Abertura Oficial | Conferência Arena Jovem 2019

I’ll share love … super fantastic on the balloon … Galileo … ee travels king … My little brother, I’m here to tell you … You are my life, you are … Get out of the way… Jesus’s blood has power… he gave up his glory lex go go go go go … God, pour … what joy today has worship, comes in general, comes in general, comes in general, comes … Then let the boy roll, leave the boy…. Welcome. it rained too much in Rio de Janeiro in the city of Brumadinho … There are already three deaths so far … locals heard a big bang … was the biggest environmental disaster in Brazil … Cars have been destroyed in many ways. By the trees, by the waters, by other cars … children got arrested, people got stuck, very choking and no one shows up … you can not see anything, you know the mud is very dark, and I felt like I was inside a crusher grinding everything … firefighters found the body of Paloma’s husband, Robson maximum of 26 years … their lives were worth much more … Life! every day that passes he faces us looking into our eyes and instigates the apparition of the most rejected emotions, a unique and perfect but challenging gift I’m talking real life where people or better where you! fight every day cheering what results of their actions, be less survival. Every day we die a little every day. people give up a little, we hope something happens, but it never happens amid so much chaos, pain, and hate How many times have you thought about quitting today? we know that humanity always pursued victory, we were still a project when we won a great race, with thousands of competitors from centimeter in centimeter, from organ to organ, week after week, we were built to win. The problem and that in some life we ​​see the spectacle of defeat as a box and from time to time she accompanies us, for many of you she and your best friend, companion of all hours, sometimes she visits you, always comes to remind you that you is of the family of the failed, she is cruel, she does not want to know your opinion, nor your belief, she does not respect her emotional state nor her time, she simply bring the restlessness, uncertainty, fear, crying, failure has come in peoples, armies, and civilizations. has arrived for me and for you. You will not have the perfect conditions. nothing will be in your favor and you can stay prostrate. but this day, IT IS NOT TODAY. There’s going to be a day when life is going to hit hard. You will feel like staying in bed, it will be unbearable, but this day, it is not today. Hmm, when you think that everything is going well from everything wrong again, this is the failure my friends and so for me for you and for Marcos. 2012 I ended up diverting and made many friends I had one of these friends that everything I did everything I wanted, he was with me. in one of these Sometimes he slept at home and left his things and went to get his things and one day he went to get his last suitcase, the last things he had and the people talking to people joking, so I went out to work and I went to one side and he went to another, only I did not know he came home and when he came back home, he had alcohol that he bought at the corner of the house, my brothers opened the gate to him, he came in, he attacked my sister, he arrested my sister, he tied my sister and threw her into the room so he grabbed my sister threw my sister in the room too and went out picking up things, then my sister started crying for help then asking for help at that moment he hit her more than she threw her into the window threw her inside the room and arrested put two chairs in the door and set fire to the house with alcohol, he threw alcohol spread the house and set it on fire. Two children were burned indoors in Ceilândia Norte. crime that shocked Brasilia and the whole country this week, with the death of two children At home in Ceilandia, they were tied up in a room by a friend of their old man, the man set fire to the house with the children inside and left. so he left of the house and went away and my mother was coming close to home she saw smoke she saw leave from inside the house, catching fire inside, then there were two men who were in the street, they ran inside to see if there was anyone, if he could save someone, They tried to put out the fire. My mother arrived called the fire department the firemen came, my Mother had to take medicine, my mother had to be medicated because, she was very nervous, so they had to find a way to calm her down so that she would not try To mess up, do not try to enter into the house. so that’s when she told what happened, what she saw to the police, that it was at that moment that the police officers They came after me and they contacted me and told me what happened. I was having lunch then. by the time they got the first thing they said was, we need to talk to you, because your brothers are dead, I threw the food dish aside, I put the hand on the head and despair I could not react, my world fell at that time my world stopped, it seems that everything stopped around me, a void came to me, which for years I did not feel, a loss of two brothers who lived with me, who walked with me for 14 years 8 years another, my world collapsed at that moment was a feeling of sadness even, my relatives have succeeded makeup them so they do not see much. It was the only time I saw them went in that burial, I thought of several times to take my life, because for me, there was no sense, At that moment I had no more strength to live, I lost everything I had. Do not think that life is over, just remember that you are a winner, you are not anointed to lose, with Christ and win or win, do not say that victory never comes, because victory For you God has, if the sea in front of you, God opens the way of this sea … do not think that life ended here, he made you a winner, he made you a winner, he made you a winner, he made you a winner, do not think that life is over … for Marcos everything seemed a big failure, but it was not only for him not my brother, for Daniel the den of lions seemed to be a failure, for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego furnace seemed a failure, to Moses in the red sea that sea was a failure, to the disciples of Jesus death was the greatest failure of all time, hey but I have Something to tell you tonight, the lion’s mouth closed, the fire did not burn, the sea opened and he was resurrected. hey listen and when that day comes, you can not get up from your bed, take a deep breath Remember that cross, hit your chest and say: THIS DAY IS NOT TODAY! you are invincible, unequaled, today and forever will reign, above all this name death you veiled the veil you broke, the empty tomb is now proclaim your glory, because you have risen and I live it. That’s when I got to Sara. Our Earth went to a cell then I went to the arena and I said, now it’s time to go back and give strength to my parents that they they need more strength than I do. today I’m at church so God gave me a lot of strength to continue the journey. Because he won, I won. for you have risen and are alive.

