AAA Museum 3.0 – The New Era

Today it’s the 24th january 2014 and we celebrate
two very important events I tell you before something about the less
important one: 30 years has passed by since the introduction of Macintosh on the market.
Well, it’s a very important thing but the most important is that today we can officially
and publicly announce that the new headquarter of All About Apple museum
will be here at the Old Docks, thanks to Savona port authorities. We are trying to use for this very peculiar
press conference, because it is more an happening than a press conference, what is considered
Apple’s language and communication style. The idea of 3.0 is considered, we know, as
the new frontier of the internet, I mean augmented reality, a powerful web, all the concepts
leading to a new direction of technologic world and of the internet.
In this strategy we are open to be in contact with new national and international commercial
actualities, who want to be partners of this museum. Talking about parters I’d like to remind you Fondazione De Mari, who was the first to believe
in this project, bearing out it until the definitive settlement in this location. The idea is to mach together, in a new actuality
in progress as the Old Doks are, a real interesting point for many people, and I invite you to
keep in mind that this year we’ll’ have one million passengers passing through this terminal
with the enlargement of the second Cruise Terminal. It’s important to remind that 70,000/80,000
of these passengers visited our city. I do believe that this effort, with its beauty
and the enthusiasm of all the elements of the association, in this location, is the
right thing in the right place. It’s a project that surely will enrich our
territory. This museum is unique in the world, and it enrich the wide museums scenario of
Savona’s country, giving an added value to the offer of our land. Adopting the All About Apple in our Old Docks
means two main aims: the first one is surely tourists related, having it placed near the
terminal means to have an attraction, thanks to what Apple means, for all the tourists
visiting every day our town; the second one is the importance the Old Docks have for the
urbanistic development, it represents the center of juvenile invention, with the closing
Officine Solimano, a wide open cultural pole. The Apple brand, for what it represent as
invention and imagination, will bring new life and ideas allowing our town to be up
to date. What we wont to show you now nobody has, it’s just ours. You are the first ones to see this item, nobody knows about this. You are the first ones in the world. We started collecting Apple Items since 2002;
it’s more than 12 years and in the meantime we have collected more than 9,000 units. And
we have been lucky enough to be called by Apple company itself, the headquarter in Cupertino,
and to be credited as their museum.

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