out if you guys are
interested in this book subscription service. Thank you so much for watching
and I’ll see you in the comments. [music only]

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