55 thoughts on “Abertura Oficial | Conferência Arena Jovem 2019

  1. Foi muito emocionante .. foi sensacional oq DEUS fez em nossas vidas nesta conferência arena jovem 2019 ! #SomosInvencíveis

  2. topiissimo !! parabens Bipos Robson Lucia Lucas e Priscila por serem esses intusiastas do evangelho verdadeiras bocas de Deus ! vamos ganhar essa geracao pra Jesus ! obrigado pelo esforco e pela paixao ! Nos seus discipulos vamos em nome de jesus fazer obras maiores para que o reino de Deus chegue aos confins da terra e que toda boca confesse e que todo joelho dobre ! Jesus e o Rei!

  3. Eu estava lá.. me emocionei, impossível não se emocionar revendo tudo isso! Coisa Linda! #EuSouArenaJovem

  4. Valeu tanto esperar por esta abertura, foi tão incrível e eu nunca esquecerei isto. Para mim a parte mais emocionante da conferência. Parabéns a todos os envolvidos e Jesus é lindooo!
    Só vem #Nenhumpassoatrás!!!!

  5. Melhor conferência de tds, já fui em tds conferência mais esse aí foi oq tocou no meu coração

  6. Eu tô sem fôlego até agora !!!!!! A melhor parte (se é que é possível ter a melhor kkkk) foi aquele homem em cima da caixa do outbox !!! Foi lindo!!! Foi forte!!!! Posso ouvir até agora a voz dele!!! Estávamos bem ali na frente dele… sem explicações para o que foi essa conferência!!! Parabéns a todos os envolvidos!!!! VOCÊS SÃO FERAS!!!! E aquela esteira ??????? SEM COMENTÁRIOS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ que venha 2020 NENHUM PASSO ATRÁSSSSSSSSSS

  7. Meu Deus obrigada por ter me dado a oportunidade de está nessa conferência foi maravilhoso recebi muito do Senhor!🤲

  8. Simplesmente a conferência que mudou a minha vida, que mudou o meu modo de pensar, que mudou o meu modo de agir… A cada ano fica mais Top, Topper, toppersson eu amo a conferência 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  9. Sou de Campo Grande e amei a conferência!!! Agora partiu as celebrações de invernoooo teve a abertura hoje pela bispa Lúcia

  10. Olá a paz do senhor.. tudo bem? Será que eu poderia fazer igual a entrada de vocês?? Teria autorização? Muito obrigado a paz…

  11. Eu quero participar ano que vem da arena, mas não sei onde é.. alguém poderia me informar onde ficar localizado?..sou do DF.

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