AAF’s M1917 WWI Tank RARE!

You know, on this week’s show I wanted to
ask you what was one of the most favored pieces of your dad’s collection? Okay, and
this is where we end up. Tell me about this, okay?
It’s a World War One tank, six ton special. It’s off of the French version the, well,
US versions never actually saw combat. Okay, so this was not a combat vehicle, at
least that we know of, okay. We were estimating there is about six in
the world that we know of, okay. So they’re very rare,
extremely hard to come by. We’ve probably got this from 30, 35 years ago, easy. You
know, I think it came from Montana if I remember correctly. And they must have
found in some salvage yard somewhere just sitting there rusting away. You know
that, that’s what’s so unique about the museum here is the way your dad has
acquired all these different pieces, okay. And, and it’s still, I mean, you know what,
once a hoarder and a collector, always a collector but my goodness, I mean, this
again, as he told us, was one of his most valued other than the Panzer tank, okay.
Which we did the interview with both of them. But you know, tell me what would be
the value of owning one of six in the world as much as you can get for it you
know I mean unfortunately it’s the marketplace you know I mean so you just
got to throw a number and hope it sticks as far as a number value how much do you
want to let it go for you know I mean it’s it’s just so valuable you know
there’s so valuable and and once it’s gone it’s gone you’re never gonna get
another one you know so well now let me ask you it now this one is in the state
than which you found it obviously of course it’s not the paint’s not correct
I guess it is under here but not that but is it more valuable as a collector
to leave it this way or to restore it um it goes both ways restorations in theory
if you are restoring it you are messing with the originality of it okay so if
you want the pristine of it you want to look beautiful
then you’d restore it in this condition it shows you what it actually came to us
as okay so it’s this is the paint you know and this is one of the you look
inside that’s what it was you know so certain things you better off just not
leaving it just leaving alone you know make it like the barn find
you know in my value something that’s not touched is worth more okay when it’s
in good condition

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